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Saturday, November 26, 2016

"Saturday 11/26/16 - WHY?" - Guest Post by VOLTRON

Entry Submitted by VOLTRON at 2:08 PM EST on November 26, 2016


In the real world regardless of which country/planet you are from or which nationality you are, certain tests are administered where one must master to access the higher levels.

The 3D realm has many tests before you can advance such as in law, business, academic, medical, technical, technology, and so on.

In the spiritual realm which is interlaced between the 3d realms and above, there is only but one test to advance forward. Your heart and mind must meld together through the vibration of love. That is it. Simple as it sounds yet very difficult to do since one has lived an eternity through the flesh.

As you know, the flesh is a temporary vessel to help bring you forward in life however your life journey means to you. Some will find it. Others will lose it. Many will forget about it because the flesh/ego became their god through the empowerment of money.

Not anymore.

When Yosef writes about making sure you have the correct vibration going into the exchange and afterwards, there is a serious reason for this.

Some of you may think that you are winning the lotto so to speak going forward with the same emotional expectations, same vibrational level, same reality check, and same reactions as someone who wins the actual lotto.

The exchange is nothing like winning the lotto.

You as a currency and/or bond holder will need to grow from the inside and rely more on the spiritual aspects of reality. This process will require you to adjust expectations, awaken the spiritual eye, have keen awareness of emotional ebb n’flows, relinquish of impulsive behavior, establish responsibility beyond what you comprehend now, and “love“ like you’ve never loved before. 

There are consequences if you do not change from within after receiving this blessing just like a novice gymnast trying to do a back flip for the first time. Seriously know that.

Do not fear you are not "worthy" enough because you will come to understand in time that as your inner-awareness grows, you will feel the ups and downs. This is a good indicator that you are learning in mind and emotionally developing towards the higher realms. You are learning to expand your consciousness while strengthening your spiritual aspects.

When someone hurts you (similar to intel not coming true) and you expect an apology but no apology is given, you carry around the anger unknowingly. You must forgive yourself and others.

You have to take ownership in your emotional expectations that YOU CHOSE to extend yourself and then blame others for your emotional sink.

This is very important to remember because post RV a brand new paradigm will be in effect. This effect has actually started several years during early 2000. 2012 was the beginning of a manifested 3d shift to higher frequencies we see and feel around us. This shift will continue into the golden era.

One must understand that the part of you that gets upset and angry whenever intel does not come true is the most valuable lesson to learn. A lesson to stop reinforcing the ego attachment to outcomes whether the intel is true or not. You can apply this valuable lesson across the board in all areas of life.

That is the main test, you see.

I have learned about the rainbow currency directly from a source back early/mid 2000. The rainbow currency will transform society in spectacular unexpected ways never before seen in history. Well, maybe eons ago but that is a different story for another time.

Do you know why the currency will be rainbow colored?

Do you know why you see a rainbow in nature at certain times after certain conditions?

Do you know what the true meaning of love, forgiveness, acceptance, redemption, and non-judgement means?

Have you ever noticed that rainbows "shine through" at the most opportune times, places, and moments?

This week I had an argument with a family member about how things change in perspectives as one gains age. He disagreed. I tried to convince him he was wrong. I felt frustrated and anger in why he did not agree with me.

As soon as I realized what I was trying to do, I listened. I let go. I opened up, love shined through.

That is the challenge we face each day in trying to prove how one is correct over another.

I hope that we do not bring this type of mindset into the new paradigm because as a beneficiary of the new wealth, one might believe they are correct and others were wrong who was not aware of the RV.

And I really hope we don't point fingers and think, "I told you so!" because that will bring in the old emotional signatures of the past we are trying to let go of in order to build new ones. Then it's a repeat of the old paradigm, you see.

I believe that having the ability to look, listen, let go, and be love at the appropriate time within the appropriate context will be the transformational outcome after the currency/bond redemption cycle.

Thus, the “chosen ones” have a responsibility to uphold, protect, and serve the spiritual awareness towards a higher plane. Some call it 5d and beyond.

Imagine trying to live and do great in a benevolent paradigm by using past realities, past expectations, past experiences, past knowledge, past rules, past judgements into a new constructed paradigm. It’s just not going to work.

The past contains too much anger. You can see the old paradigm working in this gif: http://i.imgur.com/O8hRMRS.gifv

Humanity was fooled into believing that abundance was reserved for only a few individuals so everyone was vying for the same space, same comfort, same level of success, same standards, and same level of thinking.

Tank’s psyop piece is so right on target about how humanity can easily be fooled emotionally into thinking and believing in false realities.

Not anymore.

Here’s the catch though. In school, theoretical space is often discussed. This space is sort of where ideas, facts, truths, lies, creativity, knowledge, and things sprout from.

One must understand and find wisdom in truths, facts, and lies because all these sort of share the same space. For example, when someone thinks of an idea that does not exist yet in reality, does that mean he/she is lying? I guess it depends on how you apply the claim against the context in which it was presented. Psyops or not? Theory or not? Fact or a lie? Creativity or not?

Who is to judge, you see?

I know humanity is off to a great start. As Yosef's "clean up" post pointed out was in order before we can build something great into the future. In fact, this clean up has been going on around the world without much flair in the news since 2008, maybe earlier.

I am grateful. Thank you Veritas, Yosef, Bluwolf, Tank, WSMON, Judy Byington, LandaChina and those who I forgot.

Thank you to the NPTB for giving us this opportunity to restore earth, uplift humanity, mend relationships, charge ideas, heal lost souls, bridge people from all walks of life, dissolve the feeling of separation among us, and enabling us to create wonder across the stars.

Thank you everyone for helping to open time through imagination once again.

Yours truly,


“Stay open. Who knows. Lightning could strike.” - William Parish from Meet Joe Black.



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