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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

KTFA CC Notes by FrostyTheSnowman for Monday 11-14-16


FrostyTheSnowman » November 14th, 2016

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Please pay attention to what we have tonight.

If I don’t see attention to our work … then I see no need to share our work.

I’m not throwing a tantrum or anything like that.

I thank you for your support … I’m not angry … it’s just my exacerbation.

The 6th ARTICLE that came out was absolutely INCORRECT.

The definition of the 3 zeros, is being told to every citizen in Iraq.

It is the talk in Arabic … everywhere in the middle-east. Why else is Iran so eager to talk?
This article was confirmation that they are going to issue LOWER DENOMINATIONS of their currency in the early part of 2017.

THERE MUST BE A RATE CHANGE … and I know that it is the CENTER of our study.

“The Plan” will go forth.

This will allow the banks to issue loans – all apart of “The Plan.”

The article should have said they are IMPLEMENTING the DELETION of the 3 ZEROS.

The translation is tricky in this article.

One of the words in the article that was in the article (mookla) … that means the START of 2017 … it doesn’t mean during the first quarter of 2017 … it says the START of 2017.

No one in Iraq is complaining … you’ve seen the videos of them celebrating.

2017 is the time when they will introduce the LOWER DENOMS … but it NEEDS A NEW RATE.

Delta told me … this was being introduced with great confidence to the citizens … RED ALERT!

We’ve been in “RED” since the beginning of this year.

Dec 7th, 2016 the IMF board will do a review of lifting the 3 zeros.

Not one of these ARTICLES have been denied.

Saleh says we will delete the 3 zeros … from the exchange rate.

“We will DELETE the 3 zeros from the payment of the dinar in Iraq.”

– THAT IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But ………………………… they have to RAISE THE VALUE OF THEIR CURRENCY FIRST!!!

They even said that the LOWER DENOMS will exist parallel with them for the next 10 years!
Yes … they must change the VALUE BEFORE the new notes … as to not confuse the citizens … (which is sometimes confusing to you).

IMO – this month … November 2016 … up until December 2016 … I believe they need to change the value of their currency for 2017.

The flow of money does not stop for any holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From November 7th to December 7th – these are the golden periods that the IMF works with the CBI … and we will see if there is a change before 2017.

IMO - does this not show they are in Article 8 compliance?

We outside of Iraq … should wait for a higher rate. The rate may be too low for you … maybe 10 to 20 cents … but their goal is to get to 1 to 1 … THIS YEAR … 2016 … that way it can be introduced to the INTERNATIONAL community at 1 to 1 by the 1st of the year.


They’re begged the citizens to dig up their currency and deposit your money.

Why would the citizens obey them now? What do they get in return? I’ll bet you it’s “CONFIDENTIAL”

The 8th ARTICLE … to lift the Iraqi economy … by replacing the 3 zero notes.

8 ARTICLES now … telling you what their plan is.

Do you think they are doing this just to brag or to be stupid. It’s being leaked out.

The CBI needs to know how much the citizens have so they can adjust their rate.

Why are they talking about the 1,000? 1,000 to 1 … hummmm … lift the 3 zeros … and you’re at 1 to 1.

They’re also talking about making loans to the citizens … 1 TRILLION DINARS … which they would have to distribute it to the various banks … which would in turn loan it to the citizens … WHICH MAKES NO SENSE.

1 TRILLION DINARS = 1 BILLION USD (actually more like 900 Million USD). With 29 banks on the auctions … distributed at 1180 makes NO SENSE!!!!

If you took 1 BILLION USD and divided it by 29 banks … that’s 34 Million per bank … which is NOT ENOUGH to run anything (banks/country/loans). [DUH!]

To run the country … per the 2017 budget … this DOES NOT ADD UP ………………………… UNLESS IT’S 1 to 1

Originally … these loans were for mid-2016.

These loans were STOPPED in JUNE 2016 … because of Fallujah and Mosul … which had to be taken care of … and now they are.

IMO -- we’re now back on course!

1 TRILLION at 1180 is about 1 BILLION USD … go 1 to 1 … you don’t have to worry about TRILLIONS … they just have to pass out the LD’s and COINS.

45 days left in this year.

Why would they pass out TRILLIONS of notes … only to pull them back in 2017 … it only makes sense to release the LD’s and the COINS.

Allak goes from bank to bank … preparing them … IMO … he wants they to start recognizing the LD’s.

IMO … Mosul was “guaranteed.”

They’re in the CENTER of MOSUL family. Do you need a flag? Only if it pleases you … and they don’t need to please you.

The IMF is happy … they want a change in the RATE … NOW!!!!

January is a GO … not to start but to LAUNCH it into the INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE … to attract investors … THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delta, our Teams and myself … we are on the HIGHEST ALERT ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They said they would “educate” their citizens about their banking systems … and the citizens are listening.

When have you ever seen the citizens take their money into the Iraqi banks?

Only a CHANGE in their value …… 1180 gone from currency auctions ………. It’s still gone. Is it waiting for a new rate? They have trimmed auctions to the perfection to where we want them to be at.

They need money from this … loans from the IMF for their credit rating and their reforms.
Any DELAY will CANCEL the agreements with the IMF.

December 7th is THE LAST MEETING with the IMF.

Have you seen any articles that deny the 8 articles? No.

Do you think the IMF is looking at those 8 ARTICLES?

The elected President Trump is NOT going to give any more money to Iraq … especially after the Billions we have given them just to survive.

Trump is all about making the US economy stronger … NOT Iraq … nor any other country.

You will not see one free dime from the US Government anymore!

No more free money – those days are gone … they are all fired!

USA! USA! USA! Stop and think about it. Did you see any country in the middle east take in the refugees? Enough of that!

Trump only care about AMERICANA! Trump will not do anything for free anymore!

Why should we defend So. Korea for free?

Trump loves American business! He is NOT a politician …he’s a businessman!

We have a 20 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT … do we have any foreign currency in our reserves? That gives me hope for America!

This will be the NEW financial policy of the US Government.

Does the UST have any foreign currency/reserves? Well … that is good!

Trump will push Iraq …………. NOW!!!!!!

They have no choice …………… raise the value of your currency …………. NOW!!!!

IMO – the US economy will skyrocket next year ….. to make money …. Not to lose money!

Abadi congratulates Trump … he is like Trump … understand business.

Remember when they released the hostages in Iran? The second Ronald Reagan became President, they released the hostages.

We (USA) will not be weak anymore. We will help … but here’s the BILL … pay it first.

According to the confidential news in Iraq … they are telling us they are removing the USD’s from the streets of Iraq.

This past Wednesday … we arrived at the CENTER of Mosul … and the Peshmerga forces went in.

Here’s an opinion that is NOT mine. I talked about the HCL and a few laws … but the day that this country has a NATIONAL RECONCILIATION … WOW! …. and now they are telling you just that!

Frank26: The Budget for them is incorporated … UNIFIED … notice the Kurds don’t complain about anything anymore … RECONCILIATION … the FLAG has been lifted for all of Iraq … all tribes, religions, sects … bringing them together.

Dear God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Middle eastern countries don’t typically do this ……….. unless they are about to make a lot of money.


Without this …….. you’d have nothing.

UNITED with ONE NATIONAL GOAL ….. no wonder they’re bringing in their 3 zeros!
The EXPECTATION is there! Greater today than in the last month.

To me … the monetary reform … add value … THIS YEAR in 2016 … GREATER than EXPECTED in the rise of the IQD … or 2017 will be retarded.

The IMF NEVER said a word about 2017.

Leadership in Iraq has asked Donald Trump … invited him to Iraq … Iraq was very pleased that Trump won! Did you ever see "Obamanation" seriously get invited to Iraq? NO! 8 years wasted! O’s healthcare plan will go away the minute Trump takes office.

The CAPITAL GAINS … here’s MY OPINION … but I’m running out of time … and maybe we’ll do that on Wednesday … please remind me.

We are expecting to hear news by the end of this month family … to hear that they have added value to their currency.

If Hillary would have won … it would have taken longer … because she wanted it for her own agenda. No!

Trump will surprise everyone family … especially the international world!

There must be a change in 2016.

Tonight the National Geographic will talk to you about the possibility of going to MARS.

I like how the US Embassy said that the IQD was not a fraud. Are you listening WF?

The financial committee says they are setting up SPECIALIZED INVESTMENT DEPARTMENTS.

At 1180 … to bring in specialized investment banks … that would be dumb family.

The demand for electricity in Iraq … has been due to the E-commerce situation in Iraq.

We are in the CENTER of Mosul … the articles point in that direction.

The SECURITY and STABILITY of Mosul has made it possible to become faster … bolder.
Allak does a bank to bank check-down … why would he waste his time if things weren’t going to change?

With the elimination of ISIS … they are united with a common goal … right after the center of Mosul was taken.

IMO – the IMF likes the budget numbers … as it can cover all of the 2017 budget. WOW!!!!! That’s the size of King-Kong’s fist!

The budget will be official … by the middle of December.

The FAT-LADY … look here … their budget is ready with everything. The FAT-LADY is THE BUDGET.

MARSHALL PLAN (post #185 on 11/12/16 thread) – MARSHALL MOSUL … how many times have I talked to you about the Marshall Plan in Iraq. This PLAN has brought security and stability. The Marshall Plan was applied in Japan and Germany. I would encourage you to read it.

One more thing about Donald Trump. He is dumping a lot of programs that Obama attempted to set-up. The Paris Climate Accord … that would cost the USA so much money compared to the other countries.

Also the TPP … he’s going to cancel that. Fine! I don’t want to send our jobs to another country.

NAFTA … I hate NAFTA! A lot of people have lost their jobs to Mexico and China due to that.

The Dodd Frank Act … I don’t think he’ll be able to cancel that one … just IMO. This new president just might surprise a lot of countries that we are tough-now. No more unfair trade, weakness.

On November the 7th … did the IMF have a meeting? They are pleased about the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION … and it’s obvious they are going to give them the 2nd loan now. All of these things were kept secret … waiting … for the CENTER of MOSUL.

Meanwhile … the CBI and the Citizens have been talking about the changes that are coming. That’s a part of their education so that there is no confusion.

1,000 to 1 huh? Article also talks about lifting the 3 zeros. I find that interesting.

Then we see someone … (a “champion of intel”) … the holy man … they like to do that a lot … guess they need the attention. He told the people to give the Peshmegra Army ONE American Dollar … or a 1,000 IQD note. The same thing as a ONE American Dollar.

No obstacles in the way for the 2017 Budget!

IRAN – how’s your RIAL? Anything to say to Iraq? (Can you guys hurry-up please?) (page 2 of today’s thread)

It sure looks like someone is holding them back.

CBI – how is the IQD? It contracted with INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES to EVALUATE them and look over their NEW RENOVATIONS

So … if I was an international company from Canada … I would find the CBI to be at international standards … all kinds of banks … ready to go.

BONDS = IQD … look at post #195 … they are talking very clearly about the bonds.

BTW – the Iraqi Stock Exchange signed on to an INTERNATIONAL platform to trade with brokerage firms ………….. WHY? They are barely making any money at 1180.

IMO – all set in motion for an increase in value.

The UST continues to monitor the CBI … they continue to see stability/security … they like the new moves … with the new dinar … that will come with value.

The budget is way beyond 50 Trillion family.

The financial committee / parliament to guarantee the DEPOSITS in the banks. That’s why the banks are being loaded with 3 zero notes right now family.

EGYPT – what are they doing with their currency? Did they get a loan from the IMF? Yes.

Did they “qualify” for that loan like Iraq? They are now FLOATING their currency. LOL … well … you son-of-a-gun. They have their own project with their currency.

I would strongly you to look at post 248 … Don961 brought it to us. It talks about what the goal was in 2012. It talks about the reason why to delete the 3 zeros … it says a lot of good things.

Please read it … and then ask yourself … WHY are these articles coming out? Why is Sastini talking … when he should be? LOL

Iraq needs to report to the IMF on December the 7th with at AAA report card. It is a precursor … to lift the value of their currency.

Obama could not lead us into victory anywhere.

Ronald Reagan did.

Abadi now wears metals of prestige of Fallujah and Mosul.

Iraq is now in a state of being STRONG.

How many times have I told you to do STRONG … and then even STRONGER?

IMO – I believe that Iraq is in the process of reporting to the IMF … and a good target would be December the 7th … of course they could change the value without telling us about the meeting.

1,000 to 1 makes sense … then drop the 3 zeros … easily 1 to 1.

I’ve told you to be careful.

Give it 3 days … (that’s the RI).

I’m about to tell you something new.

When the value of the IQD goes INTERNATIONAL … give it at least 2 to 3 months … IMO … before you exchange the bulk of your investment.

Logic says that you’ve been waiting so long … that you’d take 1% … 5% … 10% of what you have and exchange it for whatever value they offer immediately so you could pay off some bills.

But, when it is in our hands, INTERNATIONALLY … I don’t think that 3 days will suffice. I think that you will need 2 to 3 months before you can make a proper decision.

On Wednesday’s CC … if you are willing to ask me … I will share with you my opinion of capital gains, and tell you a little more about what I’ve just been telling you.

I’m trying to plant a seed for you to think about.

I feel this is important.

Cc ended in prayer
NOTE – after the prayer, Frank shared a picture on his phone of a new IQD note and also shared an additional golden nugget. I got a screen-shot of the image … but will wait to see if Frank wants it (and the other news) released since it was done after the prayer.




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