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Monday, November 14, 2016

TNT RayRen's Showtime CC Notes by Adept1 11-14-16

(Notes by Adept1):

November 14, 2016

TNT Call notes 14-November-2016

Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#


Please note: NEW TNT CONFERENCE CALL REPLAY 641-715-0623 PIN: 409029#

RayRen: Good afternoon, superfantastic TNT family! Today is Monday, November 14, 2016, yours truly RayRen98 here. [We did not have a call last Friday.]

Today is marvelous Monday, or maybe Murphy’s Law Monday, as we’ve been struggling all morning. I never thought we would be here this long! We finally overcame the technical challenges of the last 18 minutes. All lines are up and running. The election is over with, so this is just timing. There is no ‘new’ intel. We took off Veterans’ Day, so I didn’t want to skip today’s call as well. So we’ll just address a few questions from the members…

Questions from the TNT Forum

Q: What affect, if any, would the new administration’s proposed changes to the Dodd-Frank act have on the tax liability we would incur on RV exchanges?

A: I have no idea.

Q: Years ago we were told to have separate non interest bearing accounts for each currency for depositing. Then a day or two later open interest-bearing accounts and transfer the money then close the old accounts. Thus gaining some security by hiding the trail. Is this still good advice?
A: Hiding the trail from whom? The government are going to know as soon as you exchange, if that’s what you are trying to do. The regular consumer won’t know if you don’t tell them! Maybe someone else has a view on this.

Q: As exciting as recent ongoing updates and news coming out has been, do you have any other maybe more personal pieces of information that give you a more solid feeling of completion coming into existence in short order? You need not share; I’d just like to hear you confirm that, if true.
A: Yes.

Q about rates.
A: They’re pretty much what they’ve been reported as being.

Q: I heard that there was some movement with India’s currency on CNN today; are you aware of this and if so can you repeat what you understood it to be?
A: Nope.

Q: Your brothers and sisters in Canada wants to know if we’re all going to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with our fellow American brothers and sisters this year. Do you plan to do seminars here for us also? 
A: Thanksgiving – that is the expectation from some sources; some banks think this week is IT. The lower denominations are also an indicator, and we’ll have to see what takes places rather than what is proposed to take place. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Q: Has there been anything in the last couple of weeks regarding Sterling purchasers who didn’t receive what they paid for? I only purchased VND from them but the day they were shut down was my ship date.
A: No, nothing apart from our previous call. You’ll have to look at the District Attorney’s website to see what they post about that.

Q: Will you give us an update on Tony?
A: He’s going fine. If you are in the area where he lives, you’ll see him soon.

Q: I need to go shopping for Thanksgiving on the 23 at the latest, what do you think? Will I be able to do that?
A: I don’t know; we’ll see.

Q: What type of currency Is better to buy for bank exchange, uncirculated or circulated currency notes of Dinar/Dong/Zim? In your opinion will uncirculated notes pay more than circulated notes?
A: Uncirculated notes don’t have more value than circulated notes in terms of printed value. If you are keeping them as collectibles, uncirculated notes are cleaner, that’s all.

Q: Anything on Iraqi television or the mosques?
A: Nothing from the mosques. The CBI has announced they are releasing the coins on Tuesday, but I understand they usually release coins every Tuesday. It might be a different set of coins; we are still trying to get solid information on that, whether it’s the fils or not.

Q: Could you please go over the reasons for not putting exchange money into a Trust and what is the best way to handle this? I missed part of your OM call. I understand you stated the monies would be taxed twice (taxes we pay on our monies); and if put in a Trust and then need to remove some for whatever reason, one would be taxed again. So what is the best way to minimize the taxes on the exchange using a Trust. Could you explain that again?
A: You’ll have to go back OM and ask those questions; it’s too time-consuming to answer that on this call.

Q: Is this happening before Thanksgiving?
A: I sure hope so!

Q: If I put my children in the trust, is that property protected in the case of divorce? As in my child’s name is on the trust, but the spouse’s name is not on it. Can the spouse go after it in a divorce?
A: You can’t put your children in a trust! I don’t fully under-stand what you’re asking. Jump on the Q+A and ask the question live, if you can.

COMMENT: People need to be really careful how they give their special TNT SUPER FANTASTIC pay it forward gifts 10 days after the exchange because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself by giving out $100 bills etc. Think of a way to do it without drawing attention to yourself and PLEASE everyone stay safe. A: The ten-day Super-fantastic PIF deal – you should be doing this anonymously. The only connection is if you say TNT Superfantastic on the bill, paper, or whatever. Hopefully none of you intend to hand out $100 to people at large. It all depends on how you do it.

Answer to changing account question earlier: Tony had suggested transferring the money out of the original accounts into a second one. That was because so many were planning on exchanging through the Broker/Dealers and having the money wired into their account. By changing it from the original account the Broker could not reverse the wire. It broke the chain of the original wire. It’s all a moot point now, because most are not exchanging that way anymore.

People who post in Q+A, please proof-read first, make sure it’s coherent, okay?

Live Callers:

856/404 caller: What is meant by ‘in the coming days’ in the Iraqi mind?

RayRen: I have no idea. I haven’t been able to narrow the mean of that down, apart from “you’ll see it when you see it.”

Caller: Where are we in the sequence, do you think? We have been within inches of the goal line in the past. Can it be stopped, or are we just on the slow train?

RayRen: It’s hard to say. I believe it can’t be stopped, but strange things keep developing and so it throws you off. It’s not a conventional process. In any other situation it would have been out, put away and forgotten about by now. The public side has been waiting, waiting, waiting…

As for Superfantastic Day, give some attention to what and how you are doing that.

423 caller: What does ‘deleting the zeros’ process mean? I thought they would just change the rate and that would be that.

RayRen: I don’t try to interpret that; I just reported it because it was on the television. You can draw your own conclusions; there has been no detailed explanation given as to what that means. If I get more information, I will let you know. It didn’t confuse me because look at the ride we’ve been on the last few years! Nothing Iraq does can upset me, because nothing is what it appears to be. Too many times we have had information out of left field. That could be an exciting message, or it could be “we’re just working on this” message. If the coins to be released tomorrow are the fils, then that is significant. Once we start seeing fils and lower denoms, that shows us the process has begun.

Caller: I saw footage on Fox News this morning of fighting in Mosul. I thought that Mosul had been retaken, and no more ISIL.

RayRen: The city has been liberated, and ISIL no longer controls it, but there may well still be ISIL fighters there until they stamp them out completely.

Caller: Do you think we will have a regular call on Wednesday?

RayRen: Last week’s information didn’t ring true. If they stick to what they said they were going to do, then Yes, this thing is done. So far, they haven’t.

281 caller: On OM you give information; I would love to get onto OM, do you send out a tweet when it’s open?

RayRen: OM is open at regular times; I only send out tweets for unscheduled times. Email me and I’ll send you the scheduled times.

Caller: Anything on US banks?

RayRen: I hear they are eager to go, maybe this week.

406 caller: For the first time, I got a busy signal…

RayRen: The numbers have been changed; we’ve posted that for the last two weeks in the forum and elsewhere. Go to the TNT home page and click on Call Numbers; that will give you all the new numbers. If you don’t have access, ask a friend. The Q+A number has not changed, but the listen-only and callback numbers have changed. The new callback number is 641-715-0623, pin 409029#.

Next 406 caller: I saw on the news that India had revalued its currency. Would that have anything to do with us?

RayRen: I don’t know anything about that.

610 caller: DONATE at www.tntsuperfantastic.com.

Ray’s closing statement:

I know this is a trying time for some of us – you want answers, resolve, anything you can get. Some of your questions are becoming a little invasive. You hang on every answer, and then there is fallout when you jump to wrong conclusions. I put out a simple tweet, and there is all this stuff in chat about what RR really meant… can they read my mind? You can’t carry some things too far in the wrong direction and then take people with you. So it can be better to say less, so that you don’t jump to conclusions.

Banks are thinking this week, although some bank people are still talking about training while others are geared up and ready. Maybe that’s why we have the mixed messages. It’s all progress, though. As long as we know we are still moving in a positive direction, we’re not even trying to pinpoint exactly when this will happen. We can’t do anything about it, so just receive the information, make sure your plans are in place, make new plans if you have to, and get as ready as you possibly can. Don’t be in a rush when it’s time to go. Take your time, do the exchange, go home, relax, and sit back and watch what other people are doing. Take a few days and then start making investment decisions. Good deals come along all the time, and if you are in the right position to receive it, you will.

We are looking forward to more information to come out of Iraq this week. I can’t see anything that would stop us going to the banks. However, I must say that this is IF they get done what they intend to do this week. Also, it’s possible they could do all they say they are going to do, and yet not make it public yet. This week should be a done deal, based on the intentions; however, it might not be a done deal for us, publically. On the surface it looks like everything should pop out, and you won’t have to wonder if you will have a good Thanksgiving – you’ll know by the end of this week. Then we won’t have to rely on what people say… we’ll know the reality.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



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