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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Satanic Rules Don’t Apply to Ascension by Pine Cone

Satanic Rules don’t Apply to Ascension 112416

Satan is not a man, any more than Jesus was a man, or any more than any man, or woman suffering human can, ever be Satan/Jesus, but we, all are as Satanic as, any unforgiven coldhearted mind-controlled divisive Mob-bullshit was-War, is-War or will be-War divisive, exclusive, dumbed-down soul-violating, intrusive-anti-life imbedded-unconscionable, as any, other rich-bastard rusty-can.

O M G M O G WTF is soulless going on here on Satanic Earth, if not, every social Satanic norm unkind, uncaring, non-nurturing, hateful, Mother has reversed WWJD-forgive into the constant evil soul-battering collective consciousness, that made us think it’s, ever OK to punish those, most abused by the, very Satanic system, that makes us prey on each other, instead of forgiveness pray, ‘for’ each other?

I intend I am infinite Love, and I intend I am infinite Awareness, as I, totally renounce the whole World as an evil illusion of our Satanic beliefs, we call God-in-reverse, so as I, continually forgive, every Satanic human, as myself, ‘astonishment’ doesn’t, even come close to the lightening ‘n thunder blasting through our collective Satanic social-norm hard-headed mean-spirited consciousness right now.

I can see what the, very Satanic intention of judges, cops, Mothers, Fathers lovers, marriages, schools, religions, Moneys, Time, genders, medical, leaders, class separation, Political Mob-posses, rituals, churches, communication, energy, Christmas, Thanksgiving, holidays, sex, omniscient child abuse, fear-control, all-exclusive justice, cellular separation, and every anti-life iconic, does to the innocent meek-to-Spirit, that makes us, all believe the same way, we justify-demonize punishment, instead of same-soul nurturing each other.

We are, all Satanic Quanta Karma, that appear from Satanic Quantum divisive intention to collective Murder-Mortal Consciousness, not Commune-intentioned into ONENES Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love gender-free kind-caring energy! “What if Satan was one of us”, is as crazy hubristic Bullshit as shoving a wiggly-dead War-enemy up on a sodomy pole, and, still asking “What if God could, ever be one of <{[(US)]}>? If we begin our regular distraction drama to avoid looking at our Satanic nature, altogether, we would ponder if women are the anti-Christ icon, and make a better Satan icon, than, any man could, possibly unforgiven-substitute for our anti-Human Cow WWJD gender-Jesus Bullshit?

Delicious juicy fruit is, so sweet, yet makes, such divisive alcohol, that only can be ‘grey drab drool soup’, that makes Satanic evil judges, juries, and executioners out of, all of us, but the calculus higher math of Communion-vinegar is the ‘absence’ of alcohol, just like ONENESS Spirit Conscience higher Light frequency vibration is the ‘absence’ of Collective Satanic Cow-mob Karmic divisive role-reversal lifetimes Bullshit consciousness. Coherent Spirit Formless gender-free energy requires the ‘absence’ of exclusive Form-intention as replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible, as we can Ascend from gender, as we, all disappear when we forgive the Form-divisive Satanic Hell out each other.

I am, not a male Satan, any more than I was a male Jesus, or any more than any Karmic man, or Karmic suffering woman Hologram can, ever be Satan/Jesus, but we, all are as Satanic as, any unforgiven coldhearted mind-controlled Cow-divisive Mob Bullshit was-War, is-War or will be-War divisive, exclusive, dumbed down, soul-violating intrusive anti-life imbedded unconscionable, as any, other unholy rich same-gender Fatherless bastard. I can see Today, that we, all are Satanic to <compete>, to cull out half of us, at any one time, and make believe it’s, not ‘our’ fault, that our constant divisive-abuse has made us, all this way we fear-deny our Human Love Feelings inside to prevail, instead.

I notice how it, really feels to become enraged with helplessness, at every single turn I can hear my Satanic victim-feet soul-step, anywhere on Mother Earth’s Satanic pathways, and everywhere I look, carefully with forgiving discernment, I see how we turn each other into divisive-mirrors of our own projected Satanic-denied demons. Isn’t it, totally Satanic green-puke Volume-sucking head-spinning exorcism-in-reverse to make it a rule, not to kill another, ever, yet send eat-death meat-eating men to W A R-Abuse Rape, and change, that Satanic rule on the way up their Bobblehead Money-sacrifice Bankster-polished cigar-smoking Pyramid-steps?

WWJD with our innocent children, not the male Jesus Satanic gender-icon, but the ONENESS Spirit Conscience ‘lack’ of our Mother hoods Satanic collective Mob posse-worship Consciousness? Since ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love, and Joy are everywhere, and can’t appear, until normal Mortals aren’t here, and since continual forgiveness makes, all divisive-ideas of Satanic Form disappear, then who among us hasn’t disappeared into forgiven Heaven, replete, timeless, inviolate, and Satanic-divisive invisible, gender-free Love/Joy stillness-yet?

Who the Hell are parent-replication judges, and where do they ‘get off’ putting anyone, who breaks Satanic rules in prison here for the, very same thing, all social-norm gender WWJD Thanksgiving Love-lorn Money-Santas do to our mind-controlled innocent child-sacrifices? Our Rules don’t apply in Heaven, and our rules turn Humans into demons, and then we punish, all humans for being ‘normal humans’, that makes, all our heads spin, as fast as our top elite turkeys eat us up ‘gobble-gobble’, as we sell our soul to prepare our children for more rich bastard’s Satanic-gender Black-Dinners Bow-tie religious TGIF Love-on-an-evil-snake-twisted Holiday.

author Pine Cone

“Favorite Quotes”

I am immortal Spirit
This body is just an image
It has nothing to do with what I am

You are Spirit
Whole and innocent
All is forgiven and released
Gary Renard

The nature of everything is illusory and ephemeral
Those with dualistic perception regard suffering as happiness
Like they who lick the honey from the razor’s edge
How pitiful they who cling strongly to concrete reality
Turn your attention within, my heart friends
Nyoshul Khenpo

God, whose Love and Joy
Are present everywhere
Can’t come to visit you
Unless you aren’t there
Angelus Silesius

Who changed the truth of God into a lie
Worshiped and served the creature
Who is blessed for ever

Romans 1:25

Show me Thy face ~~~ One transient gleam
Of loveliness divine,
And I shall never think or dream
Of other Love than Thine;
All other light will darken quite
All lower glories wane,
The beautiful of Earth will scarce
Seem beautiful again

Show me Thy face ~~~ I shall forget
The weary days of yore;
The fretting thoughts of vain regret
Shall hurt my soul no more;
All doubts and fears for future years
In quiet trust subside,
And nought but blest content and calm
Within my breast reside

Show me Thy face ~~~ the heaviest cross
Will then seem light to bear;
There will be gain in every loss
And Peace with every care
With such light feet the years will fleet,
Life seem as brief as blest;
Till I have laid my burden down
And entered into rest

Unknown Author



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