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Friday, November 4, 2016

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 from Wednesday 11-2-16


Aggiedad77 » November 4th, 2016

Here are the notes to Wednesday night CC....enjoy Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Wednesday 11-02-2016

I want to welcome you into the second part of our conference call and I want to tell you that tonight we have DELTA as a special guest….it will be great to be with DELTA once again and hear his voice….to hear his enthusiasm…..to hear his knowledge of what his TEAM is studying.

The last time I was with you on Monday I talked to you about three subjects….the three articles that were so dramatic….that talked about raising the value of the Iraqi dinar and the reasons behind it….and then we also talked to you about Mosul……and then we also talked to you about Warka Bank with the IBN numbers.

Now what we are going to do tonight it I’m going to talk to you probably for about 45 minutes…..then DELTA is going to come in….and then you are going to kick back and relax and enjoy a conversation between me and DELTA.

Today I spent about 1.5 hours with ITEAM and DELTA and other TEAMS on the phone….and I got to thinking….I wish our Family could have heard these conversations….so in a small way…..you are going to hear part of those conversations when me and DELTA talk.

But what I would like to start with is pretty much the same pattern that we had the last time we were together a couple of days ago on Monday….I started out with the three articles….then Mosul….and then a bank.

I would like to start out once again with the idea of the three articles…and I am praying to God that I can find it….now what I am looking for is Frosty the Snowman’s compilation that he put together for you.

What I want to tell you tonight is that there was another article…..Family the first three articles….we told you they were like a Rosetta Stone remember that….and we told you on Monday….prepare yourself because there is going to be more of these articles that are going to come out talking to you about what they are doing with their Monetary Reform….this one was originally posted on yesterday’s thread as post 273….you can find another copy of it that Frosty put up as post 285.

Now what it says Family….and mind you….those three articles came out while we are trying to liberate Mosul….and we told you on Monday get ready there will be more….and sure enough there has been another one….listen to what it says….Iraqi monetary system enhanced the currency of a new dinars….it did….well yeah that is what we are telling you….what else does this article say….well it says…..It is unacceptable to keep the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar and the currencies of industrialized capitalist countries and neighboring Arab countries is in the thousands…..really….

Is it because it has too many 000’s…..well of course….so what do you guys want to do about it….well we are doing what we have been saying we are going to do…..it says…..Iraqi dinar paper of the highest categories opens with four zeros paper….yeah so what….well we don’t like that….well good for you…what else can you tell me….well the reality of the dinar current trading segments of confusing disabling our economy, commercially with the services to be activated for everybody….yeah…it’s hurting us…and I agree with you….nobody likes a program rate….

What else can you tell me article #4…..well I can tell you any deal in large amounts of both ends need to fill categories of dinar for exchange between the seller and the buyer…..oh you mean the difference between the street rate and the bank rate….yeah….what about it…well we don’t want people carrying bags of dinars….you don’t….no…and that is what they are doing right now…..we got too many 000’s in our currency….our paper currency has all these 000’s in it…..so what do you guys think you should do….well we got this plan…..

And make sure that the reality of the Iraqi dinar with its purchasing power we want it to be a catalyst for the crimes of counterfeiting it…..well that is why all those expert teams were brought into Iraq….and that is why those expert teams from the US Treasury have literally overtaken the auctions of the CBI and are controlling all of these problems aren’t they….yes they are….there is something else heavy on your heart….what is it……well the solution we feel is not to delete zeros or dinar to necessarily float, but we believe that substituting new Iraqi dinars and to link the rate of exchange in US dollars…..you see we would issue these new Iraqi dinars equivalent to the dollar in the exchange rate with the dinar….you mean 1 to 1….well yeah….and also it would be for hundred fils…and the groupings…..the groups of what…..of this new dinar currency that we want to bring out….

What does it consist of…..well we have a one dinar, five dinars and ten dinars, and twenty dinars, and fifty dinars, and one hundred dinars….and we are also minting coins from fils and five fils….remember me using those words Family…fils….yeah we are minting coins from fils and five fils, ten fils fils twenty, and fifty fils, and one hundred fils…..thereby ensuring the stability of the monetary system and the elimination of the imbalance in the current system, which has allowed widespread corruption….well you are impressive you little son of a gun.

Where is all of this information coming from…..well from sources of the CBI….you know they don’t want to be identified….is it coming from the economists who are suggesting things for the GOI and the CBI….yeah…yeah….it is….I mean it is our plan….we met with the IMF oh my gosh what was it about two weeks ago and they told us to get things done within ten days….those ten days came to an end around the 28th of last month…is that why you are bragging about all the things you have done…..yeah I guess….maybe….I don’t know….could be.

Well what else can you tell me because this plan seems to have started back in 2003 wasn’t it….well yeah it was….and article #4 is now saying….it has been the purpose for us to abolish the currency of the former regime after 2003 and replace it with the new dinar now, the current cancellation over a period of time has occurred and it is time for us to bring in these new dinars….it is important that the Iraqi Central Bank assisted by experts from the "Council Federal reserve,"…..oh yeah…. the US Treasury….well yeah sure and the US central bank….we want all of these experts to come in and help us in the development of this new currency…..they are called LD’s….yes we know….but you never said that word in this article #4….do we have to….we described them to a “T”….I’m just playing….but please finish this article #4.

Well yeah….so all of these guys are coming in and they are helping us and they are from the Council of Federal Reserves and the US banks that are working on this Iraqi monetary system…we want to develop this new currency which will be enjoyed because the trust of the exchange rate locally and internationally….really….so you remove these 000’s that you are talking about….you think that the local people will enjoy that and internationally people will enjoy your new currency with a new rate….well yeah…that is what we are saying….I mean it doesn’t translate properly word for word….but you know….yeah…you see the Central Banks play a major role in financial instruments control in all countries of the world, the most important tool in the hands of the Central Bank right now is what is called the Monetary Policy….excuse me do you by any chance attend KTFA CC’s….what is that….never mind….well ok…why don’t you just go ahead and summarize this article.

Look…it is our liquidity….we need to increase the cash flow and we can stimulate the economy out of the state of economic crisis….and we can help the economy grow by encouraging all of this….exports, reducing inflation….now the currency peg of the Iraqi dinar in US dollars means installing currency dinar price of a fixed exchange rate (fixed exchange-rate) and much of the world practices this method….so yeah we want to be like everybody else.

I don’t know what to tell you Family….this is article #4 and we told you there would be more of them didn’t we…..we told you…..Hey Frank…what I thought you were done with this article #4….can I just say one more thing here….what is it….look we will be introducing new Iraqi dinars in a way to expose corruption as it requires replacement of the traded currency in the new currency that we want to bring out…..well you are just repeating yourself…..well yeah but I’m trying to make it a lot clearer…..look here Frank….the main reason behind the dollar peg is to maintain stability and to increase confidence with the deals we have made…we want to fix the exchange rate of the dinar rate….so it can be parallel with market value….you know like with the black market….the reinforcement of the confidence of investors and the stability of the monetary system and to maintain the purchasing power of consumers with limited income right now…..that is #4….in the midst of while we are trying to liberate Mosul.

Remember what we said about Fallujah….give us Fallujah….and they would give us the Economic Reforms….didn’t the Economic Reforms just pour out like a week before they gave you Fallujah….yeah.

So here we are with Mosul….we are half a click….even closer…into the heart….the center of Mosul….and we already have four articles that you could only dream about for the last nine years….yeah…..it doesn’t get any better than that….does it Family….we are almost there….to the center of Mosul Family…IMO.

There was an article that came out and said they are going to get the $2.5 billion loan next month….actually that came out last month at the end which in reality they are talking about the month of November….not December….this is interesting….and now with four articles…and each one of them is a Rosetta Stone….each one is better than the one before because it describes more….this #4…shoot….let’s just talk about the LD’s….let’s just talk about the fils….let’s just tell them we want to get rid of the 000’s….let’s just say the words 000’s from our exchange rate is that ok….they did…..there is going to be more Family.

The IMF is ready IMO…and Iraq is getting ready….because you see Mosul is very close…and to me Mosul brings two “S’s”….remember that….it brings in Security and Stability…it is the Security that we are about to get in Mosul that will bring you the Stability that will bring you the MR Family….no other way.

Both the GOI and the CBI want to finalize Mosul and see the MR.

Tonight DELTA will talk to you about two windows….the 7th and the 7th….but now I am here to tell you we are looking for a flag in Mosul….we are looking for a flag for the MR….you saw the article…they will meet on the 7th of November…and if need be….on the 7th of December….every IMF member….we told you….needs to see these reports…what reports….the ones they were supposed to hand in by ten days….which was around the 27th or the 28th….but we haven’t seen any reports Frank….I know you haven’t.

Dr. Shabibi made it very clear Family that in the near future he would want to bring the Iraqi dinar currency back….back to what it was in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s….this fourth article is literally describing that….because Dr. Shabibi also said…look…..you remember when BlueStar interviewed Dr. Shabibi…it was at that time that I named John…BlueStar….when he talked with Dr. Shabibi…it was in Washington DC at a press conference….and our BlueStar was there and he asked him…sir when do you think they are going to lift the value of your currency…and he gave examples…but he also said look….we need Security….we need Stability…and it will also depend he said….on the supply and demand by the citizens….you see supply and demand is about to happen from the citizens of Iraq that are being brought Security and Stability.

Two days ago Family the Finance Committee met with Allak and a lot of other people…you know who…..to see the latest from our Monetary Policy….so how is our economy going to improve….and these auctions are we getting rid of them…is the UST melting them down…well that is good….are we increasing the rate and are we introducing it at the beginning of next year…that is good….are we going through a Transitional Rate right now…that is good…that is what these meetings were about…and they are over with now and the results don’t necessarily have to be reported to you…..but you and I are looking for Mosul aren’t we….for what reason….for the Security….because the Security and Financial go hand in hand….yes Mosul….

They are going to meet either the 7th or the 7th and DELTA will talk to you about this deeper tonight….but in this position Mosul is the key….they may only have to meet on November 7th and not have to on December 7th, based on what they learn on November 7th…the December 7th meeting with the IMF is option B…and I pray they don’t need it…..all the banks in Iraq are positioning themselves to be ready…..banks in Mosul are not connected to anything…..IMO the banks in Mosul are not needed for the Monetary Reform.

If you look at Frosty the Snowman’s compilation….he says look nine months ago….and here it is CNN politics…he puts it up…I love his graphics….he’s got the picture of the lady who did the interview with the lady from Iraq with the picture of Iraq in the middle and it says…millions were blown up by US bombing of ISIS currency holdings…and where do you think that currency was….oh my goodness there is even a video…the coalition air strike destroys a DAASH cash and finance distribution center near Mosul on January 11, 2016….. to disrupt and destroy DAASH financial operations…that is cool…and remember we told you that in that building when we first reported this was the accountant for al-Baghdadi…they blew him up and many dollars and dinars were blown up and all of this was just floating all over…there is the video right there….and it says the US was dropping 2,000 pound bombs in an air strike over an ISIS banks and they torched the terrorist group’s money they were using to pay their fighters.

You see Mosul is not necessarily needed for the Monetary Reform…although it will equal the MR….because it will bring Security and Stability to Iraq….it is the Security and Stability they want from Mosul to move forward….and that is why we are looking for Abadi to plant a flag in the center of Mosul when he is comfortable….and we will talk about that a little bit more.

Now the banks…and if you scroll down a little bit more….oh and look at that….there is an example of a fil…but this is an ISIS fil…that gold coin…these knuckleheads took over a bank in Mosul and stole all the money…and started to mint their own coins…they thought they were going to take over the place….but we dropped 2,000 pound bombs on them…and boom…the funds they used to feed the campaign of their battle in Mosul went up in smoke…al-Baghdadi’s accountants went up in smoke….al-Baghdadi ran….we started to get closer and closer to the center of Mosul…the bank itself is gone….

Now what about the other banks in Mosul…they weren’t blown up were they….no….well wait a minute…what happened to them…..well they were secured and turned off….and later…if these banks are needed for the MR….well they can just go back and reboot them…they can reconnect the Mosul banks to the rest of the world banks…do you know why….because it is mainly software that has to be downloaded…and because it is an e-commerce environment now….they can turn them back on at the flip of a switch….but are they needed for the MR…no…but you said it gives us the MR….because the liberation of Mosul will bring you Stability and Security for the country that will bring forth the MR.

It is the infrastructure that is going to take time in Mosul….let me tell you something…it takes a lot more time to engineer a road than it takes to build a road…so Mosul is being acquired which gives us Stability and Security…which allows the MR to come forth because Abadi will plant a flag in the middle of Mosul declaring it free….and when that happens….if these banks in Mosul are needed…they will just turn them back on very quickly.

So is Mosul and Mosul’s banks needed for the MR….no….just give me a flag Abadi….just show me that it is liberated and then the Security and Stability will kick in with all of the banks that are ready to go international in Iraq…..then we have conditions in all of Iraq to move forward with the MR Family.

IMO a date and a rate is being explained to the IMF right now….or on the 7th….or the next 7th….but the Security and Stability in Mosul must allow these meetings to be successful…..and that Stability and Security is inches away.

Baghdadi we told you on Monday he is up in the northern parts…that knucklehead since we last talked to you on Monday he popped his head out…..this whole CC is in my opinion….and on Monday he popped his head out in the northern region of Mosul….how stupid….so because of what he just did look for activity in the north of Mosul….look for his death….because his death will equal the end of the caliphate….he himself declared…..look Mosul itself is no longer in a caliphate state…fine then surrender…and then Abadi pointed his finger at him and you read it….24 hours after we told you…yesterday…he told al-Baghdadi….surrender or die…these are your options.

They may tell you they already have Mosul….and then again they may tell you they have Mosul tomorrow…..you know what….I just think they are going to tell you they have liberated Mosul and there is a flag in the center….before the 7th…..then the MR has more life….and then that meeting on the 7th would be really cool because you wouldn’t need the December 7th meeting.

Mosul is very much within our reach to be liberated…..we told you on Monday that our troops are in the southeast portion…and it happened very fast by the way….and today I am telling you and you already know….al-Baghdadi is in the north…he’s actually got to pick his poison…surrender or die.

The media and Parliament are all talking about the Monetary Reform….you can see it in the articles….economists are telling the GOI….add value to the IQD to solve our problems…it is very blatant….IMO Abadi was told…give us Mosul….give us the Stability and Security….then raise the value of your currency through the MR…..but I don’t think that Mosul has to necessarily be liberated for the MR to occur….but I do believe if it is liberated it is just going to speed up the MR much quicker…..

I believe Abadi was told….by you know who….get in there and get us Mosul…and then you can have your MR….and IMO Abadi right now is in a very special state of mind…I believe that Abadi right now is doing the Kabuki dance….if you don’t know what this is maybe you can look it up….it’s not really a dance itself…..it’s like when you are digging a well and you need to get to ten feet…and you are at 9.5 feet and all of a sudden you get that Kabuki feeling….why….because 9.5 is very close to ten feet…..finally I am almost done….I believe that Abadi is doing the Kabuki dance.

Abadi actually came out yesterday and said…didn’t I promise you that I was going to get Mosul….before 2017….how do you like my Kabuki dance….actually politicians in the US do the Kabuki dance all the time.

Yes I believe that Abadi’s state of mind right now is just as jolly as jolly can be…and this Kabuki dance is more of a state of mind where he goes whew…it’s a process in one’s head when it finally at the end of something…and that is why I am saying….IMO Abadi is very happy right now….with good reason.

Look another reason why Mosul is important….it’s really a big city…but of almost nothing….besides the fact that we wanted to control their money and blow it all up….beside the fact that we want to liberate the center of Mosul so we can have Security and Stability that leads to the Monetary Reform…that allows Abadi a feeling of comfort.

Let me give you some other reasons why IMO Mosul is necessary….why Mosul is a good thing….right now…the conditions of Mosul….you see IMO we are targeting certain areas….so the banks were targeted…at least one bank was targeted and the rest were secured for the Monetary Reform if it is needed in Mosul….because IMO it is not….because you can go ahead and do the MR with the banks that are set up outside of Mosul.

One of the headquarters for ISIS was a television station….remember reading about that just a few days ago….we took the station back…and when we did ISIS manner of programming propaganda came to an end….ISIS’s ability to communicate amongst themselves fell apart….we even destroyed the internet out there for them….cutting communications in a battle is very crucial…that is like taking a knight off a chess board.

Here is another example….we got Iran and Saudi Arabia….we got countries to help cut down the oil production…to stop sending oil into the shipping lanes….because this is how ISIS was getting their money besides what they were stealing in banks.

You want a third example….we blew up al-Baghdadi’s accountant…so he can’t count his money.

These are the strategic values of Mosul Family….these are the reasons why they are being defeated right now….and Stability and Security is coming back…..IMO Abadi will not hesitate….the moment that Mosul is safe and secure….not necessarily liberated…but they can go ahead and put a flag there in the middle if they want….but IMO the moment that Mosul is safe and secure….or the moment it is secured and stable I don’t think Abadi will hesitate one second to help his country with all their reforms….Abadi is surrounded by America’s best….we don’t fail…that would be ISIS in Mosul….interesting.

From Maliki to Mosul….from Mosul to Maliki….oh heck take them both down…..Maliki’s days are numbered….I know we keep saying that…but the reason I say that now….more emphatically…is because Mosul’s days are also numbered….there are far less days for Mosul than we’ve already been waiting….and there are far less days for Maliki to be free than what he’s already been freed on….he is supported by Iran but it is interesting how Iran has done many things to go against him lately….in favor of what we are doing….Maliki is not comfortable…..Abadi though is seeking that position…that state of mind to be comfortable….with the liberation of Mosul.

If you notice there is a pattern to what we talk to you about with these articles….and a pattern with what is happening right now with Mosul…there are two things happening with the usage of one thing….Maliki thinks if he sticks around he will be given a position in the government….I have a better chance of being the first Mexican on the Moon….so forget about it Maliki….Maliki’s party has turned on him….let alone Iran….his State of Law is actually in a different state of mind today.

So when will we see a flag….in the center of Mosul….I hope…IMO before November 7th….before the elections….before the IMF meeting….don’t you Family.

Despite Maliki….everyone that I can point at in Iraq is pressuring the CBI to raise the value of the IQD…and within about a week’s period of time we have seen four articles that are huge…that are monstrous….they are Paul Bunyan sized….about what they wish to do with their Monetary Reform…whether it be a suggestion or opinion or whatever…why the heck do you even talk about it…..because you are anxious for it aren’t you.

Human instincts create patterns…and it would behoove you to study them.

When Mosul is ours….and not necessarily liberated…then we will see Security and Stability….even though there will always be pockets of resistance….this is the next key factor in the week we are in…the communications of ISIS is killed within the center of Mosul…and I gave you three examples already….IMO Abadi is about to show you a flag in the center of Mosul…and I really don’t care if he doesn’t….you see that flag means it is liberated….I think Abadi is very close to showing us a flag…but even if it is not that close to being liberated….but in a state of being comfortable for Abadi to finish the Monetary Reform….know what I mean….Abadi is looking for that perfect moment…and it points toward the liberation of Mosul but it doesn’t have to be….that man could flip the switch right now even with a flag in the middle of Mosul….and all of this to be reported on the 7th of this month or the 7th of December…and like I said the 7th of December is Plan B.

I’m telling you that I had a feeling last month….and I’m telling you at the start of this month that I have a stronger feeling…..IMO they have made up their mind on the Monetary Reform….they just need to Secure and bring Stability to an environment in Mosul that will bring the same thing to all of Iraq.

So let’s see how much longer it is going to take….ISIS right now may have control of certain parts…they are called control points…and ISIS has about eight control points in the center of Mosul….they are like little miniature headquarters…but I believe all eight of them have been disrupted by the Iraqi Army….which has killed the communications between the fighters and the commanders that are there….they don’t know how to communicate with each other Family….that is huge…no TV, no internet….no newspaper…..we communicate in Morse code…do you think that ISIS even knows Morse code…..we communicate with hand signals….do you think they know our hand signals…they don’t understand anything….they are just in a state of confusion right now….which will bring a state of comfort in Abadi’s mind and in his heart…..look for Abadi to be comfortable….with or without a flag in Mosul….look for Abadi to be comfortable.

In 2017 there are trillions and trillions of currencies around the world that are dying to come in and explode in this country….and not explode with bombs any longer….and the international banking network numbers that are now in all of the banks…that was an IMF requirement…which is good.

I am getting one question that seems to keep coming back….callers say…I went to the WTO website and I looked in the back and I don’t see anything about Iraq and the WTO….they don’t have any reports that are recent and I don’t think Iraq has anything for being near ready to enter the WTO….you know to be international….the WTO doesn’t have any updates….

Why are you asking me these questions….because I went to the WTO website….you did….yeah…what is the WTO website…their URL….umm…ummm….WTO.com….no it’s not….tell you what I don’t mind answering your question…and that is why I bring this here now…this question has gotten monotonous…and it is irritating…and I know it comes from another guru out there saying oh Iraq is nowhere near….WTO has no report on them….of course there is no reports….

When the meetings are finished on the 7th and maybe on the 7th of December then maybe they will have something to report to the WTO on how they qualified and how they are going to join them…and it is at that time the WTO will put up a report and explain very clearly this is what we are going to be doing with Iraq….they don’t have to do anything right now….

What do you want them to report….well Iraq sucks…and we are not inviting them….they don’t have anything up there because there is nothing to report….they are not members of the WTO yet….then why don’t you report….isn’t it great WTO that they have taxes and tariffs now…that they got the codes…and that they got the IBN numbers…isn’t this all great….of course it is…so take that to your guru.

Frank26: We are right at the heart….we are in the center of Mosul I am sorry….now granted we haven’t been…in fact I believe they are going to tell you this….would you like to hear some things that you will read tomorrow or maybe the next day….like we did on Monday.

“After the medieval goons are gone we will have security and stability”….you know what they are really doing right now Family is going house to house….inch by inch…and it is not a pretty sight….Security will return….because this is a national battle…and they have taken a break today…there is a little time out….but they are gearing up after this to go in urban warfare with whoever else is left out there.

And here is another one for the next two or three days….”The USA feels it is time for ISIS to atone for their sins”…..really….yeah….and I believe the army or whoever is doing it is opening up corridors for citizens to leave the center of Mosul…and I believe you will also be reading soon that the Raqqa and Mosul roads have all been captured….it is all looking pretty good isn’t it.

Dr. Shabibi said….when we have Security and Stability…and it also depends on the supply and demand of the citizens that seek for us to raise the value of their currency….same words.

Now as far as the auctions go….you have noticed how it has been going down….tremendously….I mean don961 plotted the numbers for about two weeks and you saw it…..we have fluctuations in the numbers of banks…but the amounts…they were going down.

Did you see today’s auction…what was missing in today’s auction….yes the rate 1182 was missing….why would the rate be missing from the CBI auctions….why is the USA be reducing the amount to control the terrorism of people stealing….why would a program rate not be there when it has been there all the time….it was there yesterday….why….it was there Monday…it was there Sunday….why….oh because somebody in Iraq just forgot to put it on the chalk board and they forgot to put it up…..right.

DELTA will be coming on soon.

I am looking at Frosty’s post….oh my goodness he put a lot into this….this is a nice compilation you got here…..oh you added something extra down here…..”after the war with no electricity Kuwait reopens its banks”…..son of a gun….is that possible….yeah…..I am really happy with you Frost because that is a very strong point….yeah I forgot to bring it up today…well done my friend.

There you go that is my part…that is what I wanted to express to you tonight.

As we wait for DELTA can I talk to each of you who has a heart that is pounding…with great excitement for what you are hearing and seeing right now…..when the blessing occurs….I am concerned for myself…I am concerned about my attitude….about my ways…my desires….my selfishness….my gluttony…and I am concerned that I may not follow enough Biblical stewardship that would please my heavenly Father…

I know what I want to do….I am excited about it…..I want to walk on that new land….but it is an altering event….you know how when 9/11 occurred how our society changed….most of the population of the US will just go about its normal business….oh they will read about us…they will learn about us…it will make you even more vulnerable…but I believe this is an altering event that is going to change brain chemistry…and that brain chemistry can be changed for something good….or something bad….the brain will be capable of developing deeper memory that can change the chemistry of the brain….

We may do some things based on emotions….I wish you well because I will not be there to help you….we are going to do God’s work at KTFA and if anyone comes in and asks about currency or other things I will care….I will say I do not know….I will be cast in titanium to do God’s work with this blessing that is coming out of Iraq….because if I have 20 years to live…they will go so fast….so with the next generation….God bless you with the next currency…if there is even one after this….

I believe this RV of this currency will announce the end times and the beast….for we don’t know it…..and from the same place where we destroyed the tree we will rebuild it…with this financial transfer….a wealth transfer…..our world is changing in the same way the Bible tells us…we will bow to one nation…digital currency is coming and it will slap us right between the eyes…the chip will be on your hand or your forehead…those are the only two places of the body that are exposed….your forehead…you face….your hands everything else is covered….I want to bring chemistry change for you that is positive….that is good…that is honorable to our heavenly Father…

Can I give you an example of one….the first chemical change that occurred in my brain was when I was 23 years old my beautiful wife gave birth to our son…I heard his voice and I knew that voice….no I don’t…yes you do….no…yes you do…then they put my son on my wife’s stomach and chest and as she held onto him as he was crying…and she comforted him and he stopped crying…and I’m just staring….prior to that the only thing I was looking for was to be 21 years old…woohoo…..hard liquor….18 I can vote….16 I can drive….13 I’m a teenage….but 23 I was slapped so hard when I heard my son for the first time…then I picked him up from my wife…and I cooed to him….and then I said it…Daddy’s here….who….at the altar of God I was transformed…

My brain chemistry realized it….I was responsible for this little man….I have so much responsibility for this young man….oh my God I have a lot of work to do…my brain chemistry kicked me into becoming a semi-adult…and that brain chemistry change was very good for my life….there were a few more after that…and this is what I wish for you…..that your brain chemistry…the moment your bank account has a lot of zeros….I pray that you do not consume yourself…but you consume the Word of God….and teach it throughout the universe….I mean that when I say throughout the universe…but that would be a long walk on the beach.

DELTA….DELTA are you there my brother.

Frankie…Frankie how are you doing.

Go ahead and share with the Family….when you are done then you and I will share back and forth so they can hear us talk.

DELTA: Greetings Family….I do apologize I was out for three or four months…but it was for a reason…I did have some work to do…and today I am here to give you the conclusion and more details as to what is going on and where we are at with our investment.

First of all I would like to talk about this article that came out about two weeks ago…that stated some kind of special meeting was conducted in the CBI and one official in the CBI leaked some information which was not for us, but for Iraqi citizens….so what exactly he said was the CBI does have the plan to increase the Iraqi dinar significantly…and the dollar basically was going to start going down and they have a plan for that.

Now the first article came out and a lot of you did not know this was an official newspaper….legit….I did the due diligence and the research and found of course that this was a legit newspaper…then a second newspaper brought this article out and again was legit….then a third newspaper posted it….the reason why you don’t see a lot of newspapers carrying this is they don’t want a lot of people to know what is going on…but still it was very interesting….the third article that came out stated that this information was very confidential….now I did see that when I read it in Arabic…but I was waiting for one of you to catch that and I do believe one of you did make that good catch.

Now I got a lot of private messages from you Family and that what you were thinking or seeing even on other forums was that they were talking about the 2% spread between the original rate and the market rate….but think about it Family….if this information is about the 2% of the market….why are they talking about this as very confidential….they talk about this all the time of dropping the market rate…but this article was very different, nothing about the 2% market….the CBI had tried for years to control the market rate which they could not…it is impossible for so many reasons….and the most important reason is the dollar is so dominant in Iraq….and hardly anyone uses dinars….they use dollars for purchases….this was number one.

Number two they have to make the Iraqi dinar very attractive….they have to make the IQD very effective….giving it the power of purchase…if you have followed what Frankie and I have stated on conference calls there is proof of this…you can even go to the CBI spreadsheets there is proof that they tried so many times to do what they needed to do but they could not control the market rate….even when Shabibi was in control I believe only one or two months was he able to control it under the 2%....

Other than those few times it is not going to happen, almost impossible to happen….so from this meeting we got confirmation that the CBI sent memos to the state banks and some private banks….so after we had seen these articles and got some other confirmation we concluded this was not about the 2% that they were definitely talking about what we are waiting for….and I wasn’t really all that surprised because we all know what the IMF asked Iraq to do….and this was the plan from a long time ago…

Actually if you go to the CBI and read their strategy for 2016 to 2020 one of the bullet points was that they need to do the exchange rate….and if the CBI did not have a plan to make a move in 2016 then the Strategic Plan should have been 2017 to 2020 and not include 2016….by including 2016 in the plan it gives you an indication that something has to happen in 2016…..so for the newspaper to come out and talk about significantly increasing the Iraqi dinar…that should not be a surprise to all of us….but actually I was excited and happy because that is more and more confirmation of what we study and target as a TEAM…..

So that is very significant and very huge….they are waiting basically for the right time…..we do believe they do have the date….they do have the rate….and the IMF also has this information….but you don’t have the date or the rate…but we know we are very close….and with this conference call we are going to give you some type of window of opportunity or what we expect….week to week…a month at the most….that is number one….number two was very important to us….

Those of you who have accounts at Warka Bank…and I have received many private messages from those of you who are concerned about your account and the whole situation with Warka Bank…I would like to give you some confirmation that Warka Bank is very seasoned and they are very much in business….when the CBI conducts auctions they do have to let the bank in…which on the English side you don’t see…but if you go to the Arabic side you can see all the banks and money transfer companies…every day they do the auctions they list the names of every bank and transfer company and their buy/sell details…

When the CBI lifted the guardianship from the Warka Bank they were allowed to participate in the auctions…and I go and look to see who is participating and Warka is listed there…..so that gives you an indication too that they are not in any kind of trouble because if they were the CBI would not allow them to participate in the auctions….again this is very good news for all of you who hold accounts there….now as I’ve told many of you a long time ago…this is the Middle East and business occurs very slow there….they do not do business like western countries…..in western countries you often get your work or requests completed on the same day you ask…that is not the case in Iraq or the ME…..

I got a PM from I believe it was Samson on the forum and I emailed Mr. I…he is one of the Warka Bank representative…he used to be on one of our old forums and was the one who helped many open their accounts…..this guy is a nice guy I have good relations with him, anytime I email him he is responsive back to me, doing what I ask….it looks like Warka Bank is coming back but they may not complete everything until Iraq goes international and come into Article 8….then Warka Bank business should really pick up…..their stock should pick up eventually too.

But my most important part of Warka Bank is as Frankie told you about that happened two or three weeks ago which about IBAN which is the International Banking Network….which is basically the coding or routing numbers for that bank…the identity of the bank….like with your checking account at the bottom of your checks you will see a routing number…the routing number is the ID of your bank…so when I logged onto my account I said wait a minute there is something different here…..for any of you with accounts at Warka you can look at your account where your account number is and underneath that is the IBAN and the bank code listed there now….

So that gives the indication that Warka Bank in Iraq is one of those banks that are ready to go international…..remember too there was an article about three or four weeks ago from the Rasheed Bank that stated they were going to start using the IBAN for their money transfers internationally….but we all know you cannot do that if you are not Article 8 first of all….and your currency has to be recognizable…which means it must have a rate more than a program rate.

Again this is no rumor this is fact Family….here at KTFA Frankie and I and the TEAMS try to bring you facts when we can…things that have been verified and confirmed….this one should make you excited and happy…this is more solid proof they are about to go international….but there is only one missing and we know what it is…the rate…this is what is going on here.

The CBI we did notice that the last two days, starting yesterday and again one of you noticed that….if you go into it to look at the auction details you would see the Iraqi dinar price and then buy and sell dinars in dollars…now it looks like they are trying to make it shorter….they took the 1182 out of there and they took the dinars from there….because they don’t sell dinars anymore, they just buy dinars from the bank…and the banks buy from the CBI….so this is very significant too…even though you can go to the spreadsheet that is still showing 1182….we think the reason they are not showing on the auction is….think about it….they could be about to change the rate.

So to bring you to a conclusion about all of this information we bring now you it gives us confirmation and more and more confirmations that we are very close for the Monetary Reform to be changed in Iraq and introduce the new rate they have agreed upon and of course the LD’s will follow after that…but the rate has to change first before they introduce the LD’s.

Now we all know…we’ve talked about the IMF contract with Iraq….we did find the Memorandum of Understanding from 2015 and one of the requirements was they must implement the Financial Reform…this is one of the important parts to get the rest of the IMF money….now in June or July they got the first installment which was $643 million dollars…but the rest of the money was spread over payments but they would not get paid until they implement the Financial Reform….and that was supposed to happen before November….here we are on November 2nd and nothing happened….

We do believe as a TEAM that they are waiting to just make an official announcement that Mosul has been liberated or at least they are very comfortable about the Mosul situation and then they are going to make their move…..they sent a letter to the IMF on behalf of the government and the CBI…and it looks like that letter should have the date and the rate for the IMF….now the IMF is supposed to be waiting for Iraq to implement the Financial Reform….then the IMB Board of Directors is going to meet on November 7th….if Iraq has accomplished whatever they ask for before November….then if they have not done these things the IMF is not going to meet until December 7th…..

In this window we should see something from the CBI and the GOI in order for them to get the rest of their money….billions if not trillions of dollars are waiting outside of Iraq waiting for them to make their move to go international and for those investors to get in and start their businesses.

This is what I have for today Frankie.

Frank and DELTA Q & A

Frank: Did you see the auction today….it was low…it has been most all of this year…especially since the US Treasury showed up they have monitoring and reducing the auction numbers….did you notice….well what did you notice on the auction today?

DELTA: Yes as I talked about it earlier and the numbers were between 140 and 146 as they have been for a while…and I noticed they took away the exchange rate on the auctions….if you go to the detail Frankie and some of the Family probably noticed but some maybe don’t…if you look at it they have made it shorter….but why do that….even though we know it is 1182 if you go to the spreadsheet….but the currency auction page is missing some items….one very important item…the exchange rate….it is not there….just showing how much was sold and how many participated…think about it why are you doing this….unless they are about to change something so they took this out.

Frank: I agree with you. Do you think we need the city of Mosul in order to have the Monetary Reform….or do you think we just need Abadi to feel pretty darn good about Mosul?

DELTA: I really do think that even if they do liberate Mosul it is going to take time to clean it….cleanse it whatever they call it….I think Abadi as soon as they feel comfortable enough they are going to pull the trigger….I am not sure if you told the Family but many people look at the news and see we are really very close to Mosul too…..but I think as soon as Abadi does whatever he did in Fallujah which is as soon as he says they have liberated Mosul and raises the flag I think we should be excited because then they are probably going to make their move.

Frank: Do you think Maliki will be a problem once we secure Mosul and Abadi then feels more safe to bring forth the reforms…do you think Maliki will be a problem in the GOI?

DELTA: Yes Frankie I think with Maliki they should get rid of him….just take him down…this guy is causing problems….we are afraid he might affect whatever Abadi accomplishes….from Security and even economically…so if they don’t take him down I think Maliki is going to cause more and more problems….they need to have a plan for him….

I believe you and I and others here who are outside of the politics in Iraq we know what is going on….the US knows this…Abadi knows this…everyone knows this….he has become a pain….if they don’t have a plan for him he may become a problem…the Monetary Policy is going forward no matter what….Iraq is going to revalue…they are going to raise the value….they are going to come out with the LD’s….they are going to be international…they are going to accept Article 8 with the IMF….if they have the plan to come up with a new rate and they have the plan after that to go 3+ or whatever the previous was…and the plan was to do that in 2 or 3 years…and Maliki starts interrupting and causing problems it could delay the plan because of this…but hopefully they get rid of him.

Frank: Did you get my phone message that I sent you this afternoon? We are not going to talk about it on this call, but Doodlebug is saying, you posted on June 23rd….was that when the Transitional Rate started…actually I have that department with the TR you don’t. Let me ask you….grounded by this question from DB….do you think that if Iraq is trying to prove to the IMF that they are now worthy of Article 8 entrance….worthy to be internationally recognized…shouldn’t they be paying their own bills with their own money right now to prove that to us?

DELTA: The only reason that why the IMF is asking Iraq to do the Financial Reform is that this was the plan from day one when they were back in Chapter 7 including their currency and when they put them under Transitional Article 14….now sometimes they may deal in Iraqi dinars…like with Dubai for example they can…but with most of the banks they can’t because when you are in Article 14 with the IMF that means your currency can’t be used….Article 8 protects you from other nations…and they have so many stipulations and laws that you have to follow through when you are in Article 8…

That is why when you are in Article 8 you are going to be able to pay everyone with your currency…that is why right now no one looks at their currency because they are not Article 8….unless you have promises like the Paris Club we all know some of those countries have forgiven some of the debt…and why some of those countries have Iraqi dinars in their reserves because they were promised that when the value goes up they are going to get paid…but right now the only thing left they have to prove to not only the IMF but to everybody is that you have….

There is no doubt Frankie and Family….maybe some of you have doubts….that is it is not going to happen…however they need the money…Iraq has to follow through they have to lift the 000’s…whatever they need to do…they have to increase the rate and introduce the LD’s…in the same way a long time ago they introduced the 000’s note for inflation…now they are going to start increasing the value gradually and they will start phasing out the 000’s notes gradually….until you are not going to see them…so the same strategy…but in the opposite direction as when the currency value fell back in 2002 and 2003….back up to the previous rate….

Iraq has no other choice….why would the IMF postpone their meeting and not give the rest of the money to Iraq…if everything was done the IMF should have given them the money….looks like they are waiting for it….the IMF can wait…but Iraq cannot wait…they need the money…they need those loans….they have to do it as soon as they announce the currency reform…that gives a good signal to every nation internationally including the IMF that really Iraq is serious about this.

Frank: I believe if they were to do a gradual increase of the Iraqi dinar…it is not going to be shown to us…I believe IMO that any gradual growth would be done independently outside of the CBI so that it would not be seen…if the gradual growth or the Transitional Rate was actually being shown by the CBI or if they had that information….those numbers…by law they would have to show it to the world….do you agree with that?

DELTA: Absolutely and you are making perfect sense…remember the ten days letter that was talked about a while back…we do believe that was the date and the rate…so we know the IMF knows exactly the rate and now they know the date that Iraq is going to do that…so yeah it is possible that some disclosure….some confidential disclosure they know the rate but for us we cannot see it until it is official…it is possible.

Frank: And then when you stop and also consider this as part of this formulation that the CBI auctions for the last few weeks or month or so have been showing numbers with discrepancies…they just don’t add up…it is almost as if some of the money or the numbers are not being fully reported….or maybe they are being used to do something else….which then would be my suggestion…that it is possible IMO they are paying their bills with Iraqi dinars without telling everybody and you only see the shadow effect of it in the discrepancy of the CBI auction numbers…does that make sense?

DELTA: Yes that makes sense Frankie and why whatever you are thinking and whatever you lectured on today makes perfect sense….since the CBI is not showing the rate on the auctions for the last two days…or the spreadsheet for the last few months….on the spreadsheet the 1182 only shows up on the first page…but they have removed it from the other pages….so I don’t think it is a coincidence…something really appears to be going on….we just don’t know the date/rate…but they have no choice…the IMF told them specifically….and they have the plan to do it….and that confidential report over the past week…the CBI knows what is going on…I think with all the information you got Frankie that it is possible they are hiding it from us….making it official at the right timing.

Frank: They are getting a lot of stuff at the borders and they don’t talk about it in the articles…my question would be how in the dickens are they paying for all this stuff that if flooding the shelves of Iraq? And if I were the IMF I would tell them…just be quiet and pay your bills….with our currency…it has no value…yeah…you are going through the Transition Rate…..go ahead and pay your bills with your own currency…show me you can do that…you know how to tie your shoes….well I take this loop and I wrap it around this loop and then I tie the bows together and I’ve tied my shoes right….

Well show me you can do that….so if I’m about to give them permission to become big boys with international currency….I want to make sure they know how to use that currency properly and on top of that show me a payment system….I want to see your credit report in order to raise your credit internationally….there are a lot of things that IMO we are only seeing the shadow effects of it….and it causes confusion.

Here is another question I would like to propose to you sir….there seems like there is a theme about….before elections….what…get the meetings done….ok…before elections…what…raise the value of your currency….oh really….before elections….what…do this…do that….before elections….Give us Mosul…even Obama told that to Abadi….hey dude get Mosul before the elections…interesting…so on the 7th of November….which is what 5 days from now DELTA….I think it is going to be a meeting where they show proof of all the things they have done….you agree with that because that is what you said in your earlier report…you agree with that?

DELTA: Yes Frankie I do agree with that….you and I a while back told the Family that with the election politics has to be involved with this type of situation all the time…even if they announce Mosul a couple of days before the election….Hillary…Obama….everybody will look good for the election…and thing about it…imagine getting Mosul and the Monetary Reform at the same time just before the election….you know what will happen…they will get big credit for that one….but definitely yes we do believe something is going to happen….

Remember the letter they had to send to the IMF…they had 10 days to send the letter….for clarification of what we are doing so we can get the loan…now this is past the due date…I believe the date was the 27th or 28th of last month…and now we are already November 2nd so yes they do have something…and you have to remember who is in control right now…it is the IMF who is guiding them and through the Monetary Reform and the Currency Reform…so it might be possible too before the elections…

A lot of things could happen….liberate Mosul….Currency Reforms…the new rate…and international….we don’t know…but I really do think that something big is going to happen before the elections and it has to do with Iraq…it could be Mosul…or it could be both Mosul and the Monetary Reform…even if it is Mosul by itself…that is a big accomplishment…and that would be big news for them to do.

Frank: I tell you something the 7th of November….I believe that meeting is important….I believe the 7th of November which they gave them in that article we read about four or five days ago…is nothing more than an option…if they fail on November 7th….junior we need to talk on December 7th….that’s the next time we will meet with you….because they got a lot of other countries they take care of….so I think this one is the most significant one….and if we see that the 7th of December is cancelled….wow that is another big shadow that is being cast that we cannot see the origin of it….so yeah I’m encouraged….

So to finish that thought that I had with you DELTA….I believe Iraq is somehow making payments on their own to establish themselves for 2017…this is all part of the RI the reinstatement of their currency….it is kind of like they are pouring the bath water…you don’t get into the bath when there is no water…they are pouring the bath water in it…they are making sure it is the right temperature to get in…and a lot of those temperature readings are in many different areas…yes with the IBAN…yes with these meetings with the IMF…yes with what is happening in Mosul…yes with Abadi….how would you describe Abadi DELTA…would you say that he is bored…do you think he is neutral….or do you think he is dancing like he is Snoopy doing the Snoopy dance….how do you think Abadi feels right now?

DELTA: Maybe doing the Kabuki dance…..he’s a very busy man…he’s doing a lot of things…we got to give him the credit….just afraid that something could happen to him….in those countries when some see him doing the right thing they don’t like that…but he’s doing good, very happy…I was very surprised I think it was 2 or 3 days ago Abadi came out and said to the world we are going to get Mosul and we are going to get ISIS out of Iraq and we accomplished that….looks like he knows Mosul is done…and one more thing…

Abadi used to be on the Financial Committee so he knows exactly what they need to do….remember it was Saleh, his Financial Advisor who was the one who said we sent the letter…more than 10 days…so Abadi and his Advisor know exactly what is going on….we want to see Abadi in Mosul getting it back…and at the same time they are working on the Monetary Reforms…he is very happy…excited…and he knows he is going to accomplish a lot of things….we are just waiting for the official announcement….and like I said I am expecting something big to come before the elections.

Frank: Alright my friend we could keep on but I think mission accomplished and I don’t see any more questions…but here is one last question…do did it mean that Iraq was transitioning into Article 8 sometime in June or July when they got the first installment on July 7th….I don’t know…we’ve learned IMO about the Transitional Rate because I give you the Transitional Rate solely IMO…and we give the suggestion that somehow or another it is casting a shadow on the CBI auctions because there is a discrepancy in the numbers…and IMO that Transitional Rate they might be using it right now….without the CBI’s windows in order to pay their bills which is establishing a lot of credentials for this country…..

Here is another thing DELTA….let’s finish up with this….here is an announcement that came out from the CBI today….it is announcement #D194….here is what it says DELTA and you give me your opinion because I got my opinion and this is how we are going to close up our CC for tonight….here it is….Cancel the auction #D194, CBI decided to cancel the auctions for the period of 182 days which is supposed to be held on November 1, 2016 because the system refused all bids which were submitted by all participants to the CBI.

DELTA: Just to let the people know this is not the auction that deals with currency that we see every day, this is a different auction that is only done two or three times a year….I do find this significant because this is the first time the CBI has refused every offer….now I have never seen the CBI refuse an offer….as an example….let’s say you have a house and you need cash….every year you sell one house for cash….this time you have offers but you refuse every offer…that just gives me more confirmation….

When I saw that today I stated doing the Kabuki dance too…Frankie if you are really close to changing the value of your currency are you going to accept any offers….of course not….so the reason being they are about to raise the value….so those meetings or those auctions are scheduled in advance….so when it comes to the time, the rate will go up and no one can offer that…and the other thing too Frankie….this one says they cancelled it or refused every offer…but we don’t know how much was the offer….

so as an example….what if the CBI was asking the new rate of those bankers…no one can afford that….seems this has to do with the rate…and if you go back I do remember they cancelled before…but I’ve never seen them refusing it because they did not accept any offers…this is the first time I’ve seen that…this IMO is very significant because it seems they would have to change the rate and cancel it.

Frank: Setting patterns is one thing….but when you break a pattern….oh my gosh does that scream intel….listen I can keep you forever, but you’ve done so well, I am so proud of you….I’ve missed you….the Family missed you….Family if you don’t mind please make some posts to DELTA tonight, let’s be courteous and thank him for coming…thank you for coming….we are closer to the Monetary Reform than we have ever been.

DELTA: Just like to inform the Family that we are really very close….the windows we talked about earlier…November 7th or December 7th….basically the Iraqi’s have no way around this…so it looks like in November if they want to get the money from the IMF they have to make their move….other wise after December 15 they cannot do anything….they have to do it by that time…so we will watch and see what is going to happen…..God Bless you all, I love you all…hope we meet soon.

Frank: I believe you will have a wonderful understanding when you combine Monday’s and today’s conference calls…..and those on TEAM Chat….be ready.

Dismissed with a prayer.



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