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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Innate Nature of Creation by Pine Cone


Arrogance of fear and guilt of separation projects separate seeming divisive energetic images mirroring back continual 3 Dimensional time and space mutual Holographic “Paper Tigers”, as if everything we depend on manifests as enemies from mutual exploitation, not Love. The veil of fear illusion makes creation mirroring seem separate by its own shadow nature, so the more we express this innate Love of our own creation, the more we arrogantly demand our own demise.

Inside all creation at Zero Point energy abides the essence of Holy Spirit animating eternal life as ‘merely’ the whole ethereal Universe within infinite possibilities. At the edge of our creative intelligence, before we become Holographic reflections for each other’s need for separation, we all exist in the essential stillness light-packet matrix of joy, harmony, and Universal Love, all inclusive.

Since the very nature of creation, which is, all mirroring separation, is merely energetic Holograms, then by our very nature we are beguiled, beguiling each other with our innate arrogance, not humility. We depend on each other for each other’s fear and guilty projections so we become innate enemies as, death itself, approaches as our only seeming friend that, even promises to kill our enemy.

Other images of our fear and guilt remain, reflecting their ego, and when we finally transition, our IN-dependence finally replaces all our Out-dependence required to, even think we are here. When we look inside toward Zero Point energy of infinite and, all inclusive Holy Spirit, and we become more IN-dependent on our Sovereign True Self, not the little self of creation, we experience freeing energy without the heaviness of gravity imprisoning ourselves within the shame bars of fear and guilt that, also come with the corrupt justice of continual Duality-divisiveness, not ONENESS Mercy, just within.

So, when we become invested in being the best man, or the best woman that ‘money can buy’, or we vest in any creation with passion whether normal exploitation, or fervent hate of separation blame, we demand with the same arrogance that creates deadly enemies, not friends and, other lovers of Zero Point NON-creation. When we become invested in being invisible and, so humble that we marry Holy Spirit energetic inclusive energy, we become so animating and responsive that only delight motivates transfiguration for the magnanimity and benevolence to, just be our True Self, Immortal Love energy effulgence. As all creation disappears within a new mind of delight, so do we disappear in devotion to Nurturing Spirit and ONENESS. We no longer separate anything we think or do, as all our paper tigers enfold into the light, and love, that infinitely expandsAwareness, and becomes Ascending inclusive energy within the Love all of all life.

Clever positioning where we own the debt of other images of separation, like when a man retains money for cleverly outfoxing a woman who believes he doesn’t marry her foxiness for stinging sexiness, or when parents own the debt of children who always sting us later with resentments instead of gratitude, or for all the symbiotic relationships of all creation settling for exploitation, not Love of Holy Spirit, continually demand mutual Foxy/Scorpion-like contempt. Resentment is the very innate essence of creation and as mere movie-like dreams where each image only pretends at moving around because our wariness of each other, only makes it seem like a whole bunch of ‘stills’ are flapping in the breezes of 3rd dimensional movies showing on the flat screen of such lower 2 dimensional Duality fake movie screens.

When I compliment our “Innate Nature of Creation” with this Universal story of creation becoming its own demise, keep thinking and contemplating this anecdotal story of creation for a further while, like when a really good dream just keeps revealing more as we go along. I muse to any reader herein to “Don’t even notice how the gender of each character can intimate forever manner of understanding how repenting fear and guilt can begin to deepen compassion for all creation”. When we marry Holy Spirit instead of pretending we marry any creation images mirroring back our own anger and neediness, only then will we allow ourselves to see that Surrender always comes manifesting and demanding it’s own demise until we Resurrect ourselves within, our own personal Salvation:

The Scorpion and the Fox

Once long ago in the vast lands of the desert there was a great and vast river that had to be crossed for animals to seek food and water elsewhere in the desert. As it was on this day, Fox had come to the point where he had to cross the river in his travels. As he stood contemplating the best way to cross the river safely, Fox's life long enemy Scorpion came upon him and she began to talk to Fox.

"Fox, as I was walking along the river bank looking for food I noticed a particularly easy place to cross the river where the water is not so deep and not so swift. As it is, I would like to cross over myself also, but as I am so small it would be impossible. Would you be willing to take me across if I show you this place to cross the river?" asked Scorpion.

"Why should I take you across? How could I possibly trust you will not sting me on the way across as we have been life long enemies?" asked Fox.

"Why would I sting you? For if I stung you it would mean you would drown, then both of us would die." replied Scorpion.

Fox thought this over for a bit while carefully watching her with a distrustful eye. Eventually Fox said, "Show me where the place is and I will take you across."

"First place me on your back and then I will show you. For otherwise you may jump in and leave me behind once I show you." replied Scorpion.

Fox thought this over for a bit while carefully watching Scorpion with a distrustful eye. Then walked over to Scorpion and allowed her to climb onto his back. Scorpion directed Fox to where the river was not so deep nor so swift such that it was a safer place to cross over. As Fox was swimming across the river and had reached the middle of the river Fox felt a sharp stinging sensation on his back and realized it had been stung by Scorpion. Fox cried out, "How could you sting me; we shall both drown now?"

Scorpion replied, "It is better we should both perish than that my enemy should live."

The nature of the Scorpion is to sting, and when under stress all creation resorts to it’s innate nature, so the Scorpion will sting, that’s what it does. The Fox is known for its cleverness it uses on everyone so it gets so confident about its nature that it too will resort to its out-foxing nature, only under stress he will always out-fox himself in his own demise. IN-dependence, not OUT-dependence under stress will never disappoint any creation and will never become the demise of any creation. Marrying Holy Spirit inside at ZeroPoint energy of infinite possibilities always allows for unimaginable miracle acceptance of all possible manifestations that can come from inside our Heavenly ability to activate the light that can activate any form we need in this, our Holographic dream of moving picture pretending dreams away from mere, all inclusive Stillness.

One fun story of John the Baptist also may help take the sting out of my idea of marriage with Holy Spirit priority replacing our gender marriage 3rd Dimensional demise, is that eternal happiness comes from really letting go of our own devotion to creating more creation. John was a blustery energetic personality that continually expressed the importance of repenting our innate fear and guilt of separation, and he, even had more followers than his successor, Christ Consciousness. He must have figured out about the sting of all creation, and our demise comes from denying our fear and guilt of separation, but when his following asked of him “What now?”, his job was over and he said “Just wait and remain open, and you will see”.

Even Christ said first in summer camp at his Sermon on the Mount, that to remain, always open and teachable if you want to be a happy attitude, because at the first sign of arrogance of natural creation, your demise comes from lack of devotion and IN-dependence. Humility comes from devotion to Spirit, and from a happy “NOT knowing anything” attitude, just benevolent responsiveness so-flowing with Universal Love, that we transform into a misting fountain emerging within our ONENESS energetic eternal blue hue Halo.

When I recently agreed with my Scorpion-daughter to let go of a need to see each other as the Fox-Father, we let go of the innate nature of creation in favor of more devotion to Holy Spirit and our Creator. Forgiveness is teaching me that I don’t have to suck up to any creation, and it’s up to my daughter to forgive me for pretending to be bigger than life itself, as our old roles demanded our seeming demise together. Saint Francis said, as he threw his clothes at his clothier father’s feet “You are no longer my father, my Father abides within Heaven just within”.

We do not have to say yes to devotion to beguiling creation distractions from our innate freedom; we can say NO to remaining a hostage of anyone by just saying “I DO” to Holy Spirit through continual forgiveness prayers for others, that would only demand our demise. When we switch our allegiance from creation to our Creator, within, we will begin to let the dead bury the dead and say YES when Holy Spirit motions us to “Come, and become invisible, within with me”. “When we come to the edge of all we know, we must believe in one of two things: there will be Earth on which to stand; or; we will be given wings from praying hands to welcome freedom.”



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