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Friday, November 4, 2016

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Project Ideas 11-4-16

All ideas submitted today regarding humanitarian projects will be added here. This post will move to the top of the main page every time a new idea is added. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"The Next Big Step is here" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Imagine your great ideas, spreading throughout the World in every country and town. This is the next step. After the Funds, come the Ideas, then comes the action. Let us utilize this information resource by both sharing our ideas there, and then implementing as many of them as we can.

Thank You Patrick for setting up this great Community Resource for us all to Help The World in the most efficient way we can. After the Money, Ideas for Projects is the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE COULD HAVE AND SHARE. I for one, am Very Grateful for this wonderful resource. My wish is that people are able to find enough ideas to match the funds they have available. 


Just post your ideas here on Dinar Chronicles by sending an email with your Ideas and plans to: UniversalOm432Hz@gmail.com Then we can all see them.


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Humanitarian Project Ideas for November 4, 2016

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:28 AM EDT on November 4, 2016

What project I would like to share is creating a way to transform births to a natural environment of the home or facility.

I midwifed while raising my kids who are now grown and were all born at home!

We need to educate and train midwives and to find a network of existing midwives to mentor this new program.

In each community, that has midwives to assist, we need to have accessible: an emergency birthing division! 

Staffed with doctors and personnel to deliver the most harmonious care to our moms and newborns!

There is so much more to develop this but anyone who this resonates with I would love an email!

Also, projects to establish our soils to get back to having a nutrient load again. Establish community gardens, hydroponics, aquaponics and other growing projects! Get the kids involved in gardening and healthy lifestyles!

The biggest things I wonder about is how can all the interested light workers out there, that want to help, find the projects that they would like to assist with developing! Setting up a network or is there one now that I do not know about?


Entry Submitted by James Chappell at 4:09 PM EDT on November 4, 2016

November 4, 2016
1:08 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

Without knowing who you are, it has been suggested that I mention to you my intentions of doing the following if and when the RV happens for several foreign currencies.

My name is Dr. James Chappell. I am multi-board certified as a chiropractic physician, traditional naturopath and social worker. I am also a clinical nutritionist, medical herbalist and formulation chemist with a Bachelor's degree in Science (Psychology). Since 1971, I have been a researcher and educator relative to natural healing and natural medicine. I currently live in Sedona, Arizona.

Once funded, I intend to buy a section of land (4 acres) wherein 200 Latino day laborers live with their families in old trailers and are about to be evicted if the land sells to yet another shopping center developer. I intend to build an Eco village with new apartments and buildings made of all green material such as magnesium board, well water, vegetable gardens and over unity devices to supply free to almost free energy for these people. I intend to duplicate this village in every county in the United States and with ongoing funds, help partially subsidize this venture.

My second project is an Advanced Naturopathic Medicine & Mobile Health Clinic for our indigenous tribes throughout the United States. This will be a 32' to 40' trailer converted into a clinic and pulled by a pick up truck. Each mobile clinic will be equipped with state of the art medical devices and natural healing products. Once successful, I intend to duplicate this mobile clinic to be placed in every county in the country.

My third project is to build a music studio and vinyl record manufacturing facility to teach disenfranchised youth a vocation, but more importantly create a vehicle to have experienced councilors and therapists help young people make better choices in their life to including abstaining from drug use and aberrant behavior. I talk about this in my new book, Inside the Vortex, which happens to be about energetic signatures including the Solefeggio Scale and the 432 Hz or number 9 connection to the Universe. I intend to duplicate this project throughout every county in the country.

I apologize if I have reached the wrong person to share this information with. A very dear friend of mine asked me to email you. I am merely filling that request.


Dr. James Chappell
(480) 588-8651

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:35 PM EDT on November 4, 2016

from anonymous, more on effective philanthropy:

One note on homelessness (housing and feeding the homeless is job one, I think, then we can deal with the rest of it): House the addicts even while they are addicted. People used to think that folks shouldn't be given housing until they quit drinking or drugging themselves, believing the addicts would quit in order to get housing. Problem is, while from a moral or even logical standpoint it seems right, it doesn't work. Why? Because living on the street is so stressful they can't kick their addictions. That's the reality of what happens. Studies now show that if you house them first, more of them can calm down and with lots of social support gradually kick their inner fears enough to then kick their addictions. Not all of them, but a lot more of them can and will end their addictions - only AFTER they are housed. So please bear it in mind when helping the homeless addicts.

Mercy is not mere enabling in this case, it is loving wisdom to give them more of a chance of kicking their addictions, permanently. Remember also, all addicts are somebody's children. Addicts are just people like ourselves whose brains have snagged due to a bad decision. If we're honest with ourselves, the vast majority of us are addicted to something - sugar? tv? gaming? running? Our brains sabotage us quite frequently into addictions, so let's get off this moral superiority juice our egos love to feed upon. Had we encountered their lives, we might very well be just like those people we denigrate so casually. They deserve help. Let's help them.

The millions of addicts in America alone need several things:

1. lots more available treatment centers (free to users, as addicts are of course poor) using effective, humane methods, with real doctors and nurses and psychologists and medically equipped detox units, to help them withdraw and get their feet back under them emotionally

2. living situations which create more social connection between people, which is the key to healing AND PREVENTING addictions of all kinds. I envision the African compound or village model in which addicts live in houses which are grouped together, with a large central kitchen and organic community garden and chlorine-free fresh well water, so they get healthy food and water, outside time and sunlight daily, have game nights together, group therapy sessions, personal therapy sessions, a volleyball field and gymnasium for basketball for exercise year round - and most importantly HUMAN CONNECTION. If you have to eat dinner with people, you can't isolate and sink into hopelessness - humans will befriend and support each other, it is our nature as a species.

These kinds of healthful villages would be good for any humans needing housing, in fact - not just addicts.

More supportive villages along this line would be especially good for the mentally ill as well, by including more psychological counseling, a doctor on call, and prayer groups. There are vast numbers of mentally ill people living on the streets who need support and treatment. It isn't their fault the organ that malfunctions in their body happens to be their brain. (Nobody has thrown the diabetics out on the street because their pancreases malfunction.) People suffering mental illness are going through enough hell emotionally without having to cope with homelessness and lack of support on top of it.

What else urgently needs hydration? Limiting human overpopulation! That is critically important, assisting earth's ecology vastly - as long as we also end mankind's endless material cravings for crap we don't need, and as long as we quit producing things that cannot be recycled. Let's promote only sustainable products, since earth has been ruined too much as it is and the Pacific has a plastic junk island the size of Texas floating in it. And put out a lot of information videos and celebrities promoting the necessity of this shift.

Let's also promote birth control availability worldwide; it is urgently needed There are too many humans crowding out all the other beings God put here to share earth with us. Extinctions of other living things are at levels never recorded since the dinosaurs went out. Simply providing condoms freely, worldwide, to anyone who wants them would be a MAJOR gift to the healing of the earth and the economic well-being of families, as nobody can get on top of their finances and their lives when adding a new baby to their brood every 9 months throughout the mother's fertile years.

(Any day now, I expect God to rescind his "be fruitful and multiply" order. That was post-deluge. Now the deluge is too many people instead! Time to focus on good stewardship of His garden instead, to care for the earth's waters, trees, ecosystems, animals, and plants.)

Part of our stewardship needs to be to protect seeds that reproduce, instead of Monsanto/Bayer's monstrosities. Contributing fire-proof vaults in radiation-proof buildings to house the collection, and money to go get and safely store seeds from all over the world is urgently needed. There should not just be one seed storage place for these precious genetic marvels. Preservation of seeds, particularly those of food crops, is vital due to current climate crop hazards, drought, flooding, temperature variations... many useful vegetable types (types adapted to extremes of climate or soil types) have already been lost forever due to mass agriculture's monoculturing. The seed repository I once supported has burned down; and Monsanto has been buying up heirloom seeds in their attempt to control world food supply. This must be countered and Monsanto reined in.

Also, if our goal is to lift up the billions of desperately poor peoples all over the world as quickly as possible and as effectively as possible, we need to remember some interesting research. (Yes, philanthropists have studied these things, not all rich people are evil.)

It has been learned that when money is given to desperately poor women, they think first of advancing the well-being of their families. They think about investing in the future for their family and their village, starting a home business doing sewing or basket making, for instance. They of course also highly prioritize getting the kids fed and educated. They save up to take the kids to doctors when the children are sick, too. (Yet another good way to spend money - get basic medical care available to all rural areas, perhaps by training their best and brightest and returning them to their people as doctors and lawyers?)

Sadly, it has been found that in most poor countries when the money is handed to the men, they don't think ahead for their families' medical or educational needs or even how they are all to get fed. Most men go drink and gamble away the money. They've just not been raised to think highly enough of women and children to care much about their well-being, much less about their advancement.

Women use the money better in poor countries, according to what I have learned. They tend to to buy food and clothing and shelter and education - and birth control (not abortions, birth control), thereby managing to more often raise only as many kids as they can reasonably afford to raise healthily and educate. Those directions of spending lift the family and in time the entire village.

Because of the way they have been raising men and women under traditional patriarchy and religious concepts of male superiority (which is still the model in most poor countries), women are raised with a "service to others" orientation, while men are more entitled and think first from a "service to self" orientation.

It is my hope we can restore the healthier balance to both genders through education and through giving more money to women. Most women in poor countries are trapped economically in marriages to abusive and/or violent men, simply because they have no place to go and no economic options. Raising the financial well-being of women has proven to bring about more equality AND raise the economic wellbeing of the entire village much faster than handing it over to the men.

I like to think American men think more about their families when given money, but I have also seen echoes of this patriarchal pattern in the American South, though not to the degree it occurs overseas. (Most women in America, for example, are still doing the lion's share of the child rearing, all the housecleaning, most or all of the cooking, and in most cases also working a full time job or several part time jobs to make ends meet for the family. This model is simply unbalanced.)

So before you just hand out money to the poor, give a bit of thought about their nature. if you give a bar of gold to an ant, it will simply crush him. Give it to the women and it is more likely to be well spent, in addition to promoting gender equality. Why does gender equality matter? Because without it, you have cases like China, where millions of baby girls have been murdered; and India, where there are roving packs of young males preying on the few available women, due to infanticide of girls. The lack of enough women is imbalancing those countries psychologically and behaviorally. Women have been kept poor for thousands of years; it is time to set this right, not just in the name of fairness but because female energies are needed in the world to maintain balance. (Our voices need to be heard to balance the overly war-prone male perspective on conflict resolution, for instance.)

One bank that I would like to see funded (never thought I would say that, but this isn't a regular bank) is the Women's Bank, which gives micro-loans to poor women so they can start home businesses (by buying a sewing machine, for instance). Then generations from now, when our funding eventually runs out, there will still be a robust presence in the world to help women keep climbing up to eventual equality in those destitute and patriarchal cultures.

Finally, let's look at America's gigantic prison populations. America has more people incarcerated than numerous other countries combined. It has become an industry, with for-profit companies providing horrific living conditions to mainly African Americans through the school-to-prison pipeline. Our prisons don't change people for the better - some countries' prisons actually do. Rehabilitation can be real. Let's learn how they are getting people to change and implement those programs. When you treat people like worthless animals, they behave like worthless animals - we can do better, but it will take money to make those changes occur.

We can use our money to examine why so many Americans - particularly African Americans - are in prison so we can change these problems at their roots. No country should have this many people in prison. Let's improve our justice system which is full of unjustly applied law from start to finish (from who gets arrested, to whether they get charged, to whether they go to trial, to whether they get a decent defense lawyer, to whether they are convicted, to whether they get a long or short sentence - all these are proven to be weighted against African Americans. That needs to be changed, and I think it will take money to promote those changes.)

And our money can help to free the innocent. Sadly, some people are actually innocent but in prison.

And frankly I think we need to free the pot smokers, because their crime is not that major and more importantly we need them working. We must get those of working age back into the work force because with the aging of the American population we now have huge numbers of elders drawing money out of Social Security but very few working people paying into the system. It's untenable. Even for the criminals who have to stay in prison because they are dangerous, at least let us put them to work with a decent wage so they contribute into the system and can start a new legal life when they get out.

Love animals? Care about the web of life? Or even the food chain we rely upon? 50% of mammals are predicted to be extinct by 2050 - the list is so long it is horrifying! Folks, if they go, we go. You read about the food chain in school - it's real.

And how will we explain to our grandchildren why there are no more polar bears, lions, tigers, orcas, manatees, wolverines, elephants, rhinos, etc.? (And those are just a few of the mammals - we also need to protect amphibians and reptiles and bees and...).

Large preserves and wildlife corridors must be purchased, and in the case of elephants and rhinos, protected with more armed protection against poachers. The endangered species lists are so many, vast miles of preserves and no-hunting-allowed corridors will be needed - and trophy hunting must be outlawed.

Ecosystems holding plant diversity and critter diversity all around the world also need to be preserved to help save plant and tree and lesser known species from disappearing forever (The Nature Conservancy is a good charity for this, by the way, which works out agreements with landowners and also purchases lands for protection.)

These urgently needed purchases to protect God's plants and animals will require vast sums of money, but we must provide God's earth garden the stewardship it needs at this time - for their sake but also for ours. Things have gone too far already ecologically, but we must save what we can to keep the interdependent chain of life on earth operating. Climate issues and habitat loss are crashing the web of life, but this money can turn the tide.

We also need air to breathe. The jungles must be protected and trees must be planted. Indigenous peoples need their land back, and protection if they need it. Local poor people need to be given other ways to make a living besides burning down more rainforests for a scant year's worth of crop growing on the shallow soil.

Technology and people to use it must be paid for to clean the radiation out of the Pacific, and toxins from water and land everywhere. And Fukushima, obviously, must be plugged - it is still leaking tons of radiation daily into the Pacific, killing sea life of all kinds. Scientists and in-the-field folks will get jobs that way too.

All forms of sea life - plants, animals, corals - will need great financial support to be regenerated as well - a dead sea leads to a dead earth. If you love the ocean, please support her well-being. Those will be jobs for people, doing that restoration work.

Laws need to be lobbied for which will protect the earth and her waters, as has begun in South America. That means paying people to lobby. Lobby for water as a basic right of humans and nature, don't let corporations buy it up as a commodity. Let us lobby on behalf of the people and the earth for a change, rather than greedy corporations sociopathically focused on profits alone. Change all kinds of bad law that is not in the interest of earth or our children. Those are jobs.

Start a valid, reliable media again. That will take some money to create, but it is badly needed. A truly free press that fact-checks itself and reports just the facts of a situation rather than pontificates or propagandizes or editorializes (none of which is the kind of journalism we need most - we have so many opinions dressed up as reporting now, and most of it turns out to be lies.) Start some ethical news stations without propagandistic agendas - those will be jobs.

America's infrastructure needs a lot of help - the electric grid is teetering, bridges are dangerous, roads in poor repair. jobs, jobs, jobs for all!

Solar and wind technology and earth-friendly housing can replace mobile homes and shacks. Provide the technology freely and let's put an end to fossil fuels and fracking asap!

If none of this is ringing you bell, remember we also need to establish the many support situations these vast numbers of elder boomers will need for their aging years - more home health care (rural and urban), more wonderful retirement communities which they can afford to live in, and more money to simply live on in their old age! All are urgently needed and that will only increase over the next couple of decades. This can provide many jobs, as well.

Finally, let's provide jobs for our American artists and writers. Other countries support their artists and writers, and we should too. Ever wonder why movie makers are remaking old movies over and over? We are no longer fostering creativity or hiring creatives. Creativity was once America's strong suit - let's restore that! Provide grants and awards and free retreats for painters, sculptors, writers, poets, musicians, songwriters, dancers...

Restore the arts to our schools, too; for unless kids get interested in art or music or writing then, they never consider pursuing those careers. They never take up an instrument or learn modern dance. Those careers too are needed, lest our culture perish from loss of spirit and joy and beauty. We need bread but also roses.

Thank you for reading this far. Your beautiful, generous heart will be a blessing to humanity for all time, and I think God will say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." I want to hear those words when I arrive home. That's my goal. I hope it's yours too.

All my love!

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:14 PM EDT on November 4, 2016

The Global Freedom Fest

Our idea and concept are all laid out on our website, http://Globalfreedomfest.earth

The funding involves creating a new type of trust, that is funded by the public, as a public trust, with the public being the ultimate beneficiaries.
The idea is simple, but the project is global in scope.

Robert L. Cook III (Stash)



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