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Thursday, November 10, 2016

News Time w/ MadDScout, 1Bobby at DU 11/10/16 - Part 2

NEWSTIME With MadDScout and 1Bobby - Thursday, November, 10th, 2016 - Part 2

SRW says to MadDScout(6:56 PM):


coco1 says(6:56 PM):


ABNewsflash says to coco1(6:56 PM):


ABNewsflash says to SRW(6:56 PM):

please hold

MadDScout says to coco1(6:57 PM):


coco1 says(6:57 PM):

I just came in, just saw a comment that a budget will be read a third time? I thought anything that has to do with moving forward with reforms only has to be two time before passing. 

MadDScout says to coco1(6:57 PM):

The 3rd read is the final read/vote

coco1 says(6:57 PM):

Ah. Got it. Thanks!

ABNewsflash says to SRW(6:58 PM):


MadDScout says to coco1(6:58 PM):

You're welcome

SRW says to MadDScout(6:59 PM):

Is the passing of the budget a must, to establish a change in the revalue?

ABNewsflash says to SRW(6:59 PM):


SRW says to ABNewsflash(7:00 PM):


ABNewsflash says to SRW(7:00 PM):

the budget can always be adjusted 

coco1 says(7:00 PM):


MadDScout says(7:00 PM):

After the budget comes out it can be adjusted

Whether before or after

1bobby says to coco1(7:00 PM):


coco1 says(7:01 PM):

I'll catch up on the other news you brought in after its posted. Just curious, is there any movement on the financial laws we have been waiting for Parliament to pass?

MadDScout says(7:01 PM):

Yes all kinds have been passed

MadDScout says(7:02 PM):

The thing is they need to be implimented more evenly

MadDScout says(7:02 PM):

But I say that will come with the full reforms which we are still waiting on

coco1 says(7:02 PM):

Including the ones outlined by the IMF for the reforms, that let investment flow in and out?

1bobby says to coco1(7:03 PM):

The Investments Laws are being discussed in articles we have seen in the forum and Jobouri has said that those will be a priority. I'm looking forward to the Investment Law and PFM Law

SRW says to 1bobby(7:03 PM):


coco1 says(7:03 PM):

Yes, those are the ones I'm wondering about. So sound like we are still waiting on them. Many thanks!!!!!

1bobby says to coco1(7:03 PM):

You betcha

1bobby says to SRW(7:04 PM):

Go buddy

SRW says to 1bobby(7:05 PM):

That was my next question, where is the GOI on the readings and vote for those two laws.. I can't type tonight.. 

1bobby says to SRW(7:06 PM):

I think they will surprise us and all of a sudden pass these laws. Remember Amnesty? We woke up one morning and BAM, there it was. You can bet they are being discussed away from "article type confirmation"

coco1 says(7:06 PM):


MadDScout says to coco1(7:07 PM):

Hold one

1bobby says to SRW(7:07 PM):

was that good for you or do you have further?

MadDScout says to coco1(7:07 PM):

Your next

SRW says to 1bobby(7:07 PM):

It still has to be announced in the Gazette correct?

MadDScout says to coco1(7:08 PM):

All laws go to the Gazzette

suprkat53 says(7:08 PM):


MadDScout says to coco1(7:08 PM):

However they have working arangements

SRW says to MadDScout(7:09 PM):

Thanks you and Bobby..

1bobby says to SRW(7:09 PM):

They will work within the letter of the laws

MadDScout says to coco1(7:09 PM):

Go coco

1bobby says to coco1(7:10 PM):

Go ahead. Sorry for the delay

coco1 says(7:10 PM):

I'm beginning to think they are putting off voting on the budget to allow time to pass the rest of the outstanding financial laws and then they move forward with it all at once. 

pacella says(7:10 PM):


MadDScout says(7:10 PM):

You might have a point

But for our purpose we don't have that in print

ABNewsflash says to coco1(7:10 PM):

my thoughts exactly

coco1 says(7:11 PM):

Correct. Not in print. But that was my first reaction when I saw they are delaying the final vote on the budget.

Glad I'm not the only one 

1bobby says to suprkat53(7:12 PM):


suprkat53 says(7:12 PM):

Am I correct in this - if a law goes to 3rd reading and doesn't pass, it stays in 3rd reading until it does pass? It doesn's start over does it?

MadDScout says to coco1(7:12 PM):

There was some adjustments made for the IMF stipulations to the budget

pacella says(7:12 PM):

The Investment law, wasn;t that passed awhile ago and now it just needs too be amend it so it doesn;t need to be voted on

MadDScout says to coco1(7:12 PM):

To include taxes and wage adjustments

MadDScout says to coco1(7:13 PM):

Has this helped?

coco1 says(7:15 PM):

My questions were more about the investement law and the PFM law. But thanks for the others.

MadDScout says to suprkat53(7:15 PM):

No they wouldn't start over with the reads but they may reintroduce the law in an altered form

MadDScout says to coco1(7:15 PM):

Ok yes we are watching for those.

suprkat53 says(7:15 PM):

Great, thanks!

SRW says to MadDScout(7:16 PM):


ABNewsflash says to SRW(7:16 PM):

please hold

MadDScout says to coco1(7:16 PM):

But sometimes if it is not something I run into daily It is hard to know some of the finer points like which read or how many they have left

MadDScout says to pacella(7:17 PM):

I think that sounds right

MadDScout says to pacella(7:18 PM):

That is some amendments they are working toward

pacella says(7:18 PM)

thank you

coco1 says to MadDScout(7:18 PM):

I agree! I look at some of what Parliament passes and its whaaaaat????

MadDScout says to coco1(7:18 PM):

Indeed they are moving with purpose

MadDScout says to coco1(7:18 PM):

Good to see

coco1 says to MadDScout(7:19 PM):

I completely agree!

ABNewsflash says to SRW(7:21 PM):

go ahead

SRW says to MadDScout(7:21 PM):

I thought the HCL law had been passed. My question is why is it such a big deal? Is that a part of the Kurd oil revenue arrangement? Or a stipulation of the IMF? 

MadDScout says to SRW(7:21 PM):

HCL has not passed

What they have is a working oil and gas law

MadDScout says to SRW(7:22 PM):

The Kurds part is a stipulation

MadDScout says to SRW(7:22 PM):

Along with other reforms that we await

Continue to Part 3



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