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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

KTFA CC Notes by FrostyTheSnowman from Monday 11-28-16


FrostyTheSnowman » November 28th, 2016

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered today, as we do every Monday to study the Iraqi Dinar.

I want to tell you something. I had some fear in me, but by the counsel of many, that surround me, especially our spiritual leaders, and especially the last one that I talked to before coming on the air … I am not afraid to talk to you tonight.

To be with fear … IMO … means that I do not have God with me. No matter what I do or where I go, no matter what valley I walk through … God will be with you and me.

Together … tonight … we are going to walk through this “monetary reform valley” … our study … and into a completely new chapter. You’re going to walk on completely new land tonight.

Before I do, I’d like to very quickly talk to you … I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Being thankful allows us to be in harmony with our Heavenly Father. Kind of like being in constant prayer. By the way … there were about 50 or 60 of you that sent me texts … that said “Happy Thanksgiving!” (waving hello) … with a picture of your families … but 90% forgot to include your names.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you too. I had about 22 family members in our home. We are all Detroit Lion fans … and have been so for about 40 years ago … and we’ve all been taking medication for about 40 years … but that is a different story. At the very end of the game … when they kicked the field goal … and the clock ran out … about 15 or 16 of us in one room just exploded [in excitement!!!].

I’d like to give a shout-out to Kim Clement. I want to thank you my brother … for being a leader in God’s kingdom. I’m going to miss you and many others. I find it ironic … that you left us now. When he was on our call about 4 years ago … he told us there would be … “nothing … nothing … nothing … and then suddenly something.”

Those 3 “nothing’s” and then “suddenly” were like years to me. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

I’d like it thank our Admins that gathered with me yesterday. I want to thank you for your support and posting comments. The meeting only took about 15 minutes. When we were done … I asked for comments … and only heard silence … then about 10 seconds later …
the response was … “WOW!” … I didn’t know that … or “Amen.”

I want them to know that my Admins have been with me since day one … nine years ago. I now feel the need to tell you what I told you … in chunks … that would be the most fair way … so that everyone can hopefully understand.

Our TeamChat on Friday night … I stayed for about an hour … and the longer I stayed … I think I did a disservice because it created more questions.

Tonight … I’m going to talk to you about 3 parts.

Students … you are responsible to take this to prayer.

Tonight … I will give you 1/3 … and then maybe Wednesday I will share the next 1/3 … and the final 1/3 will be “timed” very well. I am not nervous … but worried … and hope that I can deliver it to you. I have been in constant prayer … under stress … but I am no longer under fear.

Tonight I will talk to you about the first 1/3 … will contain 3 things …



Monetary Reform

This whole CC has to be given to you in my opinion.

I believe that I can prove to you everything I have to say … but this call will be IMO.
We are in the CENTER in Mosul … with flags … with an army … we are there as American forces … doing what we need to do in Mosul.

The elite forces … that got Bin Laden … got expanded powers to get all targets … especially Baghdadi.

Baghdadi did not kill his wife and children.

Baghdadi is paranoid … suicidal because of what he wears [suicide belt].

The elite forces … JSOC … marine seals … snipers … tactics extremely powerful. (Joint Security Operational Command).

JSOC – they are at the Kuwait border … waiting for orders … and Saturday were given permission. Interchangeable military commands. They can mop-up Mosul. I am very proud of these men and women – experts in warfare. They are fast, quick and that is why … IMO … Baghdadi is trembling in his boots. This is a very, very good thing.

The articles that are coming out … are showing you the Iraqi Army. You don’t see any more problems with the military … do you?

What about ISIS? Very little problems. They are being eradicated. They are metamorphosed into anything but ISIS.

I believe that Mosul is NOT involved with the monetary reform … like I’ve been telling you forever … but I believe that the advances in Mosul dictate the monetary reform.

Stop and think about it. All of these things … CBI/GOI/Abadi … they are all there next to each other. They can see what each one is doing … very clearly … but we cannot. WS and Don961 … this is the only way that we know what is going on.

The things that you know about Mosul … is because that is what “they” want you to know.
Next 1/3 … the Budget.

Will the budget they are working on come out with a new rate? IMO … no.

Can it come out with a new rate? Oh yeah.

Is the budget ready? Yes … because Abadi told you so a few days ago
What did he say in the article? That it was being postponed … due to spelling … really? That’s about as lame as an excuse that anyone could make.

IMO – the budget is in dinars … NOT USD’s.

IMO – (this is the start by the way) … of the “shock-and-awe” … IMO … it is in dinars … or at 1 to 1 … if it does not have a rate right now.

Family the MR … only dictates the budget. But they don’t have to tell you what is in it.
When will the budget be ready? When they are ready.

The new rate will NOT come out from the new budget … but from the CBI … when they are good and ready.

All of this comes from a “play-book” or plan.

The budget will be in dinars. That is a VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR tonight.

Everything is convertible within it … we’ve talked about riders before.

If they pass the budget this Thursday … they will NOT tell us that they did so.

If they passed it tonight … they are not going to tell you they did it.

If they have the new rate in it … they are not going to tell you about it.

IMO – the budget will not wait for the new rate … it moves on.

When the new rate is out … EVERYTHING can be easily converted to the new rate that they are working on with the MR.

January 2017 needs the Lower Denoms.

You saw an article … suggested to you last Wednesday … Amendment 27 within the budget … covers amnesty law and commerce law. We said that those 2 were needed right now … BEFORE … the budget could be passed.

We hope to see the new rate.

IMF meeting December 7th? WRONG!

They moved it to December 5th – which is very encouraging!

There will be an economic explosion in Iraq in 2017 … we’ve shown you … starting with the contracts … they are using rates that are NOT of the program rate.

We told you … there are 3 contracts that we are following … that have completely different rates. Then all of the sudden … last Wednesday … we told you … they are now with NEW contracts. What are they? Infrastructure – they are bringing in companies … INTERNATIONAL companies … using a “TR” … what is that? … (Transition Rate)

We told you that the commodities are coming in with the TR … not a program rate … IOO … how is that possible under their sanctions? They don’t have to tell you … but IMO … they qualified to do this.

I asked you … I asked you … I called you “R & B distributors out of San Antonio, TX … would you do business with Iraq with a program rate? No.

Now, I’m not here to campaign to get any sympathy from anybody … but let me show you something. This is a picture of me … that was sent to me in a text that calls me a filthy, disgusting word that I cannot repeat on our Christian based forum.

It says … “… a November (blank, blank, blank award) is awarded to Frank Villa (Frank26) who stated his opinion, that the algorithm has been released as is making its way around the world. Folks, this line is almost three years old. Take a look at this post that I did in Dec 2011 – there are no algorithms, no activity and no RV. “

Of course there’s no RV. I never said there was. (LOL)

The comment continues … “ … the IQD is stuck at 1166 to the dollar and will probably remain there until it is replaced by a new dinar. The only thing that is making is way through the system in the world is the pumper BS, Frank26.”

Um … no … you’re wrong. Obviously you’re not a brother in Christ, or you’re not a Sister in Christ to make such foul comments and call me that nasty name … I don’t know how you can communicate with vomit in your mouth. I’m not here to criticize you … but I’m here to point out that I know what the internet is saying.

We are the #1 copied forum on the internet – and you know that. When you go searching, you see us everywhere. When you see our conference call notes … they are L-O-N-G … and studious … packed with information that everyone else feeds off of.

For someone to come off and say that I don’t know what I’m talking about … about the TR … trust me … the commercial contracts and the infrastructure contracts were NOT based on a program rate … IMO … they were based on a “Transitional Rate” … and I’ll tell you … look for these big companies to start pouring in.

Look for DOW Chemical company. Look for AT&T. Look for textile companies … look for merchandise companies … look for especially communications. You see those pictures where they show you electricity wires running everywhere all over the poles? They’re replacing those. They’re called drop-wire.

Telecommunications is so important for the monetary reform for the IQD. They are bringing in fiber optics … but NOT at a program rate. New refineries will have state-of-the-art equipment. Oil is king … but communications will be queen. Tourism is exploding. Come on! Where is the logic? In 2017 … the growth will go nuclear!

All infrastructure will explode in February 2017. My teams are following a bank right now … that I can’t tell you about. They are bringing in a lot of contracts.

Kim Clement said the DOW would hit 20,000 … and I think that’s possible as Trump takes office.

Family … they will not tell us what they are doing inside of their country.

You do not know what they are doing inside … in many aspects.

Articles can be misleading … are they not.

The RV … and the MCP end at the same time!

You can only buy a hamburger in America with USD … and in Iraq … extremely soon … you will only be able to buy a hamburger in Iraq with IQD.

It is not that the value of the American Dollar is going down … it is the AVAILABILITY of the USD that is going down.

In the year 2016 … which was an IMF requirement … we made it very clear to you that banks were making LOANS to PRIVATE SECTORS … but what happened? I thought they had a liquidity problem? So what did they tell you? Well … a lot of citizens have come in and given us their American dollars … but they didn’t tell you WHY! The revaluation and the MCP are linked together? YES! So the RV and the MCP are linked together.

Is the RV and the BUDGET linked together? No!

The IMF wanted Iraq to ease the exchange restrictions. That’s how you have these contracts!!! By being INTERNATIONAL with your IQD … which you will soon find out about.
The freedom of capital movement is within Iraq in these contracts!

Look at the history of any MCP nation … and what did they have to do? They had to become a nation … and one currency strong nation. This is what Iraq is about to tell you.

It is never a delay. You innocent beautiful people who always think that Iraq is in delay … no … no … no! It is a progression of their process that is impressive.

If they tricked you and fooled you … good for them. This is their money – not yours. It’s never a delay!

What is the due-date of a baby? Even that date is a “projection.” Due dates are often moved.

The “Due-Date” … IMO … is about here because the USA did a C-section because Donald Trump needs this money. Trump is a businessman. So are you investors.

Obama … too bad. You had 8 years. Obama got kicked out of the presidential process years ago. Like Maliki … he thought he was going to win a 3rd term.

Trump acts … like he is the President right now.

Do we need Mosul for the RV? No.

So what do we need?

We still need Baghdadi … who I believe is still inside Mosul.

Hang on a sec … Delta is trying to communicate with me on my cell.

Oh my God! Oh my God!

Hold on a second.

Frank sent a text to Delta telling him … “Delta … I have decided to keep this information away from the family and we will present it on Wednesday. Protect this. Protect this.”

Oh my … I don’t know what to do. LOL

Let’s continue … and let’s see what happens … you are going to walk on new land.

I told you … the articles told you … 90% you can see it … but most don’t know how to study it.

Why do you think the articles said the IMF was going to meet on Dec. 7th again? Why do you think they did that?

IMO – they changed that. They will meet on December the 5th … they moved it up a few days because they want to accomplish the MR this year … in 2016 family.

This change … many international changes have occurred on November the 7th.

There was a “sync-up” on the 7th of November with the BIS. You have to be a really good student to find that.

The derivative market what showing what they were doing with those contracts that brought in the commercial goods (rice, beans, etc.)
There is actually a website that shows derivative markets. Anytime there is movement to a currency … this website will show you activity … 2 days before they make it official. There is a sign of major buying. Sorry, I won’t release that website right now.

You know we are following this … and another bank … we have a very good understanding of what is going on.

For those who call me foul names, and pretend to think they know what they are talking about … I can only pray for them.

Iraq has backed into a time period in which they must accomplish their MR and MCP. I’m not prepared to give you that date just yet … but logic says that it’s probably sometime in December …isn’t it?

The MCP (Multi currency Program) will stop this year in 2016 … IMO … it is projected as such.

The IMF changed the meeting from the 7th to the 5th … they have a target date.

In 2016? It really depends on Iraq. The ball is in their court.

Somebody just put up a date … but I can’t answer you … just yet.

If they are going to meet on the 5th of December … may I suggest that that rate be available BEFORE the 5th?

Will it be in the budget? I don’t know … I just know it will be in dinars.

So why the 5th? I know that Iraq needs it to qualify for the loans.

Why do they need the loans … is it because they have no liquidity? Actually … that is a very false statement. There is a lot of liquidity in Iraq right now. OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s slowly coming to you family … and at the end … I’m going to hit you pretty hard.

The reason why they need to get this rate out … preferably before the 5th is because they need the loans … because 50% of the loans … of the budget … is comprised of these loans … and they will not be able to accomplish anything they are trying to do for 2017 when they release that rate.

What if the IMF does the meeting, and they give the loan … but there is no change in the rate? It’s because they are hiding it.

I believe that they changed to the 5th because there is a change to report.

In fact, the IMF made it very clear to them … if they don’t have a change in their rate … there is no point in meeting with them on the 7th! OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now they changed it to the 5th! … ahead of time?!!!

Is it starting to “soak-in?”
Frank26: The finance committee says that everything is done … but now they come out with silly reasons why it’s not done. Stop playing games! Abadi met with everyone in his own palace to talk about the budget … last week.

Maybe the GOI is waiting for the CBI to release the budget … maybe that’s why we see the budget being postponed.

Because they said that the budget was ready to go … did they not?

For example: On December 1, 2015 … the IQD exchange rate was changed. It was at 1166. It changed to 1182 … that’s a RATE CHANGE family. Two to 3 weeks later … the budget finally came out. At that time … they adjusted that new rate. It was a small change in the exchange rate … but that is a very powerful example to show you … they can change that rate at any time WHENEVER they want.

I strongly believe that there is a change in the rate and I strongly believe that it will be reported very soon … and on the 5th or before the 5th … the budget will be protected to a certain point to hide it … but our teams are following it.

There are three examples I’d like to give you that this could be altered / changed

#1 – December 8th – that’s the final date that the Electoral votes in the USA will be counted and accepted. We don’t need any more Obama BS. We don’t need Soros BS. We don’t need changes in the electoral results.

#2 – The start of WWIII

#3 – If China goes to war on a “nation state”

You may say that those are exaggerated examples. No they’re not.

Now to prepare you … for the next conference call … I’m only going to say this … because I already saw somebody post this and they’ll only try to run with it right because the UN operational rates are always on the 1st and the 15th of certain months … right? Ok.

You know very well that our brother Delta translated the articles that were very confusing from the CBI and the one key word … (Mookla) … the one key word he wanted for me to communicate to you tonight … Mookla is not in the middle of the first quarter … it is the start … it is literally January the 1st of 2017.

You know that the CBI had a plan for 2016 to 2020. You know that! You’ve read about that.
They fused with the IMF into an agreement.

Do you see the IMF complaining about negative about Iraq right now? No.

Did Iraq get the MCP done? (Uh … yeah)

Did you raise the value? (Uh yeah … you told us too)

Are you getting rid of the 3 zeros from the streets? (Uh … pretty much … we tell everyone we have liquidity problems, but no we don’t. LOL)

Have you introduced the NEW lower denoms? (Uh .. yup, yup, yup)

Did you start with the highest LD … not at the bottom with the coins/fils? (No … we told the citizens that when they came and brought us their American dollars … we gave them the 500 and 250 … and they were kinda surprised … and then they saw their language on it and they were really surprised. Then they saw the security features on it. And then they saw the … PURCHASING POWER!!!!)
What did the articles say?

The IQD has gone up against the USD.

Excuse me … beautiful, precious KTFA family … but how in the world could you walk-over that? You need to be spoon-fed? I realize that sounds like an insult, and I apologize if it comes across that way … but in a very bold way … how can you walk over that?

The first time in history … the US dollar explodes at that type of value?

What did they start out with?

They first thing they introduced was the 500 and then the 250.

What will they introduce next? … (the 200 and 100)

What about the 25, 10, 5 and 1’s and coins. They are telling them about them when they come into the banks.

What about the 25k, the 50k and the 100k? They have all the 25k, 50k’s all in … and they really haven’t even printed the 100k’s. What are they going to use those for? (Strictly for banking transactions / not for the citizens).

What did I call this? A brilliant idea!

Commodities … Transitional Rate … Infrastructure … 3 different rates … 3 different reason.
In country – the IQD has gained value against the USD.

International world … we are waiting for the RV.

#3 – of the last 1/3 part

Before I walk into this part … there is a story in the Bible. The angel appeared to the virgin Mary that she is favored and will bear a son … Jesus Christ. Do you know what Mary did with that precious information for mankind? Did she share it with the world? No … she pondered it. It would change the world.

The currency in heaven in FAITH. For almost a month now … I’ve been wanting to tell you … but didn’t know how to tell you … the articles talked about the rate they were going to use. IMO … some much happened on November the 7th.

IMO … PURCHASING POWER was given to the citizens IN-COUNTRY and is now 1 to 1 with the USD.

IMO … their currency is worth one dollar. It’s not true when they tell you that they have liquidity problems anymore. Their citizens have purchasing power. That’s why the USD says “hold-on” … and that’s why in 14 years … the American dollar goes up that much?

Just curious … anyone from the US Treasury … what in the dickens was wrong with our American dollar for the last 14 years? Why didn’t someone do something about this earlier? 14 years huh? How come now? Oh … SNAP!!!!!!!!

This is not easy for me to share with you … because you don’t know these things … the internet doesn’t know these things. The American Dollar is PEGGED to the Iraqi Dinar.

They told you that the value went up … actually family … it’s not a dollar … it’s actually more than that … but I’m not here to tell you that … yet. I can only take you as far as the articles tell you … that your beautiful, innocent minds did not understand.

They already told you that value that they are using IN-COUNTRY. Perhaps in the 2/3 or the 3/3 of this information will we break this down.

KTFA Member (George) typed in … “Do you understand what has just been said?”

I pray that you do … because IN-COUNTRY … they do know.

That’s why they took 1188 away from the AUCTIONS … to put in a TRANSITIONAL RATE … which has been well hidden.

2% inflation … and you can’t figure it out?

The United Kingdom … a lot of KTFA members are from the UK … I love you … but you do know that you’re country can be a little funny, right?

Last night they started to accept the IQD … at a program rate? LOL!!!

They succeeded in adding value to the IQD.

So … what’s next family?

We want this TR (Transitional Rate) to go INTERNATIONAL … to the FOREX … and it will climb faster than a Saturn rocket.

I don’t care what happens inside of Iraq. No one does. We’ve been waiting for “INTERNATIONAL!!!!”

The internet doesn’t talk about this … they don’t understand it.

So … we talked to you about Mosul … the Budget … and now … IMO … my strong opinion … they are using a value that is 1 to 1 with the American dollar.

I’m trying to tell you … the count-down to Mosul … this is HUGE!!!

The laws that we suggested are there! Especially the commerce law – protects investors.
The citizens were first to be taken care of … now it’s the investors turn.

The 5th … which is THIS COMING MONDAY … HELLO!!!!!! This date … for the IMF … the “target date” is to see if they have complied with the IMF requirements. I believe they are Article 8 compliant. It’s a one-way street.

The USA sits in Iraq forever.

Abadi adjusted 2 things in the budget that the IMF demanded … and TA-DA … it’s ready … (once they correct the spelling) LOL!


Abadi and Trump have already talked twice. Obama is no where.

The USA has Trump and Iraq has its triumphant!

The GOI owns and controls the media. That’s why there is no leak about the value of the currency … IMO.

Nowhere … make note of this … nowhere … you don’t find any trouble in Iraq … and Baghdadi doesn’t count.

Remember the problems in Iraq?

Now … there aren’t any.

I’d like to thank one of my admins that helped me with this last night.

We are getting applause from our team members.

If you think this CC is GOOD … wait until next time when it will be GOODER … and the 3rd one … GOODEERRR.

Family … I want to show you the 1 to 1 INSIDE of IRAQ.

Does the price of coffee still cost 1,000 dinars.

Look at this … this is a new mall inside of Iraq … and inside the mall is a grocery store.
Look at the shelves.

See the prices?

Video: https://youtu.be/ywYmCMpWKhc

When have you ever seen them use 1 dinar to buy something? LOL

9.90 IQD … you can buy some of this food … and remember … this is in a war-torn country.
This will be hard to see if you’re not a member of our forum.

You can join for free. Send an email to … joinktfalways@gmail.com

I’m excited to see what we are going to be able to do for the kingdom of God.

All glory and honor to our Heavenly Father.

All of this information … the target … I believe they painted themselves into a corner in December … Mosul … the Budget … the Rate … we won’t see any of it … until AFTER this DATE that lies in DECEMBER … that you can figure out for yourself IF you are a student. This date is NOT in an article. It is a progression of the IMF.

We’ll see what we do on Wednesday.

Talk about it among yourselves on our forum … and we’ll see what we present this on Wednesday.

Ponder this.

IMO … they are using at least a 1 to 1 rate.

What the real rate is … they already told you … it’s in an article.

I love you … and I pray that this CC has been helpful.

I asked my Admins last night … did any of them know this info … none of them did.

What is the back-up date? What is the true amount? What is the RI amount?

We’ll talk about that in PART TWO of our study.

If they all works out with the IMF … then these will be the last 3 CC’s you’ll need from me.
This SATURDAY is my beautiful wife’s birthday!

I met her when she was 16 years old … and to me … she still is
My birthday is December the 20th.

CC ended in prayer.




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