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Saturday, November 19, 2016

To The New Paradigm Stewardship by The Guardian

To The New Paradigm Stewardship:

(Image: A view of the Earth from space with some sort of a cloud above it emitting blue energy waves upon the Earth.)

Many Thanks & Much Gratitude To:
Yosef, The Mu Crew, One Who Believes, Veritas & All The New Paradigm Stewardship:
Hello To The New Paradigm Stewardship, The 'Chosen Ones', & All The Great Humanitarian Contributors Who Are Awaiting This Unprecedented Opportunity To Generate The Most Significant Humanitarian Projects & Job Creation Plans To The Benefit Of All :
We Cannot THANK YOU Enough, Dear Yosef, The Mu Crew, VERITAS, One Who Believes,
The Real Truth Team, Bruce's Team, Etheric Blue, and Hundreds of You For ALL That
You Have Contributed To This Incredible FORUM With A Very Special & Exceptional
THANKS To Patrick of Dinar Chronicles For Making This All Possible. ~
We are almost there and have almost arrived at the Beginning of Our New Paradigm
Stewardship Into Sustainable Philanthropy. We have been watching everything and
everyone and every single article and post on Dinar Chronicles for over a year and
have been quietly and privately putting together the vitally necessary Private Venue
Private FORUM that is going to be absolutely critical and necessary for ALL Of Us ~
To Be Able To Successfully & Effectively " Pull This Off " ~ This New Paradigm
Stewardship Endeavor Ahead. Just think back across all the Articles and great
Posts related to thoughts and suggestions on HOW Are We Ever Going To Truly
Get ORGANIZED Enough So That We " Chosen Ones " Can Effectively Really Do
The Best Job In The World At Developing and Implementing ALL The Humanitarian
Projects and Job Creation Projects Necessary To Transform Our Entire Earth Into
What It Should BE ? Not to mention make The Elders & AIIB Truly Pleased & Proud
Of Us & Those Troublesome NDA's & Their Performance & Compliance Clauses ~
Happily Granting Us All Unlimited Project Funds Forever! Well .... Here Goes .....
Everyone ~ We Are Looking For 'A Few Good Men' ~ In Fact, We Are Looking For
A Very Highly Special " Council Of The Light Stewardship " Of Advanced & Very
Exceptional, Highly Spiritual & Highly Educated, Innately Intelligent Light Beings !!
We Are Also Looking For Teams & Teams & Teams Of People So That We Can Truly
Really " Pull This Off " & Ramp Up Over Time To As Much As ONE Billion Sustainable
'Organically Integrated' Occupations In The Next 20 Years ~ So That Voila ~ We Really
Do ACCOMPLISH The Transformation Of This Insanely Messed Up Earth Into An Incredible
Place Of ........ All That We Have Been Dreaming About For So Very Long :-) ~ . ~
Okay ..... We have been reading our minds and hearts out -!!- here on the incredible
Dinar Chronicles for a long time and the volumes of input and much of it, highly
intelligent and thoughtful is invaluable and MUST BE harnessed into an effective
and organized PRIVATE FORUM of teams of people who can TRULY implement this
Stewardship & Philanthropy into a system that EXPANDS effectively into large realms
of people and terrain. We won't repeat here the volumes of great Project Ideas and the
very concerned and intelligent comments and posts about HOW to achieve all of this
- successfully - 'without this being a disorganized free for all' - of " Chosen One ZIM
Holders " - scrambling to figure out how to effectively 'Save The Planet One Project
& Area' at a time and from SCRATCH !! We Already Have a Research & Development
Team that has Generated HUNDREDS of Great Project Ideas & Outlines READY To GO
That Could Accomplish Extremely Effective Prototype Expansion At Global Capacity !!
What Is The Most Imperative - IS NOW - That WE DO NOT Just Donate to Existing
Charities and Foundations - and that - MOST of ALL - That We DO NOT Fund The
Dark Side OR - The Cabal - Or ANY Of The - TOXIC - Unhealthy, Non-Integrated,
Un-Sustainable, Non-Organic Projects - That Are NOT Systemically Integrated For
The Best Interests  Of The People, Animals & Our Entire Environment. So very many
of The Project Ideas posted here on Dinar Chronicles are so well thought out, intelligent
and creative that these great Project Ideas just MUST BE Developed & Implemented into
PROTOTYPES that are highly organized, effective, successful and then structured to
where they are CAPABLE of adding 2nd, 3rd, 4th layers of duplicate staff to be able to
then OPEN yet another ~ Duplicate Prototype Project ~ area after area ~ city after city ~
country after country all Custom Designed for each area and each culture of people's needs.
If you really think about some 25,000 ZIM Holders, and thousands more Currency Holders,
all TRYING to Fund worthwhile Humanitarian Projects and Job Creation Endeavors ONLY
from their own family and small realm of current friends and local contacts - THIS IS - not
only going to be a Disorganized Mess ~ But It Is Going To Take DECADES & Far Too Long ~
To Have The Capacity To Actually Effectively Transform Our World & On An International
Level Into What We Are All Dreaming About ~ Hoping & Wishing For ~ & Sincerely Desiring
To Accomplish. And... Come On Everyone ~ This Is Far Too Important & We Cannot Mess

This Up Or FAIL ~ No Way ~ !!! ~ Everyone Reading Yosef's Greatest Hits For All This Time
& All The Other GREAT Posts by One Who Believes ~ The Wisdom & Patient & Strategic
Longing Of VERITAS ~ And ALL The Others We Could List For Pages ~ We MUST DO This
RIGHT !! We Must Perform To The Highest Standards & We Must SHOW The Elders / AIIB /
BOC / HSBC / WF / AD Wealth Managers That WE ARE THE NEW PARADIGM STEWARDSHIP And That WE WERE BORN FOR THIS Unprecedented Opportunity of Transforming Our World.
We Also Have Waiting In The Wings ~ The Very Best In The World ~ The Technology & People Who Will Be Building ~ The New Paradigm Wellness Institutes ~ On A Massive Global Level. !!  YES... All Health Issues of Non Wellness CAN BE Remedied & The Human Body CAN BE Fully Regenerated Into Wellness Through Super State-Of-The-Art Quantum Frequency Technology, Quantum Bio-Tuning, Advanced Nutrition, Immune Regeneration, Digestive & Endocrine Full Detox & Regeneration & When All Of These Are Done Properly ~ Voila ~ The Most Amazing Anti-Aging & Regeneration of The Human Body & Animals & Even The Terrain & Plant Life &  Ocean Life CAN BE RESTORED To Complete Wellness !! So Even Those with 'Vision Issues & Mother's with 'Tremors & Crohn's Disorders' CAN BE Made Completely Well Again. ( Hello. :-) So We ALL KNOW What We CAN DO With THIS !! So Let's Join Forces & Then Coordinate Efforts & 'Disappear Into The Private Venue' So That WE CAN Accomplish THIS In The Very Best & Wisest & Most Efficient & Spectacular Manner As Is Humanly Possible !! :-) ( Hello. :-) 
So Everyone.... It's TIME To Join Forces & GET ORGANIZED. We Need A Very High Level
Executive Team of People ~ Who Can Act As Managing Directors Over ~ What MUST NOW BE Accomplished To Benefit All Of Our Inherent Success. Everything Is Going To Fully Depend  On Our Innate Capacity ~ To Build & Maintain Complete Strategic ORGANIZATION ~ So That ALL Of Our Great Projects Are Developed & Implemented ~ Prototyped & Expanded ~&~ Then Maintained & Guided To Perform At The Wisest & Most Effective Sustainable Levels. Nobody Ever Said That This Was Going To Be Easy, Thus Yosef's Wise Comments and Very Consistent Concern That We Are NOW ~ About To Inherit ~ " A Herculean Burden " ~ As ~ " Chosen Ones & ZIM Holders " Being Given These Massive Sovereign Rates & NDA's with  Structured Payout & Performance & Compliance Clauses. There Are NOW A Lot Of Us ~  Perhaps [ 144,000 ] Currency Holders WHO Really ARE " Chosen Ones " & So The Very REAL Burden On Us To Perform Expeditiously On All Of Our Humanitarian Projects & Job Creation Endeavors Is Highly Serious & Very Seriously HUGE. AND WE NOW HAVE A VERY SPECIAL AND HIGHLY INTELLIGENT PLAN - TO COORDINATE EFFORTS AND THEN WORK TOGETHER WITH THE PEOPLE WE ARE ABOUT TO MEET WITH - AT OUR REDEMPTION EXCHANGES AND THEN DISAPPEAR INTO A HIGH SECURITY PRIVATE FORUM TOGETHER WITH THE BEST HIGH SECURITY COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD .... And For ALL Of You Reading This With Your 'Thinking Caps' Fully ON ~  You Get The BIG PICTURE Here & You KNOW HOW Important This IS ~ & WHY & HOW. ~
So For Now ~ ON This Very Public & Awesome ~ FORUM ~ The One & Only & Fabulous ~
Dinar Chronicles ~ We Are Asking For YOU To Contact Us Directly ~ At The Email Address
Below ~ & We Will Contact YOU Back ~ In The RIGHT Qualified Order & Pattern ~ So That
ALL Of Us That Are Suppose To Work Together CAN BEGIN This Great & Unprecedented
New Paradigm Stewardship & Humanitarian Philanthropic Life Ahead. Remember, The Elders and The NPTB and The Universal Creator and GOD and The Ascension Shift Are Watching ~ All Of Us ~ & ~ It Is NOW Up To Us ~ To BE The Change That We Want To See.
Thank You ALL Here On ~ Dinar Chronicles ~ For All Of Your Valued Contributions & Time & Energy & Thought & Positive Consciousness & For Your Co-Creative Humanitarian Project Ideas & Job Creation Endeavors & Plans & For All Of Your Co-Creative Dreams Come True Ahead Of Us As We Build ~ Together ~ A New Paradigm For Humanity.
We ARE Connected To Some Of The Most Significant & Most Spiritual TRUE Humanitarians In The World ~ We ARE The People Of The Light ~ & We Look Forward Greatly & With Immense Gratitude & Appreciation For All Of YOU & For All Of Our Work Together Ahead. We Will All Find Each Other In The Right Divine Time & Pattern & For The Right Purpose. It's Been A Long, Long, Long, Long Road & Finally, Now... We Are Just At The BEGINNING Of A New Life ~ A New Renaissance ~ And A Whole New Paradigm Ahead. ~ 
We Look Forward Greatly To ALL Who Have Read This & Truly Understand How Important
This -IS- To Please Respond, Send Us A Letter, & We Will Respond In The Right Pattern Of
Priority So That We Can Develop & Build ~ Our Council Of The Light Stewardship ~ Ahead.
Thank You All So Much ~
In Gratitude & Service ~
In Humanitarian Stewardship ~
In Sustainable Philanthropy ~ &
In The Healing Light For The World ~
Godspeed Ahead ~
The Guardian
Managing Director
New Paradigm Stewardship Foundations
Private Venue Instructions To Follow :-)



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