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Monday, November 21, 2016

"This Is Your Brain on Yosef" - Guest Post by FXStrategist

Entry Submitted by FXStrategist at 8:54 PM EST on November 21, 2016

"This Is Your Brain on Yosef”
November 21, 2016
~ by FXStrategist

Submitted at 8:54 PM (8+5+4 = 17 = 8, the magic Chinese number for the RV!!!)

(Image: "Eren" in shock from the Japanese Anime "Attack On Titan")

This is your brain. This is your brain on Yosef.

Yosef. Sigh. He’s been a hot topic of discussion on D.C. lately, on both the positive side and the negative side. Methinks there is a little frazzle dazzle being expressed here with Yo as the bolt and rod of the lightning. I’m a fan of objective subjectivity. As a consumer of the character and arms-length friend of the man, and in these waning hours of the full pre-RV moon, I’d like to cast some personal moonlight on probably the most riveting and controversial figure in RV-land.

First, there are many facets to “Yosef.” He is and has been a prodigious provider of information about Wells Fargo and our rates and arrangements during and after our exchanges/redemptions. He has uniquely been a go-between of the Chinese Elders, a privileged perspective that has allowed him to frame the larger picture of the RV for us from early on. In addition, Yosef has supported and corroborated the work of other intel leaders behind the scenes.

Yosef has steadfastly and generously shared his intel, including passing on estimates of the timing of the release of our funds. Those words were chosen precisely, because Yosef himself does not predict the release, any more than any other intel provider does. All providers *receive* information about what has been or is being accomplished on the Republic/government, the international banking end, NESARA/GESARA, the agencies, the banks, the military, the countries, the White Hats, the Black Hats, the cabal, the clones. And often they are given guidance about timing, so they pass it on. After all, it’s what we want, right?

Included in “intel," Yosef has also striven to educate us about our real history and the less savory aspects of the nature and history and origins of the cabal and corporatization of our world. For all this, he has been an incomparable source, dedicated and productive and educating. Whether or not it is all accurate or credible is, again, a product of his own sources and, to some extent, his study and curation of those bits and pieces over long years and dedication.

Yosef also famously identified this event as a “transition” and not a “transaction,” and a blessing from God instead of an economic windfall for our personal indulgence. He has made the health and future of our souls his business, from the perspective of truly caring.

He has risked alienating his audiences and hurting his “brand" with shocking revelations and unpopular assessments of treasured public figures. He has sacrificed his own popularity to speaking his truth, whenever and however and as often as he can.

When time was seeming short before the many proposed RV dates, and he used every minute of it, from long days to sleepless nights, to download his many years of knowledge accumulation and wisdom.

He receives nothing in return, including blanket gratitude. The RV world is balkanized around him, pro and con. Yet he powers on, undaunted, albeit he must from time to time have felt the sting of being misunderstood and at least occasionally been in “secrete” agony of having unintentionally misled others as he himself was misled that the RV was “immanent." So be it. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

I find it incredulous that people who do not work their ASSES off all day and into the nights seven days a week for uninterrupted months on end have the temerity to mock and criticize and admonish Yosef where to get off. As Howard Stern so famously and frequently adjured, if you’re insulted by my radio program, change the dial.

Are Yosef’s SitReps, GCR Updates, and NESARA Updates factually correct? Has he been messing with us predicting it day after day with the same level of conviction only to pull the football out from under us?

The answer is yes, and no. In spite of the fact that he repeatedly excoriates date- and time-watchers, he religiously (pun intended) watches for the date and time by gathering information from many sources, vetting it with his peers, cross-referencing it with other sources, and then sharing it with us of the voracious appetites. His pure intel is unrivaled, and much to most of our understanding of the RV, the Republic, our banking agreements and relationships, and more come from Yosef. Without him, what would our understanding even be?

Half the time that he slaps us silly for focusing on the money or the time of the release or surrendering, he is slapping himself silly, too. He is us and we are him. And remember, he is passing information on, information we crave. It really is as simple as the adage, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” When the football gets pulled out from under us, it has also been pulled out from under him. Ouch.

Aside from the intel, Yosef has also sermonized and demonized. He writes from hotly emotional and decidedly personal agendas, often containing only a single line of intel (which we scrounge for), with designs and audiences that are opaque and elusive. These writings are mercurial and perhaps have unintended consequences. Some are offensive.

But it’s part of his inner integrity that he expresses himself without regard to how it will make him look. Which makes him look like an insensitive boob sometimes. But he is unfailingly and unmitigatedly himself. How many of us can say that? That, perhaps surprisingly, is an expression of a higher consciousness.

We know we can’t look away, though. We hogs are hungry, we need to be fed, and he always brings the slop whether we like what’s in it or not. And yes, some of the intel doesn’t pan out. He’s not a soothsayer! He’s sharing what he learns, and he spends ALL his time foraging — FOR US. If what he brings us doesn’t pan out, again, don’t shoot the messenger. Or change the dial!

As for the messy essay stuff, once you’ve read it you’ve read it. You don’t have to buy it, and you can choose not to take it seriously. It’s opinion and perspective and it’s his. If you made the mistake of thinking the guy who plays the part of Yosef is really “Yosef” and are affronted or disturbed by what the Holy Man has had to say, remember he’s a guy playing a role, a role he’s admitted he’s tired of playing. Stephen Colbert played a character named Stephen Colbert and then dropped the character on the Colbert Report to become Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. Who’s on first?

But neither Yosef nor “the guy" has given up — on the RV or on us. Maybe the guy is more tired of Yosef than we are. And trust me, if Yosef went away, we’d regret it and beg for him to come back. Does he annoy us, or is it we who are just frustrated and blaming?

I’m among you, having taken umbrage at many of his statements, philosophies, attitudes, judgments, rants, ideologies, partisanship, fear mongering, and efforts at humor that backfires. But, as a guy, he has often risen to the level of his character, and he has done yeoman’s and even God's work. We fall down, too (although we’d rather it wasn’t pointed out so witheringly when we are down). We complain, we doubt, we blame, we grovel, we beg, we anal-yze, we speculate, we distrust, we whine, we cry. In other words, we’re human.

But, in public, I, and I think all of us, should defend and celebrate Yosef for the whole body of his work in this RV, and his heart and his contribution, for he is virtually unparalleled as a contributor and ultimately a great gift from God.

And take note, not everyone takes offense by him. Many, many feel and receive only the highest vibrations from him despite his grammar, misspellings, scoldings, and scathing rants. Maybe we who are sensitive should take a chill pill or a Soma, lay back, and let the good vibes roll!

I think the man who plays Yosef would be the first person to ask to be allowed off the pedestal. No one can stay up there forever. There’s only one direction from there and it’s down. I’m sure he yearns for the day he can be just the guy. The guy who is a world leader as a secret global philanthropist, neutral, selflessly anonymous, and flat-out dedicated to saving the world from its failure to surrender to God. So be it. You go, girl!

In India, they are taught to regard every “other” — especially a visitor — as God. Not “a god.” God. How has this person (and every person) who has brought you so much, and pissed you off so much, been God in every aspect of the expression of his being? If we all look at each and every “other" this way, our hearts might flower and our consciousnesses might expand and our love might grow instead of contracting into tiny, puckered lips of disapproval and disappointment.

What do we all want the most, and what do we all want to give the most? LOVE. Let’s do it. As Yosef would surely agree.

With love and appreciation of all of “us” and all of “them.”

PS Thanks, Patrick, for making Dinar Chronicles the hot-rockin’ place to be on this and every RV-day!



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