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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Satanic Rant two-Communion by Pine Cone

Satanic Rant two-Communion

Vibrating Vagina Vatican Violent Violations define the 100% sex-abuse toxic-shame that makes this Pizza Paradigm Planet the Satanic Monster Money Motive Mother Mercenary Parent/Child Triangulation set standard into 100% Satanic divisive-gender Mother Earth corporate sex slavery prison. Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing shows me every single motive, from fear of Satanic control, violates the ONENESS Spirit Conscience Oversoul of every, possible way we Blackmail each other into divisive survival-fear as the, only thing left of us.

Fear doesn’t listen any more, than survival motives can hear, and if anyone doesn’t worship Mothers, then we demonize those pure of heart, and cull the herd, until there is nothing left on Mother Earth, except Vibrating Vagina Vatican Violent Violation deaf, and dumbed-down Satanic Monster Money Motive Mother Mercenary Mom Sex Kid Cop Rob Rot Mob posse worshipper SWAT Human-fear military-mutations.

If what’s in our food, water, and air is, all poison, then what’s the “Hubristic Motive” icon, except sticking a savage pole up the colon-Colonial MAMA(Marine Admiralty Maritime Acts) Law of every enema enemy, right up through everything inside, till we, all have become total shit-head shit-for-brains sexual-lolly-pop humiliation manifestations. Is there anything here that, doesn’t exude toxic-shame motives, so what’s, really in a Pepsi, Coke GMO-milk, corn oil, drugs, finger nails, school, religion, baby, Mother, virgin, library, human-collective, except the, very denied Satanic intention to demonize anyone, who doesn’t pay with their soul-lifetime, unless they go ‘deaf and blind’ and worship the aroused collective Valentine consciousness, instead of ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love energy gender-free Effulgence?

How about a Mother’s crayon , or a full box of Satanic colors, and what if, even a dentist is nothing more than a dealer to distribute, that terrifying toxic waste from making dumb-down human poison-motive, aluminum? Is a tree, really safe from Satanic Monster Money Motive Mother Mercenary Parent/Child Triangulation set Monsanto standard Vibrating Vagina Vatican Violent Violations, and what is the motive of any poisoned Nature here, except a Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes Satanic motive repeating itself, co-creating in the Satanic motive of, all upside down plain crack-ups deaf-Mother multiple-personality “V M” records?

If everything a Satanic devotee on Mother Earth can see is a co-creation “T” shirt of, just a few Satanic-motive monopolies, then what the Hell ‘isn’t’ a Satanic grocery store delivering the Satanic goods, without a clue how to, without our collective Satanic consciousness making us the, very toxic-shame sex-slaves that we, all pretend, only, other poor suffering bastards, ever are? What if the Vatican Valentine were a Human aroused iconic Vagina, and all the Pizza men worshiped Satan Child-sacrifice therein, so who doesn’t worship total shit-head Hubristic shit-for-brains sexual-lolly-pop top leader humiliation manifestations? “Is it a girl, or is it a boy” deep-ass inquiries like this old collective consciousness stand-by, becomes “Is it Satanic, or was it born dead”, instead, so not, even Mother crayons can change Satanic colors before it’s too GMO late, already?

Let’s pretend I am the best one here to Love listen a feeling response to, really hear, and now let’s see how does it feel to rant like this, as if there is nothing left of any motive here, except to Satanic ISIS Mercenary divide, and conquer anything visible? OH, damn, I already have begun to respond from Spirit’s perspective of listening well-nurturing, haven’t I? So, this is, that one time I am making a mistake, but we can’t count this one now, because my Satanic eye teeth, already ‘fluoride’ admit-chewed it didn’t I?

Love Listening:
I see what ‘I’ mean: Mother Mercenary Earth’s main motive is gender-divisive, and everything the least bit visible comes from Satanic programming, so their is nothing left Ascension-now, except to “Refresh” and hope ‘nothing’ comes back the same; not any fear surviving here from deaf Mother’s, to Toxic Shame industrial-humiliation malevolent-waste eternity(trill intimating Delight)

Ranter back:
Yes, for sure, that’s what I wanted to say in the first place, but I bet no one could have forgiven/listened without my anger ranting first, though? I see the ‘other side’ as life, and ‘this side’ as our repeating Life-review movie in 3D living color, as if we are, still undead, so it makes sense, that the grocery stores get away with selling us poison, because the Satanic elite will never tell, and certainly won’t let anyone, except a Satanic minion sell their soul for the Vatican ransom, now will they/we-you/me I?

Love Listening with Delight:

You are a funny bastard, because I think you, just said the reason we are, all deaf, and blind, is the same reason no Satanic Court will ever prosecute a Mother-breeder, any more than their fear-food Satanic motives will prosecute a grocery store’s poison complicity chain of fools(Trill of Delight, itself)

Happy Ranter:
Yes! I don’t know, how you can listen to me with so much positive energy, except you must know your own Satanic suffering, so you can hear mine without f****** with my dissing rant?

Love Listener surrender:

I am full of, all those Satanic “V” motives and, all those Satanic “M” motives and I feel happy to stop trying to hide my humility, that I always thought was, only, more humiliation, because it’s a “Good” thing to admit I am a total deaf Mother-worshipping shit-head shit-for-brains sexual-lolly-pop humiliation manifestation, and I know I am, but what are you? (one huge Communion grin)

Ranter Communion:
‘Wherever two or more gather’ has never seemed this much fun, and I wish I could have said all this, way before my Apple-tree Mother-motor died, but “Apple-kids, huh, what are ya going to do?”

Angel Baseball Subtext:
Is this Heaven?

No, this is Dinar Chronicles, and I AM, only here to Glisten(lilting a Muse)

Worthy Afternote:
What if ONENESS Spirit Conscience, Heaven, and the elders, all want us to surrender to our collective Satanic complicity consciousness, before we lose, all their God-given Sovereign gifts again, right before our traumatized-denied Stockholm Syndrome two Duality-driven sick-loyalty sleep-dreamy eyes?

Since my 338 alter both-gender children agree in Unity, that we are humble enough to shit-for-brains surrender, and repent-to forgive whatever made us, all, so very angry-separate, then how can 776 photographic-memory cross-eyed Unifying eyes, not pick up on what’s, really happening here in “Satanic Heaven”, we all pretend is Mother Earth female-gender-bias John Cleese St. flowery-Pleasance?

We Kids want to mention again, just in case we forgot before, that sometimes it takes even, more than our Karmic-like 40 Near Death Experiences to be able to forget about survival, forget about needy gender-drama, and remember the Love energy Effulgence we, directly experienced from the inside out, so many discerning hyper-vigilant eye-ball lifetimes, all included in this, very one Pine Cone Host, who we now trust to speak for, all of our empty Child-soul pockets, right Satanic-imbedded Child-alter now.

Pine Cone Portal



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