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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 11-8-16

Thank you PinkRoses for sending this to us. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. I appreciate everyone from all different walks of life form United States, Europe, and around the world. I appreciate the faithfulness of our listeners. I am very excited tonight because based on the information I am getting even up to a half hour or so where we are in this whole scenario.

Bruce: When it comes to Intel it is a strange word Intel. So use to getting rates and dates something we can receive. Believe me no one wants to know time frame more than me. It is exciting to me to get the information lending to a close finish for us. I think there is a reason why we had to go this long without our chance to go.

Bruce: I am welcoming all who is new to the call. I want to welcome Wells Fargo, HSBC, AIIB for the huge tranches taken place through them for a daily basis going on since a week ago yesterday and continue to go almost every day. Other banks also People bank of China and corresponding banks in Canada as TD Bank, Scotia Bank, HSBC, Moca Pocia in Latin America and ANZ down under. Also Citibank, B of America, and Chase Bank. Also tier two banks as Sun Trust, Third Bank, etc. All are important for us. It is good to diversify.

Bruce: Congratulations to those waiting in the staffing centers. 28% of the redemption centers are set up for ZIM redemptions and the rest of their currencies they have to exchange. The rest of the redemption centers are for the other currencies. 

Bruce: 53 International banks requested our number for the call last Thursday. The call is getting wide spread and larger listenership.

Bruce: Where we are right now? What has been happening? Last call on Thursday we did talk about the Paris Agreement having been ratified and put into effect. We have seen evidence of that. Announcement by Ban Ki-Moon of the initiation of the Paris Agreement, and Nesara being initiated. Also witnessing announcements made by Christine Lagarde of the IMF from the meeting held in Iraq. They met with Abadi and few other very important people over there. We had good things come out of that meeting that occurred over the weekend.

Bruce: This is rolling out around the world. Large tranches are in the 2nd week of large trances of funds hydrating in banks around the world for the amount of redemptions to take place. Paymasters out west have been paid and ready to go with their groups. All are waiting on a go signal with the Tier 4 redemptions. The ZIM, a hybrid, is actually a Tier 3 and Tier 4 combination. Because it is a bond it is considered Tier 3.

Bruce: We have worldwide announcements been made as in the UN. It is subtle but it is there. Now what? What we waiting for? Everything is basically complete.

Bruce: Another aspect is regarding Iraq. Iraq, remember in the past we have always said that when Iraq gets paid, we get paid. Back then we assumed when their happy cards, debit cards get charged we thought they were considered paid. That it is done. That was only one form of payment. What we are looking for is when the lower denominations are completely out for the whole country. When is that going to happen? That is the next step. That step of the lower denominations, lower bills of their currency of the dinar starting with the 2, 5, 10, 50, 100 denominations. Then there are some really high denominations and some coins. The lower denominations, 100 and less are about to be seminated in Iraq 2 hours after the morning prayers in Iraq tomorrow. They will be put out throughout the whole country. What does that means? There is a bond offering that started Saturday at noon as a pre-offering for those bonds. We thought it was a small offering. The whole offering is 25 Billion worldwide. That offering was sold out, pre-booked just under 24 hours. That ended yesterday at noon. Last night these bonds were available to be actually to be purchased. Those have been, those transactions have been happening since 10 pm last night and conclude about midnight tonight. Some a little slow going through clearing houses some quicker due to scrutiny over those transactions. When they hit 40 percent of bond sales a little early in the afternoon. We are looking for 55 percent to signal a go time for us. The reason is a significant half of the proceeds of these bond sales will back the lower denominations in Iraq. It is important for these sales to take place for equity of these lower denominations coming out a couple hours after Morning Prayer. After that happens, there are grand celebrations for Iraq tomorrow afternoon. We believe once that occurs we should be ready for a go for our notifications, a start for us. That is where we are in terms of the process. That is what is happening as we speak. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are just about ready to board the train for our future. The Intel as such is looking at reasonable conclusion without us calling it very shortly based on that information.

Bruce: Also these bond transactions are elevating the rate of the Iraqi dinar. We do not call dates or rates on this call. I can tell you the rate has gone up on it, the market rate, or screen rate, or bank rate, all the same rate. Interested in them as a starting point. Also we know there will be negotiable rates above these screen rates. The rates are higher than we thought.

Bruce: It would help to have humanitarian project outline, which an outline is easy to read, a general overview what you have. What your plan is, how it effects hiring of people, employment opportunities, plus longevity of your project. Is it a flash in the pan or something with longevity going even 100 years after you may be gone? Will this project endure and other people take it over? That is what we want to talk about at the time of our redemption. That will help to get the negotiate rates. The ZIM rate is so high. You have great opportunity. The ZIM rate is in the large 5 figures. Before you ask for a rate for that range have a decent project or two or three to go into and able to discuss that with your redemption team at the time of your exchange.

Bruce: You will have a toll free number to call. A two step process. Initial call to tell them you have currency as the ZIM and other currency after that. Once they hear ZIM or Zimbabwe currency, they will give you a separate number to call back with your zip code and other information. It will put you in a separate queue to go to the special redemption centers set aside for ZIM which make up 28% of all the redemption centers.

Bruce: After you get off that call and once they have your basic information, they will be doing know your customer before the time you go in for your appointment. They will know if you are worthy of an exchange, or have some legal issues to resolve.

Bruce: Indication is by the sale of these Iraqi bonds are so strong that it is real going on right now to back the lower denominations in Iraq which will be going out after 2 hours after their morning prayer. Tomorrow afternoon there will be grand celebrations celebrating the going out of the lower denominations, Sovereignty of Iraq as a nation, Security as in Mosul, a whole new Iraq to be unified and stay unified as they move forward for them to flourish in the coming years.

That being said that is all the Intel I have at this moment.

Bruce: I think that you just want to keep an eye on tomorrow as being a beautiful day for all of us. I am feeling very strongly about that. Thank you everybody for listening tonight for listening faithfully. We don’t know exactly what is going to happen to future calls based on the proximity of the blessing. Just stay tuned to the website and frequent looked at website. Check our website We will be doing future calls but we will take a break when the blessing comes. We will let you know our new call format in terms of the new date and time we would start the new calls. We appreciate all for listening and all the new listeners and the International listeners and all your interest in the Big Call. Our next call maybe Thursday, we just don’t know. Stay tune to the website. Good night Everybody.