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Monday, November 7, 2016

"NESARA Unmasked" - Guest Post by Drunken Sailor

Entry Submitted by Drunken Sailor at 7:39 AM EST on November 7, 2016


The History of NESARA From Idealistic Beginnings to Its Present Day Hysteria and Unfortunate Tails and Truths of Scams!

Dear Currency Family,

This is just another continuation from my previous two postings yesterday that were unfortunately seemed to be met with an almost lukewarm to sometimes hostile reception. Again, as a compassionate, caring, loving and giving human being it was not my intention to incite fear nor be the root cause of any anguish in our currency family and I humble extend my apologies to ALL who may have been affected by my previous day's postings.

That being said, today I wish to also clarify, for the record, that I believe in God and do actually believe that many of us are here for a higher purpose. After all, God spoke to this GCR/RV event way back in Daniel, when He (God) showed Daniel what King Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams were all about. In that dream, God showed King Neb that Babylon would fall, and then rise again in the “End Times” and become the wealthiest country in the world, save one, and God also told us that in these times, that He would steal away, from the wicked a great blessing from the riches the wicked hid away and present that blessing to His beloved!

But, my belief in God and my faith that this opportunity will in fact bare fruit, does not make me a complete patsy and available to every conspiracy theory (CT) out there in Internet and Dinarland.

Again, I really believe in my heart of hearts we ALL so deserving of VERITAS (the real truth) about something that has somehow woven its way into the information we are all here to glean about our investment(s) into the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe bonds and or any number of other international currencies.

I believe it is time again to present some of the facts surrounding the NESARA information (Republic) (or Returning to a TRUE REPUBLIC) which some of our Gurus and INTEL PROVIDERS are continuing to keep presenting to us ALL here on these Dinarland Websites, conference calls, message boards and chat rooms, when in fact we all signed on or subscribed to in order to find some legitimate information concerning our investment(s) and not a lot of hokum about conspiracy theories (CTs) concerning the overthrowing of our existing government.

I am only interested in presenting as much of the known and unknown facts of the current available online historical information for one reason and one reason only, and that is because I believe that this currency investment is confusing enough already, without commingling conspiracy theories into the mix with mentions of Geopolitical - Middle East politics and global economic reforms.

Most of the people on these Dinarland sites are here to find out about the real information concerning an exciting currency investment they either recently made or have been currency holders for a really long time and beyond that in many instances, we are all also here to share in a bit of fellowship as well, but now as we get closer to our dreams coming true, we are being bombarded daily sometimes hourly with more information concerning the overthrow of our government and with outright claims of a clandestine congressional acts and laws, which would not only remove our President and most of our congress and senate as well but the entire seat of our government.

No one ever explains who or why they are taking over our country or who will actually be replacing our leaders, but the story seems to continue and present some very strange and impassioned views of a very few people who are obviously extremely discontented with our current "corrupted" form of government.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am one of the people in this country absolutely appalled and disgusted with our current US leadership and more then that I don’t even recognize the way our leaders conduct themselves anymore, with the dirty trick based politics these people practice now a days, but come on, does anyone really believe that we are going to stand by and watch our country be overthrown?

Folks, this is not the Middle East, and our POTUS may or may not like another Moammar Gadhafi or Ahmadinejad, perhaps more about all these CT references in another much later post.

For the record, I believe ALL of the Dinarland connected sites owe it to their readers to publish information that clearly outlines what people are talking about, so that all of their readers and or members have a clear understanding of what these “Gurus” and "INTEL Providers" are talking about, and so that all of their readers and members have a chance to see what these supporters of groups geared towards the NESARA/GESARA movement all represent.

Site webmasters and owners please allow your readers to make an educated decision using their own discernment skills concerning these subjects to get a clear understanding of what is being published here, by presenting what the NESARA/GESARA folks say about themselves, and what some of the critics say as well, so that your readers can eventually ALL be the judges for themselves.

I believe it is important that your readers understand what these folks believe and that they truly subscribe to the notion that there is a considerable conspiracy being expounded upon and that all of the discussions concerning the “Republic” really represent a rather grand cover up by our congress and many other high ranking government officials.

Lets have a little truth shined on what we are all reading every day, and lets not let what is a legitimate investment get completely convoluted with a series of other topics, which have no baring on our financial interests.

I believe you have a responsibility to your readers to disclose what others are talking about so as to give all of your readers an opportunity to decide for themselves what the real TRUTH is.

Most of your readers are here reading these posts in an effort to track and follow events associated with our investment in their currency holdings and those things that occur with regard to the Global Currency Reset and RV and those events and issues that arise as associated with the reset of the Central Banking system around the globe, all in an effort to be informed about the investment we ALL wisely made.

This means they are interested in anything and everything that has to do not only with their specific event driven occurrences but the revaluation as well as all other currencies likely to revalue, all of which present extremely viable and legitimate financial opportunities for all of us and the reset or realignment of the central banking system.

In fact, as most of you I also signed on to the Dinarland sites because I was looking for fellowship and some measurable and intelligent information regarding the blessing that we have now ALL participated in.

As for the NESARA/GESARA stuff, I am sure that many who are following these stories and conspiracy theories are decent and loving people, but at some point we as investors and fellow believers must demand that there be some separation of church and state so to speak and let’s please stay focused on the blessing God is about to deliver without confusing the issue with grand conspiracy statements like people preparing to overthrow our government or shadow government. Oh and by the way, please make no mistake about it folks, that is exactly what most of ALL of these other NESARA/GESARA followers are talking about, the complete overthrow of the United States Government.

I believe further, that there may in fact be very serious potential legal and or even possible criminal climate breeding in these issues that might arise when these types of conspiracies are being promoted under the guise of a financial information site. But one way or the other, people deserve the truth and the following lings are several descriptions and informational listings with regard to the ORIGINS of NESARA and ALL its affiliates:

From Wikipedia, the free Internet encyclopedia


National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) was a set of proposed economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax (see also FairTax), abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy.

The proposals were never introduced before Congress. NESARA has since become better known as the subject of a cult-like conspiracy theory promoted by Shaini Candace Goodwin, who claimed that the act was actually passed with additional provisions as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and then suppressed by the George W. Bush administration and the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, other people have adopted and embellished Goodwin's ideas with the intent to further conspire against or confuse the uninformed public.

From the NESARA Web Site:

Dr. Harvey Barnard started his search for a root cause and the solutions to America’s social problems in the late 1960s when a professor at Louisiana State University casually remarked during a lecture that social and economic problems could be analyzed and solved with the same tools and techniques used to solve industrial problems.

That single comment launched a lifetime pursuit of intellectual curiosity that later became a crusade, driven by nothing more than the challenge of doing the seemingly impossible.

After many years of personal study, Dr. Barnard developed a new theory of money. His NESARA legislative proposal began as a formal idea in the late 1980s. The current NESARA proposal saw first light in the early 1990s as a proposal for monetary policy reform. Later Dr. Barnard added his proposals for fiscal policy reform.

In 1996 Dr. Barnard self-published his first version of Draining the Swamp, which contained the first public copy of his full NESARA proposal. He circulated copies to members of Congress and other influential political actors. After numerous personal attempts to introduce NESARA to Congress, including attempts to encourage presidential candidates to use NESARA as part of a political reform platform, Dr. Barnard decided that the best hope for meaningful reform was through a grass roots effort.

In 1999, with the world wide web beginning to impact modern social structures, he decided to place his NESARA proposal into the public domain and went live with his web site in the summer of 2000. He founded the NESARA Institute in 2001.

Shortly after introducing NESARA to the world wide web, certain people latched onto the NESARA idea and began promoting a different version of this story.

Supporters of the altered version of the NESARA story believe that NESARA was enacted into law secretly during the Clinton administration, that there are “White Knights” working tirelessly behind the political scenes to inform the world of this secret legislation, and that the altered version of NESARA promises numerous debt forgiveness elements.

Originally, the altered story did not dispute the original NESARA acronym used by Dr. Barnard, but as the rumors increased, supporters then also altered the NESARA acronym.

Although little more than a curiosity for a few years, the altered version of the NESARA story took on a life of its own and now grows throughout the world wide web much like a cancer. So influential is this alternate effort that many people have protested outside the World Court, and some people have paid thousands of dollars to advertise their version of NESARA on the side panels of advertising trucks in Washington, D.C.

Sadly, this disinformation campaign has reduced the credibility of Dr. Barnard’s efforts and today the word “NESARA” is an ill-received word at Congress. To this day Dr. Barnard’s NESARA proposal has yet to be introduced into Congress. The staff at the NESARA Institute understands part of the emotional and psychological reasons why people support the alternate version of NESARA.

Dr. Barnard intended to provide meaningful social reform through his NESARA proposal. He believed that no meaningful social reform was possible without meaningful monetary system reform.

Dr. Barnard believed that although individual units of money were privately owned, the monetary exchange system itself was owned by everybody and that the system must be fair and equitable to all people at all times and not just benefit a few politically privileged people.

Part of that monetary reform required modifying the fundamental equations that drive the current economic system, primarily through the socially disruptive concept known as compound interest. By restructuring those equations Dr. Barnard believed that meaningful monetary reform was possible.

Restructuring those equations necessarily implied a shift in the character of debt. Debt would not disappear, but most people would find themselves in debt for shorter periods. This effort would return resources to people so that they once again tasted and experienced meaningful social liberty.

Unfortunately, many supporters of the alternate NESARA story interpreted this change in the character of debt as a debt reduction or debt forgiveness plan.

Perhaps more sadly is that several investment schemes and prosperity programs circulate around this alternate NESARA story and because so many people desire meaningful monetary reform, find themselves succumbing to the Siren’s lure and provide these schemers money. Money that is never again seen nor is any return on investment ever realized.

Of course, the alternate NESARA story rests upon a conspiracy theory in that NESARA allegedly was passed secretly. Thus, researchers can ask for a copy of this alleged act, but will be told that no copy exists because of the secret passage. Diligent researchers are reminded of the impossibility of honestly investigating this alternate version of NESARA and that such difficulties should provide clues about authenticity.

Additionally, the process of enacting a legislative proposal and bill into law is easily understood by surfing the web. Researchers will learn that no proposed legislation or bill is ever enacted secretly. Of course, the copy of NESARA proposed by Dr. Barnard is available here at this web site, as well as in Draining the Swamp.

There also are claims from supporters of the alternate NESARA that Dr. Barnard and NESARA Institute staff members all work for President Bush or other nefarious “New World Order” organizations.

They also claim that NESARA as presented here at this web site is merely a ploy to detract people from knowing the so-called “true” NESARA.

Before investing funds with anybody, one should diligently research the investment plan. That research includes reading literature, conversing with people, and then seriously evaluating the information based upon facts and not pure emotion. The staff at the NESARA Institute empathizes with those who have lost hard earned funds to these schemers and scam promoters, but a life of social liberty begins first and foremost with self-responsibility.

Perhaps one day the alternate NESARA story will fizzle and disappear, but as long as people act and respond through emotion rather than intelligence then these scam artists will continue to succeed.

Some people believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but many serious NESARA advocates now realize that there also is a point of no return with some kinds of publicity. Credibility becomes a factor because of the effort to circulate the alternate NESARA story.

Serious advocates of Dr. Barnard’s NESARA idea would like to see NESARA introduced into Congress. Serious advocates realize that doing so is an uphill battle simply through the fundamental political process, but that the alternate NESARA story makes that hill steeper and more difficult to climb.

True monetary and fiscal policy reform still await. Social conflict continues because of the flawed equations that drive the system.

Please exercise some common sense before deciding to support the alternate NESARA story. For further information:

From Quatloos the Financial & Tax Fraud Non-Profit Corp.


NESARA is an acronym for the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, which is a legislative proposal that merely reintroduces specie as alternative currencies to help combat anti-inflationary policies of the paper currency. The NESARA proposal is sponsored by the “NESARA Institute”,.

Although the NESARA proposal has been presented to many Congresspersons over the years, and some have expressed interest in the proposal, it hasn't yet built up sufficient support for even introduction to Committee, much less to a full vote by Congress.

Maybe someday the NESARA proposal will find support in Congress and may be presented for a vote, but that really isn't the point of this webpage. (You can read all about NESARA on the archived version located on the WAYBACK MACHINE at http://www.nesara.org/).

The point of this webpage is that when certain scam artists claim that NESARA has been "enacted into law" by "secret Acts of Congress" they are telling a great big lie and total fabrication because NESARA has never even been formally made into a Bill or presented for either a Committee vote or a full vote or Congress

Scam artists often latch on to something that sounds good to relieve suckers of money. For example, scam artists will often set up boiler-room phone solicitations to seek charitable donations for firemen or policemen, which the scam artists then pocket without actually giving any money to firemen or policemen.

The making of charitable donations to firemen and policemen is a good thing, but the scam artists simply divert the donations to their own pockets.

The NESARA proposal is currently being used in just this sort of a scam. Some of the same people who helped keep alive the myth that Omega Trust & Trading would eventually pay out millions of dollars for every $100 sent to “trader” Clyde Hood (now convicted and serving a lengthy prison sentence), are now saying that Omega Trust & Trading and the other “original Prosperity Programs” will still pay out their millions/ billions/ trillions/ quadrillions of dollars when (not if) the “true NESARA law” is finally announced.

The scam artists pitching the NESARA scam claim that the “True NESARA Law” was already adopted by Congress in 2001, but that Congress has been keeping it a secret all this time (like anybody in Washington D.C. can really keep a secret about anything), and that soon the “True NESARA Law” will be announced. According to these scam artists, the “True NESARA Law” does the following:

• All of the “Prosperity Programs” (failed HYIP and bank debenture scams) will fund, giving zillions of dollars to those smart enough to have invested in them and believed in them even after their promoters were convicted of fraud and went to prison.

• Because the funding of the “Prosperity Programs” will swamp the Earth with wealth, nobody in any country will ever have to pay taxes again, which is nice.

• Because the banks will have more money than they will know what to do with (because of deposits from those smart enough to invest in the “Prosperity Programs”), there will be “Debt Forgiveness” of all debts, i.e., home mortgage payments, car payments, credit card payments, whatever, which is also nice.

The scam artists have set up several websites “updating” NESARA and pitching the coming debt forgiveness and new money system.

These websites make some of the wildest, bizarre, and downright gut-busting statements as to why the “True NESARA Law” has not yet been announced.

For instance, at this site the scammers claim that on September 11, 2001, " at 10 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, Alan Greenspan, was scheduled to announce the new Treasury Bank system, DEBT FORGIVENESS for all U.S. citizens, and abolishment of the IRS as the first part of the public announcements of NESARA.

Instead, at just before and after 9 a.m. EDT, planes attacked the World Trade Center.

The attack on the WTC served to stop the announcement of NESARA because a crucial banking computer center on the first and second floors of the WTC was prevented from carrying out a computer system download to U.S. banks which was scheduled to begin at 9 A.M. EDT."

This same website similarly claims that:

“For the last month in Orange County California, citizens have been receiving letters enabling them to have ALL their credit card debts forgiven and their mortgage debt taken off their shoulders. If their mortgage was taken out before 1997, it is totally "forgiven" and the DEED to the property will be mailed out to the owner.

If the mortgage was taken out during 1997 or later, the mortgage bank is required to turn it into a "self-liquidating loan" which the BANKS are required to pay off on behalf of the citizens. Some lucky people in Orange County are receiving these benefits of NESARA which EVERY citizen in the United States is SUPPOSED to have ALREADY RECEIVED!”

Hmmm...so everybody in Orange County, California (about 4 million people) had all their debts forgiven but the rest of the nation didn’t hear about it? Wow, the power of the government to suppress information cannot be underestimated! For that matter, we here at Quatloos! are all in Orange County, but our debts weren’t forgiven. Again hmmm!

But if you think all of that is strange, you haven’t heard anything yet. The primary scam artist goes by the name of "Dove of Oneness" or usually just “Dove” .spews a bunch of New Age hooey, such as “Lord Ari’s Galactic Tales”. Additionally, Dove has an “update line” that you can call at: .xxx xxx xxxx to hear the latest updates on the “True NESARA Law”.

These updates, which are archived both on Dove’s website (for posterity, of course) offer totally bizarre news events, such as that “100,000 Bankers who would not accept the True NESARA Law have been eliminated” and that the spaceships of the Galacticans are regularly seen visiting Washington D.C.

Here are more articles and information to become familiar with in the continuing search for the real TRUTH:

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May St. Patrick guard you ALL wherever you go,
and guide you ALL in whatever endeavors you choose to do--
and may his loving protection be a blessing to you always.

~ Drunken Sailor



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