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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"RE: Bob T ZIM Base Rate" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:24 AM EST on November 22, 2016


Thank you Bob T for sending this information. I would like to make a few comments to add to your valuable thoughts on this matter.

I have put my words in red and in parenthesis and in italics but I don't know whether the red will be red when it is copied and pasted.

I do this, not as some sort of rebuttal but rather in the interest of adding to your thoughts. I hope that you are not offended but will instead accept this in the light of what is intended and that is to help the masses wade through the quagmire.

"ZIM Base Rate and More" - Guest Post by Bob T

Entry Submitted by Bob T at 10:03 AM EST on November 21, 2016

Thanks Veritas for your initial answer on this subject.

Veritas, your thoughts on the following analysis!

In order to make an intelligent decision on whether to take the base rate as all cash and no NDA verses taking the structured payout with limited NDA with no claw back, here is maybe a more realistic analysis approach.

1. We would have to carefully read the limited NDA to make sure it has limited provisions and no claw back.

2. We would have to ask how many years the structured payout would run.

3. We would ask to be shown the base rate on the bank screen.

4. We would ask what is the highest rate that can be offered if we agree to a structured payout with a limited NDA. (This is one of the first questions I will ask. All of his information is based on the assumption that there will no zeros removed from the 100 trillion note. That is actually the first question you will have to ask. You can imagine what a tremendous difference it will make with the three zeros NOT removed as opposed to the 6 zeros being removed).

OK lets make some assumptions using hypothetical ZIM rates and do the mathematics:

a) Assume the bank screen base rate is $1

b) Assume that we can ask and get $10 for the structured rate. Here I am assuming that we would get a reasonable increase over the base rate for the structured rate, if they expect us to sign a limited NDA. There has to be a win-win here as we are not stupid. (If I could get a rate of $10.00 with a limited NDA with no claw-back and no zeros removed, I would take it in a heartbeat.)

c) Lets assume that the structured payout period is 5 years seniors (maybe longer for younger folks). (One thing that is not mentioned AT ALL in this scenario and is, in my estimation, one of the most important and that is the interest rate. If the interest rate is high, the rate can be lower. If the interest rate is low, I want a higher rate. What I am looking for is a high yearly interest rate, paid quarterly).

(I want the interest that will be paid to be enough so that it funds my projects without ever having to touch the principal. Assuming that is the case, why would I want the payout period to be only 5 years? After 5 years, I would suddenly have trillions of dollars that I would have to place into investments and control MYSELF or turn it over to some dunderhead that would want to "churn" it so he/she gets commissions for rolling the investment. The ONLY way I can spend trillions of dollars is to do humanitarian projects. I will be looking toward a structured payout over at least a 50 year period with at least an 8% interest rate.)

d) Assume a 20%/80% personal/projects split (Question: Do you need, or want to deal with 20% of 100 trillion dollars? Assuming a $1.00 rate for a single 100 trillion note with no zeros removed, a 20% immediate payout to you is 20 trillion dollars. What are you going to do with 20 trillion dollars? After you buy your two million dollar home; your million dollar vacation home and three cars; a great vacation or two; some bling and maybe another million on things you always wanted, what do you do with the other $19,999,995,000,000?

I know what you are going to do...you need someplace to "invest" your money so that you can try to match the 8% income that you already had before your 5 year payout expired. Enter "dunderhead" that tells you what you need to do is let him/her make you a fortune in the stock market. You already have a fortune. You don't need for dunderhead to lose your fortune. I'm not telling you what you should do; I'm telling you that I do not want to try to manage trillions of dollars. I want the passive income...mailbox money.)

e) Assume we have one 100T ZIM note

Here are our options from a mathematical viewpoint ---

Option #1. Take the base rate all cash no NDA

100T x $1 = 100T personal cash, no bank limitations and personal privacy (If you have a problem with 20 trillion dollars, why do you need 5 times as much to deal with?)

Option #2. Take the $10 rate and structured payout over 5 years. (Now, with a $10.00 rate, you now have 10 times the scenario shown above. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go for a higher rate; I'm saying that I will leave at least 99% and maybe even 100% in the structured payout for as long as they let me leave it. I won't be around to receive the quarterly interest payment but I have heirs that will).

100T x $10 = 1000T total (Written out in numbers, that is $1,000,000,000,000,000. Stated in words, that is ONE QUADRILLION DOLLARS. Remember, we are talking about one 100 trillion note).

Personal cash 20% x 1000T = 200T (So you ONLY take for personal cash and walking around money, 200 trillion in cash. Go back and re-read the above information).

Project funds 80% x 1000T = 800T (The interest rate was not mentioned even though, in my estimation, that is the most important part of the equation. Let's look at the 8% interest rate mentioned above. 800 trillion in the structured payout at 8% looks like this: $800,000,000,000,000 X .08 = $64,000,000,000,000. That is 64 trillion dollars each and every year, without having to let dunderhead get his hands of any of your money. Surely, out of 64 trillion dollars per year, you would have enough to fuel your every wish AND a ton of humanity projects. We are still talking about just ONE 100 trillion note)

Five year payout 800T/5 yrs = 160T per year for project funding. (The structured payout would not be paid in this manner, I don't think. They would pay an interest rate each year with quarterly checks and then you would get the lump sum at the end of 5 years to turn over to who...you guessed it...ole dunderhead!)

So if these assumptions are anywhere near reality then what is the best option. To me it would appear that the choice would be decided by how much project funding a person wants to handle and live with the NDA.

As a side note, as has been said many times, even if we take the all cash base rate option, for our own protection we would be advised to do our work anonymously just like if we signed an NDA.

(While Bob T provided food for thought, the meal was a little sparse and did not delve deep enough, in my opinion. When all is said and done, all of the above is based on nothing more than assumptions. That is all we have to go on at the present time. We won't know any of the basic facts upon which we will base our decisions until we are face to face with "the man". What this exercise does do is provide some figures vs what you can do with these figures. The one overriding figure that you need to keep in mind is whether the 6 zeros will be dropped from the 100 trillion note before the rate is applied. If they are dropped, all of the above figures go out the window).



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