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Monday, November 21, 2016

"Next Few Days" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


 » November 21st, 2016

oh my word... just read first article is this for reaL?


A source in the central bank said yesterday that the recent lifting of the price of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar to coincide with the victories of our security forces and is moving towards liberalization City Almousel.oukal source in a press statement singled out by all the news that the central bank decided to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar by financial mechanisms fall in its policies for indicating that these mechanisms are subject to the principle of supply and demand in thedomestic market. The source , who preferred not to be named , said the Iraqi dinar will see over the next few days , a significant rise in price against the US dollar.

 » November 21st, 2016

" Iraqi dinar will see over the next few days a significant rise in price against the US dollar"

Am I reading this correctly???? NEXT FEW DAYS.......Is that the same as "soon or in coming days "cause we all now how long that meant (forever).

This just sounds too good to be true......although I hope it is.....

 » November 21st, 2016

Raise three zeroes from the Iraqi currency's progress and evaluation

Sunday November 20, 2016 - 04:54

Amer al-Abadi

It seemed Iraqi dinar value worth (7) grams of gold at the beginning of its release by Release Act in 1931, and in 1959 was issued a new law of the Iraqi national currency
Iraqi monetary and banking system continued to evolve, and reached the value of the Iraqi dinar to (3.3) billion until the beginning of the war with Iran , which led to a significant breakdown in Iraqi currency

in 2004 , the former Governing Council to replace the previous currency , which was a symbol of the former regime new are currently traded in the currency and is now dealing in the currency of the seven categories: 50, 250, 500 and 1,000 and 10,000 and 25,000 dinars.

Unlike the Arab countries do not exist in Iraq about 25 years since the coins.

It was scheduled to be the project to delete the three zeroes in 2011 and did not perform
and then postponed to 2013 .. then postponed to 2015 .. and now the decisions implementing the plan early in 2017 knowing that the process of deleting the zeros have occurred in several countries. Delete the three zeroes from the Zimbabwe dollar in 2006 and Romania omitted four zeros from its currency in 2005. deleted Bolivia three zeros from its currency in 2008. Turkey removed six zeros from its currency in 2005. Sudan delete thezeros from its currency in 2007 ,

has said the central bank director Mahdi Keywords saying " The central bank began the first steps of the project through the selection of designs, companies and the country that will be printed currency." He pointed out that " the new currency entry does not mean the destruction of ancient coins, but will continue to trade for about ten years , " pointing out that "this period will enable the central bank to withdraw the old currency in accordance with the known dynamic in order to preserve liquidity in the market."

Justification for the replacement process

1. presence worth 30 trillion dinars cluster of large cash the number of leaves 4 billion paper

2. currently the largest category of cash is 25,000 dinars ,equivalent to $ 21 almost This requires larger and effort great to settle daily transactions therefore became the amounts in excess Akiemha for the 20 million are in dollars.

3. The existence of damage to a large proportion of private small categories currency and inadmissible in circulation and make up one - third of the money supply almost

4. difficulty making the calculations under the numbers increase the number of Ocefarha 14 zero practical, technical and probability of error occurred either by adding a zero or delete it.

The benefits of the replacement process

1. security .. reduce the risks entailed in carrying large amounts.

2. fall counting the costs and Altdeghiq.ma categories were thebiggest

3. The lifting of zeros will create a psychological effect among citizens through the strengthening of its currency and adopted more broadly rather than foreign currency

4. Aldenarabraghi inclusion within the global currency basket and handle it officially the world 's stock exchanges and financial markets.

5. possibility of economic agreements to deal in national currency and this will cover a very large part of the foreign remittances that are squandering of national wealth from foreign exchange.

6. will be disposed of manipulating the currency exchange market

7. stop the work of the corrupt shady banks and their agents and Smaserthm

8. will be determined ceiling for amounts transferred abroad from active currency exchange to ensure that no currency smuggling.

9. Aatherngairalamlh of the desire of a high exchange rate of thecurrency psychological aspect. This rise enters the joy of thereturn of the dinar to the rich past.

Cons replacement process:

1. The emergence of the problem of calculation between the old and new numbers in trading in reading and managing their trillion figures .
2. need to print large groups

3. Foreign shares of the Stock Exchange will be reduced to 20% onforeign investment because the thought that a change in currency will reduce profits.

4. write - off of three zeros from the currency may contribute to creating a state of monetary illusion

5. will cost the state budget large sums Z such that the sections of financial corruption, besides the lack of addressing the problem ofinflation because the Iraqi market importer of all goods and services from abroad , which means depletion of hard currency.

6. No official data on the cost of the Iraqi banknotes there. Note that the cost of the banknote in Britain 7 US cents. Enough toknow the number of traded securities permission to give an idea of the total cost.

7. four billion paper. Thus the cost of becoming a printed $ 289 million. This amount is pointless

8. Add to this a further Stamping metal pieces not to mention all the money needed to cope with the consequences of removing zeros as replacing postal and fiscal stamps.

9. feeling of poverty: the deletion of zeros leads to the feeling ofpoverty, it had a ten million dinars Pat does not have only ten thousand of them

10. expectation of rising prices.

11. front of the inevitability of the Kurdish language in theintroduction to the first version of the coin after the entry into force of the new constitution must benefit from the experiences ofother currencies. For example the euro many folks in Europe, but not in it any language but symbols, numbers , and pictures only exist.


 » November 21st, 2016

DOW Jones climbing.. High of 18,934. Currently 18,923 Link

 » November 21st, 2016

Egyptian Banks received a $ 3 billion since the float pound

21/11/2016 - 12:59
Tarek Fayed and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, Monday, said the country's banks received about $ 3 billion since the float the pound earlier this month.

On the third of November, the central bank announced the abandonment of the currency peg at about 8.8 pounds to the dollar, a move that hopes to attract foreign cash flows and eliminate the black market for dollars.

The currency peg and declining foreign investment after the revolution of 2011 to the depletion of foreign reserves at the Central Bank, including forced him to rationalize dollars before the flotation.

He said Central Bank Governor Tarek Amer said in remarks published by a local newspaper last week that Egyptian banks have attracted about $ 1.4 billion in the first week following the liberation of the exchange rate.


Samson » November 21st, 2016

Abadi calls on neighboring countries and the international community to work together to build the region

21st November, 2016

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on neighboring countries and the international community on Monday to cooperate in order to build the region and provide a decent life for its citizens, as expressed a desire to find those calls "a listening ear."

Ebadi said in a televised speech to mark the anniversary of the death of Imam Hussein (AS) and followed up, SNG, that "the time has come in order to bring together our efforts and our energies in order to reconstruct what was destroyed by Daesh", calling on neighboring countries and the international community to "cooperate to build the region and provide a decent life for its citizens, and we hope to fall on deaf ears. "

He said al-Abadi, said that "Iraqis want to liberate their land and the reconstruction of their country and want to cooperate with everyone in order to build this national region and to move away from wars and conflicts."

It is said that the Iraqi government has called in earlier times, the international community to contribute to the reconstruction of areas devastated by the organization "Daesh," met with several countries, those calls have contributed to the reconstruction of many of the liberated areas.




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