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Sunday, November 13, 2016

"Our Vision for Purposeful Manifestation" - Guest Post by Tammy

Entry Submitted by Tammy at 11:45 AM EST on November 13, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters who are called out and actively transcending the systems and programs supportive to any and all “exchange paradigms”.

I Am, indeed We Are, Blessed by the Presence of St. Germain who now lives within our expanding minds and even the embodiment of Its Light. The Stargates we travel in Unity of Consciousness now presents possible for all minds and in this Christ walks upon Earth once again. This Violet Energy has been used by us all to transmute and to transcend all old thoughts…their constructs, mazes, hidden structures, deep anchoring and other strongholds. St Germain has spoken to us and guided us out of the mind’s mazes so to accomplish and fulfill the divine plan through Us by activation of real property which We carry within, Divinity Codes. We can now know these Codes have been activated and through Our Unity and Will…we can begin utilizing Unity Consciousness, Creative Manifestation, Instruments of Faith, Energy Transference, and so many more. These Codes are founded in Unity and are a paradigm of Unconditional Love serving through a platform of Selfless Service…so To Be That: We Can Be In for We Are Unity Consciousness, Inner Merging of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies allows us neutrality yet remain emphatically connected until transmuted, Creative Manifestation is Our new tool for building and funding from within, Magnetization and Precipitation are required to see Our Intentions grounded upon Earth, Instruments of Faith is how it all comes To Be, Peace Commanding Presence Is Who We Are,….isn’t it beautiful? That in this reality right here, right now that you and the rest of us resonating with this message, are now trusted with the greatest riches ever founded on Earth...do you think the manifestation of something like this can come from a state of wanting? No…It Is Us, It distributes Through Us, and We Are Here Now to learn how to best utilize!

First let us remember and be clear…these riches of St Germain that we seek are found within. Each of us know this is Truth for You Are Here Now, reading this….I Know You As I Know MySelf and in Our Knowing…We move forward. Do you understand? We see the dreams that we thought were dependent on the manifestation first… we actually thought that in “hope” and “time” our will would be done. Brothers, Sisters…Hear the Bell Ring Within, the riches have been distributed and all one must do is move inward to Know and to claim…

When Light arrives there is no more darkness for darkness was and Is always instantly transformed by Light’s Presence and Resonance. Beware My Family, to continue looking for answers such as the RV to show itself outwardly before we have transcended the want for it…is to keep in motion what is in motion. To change/shift the reality, we must Resonant Higher, Be Different, See Differently, Act Differently and then We Will Be CoCreating a reality where the Universal Law of Exchange Is what it seeks to Be in a world Now Self-Aware…all of this is from within….CommUnity…As One.

You, me…We were called out for purpose…we think differently about the Universal Law of Exchange and how a manifested world should reflect its Abundance. We see how man-made the exchange system is and within us are the codes or keys for a shift in reality to occur. For we understand the importance of our own energy and how we and others had ignorantly applied it to maintain a reality that supported Service to Self. Now we graduate and realize only We “I Am” can change through Our Unity and by creatively manifesting first from within! Haha… We Wake and We Rise for We Are the Law of Exchange. All that we need to bring forward to manifest this Law will be given abundantly…this We Must Trust!

You Know The Truth of Your Call…only you can choose to see through the illusion and in that Our Unity in Knowing vibrates through the collective. This is the systems’ greatest fear…US.

I wrote the above a few weeks ago...this came through this morning.

The following ideals are now grounding the New Reality on Earth.

1. All world leaders now in place were carefully chosen by WE The People through our silent heart’s desire for change. These elected and/or appointed leaders are the exhorters, the ones who explain and make possible our new evolutionary Galactic Earth Expression and help us to leap into the new reality’s foundation and paradigm which has been grounded in Unity, Peace, CoOperation, Joy, Wellness, and Abundance.

2. All debt, personal, business and national, is forgiven…and so it is!

3. Anything utilizing air wave and satellite technology is now free. This includes cell phones, wifi, tv, radio, etc.

4. There is free energy for all electrical devices and services

5. There is free and clean water, fluoride free

6. Food is free… Local growers open their farms to neighbors who are eager to help in the harvest of foods that are to serve the local community and to be a means of exchange with other communities’ harvest for variety. Processed foods will quickly dissipate as The People’s appetite for healthy nutrition accelerates.

7. Healthcare is free and is dispensed by those qualified and chosen by the energy of Wellness and Longevity in the New Reality. As One In Service heals another That One is gifted to heal another. The current healthcare system will quickly fade into the nothingness that it is while cures and self-healing and balancing become our nature.

8. All thoughts of manifestation center around ease and cleanliness of its disposal.

9. Transportation will be redesigned but until then gasolines, propane, natural gas, is free. All energy in these forms will become obsolete as new technology is announced and free transition is offered to all The People.

10. The gold standard backs all currencies and all currencies are revalued dependent upon the gold and precious metals each country is in possession (earthed and unearthed). Countries that do not have sufficient possession of geographical wealth to care for its residents abundantly will become One with a nearby country whose Nature, Love and Unity can be of support without external demands such as religious and family values, etc.

a. Gold and precious metals are non-fluctuating in price therefore the currencies’ value does not fluctuate unless a country’s personal storehouse of gold and precious metals increases thereby enhancing the value of already printed money by causing cost of goods (most of which are luxury) to reduce.

i. Cost of goods for We The People is governed through a free enterprise system whose goal is to manifest a reality that is for the greater good of ALL THE WORLD, AS ONE.

b. Accumulation of money for the purpose of hoarding is no longer encouraged or accepted by The People regardless if personal, business, charity, or national.

c. Business is now an expression of selfless Service. Business will provide a path for people to awaken to Self by teaching leadership, teamwork, unity, etc. Not all people will need to be in a traditional work environment for there is now a great need for community service and farm collaboration. Business; Community Service AND the traditional work environment are both places to be in service while graduating from the Law of One’s Service to Self and into the 4d reality of Selfless Service. Business carries on however it introduces new systems of caring and providing goods to the people while the transition into Our new state of Being continues.We The People Trust one another. We have faith in the Heart we share As One. Each person will listen to their heart as to when, where, and how to be of service and the work it is to come through.

We Are The Light, The Architect, The Alchemist, and The Minions...

Your Sister,




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