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Sunday, November 20, 2016

"RE: False Hopes vs. Facts" - One Who Believes - 11.20.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 3:24 PM EST on November 20, 2016

Re: False Hopes vs. Facts

To repeat your concern as I understand it, your question is "Why Give a Date when Prime Creator/Zorra Cannot?" (Post Link Below) In answer to your question I would repeat what I have posted before.

Do No Harm (To The Plan)

This is a mandate to all Intel providers who have ACTUAL information about the plan. The ones who know MUST not say because it could harm the plan. However, those who are guessing or figuring it out, can't harm the plan because it is clear that it is NOT the EXACT DIRECT info. In other words, the Bad guys can't count on it for sure. So in that regard, My information is gathered from what is freely available on the net and my own personal "FEELING" and so what I say will Do No Harm To The Plan.

Zorra's Word Counts

So in answer to your question, if Zorra said the Date, that would be the date and all the bad guys could do what they want to do to stop it. He CAN NOT give the answer, but anyone else in Dinarland could without harm to the Plan because we are not an "Authority" on the matter with inside info. So there no risk.

It Is A Balance

First let me assure you that my intentions for Dinarland and all of Mankind are good. That being said, I am all about giving hope and expectation. It is a balance between giving encouragement to Dinarland, with a close guess as to the date, without actually harming the Plan. Typically, I follow Yosef, Bruce, Tank, Fisher and Zorra, and restate what they are proposing. Basically, I add perspective to the same Intel to increase understanding. However, not only do I write posts for Dinarland, but, I also write posts for my own Personal group as well.

My Personal Group

I have a small group of people who I brought into this opportunity and I keep them informed on a daily basis as to what is going on in the World. I include Galactic info, Political info, GCR, Republic Info and my own personal writings.. Basically, I study everything I can find, and then pass on what I believe to be true as determined by my personal abilities. In short, no matter the information presented, I add my comment as to its truth or importance etc. They get the best info available with my insight added on top. I can do this because "My People" know who I am and have the utmost confidence in my opinion and insight. Frankly in my "Other Personal Life" I teach advanced philosophies and powerful Law of Attraction type techniques.

My Two "Homes"

So, with my group, they get not only the GCR Info, but they also get my teachings and materials I have written on advanced Reality creation as well. They get EVERYTHING I have to offer. However, in my "Other Home" here in Dinarland, I give my personal insight as to the current Intel with as much hope and encouragement as I can. However, the info I share with my Dinarland Family, is limited to mostly logical info based on the Gurus that I have the most confidence in. However, I sometimes can't help myself and I post information on Law of attraction type stuff and even posted one on Telepathy recently.

"You Are Telepathic" - One Who Believes - 11.12.16

But, I still kept my two types of Info separated reserving my more "Advanced Info" to my personal group of followers, and the less advanced info to the Dinarland family.

My Recent Dilemma

My recent problem is that when I restated possible Go-Times for my personal Group, I had a feeling that it was incorrect, and due to my personal integrity, I had to amend the info to match my personal knowing. I can't pass on to my personal group info that I don't have confidence in myself. But they know me and know that I have these abilities and they accept my opinions without condemnation and criticism.

However, my dilemma is do I rehash the current Dinarland Intel to my Dinarland Family, while giving different info to my personal group, or do I share my Best info with Dinarland as well? As you know, the answer is I will share my Everything with Dinarland as well. I have begun to share it with Dinarland as well because I have to be congruent. That is why I have been posting these recent "Feeling" type info, because I have to for me. I want to give Dinarland the best of what I have/am, just as I give my own personal group my best.

That Was The Risk

Of course the reason, I held back was because of the tendency of Dinarland to Crucify Gurus at the drop of a hat. So I held onto my hat and dared not drop it. But I can no longer do that despite whatever backlash I may get. I have to be true to myself and true to you in Dinarland as well. After all, I answer to a higher authority. Your judgment of me pales in comparison to my own judgment of me. In that regard, I must live up to my standards of myself, for myself, after all, I have to live with me and you don’t.

I Am Transparent

When I write my posts, I give sources for my Intel be it Yosef, Bruce, Fisher or Zorra. I include links to other posts on other sites where I get my information and finally, when it is my "Feeling" I let you know that as well. At no time do I give Intel that does not have a source or basis included with it. If I am not sure of the info, I say so. Since I read so much from so many sites, I sometimes have information that I cannot link directly to, but, I tell you that in my posts. You have a choice to accept the information I post based on which source it comes from or reject it for the same reasons. That is why I am clear where it comes from, so that you have the choice to accept it or not. My friends in Dinarland, deserve the same level of Intel I offer my Personal group.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that when I post something for you, it must be my best, the same that I would send to my close friends and family. I can't feel good about myself if I post less than my best. It may be wrong, or it may be right, but it is, in the end, my best that I offer you, with my best intentions.

Frankly, the Rate and Date info that is so secret and contentious right now, will soon no longer matter, and the info that is posted after that will be without question. No one will be trying to hide the information we want as it will be freely available to all who seek it.

Know that everything I post is with the best of intentions and offered freely to those who are interested. In the end, you have every right to read it or not. Please feel free to criticize it if you must. I will have no hard feelings about it, and I completely understand.

May You All Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes


Original Post:
"My GCR Feeling - Update #3" - One Who Believes - 11.19.16

Follow Up Post:
"GCR Questions And Answers #2" - One Who Believes - 11.20.16

Question From Angel Gee:
"False Hope vs Facts" - Guest Post by Angel Gee



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