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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Special "I Ching" Reading for Today

Dear Readers

I have felt the necessity to query the oracle during these times of great difficulty and fear. The message is below, saying in essence to remain still and in that stillness hear the voice of the teachers who have gone before us in times such as these. We are being advised to not engage at this moment. Rather, come together with the knowing that this is a great lesson from which we as a people will gain great strength and wisdom. It will be found in a temporary retreat.

There have been monsters in our midst that have stayed in the shadows. They are now emboldened to show themselves. This has been their mistake. In the light of the world they will crumble and fall. We must come to action after a period of retreat. This retreat is simply to gain strength and resolve and then join together and the darkness will give way to a light of a truth that has been held in reserve for times like these. Knowing or not we have been in preparation for times such as these. We have the strength of spirit force that we can call on and be heard.

I wrote last week that angels come in strange disguises, what could be more strange that what we have seen flash across the screens of the world?

Now is the time to walk our talk with dignity, integrity, compassion and kindness.

I Ching


November 9, 2016

#33 Tun Retreat

 Ch'ien Heaven 
Below Ken Mountain

You needn’t have the insight of a sage to recognize that the people have come upon difficult and dangerous times. It becomes clear all are engaged in a battle: the battle is not right vs. wrong; it is ego vs. dignity, dark vs. light.

In life, loves, and projects, there is the wish—rightly so—to achieve peace on earth. Before you stands the mountain. Your ego says, “Climb the mountain no matter what and get to the top, to heaven, to your desires.” However, caution is called for here. The ego is a trickster who would have you engage in the folly of trying to get to heaven by dashing up the mountain, full speed ahead. Times have drastically changed and there is no normal ways of behavior to rely on. This is not the time to attempt a vertiginous and precarious climb upward; it is not the time to advance with abandon.

Ambition, fear, anger, vanity, ego, and desire are saying
You should push forward now,
Telling you that you need to do something
This action will only lead to humiliation.
Quiet the ego and make a dignified, temporary retreat.

Just as skill and strength are involved in moving forward toward your goal, there is great strength and subtle skills to be mastered in retreat. You may feel that you can “make things right” by engaging and taking some kind of immediate action. Hold to stillness now and let your fear, anger, and the feeling of hopelessness mature. Though you feel stifled come to the awareness that in this situation before you your words will not be not heard, valued, or respected. There are others involved who are operating from a place of fear, doubt, and greed. To defend against this would be folly. Any attempt to think or maneuver your way around the situation has not, and will not, be effective. Therefore, it is time to retreat.

The mountain indicates it is time to stand still.

No longer engage in the battle; let go of desire or retribution.

Do not let feeling without hope keep you from proper action.
Calmly retreat and strategize your reentry into the situation.

If you do engage you will not only lose your power and will empower the forces opposing your long-term interests. Instead, see it for what it is. Your opposition—whether it is a person, a group, a situation, or an aspect of yourself—only has the strength you give it. This is why you are advised to retreat, regroup, and redo the blueprint. Do not feed the beast. Hatred and rage are fuel meant for a monster.

Let go of the burden of trying to make things right. Remove yourself from the conflict. Lick your wounds, and know that when the time is right you will return, renewed and ready to proceed. Bring community together, quietly with no announcements of righteousness. In this way you will see and enlist the proper strategies, partners, and actions that are in harmony with the natural laws of attraction, and right action, to achieve freedom for and with the greater good.

Retreat in this way
Is not a sign of defeat;
It is a sign of wisdom and strength.

Clarity at this moment in time is not found through confrontation, compromise, or trying to power through the obstacles in the road. Instead, take the attitude of the mountain and hold still. This does not mean do nothing and wait. What this hexagram, Tun, is teaching is that by making a well-timed and timely retreat you will be able to gather your strength and create a vision that will allow you to formulate a more effective plan.

Do not lose the vision of a good and peaceful earth. Your vision is a potent weapon, more powerful than you might expect.

Along the way you may have enlisted ideas or partners that aren’t a good fit for the task ahead. You may have to change partners or let go of the desire for partners who are out of reach. This is where ego enters into the mix: the trickster ego would have you try to think your way through this and attempt to come up with the right formula of words and behavior that would “cure” the situation. But this is not the time for words, thinking, or rethinking. You have done enough of that.

There is before you, a battle between the dark and the light. Let it play out and do not engage. If you do, you will be swallowed by the dark forces and spat out confused, disempowered, weakened, and angry.

Don’t wait.
You are on time.
This is the correct time to retreat.

Negativity, whether in other people, the current situation, or even your own pattern of negative thinking, will try and try again to bring you down to its level. This force will attempt to engage you in a battle of egos, or try to rip away at your dignity. Don’t fall for it. Disengage. There is a time for confrontation; this is not it, it will come and when it does you will know it. For this you must be strong and have a solid plan for the greater good.

Any advancement you try for now will only get you stuck deep in the mire of chaos. Retreat does not mean you must give up on, or leave, the path of right action. It is in retreat where you prepare for the changes to come, so that you can see how to handle them with grace, dignity, and wisdom.

In retreat you will find purification. You will be able to think more clearly, love more freely, and again wear the mantle of confidence and inner peace. The feeling of impotence will disappear.

In retreat reexamine your fierceness and strength. Open new experiences and explore new ideas. During this period of coming opposition exercise your intellect. Beasts of opposition grow dim in the light of intelligent, well thought out plans of action.
In dark times we face our own shadow. Do not avoid your shadow, learn from this side of self and take strength.

Embrace the love around you and love freely, love is salve for the soul in difficult times.


The older we get, the closer we are.
The higher we go the higher we are

Retreats: http://theichingweekly.com/medicine-path-retreats/

©Robert M. Klein 2016, Tulum Quintana Roo



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