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Monday, November 7, 2016

"Subject: Timing-Politics-GCR" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:23 AM EST on November 7, 2016

Subject: RE: Timing – Politics – GCR

I too had similar thinking myself although not really as clear as yours, Initially the news that the FBI had once again dropped the case against Hilary Clinton made me a bit irritated as it is many people and this is certainly understandable, this is one tough ride we are all on and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart, we made it this far and we can’t stop now, can we? The answers to this, of course not.

So after thinking about this more throughout the night and after I let my mind settle a bit, things became more clear, something is up and I just kept thinking this, at first I could not figure it out and then bam it hit me, this event of the FBI dropping this again is going to cause a huge upset and quite possible start a real revolution and revolt against this establishment that has been ruling our lives for eons and thus creating a perfect reason to transfer over to the republic and be excepted by the masses and that was it.

Now, the kicker to this is that I have no idea in the world how this will play out, I am not connected to any insider information nor am I even that intelligent, these are just thought’s that came to me after settling my mind down and thinking to myself and pondering.

All I know is that many of us have a tendency to forget how challenging this whole game has been not only on our level, but just imagine the good men and woman who are actually working behind the scenes and all the changes to the initial plan that have had to take place, the fact is, I bet the original plan is no longer even recognized by now because its changed so much from its original inception.

This is truly a monster of a change to human existence as we know it and it has not been easy for anyone involved, I think part of the problem has been all the gurus constantly telling us as if fact that its happening tonight, tomorrow, next Tuesday, next week or next month for what seems like eons right and so far, not a single shred of it has come to pass, not saying Gurus are bad people although I do believe some are, but people tend to believe it the dates and have been disappointed time and time again, I know I have so much so that I have become numb of it and as a result, I have learned to take it all with a grain of salt and go about my day as best I can, sometimes this is easier than others, yes its hard but let’s face it, it’s been hard on everyone and none of us are alone in this.

Always remember this one very important fact, that nothing, virtually nothing is as it appears to be and I think we can all agree on that, we hear all the time to stat grounded and neutral, and I know this is easier said than done, but you cannot give up the fight now, we have come way too far to simply give up.

One last thing, The Republic is real, the GCR/RV is real and we have much evidence that great strides have been made in these area, first we do have BRICS, the AIIB and other new global systems in place, I do not know if their operational or not right now, We have heard they are and I believe they are but we have not as of yet see it in action, but these systems are in fact in place, the Republic in actuality has always been there, it’s just that it’ s been overlaid by the criminal element called Democracy of the US Corp or USA.inc but the Republic has never left in reality so it’s not a new Republic, it’s a reinstating of our Republic.

I have also heard I think it might have been from Yosef, I’m not sure, but FOX news was said to be the mouth piece of the Republic and after watching countless hours of YouTube videos of Fox News covering this election, I would have to agree with that based on what I am hearing about being the mouthpiece something has changed, in the past, I very much disliked fox because it was so bias, but something has changed with that, also to some extent, ABC has also made some significant changes, it has a different feel to it, there actually talking about things instead of offering only 3 second sound bites on what their covering. Does this ean we are 100% there, no probably not, but things are indeed changing.

So things appear to be changing in the media, albeit at a snail’s pace at times, but changing just the same at least from my perspective. I personally have a tendency to feel things as appose to just thinking about them, when I’m in my monkey mind, I tend to be more irrational, when I am in my heart space, I tend to be very calm and can feel the energies and for me this is the tall tale sign of the change that’s now happening,

We all probably know that it’s been said many of times that humanity is going through a shift in consciousness and part of this shift is us and the way we think and operate as we make this grand transformation, it’s sort of like a software upgrade if you will, and we have to learn how to go out of our minds and quite literally I might add, the reason I say this is because I believe we are heading towards a place where our intuitiveness will replace our minds in that, the mid is really useful for things like solving math problems or maybe building something but when it come to our higher self or having connection to source, mind is worthless, intuition is all knowing. We have all [probably had experiences of driving someplace like driving home from work and when you get home, you suddenly realize that you don’t remember a thing about the trip, you might find yourself asking, did I stop at the stop sign, or did I go thought that intersection you may not remember it because you were, well…. literally out of your mind and your intuition was able to take over and since intuition is all knowing, you can concentrate on other things with your mind all the while your intuition is doing the driving, it like second nature to you, at first when this happens and you recognize it, it can be startling to you at first because the mind thinks you were just in a daze and just not paying attention, but your fine because your intuition is all knowing and all the time, this is why we admire sports professionals so much because there often using their intuition and their moves become flawless.

There is a good movie about this called “Peaceful Warrior” it will give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Anyway, stay the course and try and remain positive, it’s all good and no matter how this all plays out, just know that there is indeed a master plan and reason for everything that’s happening, I firmly believe there are no random acts going on here. And yes I know as many of you do, it’s hard. All we can do is learn the ropes, take the lessons and move on to a new us every day and become, kinder, wiser and more educated then if a thousand had attempted the job.

Peace, love and prosperity to all.



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