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Thursday, November 10, 2016

News Time w/ MadDScout, 1Bobby at DU 11/10/16 - Part 1

NEWSTIME With MadDScout and 1Bobby - Thursday, November, 10th, 2016 - Part 1

MadDScout says(6:31 PM):

Tonight giving the prayer we have Gigi813 who is Regina H and one of our newest Facebook Mods

Gigi813 says(6:31 PM):

Dear Heavenly Father thank you for bringing us all to this forum for such a time as this ... God please Bless this time together, Give All those who are stepping up to lead us in this study of our investment Wisdom and Insight and Bless them with patience and compassion as they are being led by your Holy Spirit ... help open the eyes of our hearts to receive the information in a truthful manner ... thank you for your hedge of protection around all those in harm's way ... be with the Brave Men and Women who are engaged in battles to free those being held by an evil enemy ... thank you for abundantly blessing us and being our provider ... I pray for you to guide our nation as well as the other nations of the world as we pull together to help one another to bring Peace and Justice to a hurting world ... I pray this time together

Brings You Glory and Honor ...

In Jesus Name


MadDScout says(6:33 PM):

Our copier is okiedinar or Kaleigh W from Facebook

Okie Dinar says(6:33 PM):


MadDScout says(6:33 PM):

If you have a copy of the rules for us?

MadDScout says(6:34 PM):

LOL Now thats a good mod there

1bobby says(6:34 PM):

She's quick lol

MadDScout says(6:34 PM):


MadDScout says(6:35 PM):

Thank you Okie

Okie Dinar says(6:35 PM):

You're welcome

MadDScout says(6:35 PM):

We have several related articles tonight.

MadDScout says(6:35 PM):

But before we start does anyone have anything first?

MadDScout says(6:35 PM):

Question or comment?

1bobby says to ABNewsflash(6:36 PM):

ny questions we'll try and answer, so ask away

1bobby says to ABNewsflash(6:36 PM):


ABNewsflash says(6:37 PM):

not as of yet

MadDScout says(6:37 PM):

Bobby do you have the first one?

1bobby says(6:37 PM):

More than half a million visitors to the Baghdad International Fair

By sd sd -

November 10, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad

Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday that more than half of citizens visited the wings of the International Fair during the first six days of the start of the 43rd session of the Baghdad International Fair.

According to a ministry statement, "Treasures of the Media" I got a copy of it today, "Baghdad International Fair this year saw a crowd turnout broad and recorded statistics carried out by the technical services in

the Iraqi opposition company more than half a million people have visited the wings of countries and companies to contribute to the gallery of Baghdad."

The statement stressed that "this number of visitors is an important milestone in the ministry's ability to attract citizens to visit the Baghdad International Fair and see the offers from companies and countries."

While noting that "the visitor numbers to events session 43 continues to increase, especially since this year's show saw the artistic, cultural and racing bikes, cars and theater events for children,

which helped to be a carnival and an oasis for a break Baghdadi families who have found in it a place of comfort and safety."

He pointed out that "the projected figures especially increasing daily in the times of the evening, which is experiencing a remarkable increase in the number of visitors, which was spotted by the difficult

traffic and congestion as a result of defending citizens and Tsabgahm to visit the exhibition halls and the acquisition of materials that make up the priority needs of citizens as well as the cuts carried out by companies shame

Thanks to Howard Chorpash over on DU FB

MadDScout says(6:38 PM):

This was from one of our great posters on Facebook

MadDScout says(6:38 PM):

Wide ranging reports say this was a very productive Fair that they put on.

1bobby says(6:38 PM):

Lots of business was done at this 10 day fair.

ABNewsflash says(6:38 PM):

this is the last day right?

MadDScout says(6:39 PM):


Lot of good business accomplished

MadDScout says(6:39 PM):

Any ??'s

1bobby says(6:39 PM):

Pretty much opened Iraq to outside investment possibilities

MadDScout says(6:40 PM):

Personally I don't spend a lot of time on Maliki, or being concerned about his activity. But I have seen more than a few who seem concerned about him getting his job back. I offer this report with desire to help clarify.

MadDScout says(6:40 PM):

Maliki: No , I got something in exchange for my return to my position as deputy infallible

08/11/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 53 - Issue (3778)

BAGHDAD / long - Presse

The Office of the President of the coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday that the recent retiree does not receive any salary or bonus from the presidency, attributing to accept al-Maliki to return to take over the vice-president duties to his desire to work with the president to activate the functions of the Presidency and support the legislative process and monitor the application of the Constitution and laws.

The document obtained by the (range), late last month, has revealed the speech part, the presidency to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, asking for the additional amount of 3.5 billion dinars to the general budget for 2017, the salaries and allowances of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic.

A statement from the Office of the president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, if the latter wishes to "clarify some of the issues on the expenses of the Vice President of the Republic who have returned to their duties by judicial decision of the Federal Court offices,"

The statement added, "as it came to the President of the State of Law coalition, he is retired and receives a salary or bonus from the presidency, was devoted to him, not the former when he was in office, and now any allocations for the purchase of cars or furniture or monitor the amount of maintenance or opening offices new, nor expenses and travel allowances and an increase in protection. "

He said Maliki's office that "the president of a coalition of state law, confirms that his return and acceptance of the functions of the position of vice president and welcomed the decision was aimed at working with the President of the Republic in the activation of the functions of the presidency and files assigned to it under the Constitution, as well as his desire to work to support the legislative process and monitor the implementation of the Constitution and general and applicable laws. "

He was president of a coalition of state law, according to the statement, he hoped to "cooperation between the President and the House of Representatives because perform service for the stability of the political process and support, strengthen and address violations if I got to achieve the service of the homeland and the citizen."

The judiciary announced in (the tenth of October 2016), the Federal Court held unconstitutional the decision of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to abolish the posts of Vice President of the Republic, and promised him contrary to the provisions of Article (69 / II) and (75 / II / III) of the Constitution, which provided for the presence of the Vice-President's requirement of "public interest", while shown that the verdict was "the agreement and is publicly Pat and I understand."


MadDScout says(6:42 PM):

So he is retired as president from State of Law coalition with a pension, but was not getting a pension from his former job in office as (VP).

But with the fed courts decision has decided he will return to work with the president and to "support the legislative process and monitor the application of the Constitution and laws."

MadDScout says(6:42 PM):

I know there are some who wonder, if this guys will ever get his "comeuppance", but look here

1bobby says(6:42 PM):

MadScout does this still allow him immunity?

MadDScout says(6:43 PM):

A couple of reports going back to his regime and the waste and fraud of public monies.

MadDScout says (6:43 PM):

Unless he is indicted on a felony

If he comes under investigation for crimes equal to a felony then immunity is suspended

My point here is he may be going to get his job back but it doesn't make him anymore trouble than he was yesterday

As far as the reforms go

MadDScout says to 1bobby(6:46 PM):

There was even a report where State of Law talked about moving past the "Maliki Era" as far as being able to be more independent on issues brought before a vote

1bobby says to MadDScout(6:48 PM):

The National Alliance has stepped up and took over the big dog spot and has basically made Maliki open to any type of investigation process in the future

MadDScout says to 1bobby(6:48 PM):

That is true

ABNewsflash says(6:49 PM):

yeah they are now passing laws!

MadDScout says to 1bobby(6:49 PM):

Hakim has been an important influence on the blocs and as far as working for the good of Iraq

1bobby says to MadDScout(6:49 PM):


SRW says to MadDScout(6:49 PM):


ABNewsflash says(6:50 PM):

they just recently passed law of the crowd

ABNewsflash says to SRW(6:50 PM):

please hold

MadDScout says to 1bobby(6:50 PM):

The National Alliance now can create it's own quorum at will

ABNewsflash says to SRW(6:50 PM):


SRW says to MadDScout(6:50 PM):

Why is the GOI waiting until the 26th to dicuss the Budget law?

MadDScout says(6:51 PM):

They appear to have taken a recess till then and in the meantime they are working on the details

MadDScout says(6:52 PM):

When it comes back it will be the 3rd read

suprkat53 says(6:52 PM):


SRW says to MadDScout(6:53 PM):


MadDScout says to SRW(6:53 PM):

Your welcome

MadDScout says to suprkat53(6:53 PM):


suprkat53 says(6:53 PM):

The NA was at one time dead set against Jubouri. What changed their mind?

MadDScout says to suprkat53(6:53 PM):


MadDScout says to suprkat53(6:54 PM):

It was actually what is called the Reform front made up of many bloc members

1bobby says to suprkat53(6:54 PM):

Hakim has personally changed the face of the blocs since he took charge of the NA

MadDScout says to suprkat53(6:54 PM):

The reform fron has tried to become a bloc but Hakim put an end to that

suprkat53 says(6:55 PM):

Glad he's there!

MadDScout says to suprkat53(6:55 PM):

Has this helped?

suprkat53 says(6:55 PM):

Yes, thanks!

MadDScout says(6:55 PM):

Anybody got any ??'s

coco1 says(6:55 PM):


Continue to Part 2



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