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Monday, November 14, 2016

"Hidden in Plain Sight" - Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


 » November 14th, 2016




 » November 14th, 2016

You have not missed it... it has been HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT....

As Frank has been saying... they are doing things... just not explaining what they are doing...

"SO"... "you" understand MORE than you "think" you do...IMO...Purifiers

 » November 14th, 2016

Million dinars .. 50 infallible allocations outweigh Abadi allocations in the 2017 budget and Parliament's demands to "refusal

14th November, 2016 Long-Presse / Baghdad

I returned the citizen bloc in the House of Representatives, the allocation of 50 billion dinars budget 2017 to the Office of President of the Republic, and 39 other billion to disarm and integrate militias, is "unacceptable" and called for the guidance of those amounts is more important to the gates believes the needs of citizens, while surprised at national coalition of high value allocations presidency of the prime minister, has pledged to reduce those customizations if the doors to the "unnecessary."

The MP said the citizen's parliamentary bloc Mohammed Allkash in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The General Budget Law for the year 2017 included the allocation of 50 billion dinars in the Office of the President of the Republic," and urged "the Parliament Finance Committee to bear the legal and moral responsibility, which makes it imperative for them rejected the allocation of that amount at the time exacerbated the needs of citizens of that amount in the areas of security, health, education and salaries of employees and retirees. "

Allkash He added, "The budget bill also included the allocation of 39 billion dinars to the door of disarmament and integration of the militias, despite the confirmation of parliament that it had ended in the 2015 budget," returned to "the allocation of those amounts is unacceptable."

For its part the MP for the National Coalition Maysoon al said in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The surprising that the presidency allocations be more than the prime minister, although the commander of the armed forces has more than one section of the exchange," denying "the existence of try to touch the Presidency or Tsagatha by reducing the allocations. "

She called Damluji, from the "Select allocations presidency because of exchange gives details of the doors," indicating that "the Council of the Republic will reduce the allocations of the presidency if it needs is necessary."

He revealed a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jabbar Abdul Khaliq, Wednesday, (the ninth of November 2016), the allocation of large sums of money to the Office of President of the Republic within the overall budget of the next 2017, noting that the funds allocated are estimated at more than 50 billion dinars, which is five times more made for the Prime Minister's Office.

The House of Representatives will continue its discussions the draft general budget of the country's law in preparation for the second reading, and make some modifications to suit the economic conditions of the country LINK

 » November 14th, 2016

50 billion? At a PROGRAM rate, that's 50 million... some budget... I think they miscalculated.... at 1182-1, 50 billion dinars should be the lint in the bottom of their wallet... maybe it's not at 1182 in the budget Hmm I just had an epiphany... what if they raised the value of their currency and that's why the budget is only 50 billion... hmm because I think in 2014 their budget was 175 TRILLION which is about 150 billion DOLLARS.... divide 150 billion by 3... 50 billion... 2017 budget.... just a random thought... imo

 » November 14th, 2016

Hey Frank,

I've been in the background enjoying your teaching. I came across this on Twitter and I thought you would appreciate the magnitude of this tweet. Enjoy.

Mustafa al-Najafi (@MustafaNajafi) tweeted at 10:26 AM on Sat, Nov 12, 2016:
Representative of GA Sistani advices those visiting Karbala to donate 1000dinar (1 US Dollar) to Iraqi forces fighting #Daesh #ArbaeenWalk https://t.co/1MQVdQkzaa

Representative of GA Sistani advices those visiting Karbala to donate 1000dinar (1 US Dollar) to Iraqi forces fighting #Daesh#ArbaeenWalk pic.twitter.com/1MQVdQkzaa
— Mustafa al-Najafi (@MustafaNajafi) November 12, 2016

 » November 14th, 2016

THIS IS A WOW!!! Center of Mosul....National Alliance doc....
1000 IQD:1USD.... BAM!

 » November 14th, 2016

This looks like a great find, 1000 dinar to 1 dollar. If I remember correctly, Frank said in his opinion this was a target of sorts. It would make it easier to drop the zeros and go 1 to 1. It looks like plan continues to unfold, imo of course.

 » November 14th, 2016

CBI's loan for Iraqi private banks

Sunday November,13th

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) decided to grant Iraqi private banks a loan of one trillion dinars, Prime Minister's economic advisor Mudh'hir Mohammed Saleh stated.

He added that the loan will be distributed among the Iraqi private sector's banks in a "just manner and to administer these funds according to their abilities".

The funds will cover the small and medium projects in the Iraqi economy, following the complaints raised against the private bank, as he stated.


 » November 14th, 2016

1 Trillion dinars...or at the present rate...1 billion dollars...not really a lot of money divided amongst the banks to be loaned...unless... they are speaking in future tense...then this would be a whole new ball game...yeah that's the ticket...er...new rate plan!! You go Iraq...show the world who has all the wealth!!

CBI News and announcements

Inspect the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq , Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Keywords banker (United Investment and the Middle East , theIraqi Investment )


Gold bullion coins that will be on sale under which the prices Tuesday 2016 / 11 / 15 14/11/2016

To / licensed banks and money transfer companies ( foreign trade financing requests ) 14/11/2016

To / approved all banks and all money transfer companies ( banking awareness and protect the public controls ) 11/14/2016


 » November 14th, 2016

1st announcement translated :

Central Bank Governor inspects a number of banks
Inspect the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail stuck banker
) Inverters for investment and the Middle East, the Iraqi Investment (, accompanied in control director
Banking and credit Mr. Ahsan Shomran.
The visit included found at the work of the two banks and deal with the banking activities including
The dollar coin sale, stressing the need for mechanisms that compliance with laws Wa
Issued by the Central Bank for banks, stressing the continued support of this bank of banks including
It serves the financial and economic process for Iraq.

 » November 14th, 2016

Press Release -toukaa Iraq Stock Exchange Convention on the electronic trading system online trading investors remotely with Manaf Software Company

November 14, 2016 10:17

Iraq Stock Exchange formally signed the Convention on the electronic trading system via the Internet trading after investors with Manaf software company on Monday, November 14 2016. Agreement included a license to use the electronic trading system via the Internet for five brokerage firms active as a first stage are: urban, spring, Carmel, Mesopotamia, Elaf.

Implementation of the project plan includes the creation of the electronic system and the development of tasks and services that will allow the investor trading on the shareholding companies, bonds and any listed securities in the market through this system and via the Internet, like any investor, trading in the market hall. And organize all financial settlements and equity in accordance with procedures and instructions of the prevailing market.

Managers Commissioners for brokerage firms have received special training for management will be followed by another training for authorized and opened the door to train investors by brokerage firms and the Association of mediators money leaves to spread the culture of investment and expand its base by trading stocks and bonds from anywhere in the world. It is hoped the project officially launched during the first quarter of 2017 after completion of the binding mechanisms with the Iraq Stock Exchange systems and build the required access sites.


 » November 14th, 2016

Mandatory holiday for a week in the country and why !!


Millions of Iraqis stay in their homes and disrupted government departments and schools for a week, to coincide with the mourning ceremony to mark the death of Imam Hussein bin Ali, accompanied by tight security.

Although the peak of decrees Hosseinieh be in twenty zero day on 21 November current, which is the anniversary of the death of the martyrdom of Imam history Hussein but the early preparations and security measures tightened to protect visitors and processions Hosseinieh of terrorist acts take weeks before, where many roads close streets and security forces have been deployed heavily in the capital Baghdad and along the routes crowds of visitors heading toward the city of Karbala Imam Hussein shrine and the center of the ceremony Hosseinieh final gathering of visitors, in addition to deployment in sensitive positions and important intersections.

The government does not announce this week an official holiday, but it is imposed as a matter of actual fact repeated each year is always the disabled in government departments, universities, schools and staff and students accountable for all Gaabathm always because many of them taking part in the mourning ceremony Husseini.

Said Ahmed al-Dulaimi, a Baghdad resident in a press statement, said that most of the staff and students (non-Shiites), waiting for a week of Ashura to carry out many of the issues and the actions it is an opportunity to take the family on vacation to the resorts of northern Iraq, or repair some faults in homes or regular exchanges of visits with parents and friends who have access to them, while exploiting housewives and female private holiday in changing mattresses from summer to winter, such as carpet and raise air coolers and the creation of heaters and other household chores.

Dulaimi confirmed that the holiday opportunity for parents to dedicate themselves to follow their children to know the students and school levels, due to the many concerns of parents in normal times and the many obligations in reconciling work outside the home and provide the needs of the family.

The owners of shops and food markets in Baghdad and mentioned that shopping rates of food increased in the week before the death of Hussein, given that a lot of the roads are closed and difficult or can not shop owners, go to bring food as vegetables and fruits from the central markets located outside Baghdad, so it's best people buy a larger amount of food and equipment stored in refrigerators houses to meet the needs of the family during the holiday.

On the other hand, citizens who have urgent transactions in government departments, are working to be completed before the advent of the holiday because the staff can not ensure their presence in their constituencies during this period, is also keen patients, especially coming from outside Baghdad, on the order of their reviews to doctors or hospitals, so as not to affect holiday the course of treatment or the availability of medicines, particularly chronic and serious illnesses.

Followers It is estimated that one-third days of the year in Iraq, became public holidays and informal, mostly religious occasions, since the American occupation in 2003, which would result in a huge waste in times of doing business and the disruption is not justified in the interests of citizens and work productivity circles.


FrostyTheSnowman » November 14th, 2016

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