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Sunday, November 13, 2016

"New Sheriff" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Aggiedad77


 » November 13th, 2016

Family.....IMO.....we are seeing the CBI acting here with regard to this loan for 2017 as though it is a done deal......so could they know already that the budget will be passed....that at least this portion of the budget will skate through Parliament unscathed.....

How would they be making plans for this loan to these sectors if they didn't know already what was the outcome of the budget process within Parliament.....

I'm thinking we will see this budget passed this month.....by the end of this month...and when it is passed/approved and published......oh the movement of their Monetary Reform will truly swing into a higher gear known more fondly as full speed ahead....

There is a new sheriff coming to the global town....get ready for what he has to offer....for it is good and will be fruitful for you in the long run.....be ready when he starts making moves globally because Iraq too will be a big player in the global economic arena.....for the BEST is yet to come.....IMO. Aloha Randy

 » November 13th, 2016

Proposals on the central bank's decision to grant the loan?

The Iraqi government and the Central Bank of Iraq's decision to allocate trillion dinars in the budget of 2017 to give a concessional loan for the establishment of small and medium enterprises is a correct and important step in the way of reform actually deteriorating economic in the country, came this decision to achieve several goals most important to promote economic development and provide about 250 thousand jobs in reducing the unemployment rate to 30% from current rates and reduce poverty rates and stimulate the private sector to take a role in the advancement of reality, an economist at the country and try to move the market activity through the recovery of productive activities of the private sector has identified the decision of four important sectors covered by this loan, namely, (housing and construction, industry and agriculture ) Taking sought by whom made the decision we would like the alarm on some important things to be focused on to ensure the success of this resolution desired goals and to achieve a properly:

Strict control of all the rings in order to prevent the implementation of administrative cases of rampant corruption in the granting of these loans mechanisms and beaten with an iron fist all the corruption cases are discovered.

Limit the granting of loans to the productive activities in the four sectors that have been identified and that takes into account the operation of the largest possible number of manpower in the project to ensure the granting of many jobs and thus achieve reduce the unemployment rate in the country, and not to grant loans for traditional projects such as open market or vegetable stand or any project that limits the work to one individual.

The formation of specialized committees in the banks that these loans are granted to study the requests submitted by the citizens are selected projects that run the largest possible number of the workforce and the work of these committees will be subject to strict patrol of the competent authorities to control.

The grant of the loan amount in several stages, including intervals which are suitable real follow-up to implement the project on the ground and the extent of the obligation to pay premiums in the event of any delay in it is shut down and other payments for the loan to avoid Allkaat while winning by the borrower.

The work of a broad media campaign to educate citizens about the importance of these loans, objectives and usefulness to them and the need to comply with its requirements, particularly the payment of premiums Bmeidha and make them understand that this will bring us a sound cycle of capital allocated to these projects in the market of money and gives new opportunities for new loans to help revive the economy in general and the focus in this campaign the need to choose projects that focus on the manufacture of raw materials and supplies industry, agro-industrial and manufacturing all Maysahm reduce importing products from outside the country.

Reduce bureaucracy and red tape in administrative episodes experienced by the establishment of these projects and giving all the facilities to ensure that reduce obstacles to borrowers and to facilitate the completion of transactions to create their own business as soon as the tax exemption to encourage them and to ensure their success.

The emphasis on these important points, and the emphasis on all parties concerned authorities to comply with and cooperate on the successful implementation of this resolution will contribute effectively in moving the wheel of the local economy and reduce high unemployment rates and secures re loan amounts with profits without waste, and recycled back into the market to give new opportunities for loans new economic development so as to achieve a good and reduces the recession suffered by the Iraqi economy rates.


 » November 13th, 2016

Here you see it....."through the first reading and reading again"......that spells things out.....they need to vote.....again....from what I see....there is no need to draw this into December.....adjust your agenda.....get the members of Parliament in their seats who truly perform most all of the work.....the ones who move the mountains and take note of the ones absent.....get this show on the road.....this month....looks promising.....get it done....Just DO IT.....IMO. Aloha Randy

 » November 13th, 2016


BAGHDAD / .. declared the Parliamentary Finance Committee rapporteur Ahmed Hama Rasheed, Sunday, for causing allocations vice president of financial project budget bill for next year 2017, a new chapter, likely .approval no later than the middle of next December

Rasheed said in a press statement, said that "the Vice President of the Republic allocations caused to the draft general budget for fiscal 2017 law by the Council of Ministers, a new such as the separation, the amount of these customizations will appear in the project after the re­ ".organize their schedules He added that "all budget measures have been completed through the first reading and reading again, where it will be proposals for the inclusion of Representatives are then complete the draft budget,"

likely that "the vote on the budget bill by mid­month of December next ".maximum Rashid described the general budget for the year 2017 as the ."compressed", ruling out any transfers or cuts in them


 » November 13th, 2016

Great opinions on the articles Randy and good spiritual advice as well, Ive been in this long enough to know we have had good windows it should have happened before but didnt, this is another great window to be prayerful about IMO,

 » November 13th, 2016

Thanks gfulcher......yes there have been expectations.....high hopes.....windows of opportunities.....we pray this is different in a way that will see excitement grow into the crescendo that will become a world-wide event.....pray for it. Aloha Randy

 » November 13th, 2016

Commercial Bank.....would that be a vital and necessary thing at a program rate....where do you think this headed......why of course their Financial Reform kicking into high gear.....why not.....terrorism is breathing its last breath.......the Long Line is chomping to get into Iraq in an even bigger way than has previously been experienced......a Commercial Bank would be just what the doctor ordered.....what better way to resolves issues around credit and import policies from where.....outside of the country of course.....pay attention to Dr. Saleh.....when he is speaking.....it is truly Abadi's thoughts that come from him......and the Iraqi people listen......listen with intent.....the BEST is coming....the BEST is coming....all IMO.Aloha Randy

 » November 13th, 2016

In fiscal policy seminar in Iraq in favor of proposing the establishment of a specialized commercial bank importation

Added 11/12/2016 - 16:05 Last updated 11/13/2016 - 11:35

Dialogic shed lights seminar on fiscal policy in Iraq and the most prominent challenges organized by the progress of the development policies chaired by Dr. Institute. Mehdi al-Hafez president of the institute.

The seminar dealt with a lecture by Dr. Magda Tamimi, an MP and member of the Finance Committee in the Parliament addressed the financial crisis and its impact on the country's financial policy.

Tamimi criticized salaries triple system where indicated that a number of groups in the community to earn three salaries pensions' calling for a study of this issue and its impact on the dwindling financial resources. For his part, he d. Majid picture on the lecture pointing to the lack of regulation of financial policy reform a manner that achieves the desired Turning to the budget and its contradictions.

Also held numerous discussions in which both participated on behalf of Jamil Antoine and Ali al-Husseini and Ismail Zayer in addition to other personalities focused on Almchochospl fiscal policy exceeded its challenges. In the intervention, the financial adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh called for the establishment a dedicated commercial bank, the government and private sectors and citizens to resolve Problems involving the organization of credits and import policy in the county.


 » November 13th, 2016

E-commerce is coming to an Iraqi area near you....wait for it.....that will also usher in more reliable electricity to keep the e-commerce aspect of an internal Iraqi market place as well as a global market running more efficiently.....more and more Iraqis not only have this access but are I believe welcoming it into their way of life......

They are waking up to the ways of new technology.....a technology that much of the western world has great experience with....hence the help and guidance they have been receiving from western support groups that stem from the IMF, UN, UST, BIS......an alphabet soup that is proving quite the taste of the town in Iraq.......they to be competitive in all phases of their markets....both inside of and external to their borders.....they seek to be a leader internationally.....it is their calling I believe.....and there are certain new entities arriving on the global scene who can help urge this process towards fruition in a way we haven't seen perhaps ever for the Iraqis......

Their success in the near term future will provide an avenue that is wider than the widest expressway for their riches to impact upon the world in a most popular and successful way......all IMO.....wait for it.....and do not let the devil's minions of despair, disappointment, and destruction enter your realm of being.....God is in control....and He is quite happy I believe. Aloha Randy

 » November 13th, 2016

E-commerce Gateway New Economy in Iraq

13/11/2016 0:00

We need to take care of and activate a government

BAGHDAD / Shokran Fatlawi

World is witnessing under the new world order a new era of technology and information and the development of income in all aspects of life , including commerce, providing appropriate and practical in all respects environment Maittalb expanding knowledge ofthis type of trade and how to utilize them in Iraq, especially that the majority of citizens have the means of communication and advanced technology.

e - commerce is also known months era of information and knowledge technology that revolves idea about selling or buying anything at any time for the purpose of trafficking and competition, in a local or global market , or both together, as a business purely Terms through a website and bank accounts simple editor of spatial or temporal constraints, and recently thousands of websites , which is as a market for commercial sale and purchase of digital products and services or realistic exchanges emerged.

On the subject of e - commerce engineer Faisal al - Saadi said , since it began the idea of bank remittance electronic, originated a similar idea to exploit the movement of cash to and from the brokers and owners of bank accounts online, to be the first core for the emergence of knowledge of e - commerce as a science based in itself.

He said al - Saadi said in an interview for "morning", we see in Iraq all available means to ensure the success of this trade and prosperity and there is an attempt of the companies the private sector has entered this area and became a well- known in this trade name. he Saadi hope to have government support is present in order to develop more this area because of its positive effect on the country 's economy and its development.

he explained that the idea of simply trade is the sale and purchase and view and share and publish advertising and the production, distribution and promotion of anything that starts from just ideas and even the sale of giant factories, machinery, land and real estate product, and it all falls under the guise of trade. and brought electronic revolution in procurement culture and selling trade. there is no limitation makes you have to travel somewhere to do business or transaction a commercial agreement to sell or buy a product, there is no longer a problem in the timing could purchase the morning or sell evening, as it faded away all of those concepts in the presence of the market is open 24 hours a day.

He stressed: when this is done within the framework of presence at home or the office or the company at any time and place through the use of computers connected to the Internet, this is the "e - commerce".

He pointed out that e - commerce is constantly renewed and increasing the spread, and it was possible to create a global market, not just a local, as can now be competition all of them to attract the greatest number of buyers and increase profits, ratios may reach numbers are not normal trade could be achieved at all, but basically here to provide some of the basic ingredients to be e - commerce based on the strong support offered by Salim and spread under the reproduction of millions of competitors in this trade annually.


 » November 13th, 2016

Allak walking among the private banks......looking to openly identify their obstacles and challenges......to what end reason.....Financial and Economic Stability.....this is following on the coattails of flags in the center of Mosul.....turning things around for the betterment of all Iraqis.....including the citizens.....bring forth that which will regain trust in the citizens with their Financial sector.....show them that banking does not have be a cause of panic and anxiety.....build the trust back....show them how to integrate into a growing area of Iraq outside of the oil arena.....the private sector......get the citizens involved.....Allak is a good soldier who can do what he is told......and he is listening to those groups who now surround him and his banks....providing the instruction they sorely need to get the train back on the track.....IMO. Aloha Randy

 » November 13th, 2016

Economists: Keywords support for private banks served as a lifeline for the local economy

11/13/2016 - 13:06

Labeled economists support the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ali Mohsen Keywords for private banks and their efforts in the provision of soft loans to citizens as a (life jacket) for the local economy.

He said economic analyst nice Ahmadi in a press statement I followed "Economy News" The decline in oil prices and the absence of public budgets, the country of grades has led to widespread unemployment, lack of development and the development of the local economy delivered a big responsibility on the central bank to keep up with and meet these challenges.

He added that the governor of the central bank action to support private banks had the courage to push the banks to provide more economic services to citizens step, particularly in the area of lending little interest.

The central bank governor Ali Mohsen Keywords held this week a series of visits included a number of private banks to determine the main obstacles and challenges faced by banks in order to reach one goal, a financial and economic stability.


 » November 13th, 2016

I truly believe that some of Abadi's ministers are finally getting his message about Security and Integrity ingrained in their hearts so it is becoming a new way of business for them.....when have you ever heard of a Minister of a major division of Iraqi government going before the Integrity Commission and asking for them to come in and audit what we do.....they know full well IMO....that what had been done previously had been riddled with corruption.....they want it stopped.....and what better way than to open up their systems to very commission charged with rooting out corruption in all of Iraq.....open that door on their own before others will do it for them.....control the outcome so to speak in their own right.....corruption of any type is going to be a relic soon.....just as the ones who perpetrated that kind of financial lifestyle will become relics as well.....either pushed aside, pushed into jail cells, or found swinging from the gallows....pick your fate.....it cannot continue forward.....IMO. Aloha Randy

Samson » November 13th, 2016

Industry: Investment plan includes 071 contract


In a move that raises the adoption of transparency in the implementation of the course work, the Minister of Industry and Minerals called the Integrity Commission to send a specialized team to audit the investment plan contracts, participation and investment of the Ministry of Industry to previous years.

The Minister of Industry and metal detectors Agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudan for submitting a formal request to the Commission integrity to check some investment contracts and participation and investment in previous years. the Sudanese: the investment plan estimated volume of hundreds of billions of dinars as well as investment and participation , which amounted to 170 contracts a contract "investment" Adding that after reviewing the contracts show that there are technical, financial and legal irregularities accompanied approvals hauling projects and transactions of its own exchange, as well as some of the investment and rehabilitation contracts that are not based on the economic and technical feasibility, which resulted in the waste of public money.

it is noted that the most important trends reform the Iraqi government concerning the treatment of financial and administrative corruption that ran rampant in the joints of some institutions. and between the Sudanese that the contracts concluded by the ministry was supposed to re - run factories and companies to be a good supporter of the industry and the economy of our country, stressing that the ministry 's senior management and destinations oversight of the Inspector - General and the Department of control and audit will be supportive and dolly to the work of the Commission on public integrity team, noting that the size of the notes on the contracts need a long time to resolve the dossier within the possibilities existing in the ministry reason that invited him to call the integrity Commission team to resolve those files as soon as.

to a description of the economic Jassim Al Aradi , a member of the Baghdad forum this step task and successful start to undermine the financial and administrative corruption that accompanies implementation some of the projects in the various ministries.

He noted it was the first step on the road to transparency that contribute to the disclosure of all phases of the work, and therefore we get to the smooth flow of funds check the economic viability of Iraq, especially that words often raised about the manipulation of the exchange processes that accompany the implementation of investment projects.




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