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Thursday, November 24, 2016

KTFA CC Notes by Doodlebug from Monday 11-21-16


Doodlebug » November 23rd, 2016

Family, below please find your Conference Call Notes from Monday, November 21st. Please excuse all typo's. Thank you for your patience and understanding and please, may you all have a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday! ~With big hugs, Doodle's

CC Notes for Monday, 21 November 2016

Frank26: We have a lot of things to share with you and I would really appreciate if you just hang in there and try to study with us and pray for me, pray for us…so as we start, I’d like to make this statement:

One of the most destructive is the act of being ungrateful. The act of ungratefulness can just unravel everything. I believe that we have a lot to be grateful for this week family and I believe that something happened last week that I would like to share with you.

In fact, let’s go back about two weeks ago. I told you I said, “Family, they’re doing something in Iraq that you don’t know about.” So we shared it with you and we told you that, “Commerce”. We told you that, it might have been two weeks ago, but it was about two weeks ago that I said Family they are not really telling you this but they are bringing in Commerce.

Now, I believe there was a handful, but very little I think it was less than three articles that came out and talked to you and told you what we told you. That they had established some contracts and that they were actually paying them in the Iraqi Dinar, to bring in Commerce.

Remember when we told you that they were filling their shelves in the grocery stores? Remember that? So they in brought in things that for you are every day things. They brought in salt and sugar. They brought in flour and the basic ingredients of life. Commerce. But the interesting thing is though, that they brought it in with these contracts.

But they would be international contracts, wouldn’t they? Yes they were.

And then we did hear a little bit where they said, “hey we made the payments to these contracts in Iraqi Dinars”. Well I’ll be darn, did you really Iraq? Yes we did. And you are doing this with International Companies? Yes we did. Well isn’t that International Trade?

And it was at that time that we suggested in our opinion that there was more than one contract. Well obviously. But what we were trying to also suggest is that in our opinion that these contracts were being paid with something we called a “TR”. Remember that? What’s a TR? Transitional Rate.

Now could we see the TR? No we couldn’t could we. We have our ideas but did I tell you what those rates were? No of course not that wouldn’t be correct, Remember I told you all that. It wouldn’t be fare. It wouldn’t be the astute thing to do

It wouldn’t be fair, it wouldn’t be the estute thing to do. We don’t desire to be champions of intel we desire to be champions of the truth in our study based on what they are doing what we study.

This TR in my opinion, because we studied it well with you and you talked about it, was what was allowing the commodities to come into Iraq. Let’s say you sold rice and beans. Let’s pretend and say you were a Mexican company (laughter) come on that’s too easy … last week I lost it laughing my head off to you talking about “snickerdoodles” so I won’t do that to you this week….Although wait a minute (laughter) before I talk about the rice and beans……(then Frank told “Air Force One” joke here)

So let’s pretend that you are a company, let’s call you R&B International, and you are somewhere out of Dallas, TX, okay? No no lets go with Houston, TX no, the heck with it let’s go with San Antonio, (hoorah) Let’s go with San Antonio, TX. And Iraq got a hold of you through let’s say a broker, through some middle man…and they say “R&B International, we would like for you to send ya know, something like about 100 tons of your rice and beans to the country of Iraq and we have a contract here for you.

Okay, sounds good. But you know something, would you be willing to send your product that you can make a nice profit with the American dollar here in the United States to Iraq? At 1180? At a program rate? Would you be willing to do that?

Now you might say to yourself, “as long as I get paid”. What if they GUARANTEED that you would get paid. Oh well of course, says R&B International out of San Antonio TX. Yeah, let’s do the contract right now. Who’s going to guarantee it?

Now the commodities that were coming into Iraq that have already pretty well flooded the country were guaranteed, IMO, by the IMF. Yeah. And they were paid in Iraqi Dinars and IMO at a TR because they sure as heck don’t want not 1180. So what was that rate? I don’t know. Well yes you do, share it with us. No I won’t because I don’t know.

What I do know is that this started about two weeks ago and what I do know is that they started putting out these articles and they started to tell people “Hey, this is what’s going down, we are going to fill our coffers, we are going to fill in our shelves, we are going to get you your commodities Iraqi citizens”. Well, how the dickens do you expect us to buy it?

QUOTE: “In the coming days your currency will have value against the American Dollar.“ Hmmm, and that was actually just a pinch over two weeks ago.

Family, it is of my intentions now to take you past two weeks ago, I want to now take you up to last Thursday and once again I am going to present this to you IMO even though I don’t have to. How many of you saw the new thread? What’s the new thread called Family? Does anybody know? (laughter: Comment from Member Jay: Frank you are like a broadway show, this is very gripping! Franks response with much laughter referencing “schnickerdoodle’s”) It’s called “The Final Articles”.

On top the first one says Article #1, #2, #3, you notice that the first three articles, they are a reproduction of what Dr. Shabibi wanted to do just before they kicked him out as the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, correct? Just before we snatched him and protected him against Maliki and probably Obama. Yeah.

Those first three articles were setting the pace of what we know, what we’ve been knowing, we call it “the plan” they call it “their project”. So what about the next six articles after that? We called them the “whale song”. Remember reading your notes and being with us on last week on the CC? Each article has a little bit more added to it.

The next one, a little bit more…the next one, a little bit more. It’s their way of slowly gradually releasing what they are doing family. We put up the last article, today, it’s Article #12 which again is talking about what they are going to do, what they want to do and they related to 7 grams of gold, very interesting.

But the one above it, it’s article #11… I want to read this to you so that you can understand that we are about to knock your socks off with tonight. At least I pray (smile). Here we go:
Thread: The Final Articles

Post #11

Iraq is ready to open a "flexible dialogue" with the United States to facilitate foreign investment.

F l e x i b l e Dialogue. Flexible Dialogue. Would you say that a program rate is a flexible? For that matter, a flexible dialogue of their currency? No, no it’s etched in titanium.

Okay. So they are ready now to open a flexible dialogue with the United States of America to facilitate FOREIGN(!) FOREIGN INVESTMENT. You mean like the commodities? Yeah. Well that’s wonderful. What else did the article say, it says that…

Iraq [is]open to a "flexible dialogue" to facilitate private foreign investment with the United States, because it serves the march of progress and development in the country.

The only thing that I know that you guys are developing is your reforms. Well, yeah. What else does the article say? Well it says that…

“The invitation of the US Department of Commerce…”

Oh my goodness… the United States Department of Commerce, family…

to create [the] real investment opportunities and change contracts formula,

TO CHANGE(!) the contracts(!) forumula(!). You mean the ones that you guys use for the commodities? Well, yeah. What else does the article say?

because it will be positive and are subject to consultation, particularly the United States held through its embassy in Baghdad, a seminar last week on ways of infrastructure financing in Iraq".

On what?!? On infrastructure in Iraq. Oh my goodness. “Infrastructure” family! Now, I know that you are not as stunned as I am, but last week we were excited about the fact that they had a unity with the new law that they had past to unite themselves as one…just one. One Nation.

Today, I’m here to tell you family, do you understand what “infrastructure financing” means? Do you understand when that is done? Do you understand for what reason? I don’t think you do. Now I have a twenty page report right here that I will tell you about in a minute, on what infrastructure is all about.

The rest of the article I‘m going to continue reading because it says that Saleh, the Financial Advisor to Abadi in the GOI added that the financing techniques have become different… Oh my God… do you understand this? He added that the financing techniques have become ….different since it depends on the participation and the construction, operation and transfer of ownership," adding that "the seminar witnessed raise the issue of government contracts where Pena to the Ministry of Planning is the change that it has a higher committee in this regard." He explained adviser Abadi, that "Iraq has signed the most international agreements to protect foreign investors…

OH MY GOODNESS… I mean, if you were the R&B International from San Antonio and you read this, of course you’ll sign this contract, of course you’ll bring in rice and beans. Especially since it was guaranteed by the IMF in Dinars, but I’m sorry it just can not be at no program rate. Hence the suggestion of the TR. And this article is making it very clear… ”we have changes in our financial techniques”. You mean like auctions or contracts? Yeah. My goodness and Iraq has signed the most international agreements to protect foreign investors so that they can come in and bring you infrastructure? Yes.

What else does it say.

particularly [the infrastructure] in the areas of arbitration, because we are still in this case the middle of the road", he returned that "the Americans are sensitive to this issue."
Damm right we are! You don’t spit in your hand and then shake my hand and say it’s a deal. You do it like this, contractually. And you start it with your commodities. And that didn’t take very long. And this article you are telling me that you are contracting international companies for infrastructure in the country of Iraq?

What else does the article say…well it says that…because of all of this…

"Americans prefer international arbitration bodies, and Iraq, for his part flexible as to protect its interests and foreign companies."

My gosh… What else does the article say… well it says that…

"the investment with the United States is vital and [is]important for the post-Daesh."
You mean the flag at the center of Mosul? (Moose-ul). Well, yeah. (giggles) What else does the article say say?

Iraq shows high degree of flexibility to open a dialogue in order to facilitate foreign investment on special assignment with the United States, because it serves the march of progress and development in the country."

The only march in progress that you have is your reforms. Well, yeah! What else does the article say…

He urged, [you know the Financial Advisor to Abadi] He urged he US Department of Commerce (the 16th of November 2016), Iraq to create a "real opportunities" [real opportunity]can be funded by investors, and change the existing formulas [that ya know that has been around]for decades and provide greater facilities for business, and while I went back to tourism investment [ya know that was good, that was good okay for infrastructure] is "best suited" to Basra,

IN WHERE? In Basra. Please make a mental note of that family. And it’s..called provinces South to set up projects suited for their needs and "not reproducing" those that implement other governorates [restrictions].

That’s wonderful. What’s the last wording of this AMAZING article? What else does it say at the end… well it says that they are doing this now with the US Department Of Commerce and they are bringing in the infrastructure and they’ve changed their formula and especially that “Basra can be a center of the oil industry in the Middle East”.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I really agree with that. Why? Because IMO this article is telling you family that there are now, new types of contracts that are being done with International Companies around the world to bring in the Infrastructure of Iraq. No, it doesn’t sound good…it sounds UNBELIEVABLE. Now let me do my very best, you see first I wanted to tell you what this article is saying and it’s in our new thread called “The Final Articles” not for drama but for a very, very good reason.

I believe that it was sometime around Thursday of last week that this new formulas for contracts was given birth. In Iraq. It’s not bad news and in my opinion, the IMF is guaranteeing these new contracts. But these new contracts have been reformulated family, not for commerce, but for infrastructure. I would like to suggest that because of what this article is saying these new formulated contracts are being guaranteed not by the IMF like the commerce contracts were, but by Iraq itself.

And, in my strong opinion because the commerce contracts were paid on time, so will these.
But in my opinion, what does the last part say…”especially that Basra can be the center of the oil industry in the Middle East.

But IMO family, these new contracts that have been reformulated with the US Department of Commerce, are being paid in American dollars. Now you may say, “well, that’s not good Frank.” Well, in all honesty? Something magical happened last week didn’t it, to the American dollar. What happened? What happened… to the American Dollar?

It got ridiculous. It got ridiculous and it set a new historical record. It almost went to 101.00. It hit records of 100.58, I saw even up to around 7 something. H-i-s-t-o-r-i-c-a-l. For the A-m-e-r-i-c-a-n d-o-l-l-a-r and all of a sudden these new formulated contracts to bring in the infrastructure of Iraq are being paid, not like the commerce guaranteed with Iraqi Dinar from the IMF but, these new formulated IMO are going to be paid in American dollars because somebody turned up the volume of the America dollar.

For what purpose? For what end? Hey, you can do that. Think about it. Why should they pay these new infrastructure contracts, reformulated contracts that you don’t know how yet and I’m not going to tell you yet... they are paying them with the American Dollar. Why didn’t they pay them with Dinar like they did the Commerce Contracts? Because somehow or another by some magical formula, the American Dollar historically went up in value to the point where the Iraqi new contracts for infrastructure are saying let’s pay these contracts with American dollars… and make a profit.

Why? Because we have a budget that need loans to support it, we have a budget that needs oil sales to support it, because we have a budget that needs a census for these people because we have no liquidity … because you are going to raise the value of your currency aren’t you?

What, cat got your tongue now? How does this affect the MCP of your country? Again, cat got your tongue? Fine. May I suggest family that these contracts for the infrastructure of Iraq… um… what was the last line again? Hold on…”especially that Basra can be the center of the oil industry in the Middle East.” May I suggest that there are oil contracts? Because they’re telling you that in their article and they are paying them in the American dollars, why? Because the American Dollar dramatically went up. The Margin of profit is pretty good. Yeah.

Because Basra is going to be become the MECCA of oil in the Middle East, the way we said that Switzerland was the mecca as a financial center. Iraq is going to scream oil. But you know what? I don’t care what city you decide to pick, in Iraq… it doesn’t matter to me. But you give me a city, you can start with Mosul.. you give me a city, and I’ll show you where the oil industry is not ready for the international world.

So what could these contracts be? They’re international contracts. They probably family, could be the fact that they are going to fix their old refineries. It could probably be that their refineries are not efficient to do production and put out any output of oil right now. You know because of the battles that they have gone through and all the destruction that has occurred. It could be that the US Dollar was jacked up on purpose to carry this load for Iraq with these new contracts because Saudi Arabia pays $8 a barrel, to produce a barrel… you know from end to end cost… it costs them $8 per barrel. I should say it used to, now it is just $2 per barrel. Wow.

Iraq is I believe is getting international help to do the very same thing. And, Iraq is getting help from the American Dollar to make a little bit of a profit because they need money, liquidity is so bad AND did you know that two oil companies are coming back to Iraq?

You mean two international oil companies that would sign international, flexible contracts for infrastructure like their oil refineries, put meters where they belong. Make sure taxes are done properly. Yeah yeah, Who would that be. Halliburton and Arondo(sp?).

You saw the articles. There is nothing to be surprised about that. You sure this doesn’t help the MCP? I mean, I don’t see how it could help it I think this can hurting it. If they are paying in American Dollars then they’re getting rid of the American Dollars aren’t they. Yeah. But to be honest with you, their purpose is not to get rid of the American Dollar from the auctions, it’s to get rid from the streets from the hands of the Iraqi citizens. And in the last two weeks, I’ve seen IMO some very good advancements. Because their not buying commodities anymore. They have reformulated the contracts to bring in infrastructure and to pay it with American Dollar that has gone up in value. This infrastructure stuff is for telecommunications family, into the international world.

These types of re-formulated contracts for infrastructure are in the year of2016 because the value of the Iraqi Dinar is going to increase and their MCP is going to reduce the American Dollar that is being used by the citizens.

It’s not commodities. I know that I’m repeating myself but I have to, I need to drive this point through before I hammer in the last nail. It’s not commodities. They are done with that. The infrastructure is now HOT in Iraq. These contracts right now are HOT. And the citizens know darn well! This article has been siting there since last Thursday or Friday. The Internet doesn’t know about this. If they do it’s like [yawn] okay, should I just roll over now?

You should be jumping for joy if you are invested in the Iraqi Dinar.

And whoever is doing this, this is BRILLIANT! I told you, better today than a month ago. Whatever the TR, this project is just brilliant! Pennies on the USD? (laughter)To a program rate country? It’s BRILLIANT! And I’ll tell you another thing IMO, these contracts are on a quick turnaround. I hope you remember that.

IMO, these re-formulated flexible contracts are what is adding value to the Iraqi Dinar, right now, with a Sovereign Guarantee. Are they dumping their US dollars? No, because you see, we will always be involved with them they just want to get it off the streets off the hands of the people. Iraqi is not dumping the USD. Iraqi is USING the USD to bring in their infrastructure and they are doing it on a dramatic high for the American dollar.

Yes, I believe that these infrastructure contracts are going to be a very, very, very quick turnaround. Very quick turn-around. And I believe that these are large, very very very, monstrous contracts and I believe they will be short term. The amounts will not be overwhelming, they’ll be in the billions but they’ll be mainly for petroleum deals. They need oil. They need to refine. They need their refineries fixed. They need their infrastructure and I haven’t said it yet, but I might as well sneak it in right now.

The last thing that you do, that last thing that you do for a country under a marshall plan, is their infrastructure.

You certainly don’t do it during a battle…but we don’t have a flag in the center… hold on, your CC isn’t over yet.

These contracts that are going to rebuild their infrastructure are going to build a lot of things and they’re doing this with right now two oil companies that you know about they have already confessed to you. They’re doing it in their currency that has been converted into the country’s currency as well, besides the America Dollar. This infrastructure contract right now, they’re seeds like the loans from the IMF that they have well qualified for, in my opinion.

Iraq wants to do infrastructure right now and they’re telling you in that article that we now how in our compilation of articles on that new thread…Iraq wants to do Infrastructure, Iraq is able TO DO INFRASTRUCTURE RIGHT NOW. Iraq is guaranteeing their own infrastructure. I don’t care if they are using the American Dollar its BRILLIANT what they’ve done. They’ll guarantee the rest of them with their currency once their currency goes up in value.

Economically, family, basic economics 101 an infrastructure = an increase in the rate in the value of a country’s currency. TADAH FRANKIN DAH!

It’s that simple! It’s not like, 1 + 1 = 3. No, that’s a mistake. 1 + 1 = 2. An infrastructure = an increase in the value of a currency of a country. Whether you like it or not. Are your socks still on? Iraq is no longer asking for commodities, they are asking for infrastructure. They are being monetarized.

So once again I ask my friends on Friday Team Chat, so when do you think they are going to stop the MCP for this country? Is the USD, I don’t understand I mean, this is what they have in their reserves? Or is this USD coming from somewhere else? You know like the banks in Iraq are now making loans to the citizens, or excuse me to the private investors inside of Iraq. And the question was where is this money coming from you have no liquidity, well the citizens have brought back in their three zero’s. No kidding.

So I ask you, where is this USD coming from? And the answer was not only from my friends but in this beautiful article number 11 the answer was, it’s coming from private investors in Iraq. Domestic and International.

That’s interesting. Because Abadi said that “we will guarantee all contracts as a Nation of the private investors that come into Iraq”. Family I told you that they have been begging for private investors to come in. This article is telling you, hey, we have a real opportunity now. We’ve reformulated our contracts now. We are doing the infrastructure now. Please, I’m beggin you. Get in here! And two oil companies lead the charge in the last two days. Private investors are bringing in the American Dollar now that is being used to build their infrastructure, IMO, until the value of their currency goes up.

Well Thank you Halliburton and thank you Aranco, thank you, I mean thank all of you we have no idea yet this is just started and IMO it is possible that they have a different rate in Iraq and they are not talking about it but they are using it in the infrastructure re-formulated contracts.

Infrastructure means a value, not a program rate. Hence, these contracts, because you saw the two oil companies that we are talking about last year or the year before, they split! They left town! Did they leave us a note? Did they say goodbye? Are they going to miss us? No! Did they take their stuff? No! They didn’t take their stuff? No! They left their underwear, they left everything, they left their cigarettes burning in the ashtray. They just got up and left.

I guess we can’t blame them we are a war torn country, ISIS all over and we’re trying to bring stability and security back. But we got it! Yeah, and that’s why they came back. WOW! And these are just the spearhead of the infrastructure that will be built by the international community that can trust this country to come in and do this now and get paid in the Iraqi Dinar.

Did you see my post that I gave to everyone that had a bunch combination of numbers and days? I will present that tonight.

Family IMO, as long as they are not international no one is paying attention to these contracts because you sure didn’t. Because all the other guru’s on the internet didn’t say a word, did they. Not a single word. Now this is where I have to be careful with my pride, and my ego and my judgement of others and my anger and the things that God does not like. I’m human.

You see what happens on Thursday, Friday, Saturday they say everything just about that we said. I guess that’s good. But whether it be the internet, the guru’s, you…no one is going to pay attention to these contracts. They will now, shoot this is going to be the talk of the town isn’t it for the rest of this week.

And this is the only conference call that I am going to offer this week. I’ll probably put out one video and maybe we’ll think about doing Team Chat but at that time something huge is going to happen and I’m gonna share that with you too. But nobody is paying attention to these International Contracts that are reformulated. Nobody cares. Not the internet, nobody. Nobody is interested.

Why? BECAUSE IT HAS NO VALUE! Because there is no rate change! Their only interest is, give me a date give me a rate. The day they get a date and a rate their interest in this country of Iraq and their currency will explode! Right now? No!

And that’s why nobody is paying attention to what I am teaching you tonight, every night that I am with you.

All Honor and Glory to our Heavenly Father please.

Frank26: Yes, unless they are international the IQD means nothing to anyone or to any country, but now I see country’s and companies pouring in? Oh my God. On the 8th of this month the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Alak told the media, “yeah, this is our plan”. It’s right there in the articles, in our archives that we now call “The Final Articles”.

And what did I say after that….yeah okay, we understand your plan this is your plan this is your project but we need a rate change, we need a rate change first. I still say it to you Iraq, Alak, Saleh, all of you.

And maybe family, IMO, maybe, this infrastructure that is now starting maybe, IMO is the first rate increase against the American dollar that they talked about. Because they paid their first contracts with the commodities with their currency now they paying with the American dollar but it happens to be during a time period where all of a sudden a budget was supposed to come out…etc. etc. etc.

May I suggest that you study, you can google this…something called ”Feasibility”, “Feasibility Study”. Feasibility Study I think will help you an awful lot in understanding what they’re doing right now.

With their flexibility that they have in their contracts. Basically it is going to teach you the use of the American Dollar to cut out the middle man and to cut out corruption. Which is what the United States Treasury is doing with the auctions. They are doing this for three reasons. You know what those three reasons are?


Southern Iraq


And they are doing it with these contracts with these areas. And this is the progression. And by the way, what did this article that I just read to you just talk about? Basra, I told you to make a note. Southern Iraq, I told you to make a note. It’s brilliant the way that these contracts are using the American Dollar right now… it’s almost like they are cheating because their own currency is going to have an increase in value, IMO, very soon.

(Role Play)
Ringy ding ding
Iraq says: Hello? Who dis?
Frank says: This is Frank
Iraq says: What you want Frank, this is Iraq.
Frank says: I’d like one of those contracts.
Iraq says: The International One?
Frank says: Yeah.
Iraq says: The reformulated one?
Frank says: Yeah.
Iraq says: The flexible one now?
Frank says: Yeah. I want to sell you guys some cookies.
Iraq says: NOPE!
Frank says: What?
Iraq says: No cookies.
Frank says: I love cookies! You guys would love my cookies, I want to sell you cookies.
Iraq says: Nope! We don’t need no more commodities. We want infrastructure.
Frank says: Can I sell you cookie machines?
Iraq says: YEAHHHHH! Get your gluteus maximus in here and let’s make a contract.

And that’s what you are going to see in these next few days and weeks. The United States Department of Commerce if you don’t know what this is, look it up.

The United States Department of Commerce wrote these contracts for Iraq and is the sole financier of these contracts. Yes in American dollars. But pay attention…they are not loans.

I want to suggest to you that there is a budget coming out and I want to suggest to you that there is a law that is needed to be put right in front of the 2017 budget. There is a law. And I am going to suggest to you that it is called International Commerce Law. Let me sidebar the budget for right now. I’ll come back to that in a minute.

Every CC devastates your senses. IMO change is already occurred like I said with the currency. Whether it be the TR that we studied, whether it be it is the commerce contracts that might have been with the TR, I believe deep in my heart that there has been a change but they’re not international and it does not draw any interest because so what?

You are using .10, what are you using? 1:11, 1.17, 1.15, so what? Can we use it outside the country? No, we haven’t announced it internationally, and we are still in a program rate with the IMF. Well then what do I care? I don’t live in Iraq! I’m not an Iraqi! I’m not a citizen of your country. I don’t ride no camels, what do I care?

Now tell me that it’s international... man, are you kidding me? I will pour in and I will help you rebuild your country! I will bring in my supplies to your country, my money, my employees, my stuff my equipment my inventory….that’s what these contracts are for? Yes, oh, okay.

So while all of this was going on family the infrastructure… and look this is a very big report but I’d like to suggest it to you. I know some of you like Wikipedia some of you don’t like Wikipedia…this is a big report that will tell you what Infrastructure is. I would tell you to google infrastructure, here, let me show it to you real quick for those of you that are looking, there it is. See the start of it? Infrastructure.

And what it does, is it gives you the history of it, the origination of it is actually from 1887-1875 and they show how France used it etc., then they give you the edomology of the word. Cause you know you’re talking about a four syllable word that has four different backgrounds and once you understand that and then the next thing that it does, it talks to you how infrastructure and economics go hand in hand together.

And then it talks about hard and soft infrastructure, which is a brilliant little part right there. And then they also talk about the engineering and the construction of a country when it goes through the infrastructure. It talks about the civil defense of this country. It talks about the military of this country. It talks about the critical infrastructure, which is actually the main structure of it, because then there is also secondary parts of it.

Then they talk about the municipal infrastructure of this country, they talk about the green infrastructure, ya know life supports, their water, their lands and all that and then it even goes into Marxism. Now, I won’t cover that but it’s very long, it talks about land development, about tourism, the regional growth, the infrastructure developing… all kinds of stuff…I think it’s a well put together report that will teach you and give you a little more confidence to understand why it is that me and my teams are insanely in love with what’s going on right now.

Change has already occurred, they’re not international they don’t have to tell you what their doing with their stuff. They don’t have to tell you any of that. Mosul will be ours by fire. Now I tried to talk to you a little about this last Wednesday and I probably shouldn’t go into it too much but let me just simply say, Mosul will be ours by fire.

And then you know what? Once they give you Mosul? You know what? Just sit back and wait. Just sit back and wait. (giggles) It’s like dribbling a basketball…all of a sudden I’m not dribbling it as fast as I was. It’s easy to get discouraged. So, yeah, Mosul, it will be ours by fire…and once it’s yours by fire, then you know what? Just wait for it. Just wait for the budget. Abadi just corrected the last remittance part of the budget which was important to be done by the way. I’m sure you have been reading and know that.

These contracts, they’re smaller and we are trying figure out if it reflects one zero, two zero’s, three zero’s… or maybe no zero’s dropped at all. But it’s not important is it… a date or a rate, and they’re not international yet, so just keep your eye on the budget, that’s the third time I say it.

IMO, everything is good to go. Everything is good to go. And they’re going to start this infrastructure with Basra and then the south of Iraq. And it will continue going from the southern parts of Iraq all the way up north and it’ll continue growing growing growing it is just going to modernize the entire country with the infrastructure in its totality when it’s done.

It’s about rebuilding, it’s about rebuilding Iraq itself. And it also means it is going to bring in big money, big money, BIG MONEY into Iraq because like I told you, what did I say with these foreign investors that are now protected by law that Abadi has passed with the GOI….convenient!

What did I tell you that they are going to bring in? Everything. Everything. They’ll bring in their equipment, they’ll bring in their employees, they’ll bring in their money, they’ll bring in their mother-in-law, they’ll bring in everything and everybody. And you multiply that not by two oil companies but by 100s, by maybe 1,000s. Oh my gosh this country is going to be filthy rich.

And you don’t do the infrastructure during war torn environments. Now I will admit we have Mosul that is under battle, under problems right now, and I believe that it will be that way probably for the next two, three months to be honest with you, but I told you, you don’t need Mosul for the monetary reform. You needed the center with a flag from Abadi to show the citizens and everybody else that Abadi now has a condition of confidence. In what? In every damm thing that they are doing with Iraq. Iraq will be the sole financier to pay for all of its bills and these foreign investors that are coming in are only going to add to the pile. But nothing will go forward without the budget that I believe is going to be dealt with by Parliament on the 25th of this month
I think I told you, there is a law… I already told you the name of it. The United States wanted a couple of things changed on the budget and Abadi changed them on Thursday the 15th and by the way, it doesn’t matter if these contracts are being paid in USD or Dinars because Iraq will always always, always, always deal with Petro Dollars.

So yeah, I don’t care if they paid the first ones with Dinars and these are now American Dollars I don’t care, they are going to end up paying everything very soon with their own currency.

I don’t know, did I say that this conference call is in my opinion? Mosul is the gateway to the budget and to the MCP Family. Golly that’s strong…I’m not going to explain that.

IMO a third reading for the budget, or final reading whatever you want to call it will occur on the 25th of this month and if they want to, you won’t know about it until the 26th when you wake up and they go to sleep.

I hope you wrote that down.

Maybe I’ll say a little about…you know those couple of changes in the budget that the United States wanted and Abadi did them…it was a rider. You remember that? The rider has always been in the budget and its been used and the rider has to deal with oil and the petro dollar and the citzens of Iraq. But make no mistake, nothing is going to move forward until this budget is read and introduced.

The Kurds are happy. Kurds are stupid happy. They got 12% that they’re getting and on top of that, the Kurds are allowed independently to sell at least 5% on their own so you have a total of 17% from the oil that’s going to the Kurds from the budget and all of this is being done at the same time. There are a lot of things that are being done in sync.

IMO the rate is already in the budget.

I know, I hear the echoes of many people that have been with us for a long time. “Awe they say that every year, it’s in the budget, they say that every year”. Yeah but not every year can we say everything else that we’ve said, that they have said.

But if the rate is in the budget already then the rate has to be moved before they read it to Parliament or it’s going to leak. It’s going to leak, people will talk about it.

For example, Alak says that they are going to delete the three zeros but he never gave a rate. That’s a powerful statement from my team. Alak said, look yeah, we are going to delete the three zero’s. Why didn’t Alak say, yeah, we are going to come out at $3.00 and whatever.

They’re not giving you no rate are they family. I think it is because they are using a multiple, they are using some rates for different reasons. But know one cares because its not outside the country and its not international and….

So I believe that we should see a rate before the 26th of this month.

Also, Abadi’s modifications have already been done. IMO, the rate is set, but it is not international yet. They’ve got until the 7th of December to meet with the IMF to prove to the IMF that they’re worthy of that second loan…and you know what?

If they don’t prove to them on the 7th of December well then they have completely run out of options because there won’t be any talk of any more loans into some time next year. You might as well forget the budget, you might as well forget everything that you’ve talked about at the beginning of 2017. That’s why you saw me make this post:

November, Friday 25th – inside. Inside of Iraq we believe that this budget will be matured.

November, Saturday 26th – outside. We believe that the following day on the 26th they will have cause to show us that budget. They don’t have to show the rate, but show us the budget.

November, Sunday 27th to December, Saturday the 3rd – Is the only opportunity for them to put out the rate internationally so the rest of the world can see what they have done in their budget.

December, Sunday 4th-10th = 7 inside. Between that timeframe is December the 7th the last opportunity for everything.

If there is no loan in December of 2016 then this could harm the budget and all of their projects. I need for you to really focus on this next sentence, so far I have given you three. This will be four that are very powerful thoughts. The American Dollar is not going down in value in Iraq. It’s availability is. The MCP is working. That is a very very powerful thing that I just said.

It’s a lot of pressure and it takes a lot of pressure to make diamonds and when you see India talk about its currency revaluation process and when you see Iran talking about their goals and March for their revaluation or adding value, and when you see Egypt follow step by step exactly what the IMF told them to do and then they float their currency immediately after they devalue…you want pressure? That’s pressure. Keep up with the Jones’s. Better hurry up Iraq. But then they always wait for the last nano second don’t they.

The CBI sent out a memo and there are six memo’s on the CBI website that the Internet has no idea about. But a few months ago the CBI sent out a memo to all of it’s banks and they said, “that a rate change study was underway to go international and as soon as the study would be done that they would inform all the banks in Iraq” WOW.

The 26th, let’s see what happens with the budget because you ready for this? Because the 25th is when the Parliament comes back. (smile)

The urgency is Western Family. And speaking about the West, Trump already spoke with Abadi, and the UK decided last Thursday to start accepting the Iraqi Dinar. The US has been using the Iraqi Dinar for years. Interesting, isn’t it? Told you that the moment that you have Mosul what will travel at the speed of light? Your about to get Mosul.

The CBI is very active especially with this new electronic system and one of the announcements that’s on the CBI website went to the Iraqi banks and told them, look we have a new electronic system and it’s going to be implemented Sunday (yesterday) from now on, and any bank in Iraq that doesn’t use this… two things, you’ll be heavily fined and you will be removed from the CBI auctions.

Figure out a way to make money on your own, sucker. So yesterday one of the six announcements that’s on the CBI website was this: Look we have a new system to ya know to bring money in to bring money out of Iraq, you know, locally and internationally, we have a new electronic system for these transactions.

Man… either somebody is doing a brilliant job or somebody is just wasting a lot of time. Because the UK last Thursday would not accept the IQD, I don’t think that they would have anything to do with it unless there was some type of a rate change that we don’t know about yet The sound…the sound is that it’s coming very soon.

Look for the Budget. Look for the IMF to talk. The CBI will stay on the low side until they have to make some type of announcement. The budget is all about the second loan and that’s why I said what I said about December 7th and that timeframe of December the 1st to the December the 7th. IMO a rate has to be released before that time if not, that December the 7th meeting is going to be a disaster.

And another thing, 40-50% of the 2017 budget is coming from the IMF Loans so as not to collapse. Other countries in the middle east like I said are already accepting the IQD as well. Like Kuwait is now accepting and using the IQD. UK just started doing it last Thursday.

There is no more free money. There is no more IMF free money. You earn everything. You earn the rest with increase of value to your currency. And every shadow that is being cast, is defining that. Alak is running to all the credit that will be given to him and he is also running to God willing a much better AAA credit rating for the country of Iraq.

So I tell you family, wait for it. The CBI said that the dinar will go up in value in a few days. What are a few days? I don’t know. It can be days, it can be months.

But I will tell you, I told you that that article was translated incorrectly. The article was in past tense. It said that it had succeeded in raising the dinar rate and that people will be happy and approve of their currency.

That was the translation and that’s why I tell you the things that I tell you tonight. I believe, well, I believe what I’ve told you.

It’s been over two years now that the CBI has been bringing in the three zero’s from the streets. And now? The USD is disappearing from the streets to? Liquidity is beyond dry. And the MCP and the auctions and the UST? A Brilliant job. A brilliant job.

Trial by fire will be Mosul. It will be an ISIS fire cell while the infrastructure IMO, is the last thing that you do. You don’t build bridges and roads and refineries so that the enemy can blow them up. You build them when they are defeated, controlled. You don’t build during terrorism. Infrastructure is the last thing that you do. It is the last step. It is the production of value. Investment opportunities to flood Iraq with international business, creating stability and confidence in the country, in its leadership and in it’s currency. A seed, started.

You know I told you those three countries…I’d like to bring one of them back out. Egypt, I love how Egypt followed the instructions… boom bada bing bada boom they did everything fast….don’t you think that that currency, I’m sorry... IMF said “devalue your currency” and nanoseconds after they did, they floated it on the international market. Come on, and on top of that the got a 12 billion loan? Iraq. Come on man. Always waiting till the last second for everything.

I want you to enjoy these articles that were put together for you family on our Forum and I want you to consider that what is going on right now that might be similar to what President Roosevelt went through in the USA to rebuild the United States of America from Mount Rushmore to much much more.

Investors, Iraq is open for business because the stability, control and trust. Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching…that’s what infrastrucre equals. LOTS OF MONEY! HUGE AMOUNTS! It has no choice but to SHOVE A PROGRAM RATE down the toilet.

Barzani. Retires. He does not resign, he does not quit, Barzani. Retires. Due to ISIS? No! Of course not. Due to the fact that he’s accomplished what he had to do with ISIS, with Baghdad. With Abadi. Maybe he feels that ISIS is close to being completed. That Mosul is close to having a flag in the middle. He stayed an extra two years. He wanted to resign two years ago but Maliki at that time said to Barzani, “yeah, I want you out of here. You retire.” But thank God Barzani said no, up yours Maliki. I’m sticking around until I get rid of ISIS and he forgot to say, I’m sticking around until I get rid of ISIS because you’re the leader of them, or one of them. Barzani did not resign he is ready to retire. He would not do this unless it was time for infrastructure to grow.

This was the plan. This was the plan. As we come to the end of …oh shoot, there’s more over here. As we start to come to the end of our CC, last week I showed you two 25K notes. And I said, you see this band, it’s security. Now why is this 25k different from the old 25K. This is the old series, this is the new series. The new series now have anti-terrorist marks on them. Every one of them is accounted for. This is to fight corruption with their currency. Don’t worry about the 25ks either one of them is going to be legal tender.

You know what I find interesting? You should go to a post, #226 from yesterday’s thread, that post from yesterdays thread, Delta came on and said to all of you…look at this! These are the new 500 notes. The CBI has these ready to go, the new 500 IQD notes. It has the Kurdistan language on it. It has the security features just like the 25ks that Frank showed you last week. It has the Arabic language, the english language, the Kurdistan language, and by the way family you don’t know because I saw your postings… these 500 notes were printed last year but they are coming out to the citizens this year.

Because they want to introduce the lower denom’s next year. Because that’s the plan, that’s their project. And Delta gave you the website, it’s “banknotenews.com”. It is a legit source that we use as a team. It’s very good to see this because it’s either that they have a new rate for these notes or the LD’s coming out or they are just wasting our time.

Do you remember what happened about a year ago, or more about two years ago. Where are the 50 Notes? Where are the 50 Notes? What was the plan, what was the project. To introduce the new currency with no confusion to the citizens. Therefore, we removed the 50 and introduced the 500, now.

These 500 notes are ready to be used and they are going to be used for a long time. They are well accounted for, they are well secured. You may say to yourself well Frank, it doesn’t make any sense if they go 1:1. Oh couldn’t it? Well, would it make sense if they said that they will have a gradual growth and add value to their currency?

Well yeah, they could start out at something lower than 1:1. I don’t know what the date is I don’t know what the rate is there are options, this is our study. To me this says we are going to see the rate very soon family. Whether it be .10, 1:1 1.15, 1.17, their project is looking for the demand and the supply that is determined by the citizens …to establish the rate that they want.

I hope you like your CC, I hope it was good and because it was a lot of work. But this conference call was powerful and left you with a lot of information. I want you to know that today many of you were wondering, why wasn’t there any auctions why doesn’t the other guru’s tell you.

I’m sorry. The reason why there was no auction is because it was an official holiday in Iraq. It was one of those Holy Man from Karballah, some Shiite that they made an official holiday. It’s not on the calendar but it’s accepted by all the people in Iraq. That’s why there was no auction. I saw your postings.

Well, I guess the final thing that I will say to you is that this 500 Notes equals confirmation of their monetary reform. It features a lot of safety codes, I love the three languages on it. It’s all part of their project.

Improve your official exchange rate, Iraq is what IMF says all the time…Will you do that?


We are working on studying our supply and demand of our currency to determine what that rate is. Well good for you Iraq and we wish you the best. And finally, Abadi, “Prime Minister Abadi says that they will raise the Iraqi Flag in the city of Mosul, soon”. Not yet…but this is the first time that you see the Prime Minister finally come out and tell you “Hey, I got a little confidence in me, ya know what I’m saying? I gotta a little somethin’somethin’ in me and for that reason I’m here to tell you that soon, I’m gonna raise a flag in Mosul.” Sir, there are plenty of flags all around Mosul…The translation wasn’t very good.

The next time that we get together which will probably be a week from today, that’s if some things haven’t happened, because you have some timeframes that you have to study no don’t you.. The next time we get together I would like for you to tell me who won the bank of the year award? Who won it last year? If you can tell me that… I’ll tell you it has four initials if that will help you a little bit. If you can tell me the name of that bank, then maybe just maybe we’ll talk a little bit more about that bank.

I’m done. I’m actually fried. Oh I’m sorry, I thought I was done. If you have the time I would tell you to look at #172 from yesterday’s thread, #172 it says that “Corruption and whales auction currency threaten the future of the Iraqi Dinar against foreign currencies…” the whale? Yeah, you should read that article.

Thank you for being with me tonight. We were almost up to 800 and it looks like I bored 100 of you and I pray that we don’t lose another big chuck of you…Let us pray and be dismissed.



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