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Friday, November 11, 2016

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 11, 2016

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 11 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 11 Nov. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. Nov. 9 2016 Bruce's The Big Call: Thebigcall.net

1. Yesterday in Iraq lower denominations of the Dinar in the tune of 38 trillion dollars went out to Iraqi banks all over the country. Again this morning 98 trillion dollars of the lower denominations were distributed.

2. In conjunction with release of the lower denominations Iraqi Smart Cards (paid government pensions, salaries) were filled today.

3. According to international law once the lower denominations of the Iraqi Dinar were distributed, the rest of the world has to RV within 24 hours

4. Bond offerings also completed today. They were sold to other countries.

5. Fireworks from China arrived in Iraq for a firework display in conjunction with celebrations that should happen tonight or tomorrow.

6. The Dinar international rate should go up.

7. The other currencies should hold their value. The rates are extremely good.

8. Dong Sovereign rate went up another couple of dollars yesterday.

9. Zim is very high because is tied in with a bond.

10. Zim holders will be asked to exchange early.

11. For the Sovereign rates Zim holders will be required to put most of their proceeds toward Humanitarian Projects, employment opportunities, infrastructure and inner city projects. That is going to take a lot of money, so the higher rates will be needed. Don't be afraid to ask for them.

12. Platform trades are paying out, or are about to pay out.

13. We should be ready to go soon for a shotgun start. The next step is the dissemination of the 800#s.

14. You will call the 800# and they will give you another number to call depending on your zip code.

15. Have 1-3 pages of an outline of what you plan to do with your projects so you can negotiate a rate on all the currencies.

16. Banks are closed tomorrow for Veterans Day, but not the redemption centers.

B. Nov. 10 2016 8:51 pm EST One Who Believes: "The Extra Zeros Are The Gift Rate" - One Who Believes - 11.10.16

1. Sometimes, we see these super high rates and think how could they afford to give that money away in those amounts? The answer is that even though they actually could, the offer is very limited.

2. The higher rates will only be given for the ones who call first, and then only in the amounts needed for the projects they request money for. If you call right away, and have huge Humanitarian Projects in mind, and say the right things, you will get the highest rates.

3. Otherwise, you will get a raise in rates up to where you need to be, for the projects you have in mind.

4. Tip: Expand the projects you have in mind, to other states, other countries, and over a longer period of time. Think Bigger and Longer.

C. Nov. 9 2016 Landa Global Humanus Call: http://landachinaglobal.com/resources/96%20Landa%20%20Humanus%20Update%2011-9-2016%20(71).mp3 Jersey: We are about to be cashed out. I have said that before, but this time it's going to happen.

D. Nov. 10 2016 12:43 pm EST Answers by Veritas to "What's going on with Trump, the Restored Republic & GCR?" "Answers" - Veritas Report - 11.10.1

1. QUESTION: Was Trump always involved (puppet or otherwise) with the release of the RV funds, or is this a fresh Intel source (the staffer), that only came into play today, due to Trump becoming President-elect?
ANSWER: Always involved. Selected for his ability to bring together many diverse groups, IMO. Everything is always thought out way ahead; months and years at times. The recent meeting, I suspect, is more like a coordination or even a negotiation prior to release. That is what is usually involved when timing changes.

2. QUESTION: Of course it makes sense for Trump to push the release forwards, but I assume he would only do it when the American people will give him the credit for this. But that would not take place until after he is inaugurated on January 20, 2017, wouldn't you think? Of course he knows about everything, but he really has no influence over the timing of this does he? ie He is just a BIG mouth, in this instance.
ANSWER: I hear that he will get credit even if it happens before-perhaps his influence as the incoming Administration. Getting credit has never been what it is about. It is orchestrating events to achieve the end result. Trump understands the bigger picture and supports it for various reasons. His role is useful. A mouthpiece, yes, and certainly not in total control. In cooperation would better describe it.

3. QUESTION: To your knowledge, is the 'Paul Ryan/Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr.' WWF tag team still the main US-based power, that is accepting orders from the higher powers, managing the GCR/RV/NESARA process on behalf of the United States?
ANSWER: Absolutely. They have been for a long time. True thanks go to the Grandfather, Elders and White Dragon family, expert programmers from BOC who have pulled off an entire new technology in banking software and cloud implementation, security, etc. Ryan and Dunford have a significant role, though I feel they are overly cautious on public response and promote that circle of repetition Yosef was referring to in his Election Lie post. Of course, I am a die hard fan of the New Republic and want to see it "out there" in full sight. I want my grandchildren to have the truth.

4. QUESTION: What about Obama? Where does he fit into this structure? There were several Intel providers informing us that Obama was delaying the release process on behalf of the dark cabal. No idea of course if this is reality. Has all his powers been fully removed at this stage of the game?
ANSWER: If there is evil evident in any one person, he (Obama) is at the top of that list. His power has been stripped long ago as a US President. That makes it confusing, doesn't it? Here you have Ryan/Dunford signing docs on behalf of America at the G20 instead of Obama, yet Obama is holding up the release for us. What gives? Well, it is not about executive power nearly so much as the process of negotiation on Obama's part for himself, personally, and those that he represents. He is the black mail representative. He personally wants glory (by staying in office and completing the first black President term), money (absurd, never-ending requests to have control of enormous amounts of funding, like a percentage off all releases, etc.), and safety (housing and political asylum in Dubai). Because his power was stripped, and under the direction of his puppet masters, Obama has used the Fed Reserve (old one) to thwart funds movement in the U.S. This is the gridlock. The tricky part is realizing that it is a decreasingly effective ploy. At some point Obama risks being forced out early if he causes things to go too far. He skirts this line now. So, we stand in the shadow of his ego and the increasing power of the good guys to take away what he wants. Once we finally have our release, Reno becomes the center and greatly lessens his ability to influence. I don't know it all, but I can tell you that his ability to stop this has been stated as decreasing and our chances of success in releasing as increasing. His power is fully removed when he leaves office (Jan. 20 2017). I do not believe that the release is going to wait until then. In fact, we stand in the doorway and will soon be discussing our project implementations. It is here.

IN GRATITUDE: Thanks to all that are interacting, particularly at this level and in this manner. We have so very much to be grateful for. If your attitude and behavior in the next 24 hours influenced your ability to participate, could you stay positive? Step up to calm and orderly preparation for the release. We should all commend Yosef and others like him who have maintained communication with us. You can't imagine that role until you are in it. Thank you for all the support and remarks. Hug your kids today, would you? Or a homeless person? Give. It's the future.

E. Nov. 10 2016 11:11 am EST RV/Restored Republic/NESARA Update: "Doughnuts" - Republic Update - Thursday - 11.10.16 Note: Sovereign rates are available to those who dedicate by far most of their monies through a written business plan, to Humanitarian Projects and/or creating or keeping people employed.

1. Because of unprecedented sized wires of monies being placed into all government central and public banks worldwide by the AIIB (Chinese Elders), it's both prudent and practical to exam the zeros involved with such large transactions.

2. Please understand that financial wires of this size are benevolently being gifted to the people of world via the global debt facility (aka the global collateral accounts)--specifically the Matrix Account with reportedly as much as 69 zeros (duovigintillion).

3. We understand several nontillion wires are now flowing into the Restored US Republic, which is a single number followed by either 30, 31 or 32 zeros. We also understand as many as 40 zeros will ultimately be injected into the Republic's economy by year's end.

4. This means a once unimaginable total of somewhere between a duodecillion (39 zeros) and a tredecillion (42 zeros) will soon be available for spending within our nation's money supply by 2017.

5. This is also how and why sovereign rates on all currencies, specifically the ZIM, can and will be paid out without the blink of a banker's eye.

6. This is also how and why all 209 sovereign nations of the world will rebuild infrastructures and urban centers; as well as eliminate poverty, homelessness, infectious disease, water drought, scarcity of food supply, blight and hunger.

7. Prepare to be astonished daily, as money is but the first major reveal of humanity's birth-righted truth.

F. Nov. 10 2016 Summary of Events: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of November 10, 2016 The last part of this contains several links that appear to connect the Clinton Foundation to an International Pedophile Child Exploitation Ring run by global elites.

G. Nov. 10 2016 NESARA Coming Next KejRaj: Coming Up Next: NESARA

1. The American Military has saved the Republic. If you recall a post we shared with all of you last week: The American Military Will Act To Save The Republic.

2. This is exactly what has occurred. Furthermore, it occurred so smoothly, no one was able to notice anything unusual.

3. It is our understanding that the U.S Military has been on high alert for the past three months, but more importantly they were very active in regards to elections and rumored false flag attacks, from November 1st to Election Day, and continue to be moving forward, for the mission is not 100% complete.

4. A special greeting was sent to the Cabal as a heads up that if they attempt to hack the computers, and commit election fraud, the military would intervene, cancel the elections and publicly arrest Hillary Clinton.

5. Now, what does Donald Trump’s win mean? The short and simple answer is the Cabal has finally been defeated.

6. We are in the final stretch of this peaceful revolution. We are nearing the completion of the process towards true freedom. The next step is the announcement of NESARA (NESARA: National Economic Security and Reformation Act) to America. And the Revaluation of the world’s currencies.

7. With certainty we can say to expect major announcements regarding NESARA and the Global Currency Reset in the coming days.

H. Nov. 10 2016 3:06 am EST Veritas Report: "Exchanges Near" - Veritas Report - 11.10.16

1. A staffer advises that Trump has been fully involved in the release plans today. He is weighing in on the side of "let's get this done".

2. The 800 registration number release will be done before the weekend, she says.

3. I am going to anticipate it any time, but Friday's numbers are (11th month 11th day year 2016 totals to 9), so possibly they will target that.

I. Nov. 10 2016 2:32 am EST Video Larrabee and Dunn: Gary Larrabee - Kent Dunn Gives a Prospective, It May be Taking Place

1. There is a lot going down in the next week.

2. Trump is pushing to get the RV done ASAP.

3. The Cabal is trying to crash the stock market by withdrawing it's money. It was 883 points down last night.

4. During the voting White Hat forces broke in on the centers that controls the rigged voting machines in Denver and Texas, blew up the system and made arrests. They were late getting to Denver. Trump actually won Washington and Oregon, but they were too late in Denver to correct it.

5. Arrests were started around the world this am.

6. Cabal leaders in Japan have surrendered to the White Hat forces.

7. This am in the US arrests were started at 5 am - senators to representatives to people who worked in the DNC and lieutenant governors in separate states have been arrested.

8. Obama can try to launch nuclear missiles, but they have booby trapped the centers so that can't happen.

9. Earthquake centers in Italy and Chile were blown up by the White Forces

10. The top secret bank in Antartica is called New Swazi Land where John Kerry and the 13 Cabal families are right now.

11. General Dunford ordered Obama and Biden to stay in Washington DC

12. The FBI is going after the Clinton Foundation after they sent their hit team out and killed an FBI agent and his family.

13. Hillary Clinton transferred 8 billion $ to a Quatar bank. It appears she is going to sneak off to Quatar. She is letting her whole staff - Mills, Padesta, Abadine, Brock, Brazil, Weiner - take the fall for all of this.

14. NATO members are turning on each other since Hillary is not US President. Look for White Hat forces to go in and arrest NATO members.

15. The FBI has told the Intel people working in underground bases (such as Denver) that they are now working for the FBI. They told them that the cyber attacks were going to stop, or they were going to be taken out.

J. Mid Week Report ZAP: ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 11....

1. Indictments are ready for Hillary. She may go for a badly needed vacation out of the country, and may not come back. Obama, too.

2. We are about to get cashed up. I have said this before, but this time I actually got the paperwork.

K. Nov. 9 2016 TNT RayRen98 Call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

1. There are indications of exchanges taking place.

2. I am still looking for some things to develop today and tomorrow.

L. Nov. 9 2016 9:08 am EST GCR Clues Venz: "Clues #2" - Guest Post by Venz

1. Veritas on Nov. 9 2016: "For me, it (Trump's Election) just supports a release of the 800 registration number at any possible moment. I have been told to expect the 800 registration number and major funds movement ramping up Nov. 9 and through the week." http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/11/major-activity-begins-around-world.html?m=1 http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/11/trump-major-win-now-our-turn-veritas.html?m=1

2. Bruce on Nov. 8 2016: "I think that you just want to keep an eye on tomorrow as being a beautiful day for all of us. I am feeling very strongly about that." http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/11/the-big-call-w-bruce-intel-notes-by.html?m=1

3. One Who Believes on Nov. 8 2016: "I feel it will go sometime in the next 24 hours under the cover of the election fall out. No matter who wins, it will be talked about and occupy the public's attention long enough for us to get into the Exchange centers and get our exchanges completed." http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/11/election-day-update-one-who.html?m=1

4. Yosef on Nov. 9 2016: "Release is to be anytime after US election polls have closed on West Coast Tues. into Wed. evening." http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/11/confirmed-zim-sovereign-rate-update-4_8.html?m=1

5. Venz on Nov. 9 2016: My contacts says: "Anytime soon. Amazing week."

M. Nov. 9 2016 6:39 pm EST confirmed Sovereign Rate Update: Confirmed VND Sovereign Rate Update - Wednesday - November 9, 2016 Confirmed ZIM Sovereign Rate Update #2 - Wednesday - November 9, 2016 Humanitarian Projects and Job Creation Presentations were a must to get the top sovereign rates:

1 VND = $136.00 US.

1 ZIM = $34,000.00 USN.

N. Nov. 9 2016 Wed. Restored Republic Update:

1. The Cabal owned USA, Inc went bankrupt in Dec. 2012, and was disbanded by the Roman Catholic Church's CEO, Pope Francis on Sept. 22, 2015.

2. Speaker of the House John Boehner resigned publicly at the same time USA, Inc.'s President and Vice President were also made to resign, Barry Sorreto (Barack Obama) and Joseph Biden.

3. That means the entire Cabal USA, Inc. was null and void prior to elections per international law and the Constitution.

4. The President of the Republic of the US per the Constitution and restored Republic electoral college is Speaker Paul Ryan who was sworn in last Oct. 2015, with interim Vice President & Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford (who has since retired from active military service).

5. We know this because President Paul Ryan and Vice President Dunford have been signing international treaties (Paris Agreement, Iran Nuclear, Iraq Sovereignty) and classified military attack orders as both President, Vice President and Commander and Chief since this same time last year.

6. The Dark Nobility/Vatican saw the writing on the wall with the emergence of the Russian/Iranian/Chinese/Indian military/petrol alliance (BRICS) and decided to take an amnesty deal and preserve whatever empire they had left, including the reputation of the Catholic church globally.

7. They willingly sacrificed the American arm of the Cabal including the Rockefellars, Bushes, Clintons and Obamas and set them up whereby Donald Trump would ultimately become President, with Paul Ryan quietly doing his Republic Presidential job covertly as Speaker of the House in association with General Dunford who controlled all military operations.

8. Soon after the Presidential inauguration on Jan. 20 2017 it was expected thatPresident Trump could quit (say for health reasons or scandal of voter fraud), which would allow Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to become interim President, and theoretically be a third term President of the Republic because he wasn't elected for his first interim term.

9. Ryan's ability to implement change with a totally Republic House, Senate and Supreme Court - not to mention a debt free starting position post golden jubilee and massive amounts of new cash flow from citizen currency exchanges - would catapult him into the hearts and minds of all Americans.

10. Come Jan 20, 2017 Ryan and Dunford were expected to spill the truth beans as they must by international and universal law (aka GESARA).


"Answers" - Veritas Report - 11.10.1

"Doughnuts" - Republic Update - Thursday - 11.10.16

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of November 10, 2016

Coming Up Next: NESARA

The American Military Will Act To Save The Republic.

"Exchanges Near" - Veritas Report - 11.10.16

Gary Larrabee - Kent Dunn Gives a Prospective, It May be Taking Place

ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 11....


"The Extra Zeros Are The Gift Rate" - One Who Believes - 11.10.16







Confirmed VND Sovereign Rate Update - Wednesday - November 9, 2016

Confirmed ZIM Sovereign Rate Update #2 - Wednesday - November 9, 2016


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