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Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Pulling Legs" - Thurs. AM KTFA News Articles


 » November 24th, 2016

Parliament will vote at its Saturday crowd Act and the 2017 budget

vote in the House of Representatives, in its meeting on Saturday, the proposed body the popular crowd and the forces of the law to him.

It includes the parliament session agenda "vote on the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2017 Act, and vote on the draft Arms Act."

It also includes "vote in principle the draft of the First Amendment to the Amnesty Law No. 27 of the Law for the year 2016, and to view a report and discuss project Iraqi Commission for the adoption of the law, and report and discuss the draft law regulating the commercial agency. "


Parliament will vote Saturday on a legal popular crowd and budget

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives will vote at its next Saturday for the illegal, the popular crowd, and the general budget.

According to a parliamentary source told {Euphrates News} " The agenda the parliamentary session acts Saturday include a vote on the proposed law to the board of the popular crowd and the forces of him, and vote on the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq Act of 2017, and vote on the law of arms, and to vote in principle the first draft amendment to the law of the amnesty law. "

" the agenda also includes a report and discussion of the draft Iraqi Commission for the adoption of a law, and report and discuss the draft Agency regulating commercial law. "
He noted that" the meeting begins at eleven am ".anthy


Hammoudi: parliament session to vote Saturday on the popular crowd Act and the general budget for 2017


 » November 24th, 2016

FAMILY! How Does One DISTRIBUTE "WEALTH" with "Worth"less currency??? 1180 ??? COME ON!!!! They are pulling our Turkey Legs!! And i don't mean the country lol

Walkingstick » November 24th, 2016


Read the brief in the settlement initiative of the National Alliance of Shiite

November 24.2016

Knocking heard the term (historic compromise) promoted by the National Alliance recently, Lekhal him he was in front of a real project to save the country includes radical solutions to political problems, word (historical) give connotations that it includes exceptional solutions to take us a new phase away from whenever the last gripped the particular problems and they say it is withering problems ... but it is familiar with the terms of this initiative will develop very disappointed establishes him convinced that the politicians in Iraq are either stupid or they are ... stupid, because the surface that most of the items which are damaged, and even political malice located in some of its clauses is slag superficial.

as is always the case with politicians , the National Alliance, the empty language of construction sophistry controls most of its provisions if we are in front trying to literary and not a political attempt to take out the country from its problems, it has Aaferdt a wide area in which to provide the name of her .. between that called (national settlement), or a historic compromise, or ( the national initiative for peace and State building). As for the substance of the initiative it can be divided into three sections , distributed in several items and paragraphs various: -

1. The first section of which is to re - boring is justified for items texts already exist in the Iraqi constitution , which been asked by the people in the two thousand and five and came into force in the year Aabaktha. Although it ruled Iraq since that time , and so far they are from the people and parties within the National Alliance. But those items Nothing has applied them to the ground and remained static in terms of the Constitution is not enabled. If the coalition did not respect the Constitution , which is one of the sanctities of any nation items Can be implemented with items in a political initiative?

The initiative in some of its provisions include the following points .. (abide by the constitution as a reference and work far away from selectivity), (obligation to tolerance) values, (condemnation and rejection takfirist approach), (rule of law), (working on the distribution of powers and decentralization), (political reform and social, economic and good governance), (resort to peaceful and legal means of expression), (rejecting the use of violence as a political card), (commitment to the unity of Iraq), (abiding by the Constitution , without selectivity), (preserving Iraq 's sovereignty and independence of the decision and its identity and its democratic system Parliamentary Federal ), ( the commitment that the oil and gas belongs to the people and taking into account the producing provinces), (Altdid Baath regime of Saddam).

all of these items that are repeated initiative exists in the Constitution, though the coalition has applied in the appropriate timing previously when she arrived things to what we have reached now in Iraq .

2. section II of the initiative include detailed provisions may not be visible in the Iraqi constitution , but also their application are the responsibility of the National Alliance , as it represents the political majority acquired the successive governments. Among these items are included in the initiative expand the state of national institutions and fixed by an effective and well -

established constitutional institutions), (real separation of powers to adopt and ensure the vitality), ( the adoption of free market economy), ( the development of the education system), (free media), ( adoption of the principle of efficiency in the appointments), (principle of integrity), ( the empowerment of civil society and its role), (Refuse experience Aldkktatora and exclusionary and Altmiza approach for the management of the state in no time and respect and preserve human rights and the overall liberties and political rights and the city) government, (rejection of all forms of change demographic earlier and later work on the return of displaced persons and displaced persons to their homes and seek the return of national cohesion and Amer areas devastated by terrorism Aldaasha and war upon),

(commitment to the necessity of an equitable distribution of wealth based on the ratio of the population), (condemnation and rejection Ketver approach and treason against any of the components of society), ( criminalize forms of sectarian incitement and racial and ethnic discrimination), (and the criminalization of terrorism and violence and fighting as well as the fight against corruption targeting Iraqis and state institutions) . All the points contained in this section are the duties of governments that received the National Alliance since two thousand and six. ,

Does it make sense to be calling for the implementation of specific points and then come and offer these points as if charity and Menna you to correct the crisis situation. National Alliance has tried to compromise here between the application of these points (which is the task of implementing it) and , among other items related to enforceable on the other parties ( the Kurdish and Sunni), and present them as a whole (Yusak) one and enforceable. As we will see later in the third section of the terms of this initiative is that the application of items relating to the other parties (Sunni and Kurdish) will lead to a more restricted by subjection to the authority of the National Alliance. Had the National Alliance sincere in reaching a political settlement (historical) for it was the application of a section of these items as a goodwill gesture before reaching any compromise to reassure the other parties

3. Section III .. is the section most dangerous and which prompted the National Alliance basis for such an initiative, Vtmrer this initiative in this way ensures a politically stable for decades on the rest of the Sunni and Kurdish parties account. The irony is that the first section and the second which responsibility is applied to the responsibility of the National Alliance represent points rubber can Tsuifama and procrastination in them without a time limit, either points that responsibility applied to the responsibility of the other parties ( the Kurdish and Sunni) and We'll list in this section, they are specific things you can not procrastination In which .

Therefore we say that this initiative is an attempt to consolidate control of the National Alliance on the reins. The following items that are related to this section: - (commitment to the unity of Iraq and not to divide it under any circumstances) .. this point addressed to the Kurdish party , who awaited the right conditions regionally and internationally to secede from Iraq and his signature on this initiative , which includes this point it means giving up entirely any future intention to secede.

- (readiness for constitutional amendments in accordance with the mechanisms stipulated in the Constitution) ... of course , that any attempt to present or future to change the constitution will not come out from under the tutelage of the Shiite alliance and in accordance with the interests and orientations as the mass majority.

- (agreement on contract politician (under the roof of the Constitution) to resolve the contentious issues) ... of course , this point in favor of the National Alliance , which is still insisting on the manipulation ceilings Constitution, Vmaho time limit will force the National Alliance (representative government) that applies , for example , the disputed areas file them with the party Kurdish in Kurdistan as long as they did not fulfill this constitutional article under any roof over the three - fifteen years?

- (formal objection and binding on all political parties and outputs (and of course no one understands what the meaning of outputs) and requires so from the consequences and responsibilities in the political, legal, economic, cultural and media levels and religious and rejected political blackmail of any kind and the recognition of the binding results of free and fair elections and to refrain from the practice of duplication in attitudes towards the legitimacy of the political system (foot rule and gave the opposition) and stop the incitement against the legitimacy of the existing system both internally and externally) ..... this point, if approved, will be a sword hanging over any opposition parties that participate the National Alliance in the coming governments, preventing them from objecting to any wrong - governmental exercise, which will be interpreted as a departure from the spirit of this agreement, which will give adequate space to the National Alliance for the uniqueness of power without objection.

- (rejecting the use of violence a political card to achieve political settlements) ... this point could be interpreted as referring to terrorist organizations, but the coalition jumps at this point to the likelihood of the formation of a Sunni provinces may have armed formations, thus neutralizing the opposition to giving any wrong practices has committed against those provinces and thus ensures that the National Alliance full political and military control.

- (limiting arms possession state and not allow Quality of armed entities or militias outside the framework of the state and face the outlaws without discrimination) ... this point represents always a weapon , however , the alliance, pay nothing any armed entity in it within the framework of the country or abroad will be through the National Alliance governments, which gives it the freedom to deal with any armed formation according to their agendas. Popular Vlhacd example is the militia outlaws when Sunni and Kurdish parties, while insisting the Shiite alliance to impose within the legal situation in Iraq and its annexation of the military establishment to Hrantha, while refusing to formation of any armed group , a Sunni independent , but through the crowd itself.

- (Rescue State institutions of quotas and nepotism) ... as long as the political majority in any government is the share of the Shiite component, the talk about cleaning the state institutions of the quota system in the interest of the Shiite party gives one dye on all state institutions.

Previous items contained may National Alliance initiative lead to anything except to reset your problems and settled. Either reassure the other parties to speak at the United Nations will oversee the application of the provisions of this initiative , he laughed at the chins, it can not be to hand such as the United Nations should oblige any Party to fulfill any of these points, as long as the items contained therein can give large tracts of rubber can not be from which lay hands on the violation of her, only if the transfer of Secretary General of the United Nations headquarters from New York to Baghdad to oversee the small violations at this point and that, then we can say that the United Nations is the guarantor for a real implementation and of course that's shops happening.




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