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Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 22 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 22 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Surrender" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


 » November 1st, 2016

FAMILY ............ Your STUDY from us told that MOSUL will give us two S's.


As of last night's CC it gives us another TWO S's to consider.

SURROUNDED and ................ SURRENDER.

May they surrender or find a .............. GRAVE.

 » November 1st, 2016

CC last night ..................... " Daddi just declared Mosul as NON CALIPHATE" ................... A Surrender........... TA DA !!! AMEN !!!

 » November 1st, 2016

«Daesh» acknowledge defeat and give up «capital of succession» alleged

1/11/2016 0:00

Mosul / follow - up the morning

less than twenty four hours to break into the left coast of the city of Mosul, by our valiant, Gang {Daesh} terrorist acknowledged defeat and aired a speech abruptly changed when the Mosul {capital of succession to be} alleged, and moments after the start of the attack snap for our heroine on Monday, swept the chaos and refraction in the ranks of the terrorist gang on the left coast of the city of Mosul amid flee their leaders and their fighters, and while carried {Daesh} death sentence {slain} fifty of its gunmen defeated battles, dragged Its fighters nearly 10 thousand civilians from the hand bath breeze to use them as human shields against the progress of our security forces heroine.

According to an intelligence source in Nineveh, on Monday, that the «sudden change occurred in a speech« Daesh »Media within Mosul in the past hours by focusing on the city is not ( the capital of the caliphate State) alleged on Contrary to what was going on implanting in everyone's mind since June 2014, that Mosul is the capital ».

the source pointed out that« fundamental changes in the media discourse for «Daesh» did not come from a vacuum ,but to prepare public opinion for the rule of pro-gang terrorist to the news editor of Mosul by the joint security forces and formations chock them », indicating that« the terrorist gang has taken this action to maintain the morale of its followers , which would collapse in the rest of the strongholds «Daesh» both in Anbar or Salaheddin ». chaos and massacres reported intelligence reports of Mosul on Monday, Ban «chaos cropped up in most neighborhoods left coast of the city of Mosul after dawn prayers (Monday) with the hearing random shooting in more than one region»,

confirmed intelligence source from Mosul that «some of the main roads become almost free from the presence stationed points of security for« Daesh »as seen fires devour the headquarters of the main terrorist gang», the source revealed that the official prisons «Daesh» on the left coast city of Mosul killed in front of his home in the neighborhood of engineers silencer weapon by unknown assailants, the source stressed that «Daesh» carried out the death sentence «slaughtered »fifty armed men on charges of « apostate »after he fled from the fighting fronts», pointing out that « the sentence was carried out at camp Ghazlani west of Nineveh».

in the same vein, said an intelligence source in Nineveh, on Monday, that the gang «Daesh» culled about 75 men detained after a gun battle, the source said: the «terrorist gang transferred about 75 men to« swordfish »area south of Mosul, killing elements« Daesh » was shot dead in an area close to the river», adding that «betrayed already detained« Daesh » after clashes broke out in the neighborhood of Wadi Hajar last week ». shields mankind in fresh bath , the district director Hamam al- Alil Khalaf al - Jubouri, on Monday, revealed that the gang«

Daesh »began the transfer of about 10 thousand civilians from the population to an unknown destination and executed naysayers them. Jubouri said: The «gang« Daesh »brought dozens of cars to transport about 10 thousand civilian residents of hand and displaced them to unknown locations have been implemented including the crime of mass executions», warning «committing« Daesh »massacre against civilians», he added, that «terrorist gang executed naysayers to move from the center to an unknown destination and forced dozens of them to climb in these compounds», indicating that « the terrorist gang used civilians as human shields», explained that «transfer« Daesh »for civilians comes with the approach of the Federal police force for the Liberation of the after tightening its grip on the hand ] advice ».

According to a local source in Nineveh province, on Monday, that the locals rescued four families of detained« Daesh »in store acivil company in the city of Mosul, the source said:« gathering of young people of Mosul stormed, (dawn Monday ), a warehouse was left civil company on the left coast of the city of Mosul and rescued four families of detained «Daesh» about a week ago after escorted compelled from the villages liberated by the joint security forces », the newspaper« daily Telegraph »reported last Saturday that the militants« Daesh »forced more from 8,000 families to leave their homes in the towns and villages surrounding the city of Mosul and drove into the city, saying that the strategy «malicious and cowardly» to organize «Daesh» is to try to use the civilian hostages to make certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations.


Don961 » November 1st, 2016

Sound familiar Iraq ?? ... IMO

IMF Warns Zimbabwe: No Reforms, No Money

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The International Monetary Fund has insisted that President Robert Mugabe’s government will not receive any fresh capital until it repays all its debts and implement key economic reforms.

This was after the cash-strapped country last week cleared its 15-year-old $107.9 million arrears to the international money lender prompting the government to think it was now closer to getting new financial assistance from the IMF, Yahoo reported.

However, IMF spokesperson Gerry Rice on Friday said the cash-starved and drought-stricken nation was still miles away from accessing new loans.

“The clearance of those arrears with the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the European Investment Bank, and others would be an important consideration for us in terms of moving forward with any support, any possible support for Zimbabwe,” he said.

“The settling of their arrears with the fund, as you say, does not automatically provide Zimbabwe with access to IMF financing,” Rice added.

The IMF spokesperson noted that there were a number of steps that need to be taken before Zimbabwe qualifies for loans. “It requires a decision by our board to lift the remaining remedial measures that had been imposed on Zimbabwe because of the arrears,” he said during a media briefing.

The IMF’s executive board will only release its financial choke-hold once Zimbabwe pays off $601 million to the African Development Bank, $1.1 billion to the World Bank, and $240 million to the European Investment Bank.

Zimbabwe, which is gripped by drought and possibly on the verge of total economic collapse, was recently awarded a $91.2 million package by the IMF that had been held for seven years pending the settlement of arrears to the financial institution.

Bretton Woods institutions, including the World Bank, the IMF and African Development Bank, froze their financial assistance to Zimbabwe in 1999 when the nation defaulted.

Western governments also imposed sanctions on Harare in 2001 over allegations of vote-rigging and human rights abuses.

In 2014, the IMF stated the government needed to pay off its arrears and restore confidence by implementing economic reforms, social development and poverty eradication programs if it was to be awarded financial assistance to avoid an economic catastrophe.

It has now emerged that, after drawing down its special drawing rights holdings held at the IMF, Mugabe’s government was able to clear $107.9 million of arrears to the fund’s Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust, and was granted access to $91.2 million.

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