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Saturday, November 26, 2016

PSYOPS 101-Lesson 1, “Psyopanese” by Tank

Received via email at 3:21 AM EST. ~ Dinar Chronicles

PSYOPS 101-Lesson 1, “Psyopanese”

OBJECTIVE: Teach you to speak PSYOPS (“psyopanese”).

To understand this illusive language you must first understand what a PSYOPS is.

PSYOPS or Psychological Operations are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individual’sbehavior. JP 1-02 DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

Let’s discuss some common PSYOPS terms that you may be familiar with ie.

· “The sky’s the limit.” A term seemingly used to encourage people that the endeavor they are pursuing is limited only by the sky. However, the sky is limitless, so the language in and of itself is a PSYOPS. The sky is not the limit, but in fact the very point at which one begins to fly, to explore, and even to see with a higher perspective. It’s designed to scare a person so that when they reach a certain level they have reached their limits. Thus, it’s a control mechanism to define the boundaries of our cage.

· “A hard work ethic is the key to success.” This term may be one of the most respectable and coveted coaching terms in the American work force. But really consider what it’s saying. Work hard and you’ll be successful. But consider who’s at the top of almost any company. Did they work hard to get there? Generally they had a great idea, or they’re related to the founders of the company, or they were willing to act deviously when others wouldn’t. Then consider the same principle in nature. Flowers and trees don’t work hard to grow strong and tall, they just do what comes naturally. Lions don’t feel guilty when they kill a gazelle, they just pursue the most natural instincts they have to survive. So by consuming us with the PSYOPS that Hard Work equals success, they negate our natural intuition to pursue creative endeavors, to connect with the things around us, and essentially divide us against each other with stress and distrust as we clamor for “success.”

· “You gotta play ball.” This term sounds so innocent but it’s a classic way to control behavior. They set this one up by telling people how fortunate they are to part of a company, an organization, or even a fraternity. Then they use this concept to get participants to do what ever is necessary in their hidden agenda to forward their primary objective.

Conversation: How does one identify when someone is speaking in “PSYOPANESE”?

1. Know your environment-PSYOPS rely on the fact that they have already planted certain ideas in your head through the media, your friends, cultural norms, and various other means of communication.

In “Dinarland” there are certain ideas that have been planted in the mass consciousness that are accepted as truth. The things that we believe to be true become the foundation that we build everything else on. Dinarland followed Iraq and knew that when Baghdad got paid we all got paid, that when the lower denominations hit the streets, then they had revalued, and when the Paris Climate Agreement was announced “IN Force” then we were finally allowed to exchange.

The entire PSYOPS process is designed to control the flow of information to the enemy, control the environment in which they receive it, and control the behavior of everyone who hears it. As an “innocent” bystander in the process we are part of the controlled environment. We help sell the con. We believe it, we report details with great confidence believing we have inside information that others don’t have, and we invest ourselves in the finality of a utopian world where we will be the leaders of change and philanthropy.

2. Let go of what you know-To successfully see through the PSYOPS one must let go of anything that they think they know. In reality, you only know what they want you to know. So try to hear information with that kind of objectivity and you’ll be much closer to speaking “Psyopanese”.

3. Ask better questions- Often times people who receive “intel” are so excited they don’t ask, where did that come from? Why did they tell me? Does this make things more clear or more confusing? Is this from the same source I already heard it from, or is the same source circled back to me?

The most important question is this: Why did they let this information out? Everything you hear is controlled. Even if you got it from your super secret, top military government banking source, they are telling you because you speak to someone, who influences someone else, and they want that person to know or to think what you said is happening.

4. Don’t let emotion cloud your judgment -PSYOPS Play on the desperation or excitement of your situation. This emotional stimulation can easily effect the way you see the information and hinder your objectivity. If you are in a sensitive financial situation and a respected figure tells you “we’ll be in the banks tomorrow” you may forget to ask…why? There’s nothing wrong with having an emotional attachment to the outcome of the information provided, but don’t allow that to get in the way of asking hard questions, qualifying the sources even if they’re friends of yours, and discerning the quality of what you heard.


You’re whole life has been a PSYOPS in one form or another. This situation is even harder because to truly transcend the PSYOPS you have to let go of your current version of reality. This is the truth and it’s awful-You’re a slave and so am I. The speech made by Willie Lynch on the banks of the Mississippi in 1712, he describes how to use psychological tactics to have people enslave themselves. The scary reality is that’s exactly we’re all being controlled and enslaved to this day. Lynch said, “I use fear, distrust and envy for control.”


These tactics have been used by our slave masters to control, manipulate, and oppress us for millennia. They’ve beaten us, raped our wives, stolen our children, sold our siblings, and created terrible divisions amongst us. They’ve created distrust based on the teaspoon of melanin in your skin that separates the darkest human being on Earth from the lightest. They’ve created standards that reward certain kinds of intelligence, and dismiss others as hobbies. They’ve created gladiator arenas where their slaves perform and the masses cheer as they destroy one another emotionally and physically.

These truths are just the beginning of a very real world we all live in. We’ve “accepted our lot in life” and ceased to pursue greatness because we’ve been enslaved to think that we have limits, and to “be happy with what we get.” Before we can truly be what we were meant to be, we must face this reality and see through the PSYOPS.

Freedom is ours to claim, not theirs to give. The slave Master owes us an apology but, the process of enslavement has been so successful that we drop to our knees and thank him. That’s why they discuss this currency that you hold, that you paid for, that you invested your money and your life to exchange and tell you that you weren’t suppose to be part of it, that this is a gift, that you are so lucky. My personal opinion differs slightly.

I hold an asset. It has a value. You have allowed others to redeem the same asset but not us. You have forgiven the debts of countries and banks and yet we are still slaves to ours. You claim to be benevolent but use the same tactics to control and enslave us. I will not drop to my knees and thank you for finally freeing me after you’ve brainwashed, abused and oppressed all of us for an entire lifetime. I will not sit dying of thirst waiting for a drop of sweat to fall from your balls and thank you as I lap it up while still being dehydrated. Life is a gift. These assets we hold were an investment. We’ve made the investment to save humanity to change the world, and that will happen. We want our seat at the table and our opportunity to negotiate for our freedom. But please, make no mistake-You may control the timing of our release, but you won’t control us much longer. We’re learning to speak “PSYOPANESE” and we’re going to use that to get organized, and the organized will of creative intelligence is unstoppable. Please don’t expect us to grovel and thank you when we are freed. Freedom is our right and we claim it.




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