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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mountain Goat News Briefing for November 23, 2016

Mountain Goat News Briefing

November 23, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I bring you just amazing news today! Please read the entire news letter and my comments in italic RED.

Again I wish all my readers in USA a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

As I sat pondering this last couple weeks of news from Iraq, I began to think that most people really don’t realize what has just happened right in front of our noses.

I listened to many of the dinar investment calls, intel calls and I read many of the forums (I do this mainly to see who is pumping falsified information and who is telling the people the truth). I do it to see if anyone is actually absorbing the FACTS of just what is taking place. My conclusion that most are not now being told the TRUTH so let me clarify today in my news letter for EVERYONE including all you so called “intel gurus”. So if you too are reading this news letter today I would hope you would include this valuable information in your future calls and tell your listeners what is happening, please...

My intent today is not to get into any bashing or ridicule of any gurus. Instead I want to concentrate and bring to everyone’s attention the very essence of the news in the last couple weeks and how it is all adding up to the early 2017 timeframe. This is our window now we should all be waiting for and have been given by the CBI. Note I did not tell you some so called “intel guru” gave you this timeframe but the CBI itself and I have many articles to prove it along with information from my own CBI contact. This is not some “secret source” that told me, or bank manager or looking at the “back” screens, or some rumor channels or bank memos. I said this information comes directly from the CBI itself.

So just what is this wonderful news I have to tell you today?

What did transpire these couple weeks?

First I want to say that I know for a FACT that within Iraq, the news channels talked about the CBI declaring that they have begun the “project to delete the zeros” once again. This ongoing broadcast began last week and continues till even today as I write this news letter.

So yes – I said the CBI told the country the “project to delete the zeros” has been started up once again. Many believe the project was never halted but this is not true. How can you start something up if it was never halted in the first place? This is because they keep confusing the Financial Reform movement with the project to delete the zeros.

These are two separate entities however the project to delete the zeros depends on getting the Financial reforms in place, and in fact it is part of the financial reforms but a separate process by itself too.

So they told us in the fall of 2015 they would “postpone” the project to delete the zeros until early 2017 sometime. Their words not mine…..However many still don’t believe me that the CBI fully did intend to move ahead with the project to delete the zeros (thus ultimately an RV) in the fall of 2015. Why would I lie to you. I sell no products, have no internet site of get $$ for clicks.. I do not even have a conference call. No motivation to lie and all motivation to tell you the truth. Oh -maybe I search for the TRUTH? Is that a new revelation in this dinar community?

So today I also bring you proof that I was correct about this 2015 date. Oh – but I got bashed it did not happen. So even Mnt Goat is wrong too they claim. Really? Nope! Mnt Goat was not wrong nor wrong now, nor will I be wrong unless I say I am. I am not responsible for the CBI decisions to change their minds and postpone, as to when they decide to RV. I never told you these any day/everyday scenarios. I only presented you the FACTS then and now.

So no more discussions or fights about this FACT. It is now solid FACT and I have the proof for you today. But I knew this all along and I even demonstrated it to you with all the juicy articles last fall 2015. So why all the disbelievers anyhow now and back then? Where is your faith in Mnt Goat news anyhow?

So as we get closer and closer to the “early 2017” date we see more and more information coming out of the press on the progress that they are making. The CBI even told us last week that they are now proceeding once again with the “project to delete the zeros”. Do you know just how good this sounded to me when I heard this news? Is was right on schedule and I could not have predicted the timing of all these articles any better…lol…lol….Remember I told you over and over again this is exactly the news we must hear and await to hear. Now we have it….WOW!

As amazing that this news is, we have known all along that we were expecting this news and that it would come in late 2016, as I told you this many, many time already they would begin the re-education to the citizens of this process. I told you before that the CBI would keep everyone well informed of its ongoing progress of the project. I was told this too by my CBI contact over a year ago that this “project to delete the zeros” and its process and progress is what we should be concentrating on mostly. Remember?

Also I told you Iraq aso needs to get the banking and financial reforms in place to support the project. So now we see them doing it and it is right on time…lol…lol…it is now time to move forward with the project once again.

Is it time to get excited?

Yes, Yes and YES! Mnt Goat is now very excited but wait there is more to tell and more excitement coming in this news letter today.

The good news continues….

So this week yet more news on the progress of the “project to delete the zeros”. Hurray they are keeping us informed….!!! (as my CBI contact told me they planned to do)

The CBI announced this week to the Iraqi citizens the introduction of the 500 IQD notes (they already launched the 250 last summer). Do you know just how HUGE this information is? It is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE. Did I say it was HUGE? We know this note is on the list of the notes they must launch prior to any RV.


But even better than this, these notes are not yet in circulation and are not available to the citizens. Why would they since the notes are almost worthless under an 1182 rate. So why did they make this announcement then this past week?

The CBI did this announcement as part of the re-education process. I have been constantly telling you that this would happen when they got closer to the date of the launching of these lower denominations. Get it? This news is not for us it is for the Iraqi citizen.

Are the citizens able to have these in their possession?

NO- they are not now able to physically have these 2 notes yet in their possession. Why would they? They are still virtually worthless. Not until they are physically launched in early 2017 for their use at a higher danar rate will they become practical to use. For now this is just an education process to get ready for that timeframe that is getting very close at hand.

So many of you may not fully see the implication or significance of this news these last 2 weeks. But to fully understand it you must try to see the big picture. Kind of like a jig saw puzzle. You have to see the picture on the cover of the box before you can begin to unravel the pieces. But how do the individual pieces fit and layout in building the puzzle (in solving the puzzle)?

Well for one thing we know the big picture is that they plan to eventually have the following notes in circulation when the puzzle is finally completed. So what are these notes? This is a very good place to start to know where we are heading. They told us these notes would be the total list of the newer notes (the newer denominations). They listed them as follows. See below:

I quote from the past CBI article –

“Other Iraqi media reports state that the new currency will be issued in denominations of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 dinars for banknotes and 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 fils, plus 1 and 2 dinars for coins. The designs have been already chosen for banknotes and coins.”

Folks don’t you get it? The CBI just this week told us they are getting ready to launch the 500 fils. This is part of the newer notes. Its on the list. This list above will comprise the list of the final notes going forward, once they are out of monetary sanctions, post RV. Remember they launched the 250 last summer and they had to fix the 50 with new security features so we can expect them too to come out soon.

Why wait?

These notes are now basically worthless in value, that's why!

We know that no matter what notes they initially launch it will mean some kind of substantial increase in the value of the dinar. So if you were in the CBI which notes would you launch into circulation first?

Would you not want to launch the higher denominations like the 100, 200 bank notes and the 100, 250 and 500 fils first? Since a slight rate increase in rate (90 cents to $1.17) would best be suited to combat possible inflation. Plus the citizens are already used to using the 3 zero notes over the last 14 years. Simply put....it is a slow change over....

At first glance, it may appear they are not giving us the high rate we all expected but they told us it will be a “slow” rollout and may take some time. Eventually they will get to a higher rate and then they will introduce many of the other lower denominations like the 5, 10, 25, 50 banknotes and then the 25, 50, fils, plus 1 and 2 dinars for coins. These last denominations would only be circulated when the rate is conducive to using them.

So what is the rate and how long must Iraqi's wait for the second set?

Only the CBI knows the plan and at what level of value the rate would have to be to continue with the launching and circulation of the next set of notes. I would guess it too is variable depending on the initial market reactions once they begin this next step in the process in early 2017. For the timing- I assure you it will not be years or even months before we see a significant rate of over $3.00 for the dinar once it hits the international markets and hedge funds. Again this is just my opinion and I am not giving any investment advise.

These higher rates ($3.41, 3.71, 4.25) come from eventual increases as the value rises. In fact, we as investors may not even be given the opportunity to exchange at the 90 cents - $1.17 initial rates at the initial inception since the value may adjust to the market so quickly.

Folks like so many things that have actually occurred in this investment it seems these intel gurus are always wrong and the long standing FACTS always prevail. How many times have they said that this RV would never,, never go to 2017, even in the midst of the CBI actually telling us to wait until 2017. I just don’t get the insanity and what are they trying to prove by not listening. So now listen to me please. This is the process I am describing for you today. I am sending out this news letter today because we are so very close.

Remember this too from the past- I quote from the past CBI article -

“In 2013 the Central Bank of Iraq has upgraded the circulated banknotes the series of 2003 which included graphic design and technical characters apart from the denomination of (50) dinar which has been withdrawn from circulation since 1st May 2015.
(so they need to relaunch the 50 dinar note (worth 5 cents USD) with better security features. They have not done this and need to since it is on the list of lower denominations. Do you see it on the list above? This action I believe will be completed along with the other newer lower denominatons come out in 2017. Why bother unless you have a revaluation…right?)

The two series will remain legal tender alongside in circulation until the old are naturally worn out. In December 2015 Central Bank of Iraq has put into circulation the new issuance of 50,000 dinar to accomplish the series of 2013.” (I quote – “The two series will remain legal tender alongside in circulation until the old are naturally worn out.”

So what two series are they talking about? They mean the 2003 and the 2013 series. Why is it important that they completed the two series and what is the difference in the series?

The 2013 series is just an upgraded, more secure version with Kurdistan pictures, braid for the blind and more security features. That’s all. The 2003 and the 2013 series are both still large 3 zero notes. However, Kurdistan wanted inclusion in the currency format and so we were told way back in 2011 this would happen. Could this also be why they postponed the 2011 project to delete the zeros?

Remember these larger, older 3 zero notes, will coincide with the new notes for up to 10 years, so they needed to complete this conversion of the two series first as part of the process. Get it? In December of 2015 they told us this was completed as yet another step closer in the project to delete the zeros being completed.)

So in 2015 the CBI also told us then that one more note that was pending to complete the 2003 series, that of the 100k note. First they said they would launch it in early 2016, then later changed their mind. I believe they may be cancelling the 100k note indefinitely, as many good arguments were made by financial analysts at the time to defend this viewpoint.

Do you realize that from the fall of 2015 (when they told us they were officially postponing the project to delete the zeros until early 2017) that there were only 2 articles telling us to wait until early 2017. As if to give us a tease of information once again reminding us that it was coming, but not yet. Then in November 2016 alone an explosion of articles as we have seen nine (9) articles so far in this month alone out of over a year of waiting. Something is going on here.

So I recently jumped on the phone and talked to my CBI contact.

What was I told?

I was told that YES they are now going forward with the project to delete the zeros. So this also confirms what I heard about Iraqi TV and news media stations broadcasting this news last week.

My contact would not give me a firm date but said that without Dr Shabibi having full access to the mechanisms to launch the process of the initial rate increase, the CBI could not make the needed process work. The FACT is we now know for sure that Dr Shabibi is not at the helm in the CBI, since I just recently presented an article confirming this news. Do you remember?

But there is one exception timeframe built into the process. But only one timeframe, one time of the year.

This timeframe is the first week in January. In other words, with the correct security credentials, a knowledge of the process and with minimal training someone, besides Dr Shabibi, can actually manipulate the systems needed to move the currency forward. To me this tells us that we can expect them to do something significant sometime within the very first week of January 2017. Of course this is still just my guess. But a very good guess based on other factual data and not some “secret sources”. We await for the final report card to the IMF in mid December on financial reforms progress.

I am not trying to hype anyone up with this news today. If you were smart you would have connected the dots already yourself anyhow. I am only bringing you the news as I see it being played out. I am trying to explain it for those who don’t yet see the significance of these last couple weeks. It is up to you to “jump over the fence” and believe it or NOT.

So I am also told that the CBI will NOT just pop out all the new lower denominations at once, but will gradually launch them as they adjust for inflation as the rate slowly increases over time. I am told the rate will float.

So there you have some more of the pieces to the puzzle. Do you see it? Can you begin to see the picture taking place?

I don’t want to be presumptuous but I believe the CBI just told the rate will come out low and will slowly rise. What do you believe this means?

Oh – we are not done yet….more news follows…..

Articles Begin

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Revealed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, all efforts to pass a draft oil and gas law, as amended, accusing some of blocs and political parties to derail approval for "incompatible with the interests", while the speaker of parliament adviser count to modify it "has become inevitable," the Kurdistan Alliance confirmed submit proposals received b "admissibility" of the National Alliance on the project.

Political blocs, "you do not want to" pass a law to preserve the "interests"
A member of the Committee, Awad al-Awadi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "the failure to pass the oil and gas law in parliamentary sessions the previous two due to a political decision rather than a technical", accusing some blocs and political parties to "not wanting to maintain law and incompatible with the political and partisan interests." . (

(once again they are telling us there must be an HCL law in place and voted on in parliament. What the hell else is this entire article about, then to put pressure on the blocks to submit to the amended law or shut up!)

He revealed al-Awadi, for "seeking views on the Commission to prepare a new draft law agreed upon by the political blocs to be passed in the parliament and the law is passed as soon as possible", referring to the importance of the "enactment of the law to organize the work in the oil and gas extraction and an end to the differences between the governments of the center and the provinces and the Kurdistan region on View industry oil. "
Amend the draft oil and gas law "has become inevitable."

It said adviser Chairman of the Board of Representatives for Energy Affairs, Ali Fayad, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The amendment of the draft oil and gas law during the current session has become inevitable after the expansion of the size of the differences it, as well as the new consensus that formed on the basis of the current government." noting that "the project, which was launched during the previous parliamentary sessions is still under discussion and criticism of some of the blocks in which a lot of problems and injustices right to see, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance."

He noted Fayad, that "some blocks sought to modify the project and asked again began since the second session of the parliament and continues without doing about my grandfather," expected to "play to the oil and gas committee studying the proposals made by some of the blocks to modify the project and re-put to the vote." .

Kurdistan proposals are to "admissibility" National blocks

In turn, the Alliance MP and head of the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives Iaraz Abdullah Ahmad, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "Thedraft oil and gas law has long taken a great deal of discussion of the political blocs as regards imports of the center and the region and revealed through a lot of facts lost on the region benefits, "pointing out that" the project has received during the discussions of the importance of negotiating committees by the Kurdistan alliances and national efforts that led to the formation of the current government. "

Ahmed said, "The Kurdistan Alliance has prepared a paper containing a set of proposals on the project were discussed during the meeting of negotiating committees, where they enjoyed the admissibility and the interest by both parties," stressing that "the committee agreed to put forward strongly by the Council of the next House of Representatives sessions in preparation for reading and approval."

The Commission on oil and parliamentary power, in (the sixth of September 2011), that the draft oil and gas law submitted by the government to the parliament, involves a "constitutional violation" to confiscate the right of the provinces and territories, indicating that it is possible to amend the draft law and enriching to reach a suitable formula to be agreed upon between the political blocs.

The Iraqi government announced, in (28 August 2011), on the ratification of the draft oil and gas law, and decided to submit them to Parliament for approval, while Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Office, Hussain al-Shahristani, on the second of July, the government introduced "some adjustments" to the draft oil law, which is long overdue and reviewed by the Committee on energy Council of Ministers.

Raise three zeroes from the Iraqi currency’s progress and evaluation

(these articles, about the project to delete the zeros, just keep getting juicier and juicier as we get closer to 2017. Can you see how they are re-educating the citizens, just as the CBI said they would do again once they got closer to the date. Remember I was told this in the fall of 2015 when they postponed the project till early 2017. I have been patiently waiting for them to do this “re-education process. If you have been reading my news letters and following my news you know the TRUTH. So now let’s just sit back and see how this develops yet even more as we get closer to 2017)

Article: Amer al-Abadi

Published on: Thursday, 12:34
It seemed worth the value of the Iraqi dinar (7) grams of gold at the beginning of the release issued by the law in 1931, and in 1959 was issued a new law of the Iraqi national currency

Iraqi monetary and banking system continued to evolve, and reached the value of the Iraqi dinar to (3.3) billion until the beginning of the war with Iran, which led to a significant breakdown in Iraqi currency

In 2004, the former Governing Council to replace the previous currency, which was a symbol of the former regime are currently in circulation a new currency is to deal in the currency of the seven categories: 50, 250, 500 and 1,000 and 10,000 and 25,000 dinars.

Unlike the Arab countries do not exist in Iraq about 25 years since the coins.

It was scheduled to be the project to delete the three zeroes in 2011 and did not perform (so now I don’t want anyone ever to tell anyone that Mnt Goat is crazy in saying they fully intended to RV back in 2011 and postponed it. If you continue reading you will find out why they postponed it)

And then postponed to 2013 .. then postponed to 2015 .. and now the decisions implemented early 2017 plan. (So now we know for sure and must remember too, since these facts tell us that three times already they intended to RV and had to postpone it. Will they postpone it again? How can they? What is different now than in all these other attempts such as in 2011, 2013 and 2015 that tells us they WILL NOT POSTPONE IT AGAIN?

I will tell you what is different –

· Maliki is out of the picture as the prime minister
· New banking laws are in place
· New Investment laws are in place
· New anti-money laundering & counterfeiting laws are in place
· New anti-terrorists laws are in place
· The new revised currency is now printed (not going to use much of the 2003 version sent to Iraq by the USA. Probably burn most of it)
· Needed currency to satisfy the Kurds with new currency images and markings of the Kurdistan region. IN 2011 they told us this would not be ready until 2016, we did not listen well and assumed this did not matter. But it did and so here we are still waiting for the RV.
· Needed better and newer security features on currency
· Needed time to setup e-dinar and mastercard debit (merchants point of sale needed hardware to process cards, what good does a debit do if you can’t use it while shopping?)
· Now IMF moved IRAQ under Article 8, just recently from Article 14 IMF UN charter. This means they need an international, tradable currency. This is itself is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE
· Are now at the final steps to join the WTO, will also need an international currency. Go figure…..lol….
· Imperative that Iraq get out of the “closed economy” from war sanctions and mover to an open “global economy” or else they can not correct their economic problems or attract investors as they desperately need to do and want to do (in other words they have no choice)
· Since 2014, needed more time to fix security issues in Iraq from the ISIS/Daash invasion. I totally and whole heartedly believe that, if it was not for this ISIS security breach in 2014 we would all be sitting at the beach already, exchanged and drinking pina- coladas….lol….
· I can go on and on…..
So you tell me this- Was it was a good idea to postpone the RV a bit longer. The BIG question is now? – Are they now ready and will they go through with it in early 2017, as they have told us three times already they would – in 2011, 2013 and 2015 and did not? Or is there still more to come that we don’t know about. We can only go with the FACTS we know for sure and I am trying to show you the FACTS.

(the article continues)

Note that the process of deleting the zeros have occurred in several countries. Delete the three zeroes from the Zimbabwe dollar in 2006 and Romania omitted four zeros from its currency in 2005. Bolivia deleted three zeros from its currency in 2008. Turkey removed six zeros from its currency in 2005. Sudan delete the zeros from its currency in 2007 Central Bank director Mahdi Keywords, said, “The central bank began the first steps of the project through the selection of designs, companies and the country that will be printed currency.” He pointed out that “the new currency entry does not mean the destruction of ancient coins, but will continue to trade for about ten years,” pointing out that “this period will enable the central bank to withdraw the old currency in accordance with the known dynamic in order to preserve liquidity in the market.” (they are educating the citizens on this process and how the existing 3 zero notes will be handled alongside the newer notes that come out)

Justification for the replacement process

The presence worth 30 trillion dinars cluster of large cash the number of leaves 4 billion paper

Currently the largest category of cash is 25,000 dinars, equivalent to about $ 21 and this requires larger and significant effort to settle the daily transactiontherefore became the amounts in excess for the 20 million are in dollars.

There is no damage large proportion of private small groups and inadmissible currency in circulation and make up almost a third of the money supply. (almost 1/3 of the currency is not unusable and damaged, worn out)

The difficulty of making the calculations under the numbers increase the number of 14 zero in practice, technical and probability of error occurred either by adding a zero or delete it. (easy to make mistakes since there are so many zeros to worry about in calculations of very large transactions. Some calculators don’t even go up that high in decimal places)

The benefits of the replacement process

1.Reduce security risks for those that have to carry large sums of money
2.Drop counting costs and issued biggest categories
3.The lifting of zeros will create a psychological effect among citizens through the strengthening of its currency and adopted more broadly rather than foreign currency
4.Inclusion within the global currency basket (The SDR we have talked about so long) and handle it officially the world’s stock exchanges and financial markets.(WOW! Can it get any better? This is when we exchange out dinar)
5.Possibility of economic agreements to deal in national currency and this will cover a very large part of the foreign remittances that are squandering of national wealth from foreign exchange (they are taking about the draw down of the CBI reserves with the current currency auctions)
6.It will be disposed of manipulating the currency exchange market
7.Action will depend corrupt suspicious of banks and their agents
8.It will be determined by the roof top of the sums transferred abroad from active currency exchange to ensure that no currency smuggling.
9.Aatherngairalamlh of the desire of a high exchange rate of the currency psychological aspect. This rise enters the joy of the return of the dinar to the rich past.

Cons replacement process:

​The emergence of the problem of calculation between the old and new numbers in trading in reading and managing their trillion figures. (This may initially occur but eventually they will manage it as the two sets of currencies will coincide for 10 years. But the more of the large 3 notes the CBI gets out of circulation prior to early 2017, the lesser this problem will be. The e-dinar is meant to assist in this isssue)

Need to print large groups

Foreign stock exchange to fall to 20% on foreign investment because the thought that a change in currency will reduce profits.

Write-off of three zeros from the currency may contribute to creating a state of monetary illusion. (the only illusion was giving the Iraq people the very large 3 zero notes in the first place. Now they will bring them back to reality to coincide with the rest of the global markets and be able to trade with them without the hassles and all the corruption)

It will cost the state budget large sums Z such that the sections of financial corruption, besides the lack of addressing the problem of inflation because the Iraqi market importer of all goods and services from abroad, which means the depletion of hard currency. (already spent since it was budgeted for in previous years already. The advantages far out weight this negative)

No official data on the cost of the Iraqi banknotes there. Note that the cost of the banknote in Britain 7 US cents. Enough to know the number of traded securities permission to give an idea of the total cost. (not true. The German company has given them firm pricing on the new currency)

Four billion paper. Thus the cost of becoming a printed $ 289 million. This amount is pointless (oh- but Iraq can let billions more to stolen, corrupt politicians in the past…not valid a problem,,,a drop in the bucket!)

Add to that a further Stamping metal pieces not to mention all the money needed to cope with the consequences of removing zeros as replacing postal and fiscal stamps. (hey- there is a conversion process in place and it will work unless those involved remain negative)

The feeling of poverty: the deletion of zeros leads to the feeling of poverty, it had a ten million dinars Pat does not have only ten thousand of them (simply not true, since the newer notes post RV will have much more buying power, so just the opposite will happen. I do not believe this negativity for one second)

The expectation of rising prices. (expectation? Let’s talk in real time and reality.. When they go shopping and find out they can use their debit card or no longer have to carry wads of cash around in their pocket, yet what they do have can buy more then why in hell would they think the prices are going to rise? So even if they do, with more investments, wealth and a healthier economy their salaries should also rise accordingly. So again, I don’t’ buy into all this negativity. It is just negativity not reality!)

In front of the inevitability of the Kurdish language in the introduction to the first version of the coin after the entry into force of the new constitution must benefit from the experiences of other currencies. For example the euro many folks in Europe, but not in it any language but symbols, numbers, and pictures only exist.


Articles End

Iraqi words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

Courtesy of Dinar Recaps




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