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Monday, November 28, 2016

"The Heinous NDA Claw Back" - One Who Believes - 11.28.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 3:17 PM EST on November 28, 2016

(Image: A computer generated man-figure holding it's hand up in a "stop" gesture standing inside of a "cancel" symbol both flashing red to blue to pink)

The Heinous NDA Claw Back

I too have been struggling over this Idea. It is a horrid concept that clearly was born of CABAL Influence. I felt like I needed to speak for all those who are also concerned about this NDA, and bring all of our concerns to light. This way the NPTB, and AOP, can see what we are thinking and take action for us.

The way I visualize this Cabal Construct is this:

I Have Currency, it is mine, and whatever I get for it is mine. I use my funds to buy a fancy car. Then the Bank offers me additional money in the form as a bonus rate as well as interest. I use these extra funds to put new tires on my fancy car and upgrade the sound system.

BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT, I signed an NDA agreeing to not talk about my exchange. However, right away or years later I slip, or am accused of slipping and some information becomes available about my LEGAL CURRENCY transaction/exchange.

As I understand the CLAW BACK, not only would the Bank come and take the tires and sound system from my car, they would take my car as well. WHAT? They take back the extra amount and my original amount as well? SAYS WHO? BY WHAT RIGHT?

Clearly this in not LOVE based and certainly could not be an ELDER's Creation.

What happened to the new ideology of "Transparency" of the banking system? What gives anybody the right to take the part that is mine to start with? THERE IS NO WAY THAT IS GOD'S PLAN.

Look it up: Some bankers were notorious for creating ways to take their depositors money. IE: If your signature did not exactly match the original signature by overlaying one over the other with a light under the paper, your money was gone and could never be recovered. Of course they said "Your signature is not an exact match, how do we know it is you?"

It seems a bit inconsistent

We are going to get disclosure of Aliens, 9/11, #PizzaGate, and horrible crimes against humanity, but if I disclose my bank balance or how I got it, that crime gets all my God Given, Humanitarian, Chosen One Money, CLAWED BACK BY THE BANK? These arch criminals who have murdered people all over the World, get to walk with their money and their amnesty deals, and we simply talk about our personal finances and we lose it all? 
Something Is Wrong Here

Give Us The Money, No Strings Attached, Or Not At All

Give me the high rates and I will heal the World. BUT do not give me the money and threaten me with CLAW BACKS when you let Bankers off the hook for their Heinous Crimes against Humanity. My disclosing my finances is hardly a crime, compared to what the bankers themselves have done.

I completely understand the sentiment of this poster:

"Canceling Humanitarian Projects" - Anonymous Guest Post

The more I think about it, the more I am leaning toward the NON CLAW BACK rate myself. This of course, means I will be doing less than I had planned or wanted. The idea that they can not only take back the extra money they have given Humanity through us, but by some EVIL penalty, they can take the rest of our money as well Is repulsive to say the least.

My thoughts are: "If you are going to give us money to help Humanity and the Earth, then give it to us outright."

Give Us Light Workers The Freedom You Promised

We have been told that we were chosen, that we are divine and they we are to repair this world and that we would no longer be controlled by the Government and the Banks. We have been told over and over again that we are free now. We are free!

Now we hear that doesn't include or finances. We are not free to talk about our personal business, or it will all be taken away. THAT IS NOT FREE.

Is This Rant Warranted?

This is the big question. Are we fearing something that does not exist? Well, all we have to go on is what the "Top" Intel providers have told us and that is what they have told us. So, yes it is warranted. Now is the time to let the New Powers That Be, who watch these Web sites, that we don’t like this plan. They have already lessened the NDA requirements, so we hear. BUT, we need to know now, or, I am going to be safe rather than being sorry. Most of us will NOT have an attorney with us, and Frankly, it probably is the MOST IMPORTANT TIME TO HAVE ONE.

If there are Claw Backs, you could be signing something that puts you and your family at risk of being dirt poor all over again at some future date years from now. All I can say is you better be sure about what you are signing, because it will be the most important and serious thing you EVER SIGN.

Attention: New Powers That Be & Authors Of The Plan

Do not put us in a position of making a life altering and life binding decision and agreement without AMPLE PRIOR NOTICE of what we will be signing when we get there. Otherwise, surprising us with some agreement on the spot, that will affect not only our lives, but the future lives of generations of our family, is NOT RIGHT.

Post the EXACT agreement on this Website. Let us read it ahead of time and go over it with our attorneys, or don’t use it at all. DON’T SURPRISE US WITH THE MOST IMPORTANT AGREEMENT WE WILL EVER SIGN, THAT THREATENS US WITH BEING DIRT POOR AGAIN, WHEN YOU KNOW WE WILL NOT HAVE OUR ATTORNEYS WITH US. That is wrong.

Maybe for whatever reasons you cannot "Officially" post it. But if you can leak Hillary Clinton's emails, you certainly can leak the proposed NDA. After all, we are the Light Works, and NOT CRIMINALS.

I Only Ask One Thing:




Is that too much to ask?

The Bottom Line

This has come to a head because we don't know what is planned. I had big plans, but they are shrinking by the minute while at the same time, ironically, the ZIM is going up by the minute. I don't think that the Benevolent Powers That Be, had this in mind, but I don’t know that for sure. Maybe it sounded like a great idea at one time, but clearly it is not in so many ways. We are free or we are not. There is no in between. Don't Threaten the very Light Workers Who you want to change the World.

May New The Powers That Be, Remove the Evil Parts of The NDA, or better than that, Remove it altogether.

May they give us notice of what we will be expected to sign and agree to, BEFORE we have to agree and sign it. I know in EVERY legitimate Business agreement, you can take it home and go over it with your attorney, before you agree to any terms or consequences. If we cannot leave the Exchange Site with the agreement to check it out with legal counsel, and if we are threatened with a lower rate if we do not sign it now, I might walk out and rethink my Exchange strategy.

May we all make the best and safest long term decision for our family and loved ones, and help the World the best we can with what is left.

I Hope We All Get Everything We Want and Live The Lives We Have Dreamed Of

Signed: One Who Believes



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