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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Precious Treasure by Pine Cone


Precious Treasure 112716

I had fun imagining I would respond to “Steward Invitation” as innocently as I am able to trust, that someone would hear me, and really “Love Listen” with me in our enlightening liquefiable Love energy flowing family prescience here. Is it safe to say any precious treasure, and expect a response intimating Delight, to invite me to express more, if something intuitive comes to enjoy more inclusive Sovereign intimate Communion?

As I, almost finished dressing up my flimsy child-like edit, it came to me, that we can share together and Love Listening together, as the best way to begin such a massive seeming project response to, all inclusive Ascension. I feel my Inner Child Spirit yearns to reveal, what desires to be heard, so, Leslie, I will begin by sharing my response to “Steward Invitation”, then offer my listening heart ear to your similar plea, if you please? To receive Sovereignty we give what Sovereignty we want to receive, so I want to first express a former imagining, as I 1, 2, 3 to you what you seem to be 1, 2 , 3’ing to me/us altogether?

1. Intuition: Become a tiny cell, like a marble among other colorful marbles, and soften and get fluid and plump, like a grape. We can hydrate and become a fountain together in any shape the energy forms in the flux lines of God’s will. Connect in special intelligence~and dance~and flow in the magic of effervescence. We are everywhere~and timeless, peaceful~and content in the water cascading all around us. We become the water of God’s will~and no vessel holds us in one shape.

We smile~and slide close to each other with smooth cushioned resilient skin that appears as light to reflect our life for each other. We are conscience~and have a conscience~and consciousness~and bathe in the music, colors~and light of innocence~and growing~and flowing~and changing. We sprinkle around in the fountainhead of the souls of Love that we are, ever transforming in energy and timelessness. We become becoming~and glitter in~and inspire each other in God’s living water, our tears~and joy.

2. 112616 my 1st response to New Paradigm Stewardship Invitation

Your excitement is contagious, and as Wonderful energy as, only can reveal our new Paradigm Bubble has interconnected with other Inner Realms, that seem to be responding with, all we will need to handle any changes for us. I have seen this blue matrix, as if soccer balls that, once ours at the center ‘inspands’ enough to bounce well into others similar, additional interfaces keep exchanging from Spherical collections, to interconnected cube overlays, on ad infinitum.

Our soccer ball has become deflated so we haven’t been able to bounce well in cooperating harmony with increasing dimensional Joyous Communion, but this inspiration, today, has signaled my latent energy, to ‘kinetic’, already, so thank you for awakening, what has been wait-wade slogging for me to keep on forgiving, and keep on letting go, until this, very animating announcement call, for mirror hi energy chi responses. ;)

All my ideas have been coded, and seemed obtuse, except for the kindest ears, that enjoy Communion, over communicating more separation fear, yet I am, so ready to help begin by, first taking care of those right around us with affirmations, and gratitude, so that’s what pays itself forward, without any fused relationships breaking down later at the core of any effort, and as Bonding Delight carries all projects through, with the lasting memory of healing ONENESS energy, that seems the antithesis of our previous stuck-in-eddies energy-fails.

I am responding with affirmation of Delight, and gratitude for, all the courage it takes to heal so many, that can become overwhelming. I remember a playful kitten scampering up to an adult male cat, and scare the heck out of the adult, because it didn’t imagine it’s forgotten youth had what it needed to nurture. I identify with the adult cat sometimes, when I reach inside, and don’t imagine I have what is needed to be able to, still play. I hear this in some of what seems intimated here.

When we listen well-glisten to every self-disclosure present in groups, this ‘safe experience’ sends the emotional message, that any idea is ok to self-disclose, so instead of an ignoring increase in the pace, timelessness warms the environment, and hearts begin to commune slow-focused with hardly any effort. ‘Interruptions’ in this sort of Bonding experience are not ignored, but focused on, more deeply, to hold the one speaking, responsible to go deeper into motives, so no Charismatic infiltrator, ever gets to begin Authoritarian Centralization, the enemy of Sovereign respect, that scares us, and breaks down group energy, as fast as the first one gets ignored, and as the whole Blackmailed group becomes a disenfranchised Mob, instead.

Our Bond is at risk right now, right here, and, even though I am being as new-vulnerable as I dare, my call out to you, requires a kind affirming response, lest we risk ending, even before we can begin with a Love-focus. I have expressed in poetic code for so long, that it seems difficult to say what I mean, and mean what I say, without fear of some paid-infiltrator from Earth Hell, to threaten our safety, so please be kind, like you are suggesting, and I will be able to express hidden ideas, even “ " have, never clarified without another’s help before? :)

Pine Cone

3. Love Listening Delight: May I respond in ‘your’ first person, ‘as if’? “Yes, OWB it seems we killed the Paper Tiger Cabal with our emerging Kindness, and Acceptance of ‘their’ divisive intention ESSENCE, and thank you for saying what was in my heart, that is so happy to child-hear our inclusive magic from you.”

“Our ONENESS Spirit of flowing Delight is, so empowered from inside each, as all, and, all, as each, that this inclusive Spirit intention, even can include you, Cabal, so no matter what, it can’t ever be crumpled, broken, mangled, sacrificed, or stopped, so Boo Hoo double Boo to you, may be the last fear you experience, before we, even envelop the separate illusion of yoo-double-ttoo.”

“Just, as Pine Cone would seem to treasure vulnerable self-disclosure, even, and especially over any Money $$$ motives, my precious Inner Child Immortal Spirit seems to treasure Love-relationship Trust, over any, possible Mortal ephemeral creation, even we could seem to overwhelm ourselves~imagine.”

Noteworthy lilting trill: Can Love Listening be this much fun, and wouldn’t it be ONENESS Wonderful, if you, Leslie can adjust any of my mistakes, as if it’s, even better, than OK, to put Sovereignty, over censure, and innate precious Sovereign treasure, over project-piracy?



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