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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"The End of Waiting" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


 » November 9th, 2016

"If" this is "The End" of Hillary, does that mean this is "The End" of the waiting for the RV?

 » November 9th, 2016

I hope so Panther!!!

 » November 9th, 2016

Probably not. Hillary won't be there in the end and we all will be sitting here next year waiting like we have for the past 8 years.

 » November 9th, 2016

I respectfully disagree.

IMO ... there is WAAAAAYYY too much progress going on right now.

Read through the CC notes ... (especially over the last 2-3 months) ... the EVIDENCE / CONFIDENCE / SECURITY / DEMANDS / ACTION ... the PROGRESS has been HUGE!!!

 » November 9th, 2016

True... and I asked Frank this question a few threads back if Trump were to be president would it affect the Lava flow or what the "authors of the plan" will do and he said no.

 » November 9th, 2016

TRUMP WINS!!! thank you Yahweh! this is so good for US and the USA!!!!!!!! SHOW US THE RATE IN 2016!

 » November 9th, 2016

Aloha and amen... 2016... GIMME THE RATE... Step on it Iraq.... AHORA!!!! 

 » November 9th, 2016

Has anyone else noticed the other news kinda flying low under the radar? World markets taking a plunge or something to that effect. They also mentioned the peso and dollar we're taking a beating....interesting things happening in world markets for sure right now...stay alert!

 » November 9th, 2016

nikkei down -919
HSI down -494
Shake it up Donald! what's the DOW to DO!?!

 » November 9th, 2016

Global equity markets are experiencing a big drop influenced by Trump win the US presidency

Since 09.11.2016 at 10:02 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Global stock markets fell sharply on Wednesday, influenced by the news coming from the United States, which refers to the victory of the Republican candidate Donald Trump at the White House.

And recorded global financial markets fell sharply Wednesday with the Republican approach of Donald Trump to gather the necessary votes to win the White House, with the Tokyo Stock Exchange lost more than 5%, while the Mexican currency collapsed to a historic low against the dollar, which fell apart in turn against the yen and the euro.

In Tokyo, the deterioration of the Nikkei 225 index gaining 4.99%, down to 16 thousand and 314.92 points, while the Topix index, which includes all shares of the first category of listed companies 4.88% of its value lost, down to a thousand and 296.92 points.

The Mexican currency deteriorated to an unprecedented historical level against the dollar for a single dollar more than 20 pesos.

In turn, the dollar tumbled against the yen and the euro, as the greenback lost 3.8% of its value against the Japanese currency (101.47 yen to the dollar), while against the euro fell by 2%.

Investors were counting on Clinton's win, which see it as a guarantee of stability compared to the big risks that could ensue win Republican rival populist Donald Trump.

And nearly an hour 22.30 in New York futures fell on the Dow nearly 757 points before shrinking the losses somewhat.

At 2300 GMT, the index depth of its losses after the announcement of Trump win Florida basic state into the fray, dropping the index 691 points, or 3.78%.

The Standard & Poor's 500 index was the biggest losses amounted to 4.5% (96.75 points) .anthy 29 / D 24


 » November 9th, 2016

Abdul Bari Zebari expects a "quantum leap" in relations with Washington after Trump win

Predicted chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee , the parliamentary Abdul Bari Zebari, to see relations between Baghdad and Washington , " a quantum leap" after the victory of the Republican candidate Donald Trump , the American presidency.

Zebari told all of Iraq [where] that "Iraq is in its geographical location is important to the war on gangs Daesh behalf of the world , I think that the new US administration is aware of the importance of Iraq and there will be a qualitative leap in relations between the two countries."

He said the "the right of peoples to choose a leadership and achieve her wishes "adding that" known to the US administration when handled by the Democratic party , they care about the question of external relations and the role of the US in the interaction with the international events, while Republicans realizes their interest in the internal matters related to the economy and public services ". won the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump needed to announcing the president of the United States sounds on Wednesday, the president of 45 to become the successor to Democrat Barack Obama.

bucking Trump all expectations and won more than 270 of the total votes amounting to 538 votes to win the US presidency on his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton. he pledged Trump in his first speech after the announcement of his victory " to achieving peace and not create crises and dealing with all nations. " the new president will assume his duties during the inauguration in January , 20/2017


 » November 9th, 2016

Abadi's office [where] the standpoint of anti-Trump Daesh identical with Iraq

11/09/2016 14:

Office of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, said the point of view of US President - elect Donald Trump in the fight against terrorist gangs Daesh said "identical" with Iraq.

He said the office 's spokesman Saad al - Hadithi, told all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that " the US president 's remarks elect Donald Trump in his campaign , he said if he wins will cooperate firmly with terrorist organizations and extremist and that it complies with the Iraqi government 's position with terrorists and Daesh."

he added that " the United States claims that the international coalition in terms of supporting Iraq in the war on terror will not be affected , regardless of if the president was a Democrat or a Republican , and on this basis we believe that the relations in the field of security and military cooperation will be continued and developed relationships , according to field needs . " .

He Hadithi "We are keen on the continuation and development of the bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States of America and to promote mutual cooperation in the war on terrorism , based on the strategic framework signed between the two countries, starting from the fact that the United States agreement is established and is leading the supporting Iraq in the war on terrorism , the international coalition . " .

" the election of the President is an internal affair determined by the American voter and deal with America as a country with which we have common interests and these interests and identical views on the war on terrorism will be an important basis for continued positive relations between the two countries and the continuation ofn contacts and joint cooperation between them."

In terms of the extent of affected election of Trump to liberate the city of Mosul process said Sabri said "progress and a large operation is continuing and coordination exists between Iraq and America , " pointing out that " the new president will not take up his appointment only in January next 202,017 and still have more than two months and while it remains current US President Barack Obama in the management of the White House and the progress in the ongoing battle, and there is part of a strategy between the two countries established to coordinate security and military great agreement. "

He won the Republican candidate Donald Trump needed to announcing the president of the United States vote, on Wednesday, the president of 45 to become the successor to Democrat Barack Obama. He pledged Trump in his first speech after the announcement of his victory , " the achievement of peace and not create crises and dealing with all nations." The new president will assume his duties during the inauguration in January 20 2017.


 » November 9th, 2016

Parliament postponed the completion of reading the budget bill until tomorrow

11/09/2016 14:36 pm (Baghdad time)

For the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, completing the reading of the budget bill to the session on Thursday.

A parliamentary source said L / balance News /, that "the House of Representatives in order to complete reading the draft federal budget for fiscal 2017 Act to the session on Thursday." LINK

 » November 9th, 2016

Ooookay, so let's think about this........ What if the budget does actually give away a new rate ? That bunch aren't gonna keep a secret . _ Nudge nudge, wink wink, say n'more

Samson » November 9th, 2016

Jubouri congratulates Trump hopes gains for Iraq

11/09/2016 16:14

Congratulated House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, a candidate for the Donald Trump of the Republican Party on the occasion of his election as president of the United States.

A statement by the media to the Office of the President of the Parliament received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday, said that "al - Jubouri said he hoped to see the next four years , many gains for the Middle East and Iraq, especially in the fight against terrorism and the elimination of al Daesh, and to ensure the security and stability region and the world. "

He said al - Jubouri , saying that" the close and friendly relations that the US and the Republic of linking Iraq and based on the agreements signed between the two countries , the strategic framework agreement, will be a sense of order to expand and strengthen the ties between the two countries, and on all fields. "

He won Trump in the US presidential election in front of his rival for the Democratic nomination Hillary Clinton to be the 45th president of the United States.




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