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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Projects for November 2016

"The Next Big Step is here" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Imagine your great ideas, spreading throughout the World in every country and town. This is the next step. After the Funds, come the Ideas, then comes the action. Let us utilize this information resource by both sharing our ideas there, and then implementing as many of them as we can.

Thank You Patrick for setting up this great Community Resource for us all to Help The World in the most efficient way we can. After the Money, Ideas for Projects is the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE COULD HAVE AND SHARE. I for one, am Very Grateful for this wonderful resource. My wish is that people are able to find enough ideas to match the funds they have available. 


Just post your ideas here on Dinar Chronicles by sending an email with your Ideas and plans to: UniversalOm432Hz@gmail.com Then we can all see them.


Humanitarian Project Ideas for the Month of November 2016

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:37 PM EST on November 13, 2016

The infrastructure of the US is in sad shape and needs immediate help. This will provide thousands of jobs and will cost in the vicinity of $10 Trillion USN to revitalize roads, bridges, dams, sidewalks, airports, air traffic control centers, parks and other as yet unidentified structures.

In addition the Power grid is also in sad shape and needs to be upgraded to provide EMP resistant electricity to everyone at a low rate with newer technologies that may not be coal or oil dependent but may be along the lines of some of the Tesla inventions and their follow-ons or other non- invasive/non-polluting types of technologies. The cost of this will be in the vicinity of another $10 Trillion USN.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at (N/A) on November 16, 2016

Hybrids for Highlanders 


1. Project Background and Description

It has come to our attention that there are quite a lot of people up here in the mountain that have trouble securing employment due to lack of transportation, especially in the winter months. We propose to purchase Hybrid SUVs from car dealers and give them to residents, one for each family. It will be done by raffling off 10-50 hybrid vehicles every month (depending on how fast their production/ they can supply our demand will be) until every local family have one. The recipients will be given a new vehicle with one year of insurance and maintenance for the first year.

2. Project Scope

The hybrid vehicles will be purchased through a fleet program and held at the dealer, awaiting pickup by the selected recipients. Insurance will be prepared by local insurance brokers for each vehicle. Vehicle license and registration will be paid for initially by the foundation. A fleet maintenance program will be set up with local mechanics. All fuel and tires will be the responsibility of the recipients. After one year, the winner assumes responsibility for insurance, maintenance and registration.

3. Requirements

· All applicants will be required to possess a valid driver’s license and be legal to drive.

· All applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

· All applicants will need to show income level.

· All applicants must be able to prove residence status.

· Cost of vehicles around $50,000 each.

· Cost of insurance $1200 each.

· Misc. cost: Tax, license and maintenance.

4. Affected Parties

This program will help families to acquire and hold employment through the Winter. This program will also generate income for local insurance brokers and vehicle mechanics.
5. Specific Exclusions from Scope

Any damage they may result from improper use of vehicles is excluded.

6. Implementation Plan

Once funding is acquired, the time of implementation should be minimal. Raffle drawing will be done every month until every family has been awarded with one. Vehicles would be ordered and be in stock and picked up by the recipients. The entire process should take 1-2 years, again depending on how fast the car dealers could supply the demand.

Emerald Phoenix Foundation
Project Scope 


1. Project Background and Description

This nonprofit corporation, Emerald Phoenix Foundation, is the result of seeing the need for a new direction for the youth of our society. We first created Emerald Energy Healing LLC. This business served as the starting point of providing Reiki healing and classes, the core of what we do. We then designed a program called “EMERALD KIDS” as the purpose and mission of Emerald Phoenix Foundation. Through our Emerald Kids program, we intend to let the student reconnect with their inner self, their higher power, their fellow man and with nature. We accomplish this through classes and workshops, such as Meditation, Yoga, Martial Arts, Energy Healing (Reiki), Gardening, Art, Music etc. We have an ever-expanding curriculum. We add or subtract content as the needs change of the student body. 

2. Project Scope

Emerald Phoenix Foundation is working to create a program that we can implement as a Homeschool program, an In-school program, and an Afterschool program. We are working on a program that addresses Special Needs children also. To do this, we look to purchase a large parcel of land to be used in the construction of a Training and Healing Center in the mountain community of Big Bear, Ca. This center will serve as a model for future facilities that we plan on creating in different locations. Each facility would have a staff comprised of as many local workers as possible. This includes trained professional educators, healers, instructors as well as grounds keeping, hospitality and maintenance crews. We not only want to educate and train children, we want to educate and train adults and provide jobs for the surrounding communities.
3. High-Level Requirements

The requirements for this endeavor are as follows:

· Financial means to purchase land and construct the diverse grounds and lodging compound

· Finances to operate the center. Such as utility and maintenance costs.

· Finances to hire and maintain high level staff.

· Finances to purchase our existing building.

4. Affected Parties

The construction of our Training and Healing Center will provide jobs to local construction companies. Local Utility companies will also need to provide sufficient infrastructure to support our ongoing needs. Specialty companies will be awarded contracts to provide alternative sources of energy. Solar energy, private wells for water supply etc.

5. Implementation Plan

The immediate plan is to expand what we are currently doing, (Energy healing classes, Yoga classes, Guided Meditation classes, Natural healing through Ayurveda and Homemade Remedies etc.) in our current location. We will expand into vacant suites in our current building while we construct our Training and Healing Center. This will involve the purchase of our current building. The hiring and screening of qualified staff will commence immediately, upon receipt of funding of project. Our existing building would then serve as corporate headquarters for both entities. Emerald Phoenix Foundation and Emerald Energy Healing LLC. 

6. High-Level Timeline/Schedule

We anticipate that we will have a functional Training and Healing Center within two years of receiving the required funding. In the interim, we will utilize the current setting to build our program. Once the Center is able to be occupied, we can start the migration process. We most likely will have a Grand Opening by hosting a season of Retreats and Camps for adults and separate dates for children.

Entry Submitted by Mahmi Shae at 6:50 PM EST on November 17, 2016

I am going to help NICU families with lodging, transportation, helping them adjust their home, get medical equipment/surgeries that they may need and cannot afford.

I am also going to assist families with children that have special needs. Especially single parents. Because this is such a wide spectrum when it comes to needs, I am remaining flexible on how I can help

I am not sure if this is the right format, but I wanted to include my projects. I would love to do more but my daughter has special needs and I am always present for her and I do not want that to change, so this would be an awesome opportunity for someone to be my assistant

I am excited and thank you Patrick. You are such a Blessing

Mahmi Shae


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:59 PM EST on November 17, 2016

Empowering the community to "heal" certain problems

Thank you DC for providing the means to learn more about ways to help humanity.

I would like to employ practitioners of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), also called Thought Field Therapy, to hold free classes (this would be a single session) in the community, teaching the technique (for their own use) and giving them a good understanding of the many, various problems that can be dealt with, in an extremely short period of time, in some cases with one or two sessions. Some of the cases the public can use this therapy for, are ridding themselves of unreasonable fears (fear of water, spiders, snakes etc.) and phobias as much more. They are then opened up to the possibility of going to a qualified practioner to resolve deep issues such as PTSD and all types of abuse, including sexual abuse. I would also arrange funding for those clients who cannot afford to pay for the therapy.

This therapy overcomes traumatic effects of events and thus would have a significant beneficial effect on the mental health of those who choose to get involved. I would be prepared to pay for interested people to become practitioners. These people would then be able to give free lectures, teaching more people how to use the therapy and at the same time drumming up clients who need to have professionally-qualified treatment for deep psychological issues. I would advertise the lectures/classes through letter-box drops and community service announcements, as well as approaching various clubs or organizations.

This technique overcomes the need for dangerous and harmful meds used for extended periods/forever and very costly, long and often unsuccessful psychiatric visits and the continued trauma that that entails. For more info about this technique, go to www.emofree.com .

I live in Australia and it is even hard to find a practitioner using this therapy at the moment. It really is time for people to look at the significant benefits of techniques such as this one, to overcome not only small problems, but major issues such as PTSD and abuse, which in many cases, mainstream fails to remedy.

One who looks forward to helping humanity.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:34 PM EST on November 18, 2016

1. My husband, now deceased, and our Ministry partners envisioned and had plans for manufacturing a clay block that uses an additive and compression (not fired) to form a nearly indestructible block for building all sorts of structures including homes. These blocks will be manufactured to fit together much like Legostm . Structures built from these blocks will be very energy efficient, insect proof, fire proof, water proof, sound proof and will resist earthquakes and high winds up to 240 MPH. The Lord has recently given us the land on which to build the manufacturing facility.

2. My husband, Bob, long had a vision of a place here in Birmingham, Al where people could come and get whatever they need. A former mall is for sale and we would like to turn that and the car lot near it into such a place. This would give people a place to get food, clothing, autos, jobs, trucks, tools, education, The Word, medical attention, nutritional guidance and vitamins, home repairs, auto repairs and other things they might require.

3. We want to rehab the homes in Woodlawn area of Birmingham and create a community location in the former Elizabeth Gibson Elementary School that is for sale. This center would be a wonderful location for after school programs and potentially for a female/family treatment center. We want to buy up any foreclosed properties or lots that are available and rehab the houses in conjunction with Doer’s of The Word’s Care Center, an addiction treatment center, to offer to people at a reasonable price with rational financing or gifting to those in need of housing. We also want to rehab the Doer’s of The Word’s Care Center and Pastor’s home.

4. We want to buy up foreclosed and/or dilapidated homes in various locations around the Birmingham area and rehab/replace those homes for resale to people.

5. We want to buy the former ARC center in Birmingham and turn it into a location for good family entertainment and day care for working families. This center has a cafeteria, an auditorium, a playground and a large parking lot.

6. Jesus Loves You Ministry, in Port Charlotte Florida, offers food, showers, clothing, tents, counsel and other needs to those that are homeless in that area. They want to expand and be able to offer rooms/apartments to those who need them. There is a lot nearby the current center that they want to acquire to build the rooms/apartments. Their staff also needs some housing and other items. They also need an RV and tow car for respite times for the staff.

The above items will provide more than 2,000 jobs and will cost in the neighborhood of $450 million.


Entry Submitted by NewEarth777 at 4:29 PM EST on November 18, 2016


I've been following your channel for awhile now along with "Higher Self" and many others for over a year now. Due to the "hell" on earth I've experienced, I wasn't expecting that I would be able to provide any assistance to others since I felt too weak to do anything. I felt that all I would need to do is to heal myself and get my own life back on track. To tell you the truth, my life is completely topsy turvey at the moment, and I will need some time to get back on track for myself and my children. However, Divine Spirit insisted that I write down all of the things I wanted to do to help humanity, especially now I that I have divine wisdom.  Now that I've started my list, the ideas just seem to continusouly flow, enabling me to work up a can do attitude. Now, I just can't wait to get the ball rolling because I have "real purpose" in my life.  There is so much to do and this is only the beginning! 

However, going back to the currency conversion question. Would I be able to do this with my USD? Or, do I have to purchase ZIMM to get the best rates? I thought I was too late to do this, and then I saw someone else ask about it earlier today. What would be the easiest and/or best option(s) do you think? 

There is so much to do in the world, that's is not funny. My list is too expansive and beyond measure, now I know why Spirit wanted me to do this. I'm not stressing, since I know we will each experience miracles of moving mountains.

Please let me know what web platform(s) going forward people are going to partake in so that we can work together and be the Divine Think Tank for various missions projects across the globe. 

A couple of big deal example cases I would like to see implemented are the following:

I would like to see a set of people dedicated to ensuring the enactment of the proper GESARA and NESARA laws in the future, and to make sure the govt abides by all of it, not picking and choosing what they would like to implement.

Thus, allow the transfer of power be with the people and not with the government. It will be up to us, "The People" to take back our power. The government will not do this on their own. We will need to hire spiritually based Judges, Lawyers and Accountants that understand the bigger picture of humanity to help us achieve this (case in point Ana von Reitz). 

Another item I would like to see, is that a separate set of people will need to work together to keep an eye on the people of the Cabal, Illuminati etc, so that they are not able to allowed to control us again. This will have to be a people's militia of source. I don't want to depend "on the govt" to do this work. 

There is so much more but I digress here. I know I'm only speaking to the choir. 

Thank you for all that you have done. 



Entry Submitted by VisionKeepers at 10:39 AM EST on November 19, 2016

Namaste all.

Are you ready? If you, like I, have been procrastinating on getting your projects in order, then are we not part of the funding delay? Of course we are! 

In the Spirit of sharing and Unity consciousness, here is what I have put together. Feel Free to adopt, or tweek any ideas for your own lists. Let's Be Ready, and Make It So!

Project Ideas


purchase large rehab houses,: staff , employ and shelter homeless throughout rehab process

network, by skills, and employ…carpentry to storyteller…(employ creative writers to capture stories)

create employment by community garden (homeless helping homeless)

fund tuition and living costs for trade schools

the homeless are experts at living on the streets. Their experiences could be valuable to organizatioons that work in third world countries. Match them up and fund the adventure.


free Uber services

link grandparents with foster children and animals

transcribe their stories

create community classes from the sharing of their skills

fund medical co-pays for those on limited budgets, consult for transitioning to natural medications

fund and provide legal services and council where financial circumstances would prohibit it

fund caretakers for companionship, chores, cooking, special needs

fund handymen and women to do yard clean-ups, house maintenance and repairs


fund existing farms to switch to organic methods, and pay off any outstanding debts, and pay wages to any nearly hired staff to help them do so, for the first year

fund new organic farms, pay living wages for the 1st year

fund Permaculture farms and communities, hire qualified teachers and place at least 1 within the community

Moringa oleifera Lam. plantations in all areas habitable for it

Banana plantations (rainforest/care2)


free neutering for domestic animals (free schooling anyone desiring vet. license) funded, jobs created

all shelters become no kill—all private no kill shelters are funded

rescue sanctuaries are funded and created as needed

free vet care and complete funding for elders to have companion animals

immediately stop all animal testing


100% accessible for all (jjk) potentially employ 10s of 1000s …post sort….free containers

Earth Friendly/community:

All community parks filled with native plants, ecosystems for insects, birds, critters, people, concentrating on edibles: Permaculture practices.

Community gardens

Seed saving, seed swap, plant swap…network and organize WorldWide

fund and Sponsor those who have heart but lack funds to pledge. (.http://www.milliontreescampaign.com/)


Permaculture schools and communities created and funded. Employ like-minded people, educate and train and send them out with start-ups. Free classes for anyone who wants to learn, class hours and experience in field to encompass neighborhood clean-up, beautification and sustainability.

Every willing adult learns to read. Fund tutors for in home (or choice of location) on their schedule.

Montessori or better for our children, tuition free

Support re-vamping school systems with unity mindedness

Arts (and Humanities)

employ creative writers to capture stories—focus on Veterans, elderly, disabled, etc.

Employ artists to create their art, in whatever artistic medium they are passionate about, in community centers everywhere, but start in underprivileged neighborhoods. Purchase and create centers as needed. Fund staff.

Indigenous Peoples

Music Department in every school (employs musicians) and educates children, add pm adult classes

Hemp farming and processing on all poorest reservation (start here, go worldwide). Build manufacturing plants. Self-sufficiency and self-sustainment, employment, trade, income will be attained for the people, while holding to their spiritual beliefs.

Build proximity homes at Sacred stone Camp, Standing Rock (will nullify rights of access) for elders

In loving service, now & forever,



Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:26 PM EST on November 19, 2016

Eco Friendly Solar/Electric Cars for all of Humanity, Humanitarian Project Idea


Citizens of the world

Envision Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of SpaceX CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors Chairman of SolarCity Co-chairman of OpenAI and all other car manufacturers working on Eco friendly cars, making the announcement worldwide to replace all gas cars around the world and to gift an Electric/Solar Eco Friendly Tesla car to each man, woman and child(for when they are old enough to drive) so that we bring forth a healthier footprint for future generations.

Envision all eco friendly Car manufacturers, like Tesla Cars, receiving the funds to do so, for announcements to be made worldwide and for every other car manufacturer following in these footsteps.

Envision Eco and Solar charging stations all around planet Earth, replacing all Gas stations worldwide and for all Eco cars to charge in short amounts of time so that each person can get to their desired location in time.

For example:

"Dear Citizens of Planet Earth,

envision all the people of the world driving Eco Friendly Electric and Solar Cars, bringing forth conscious awareness by being more eco friendly in your daily life and leaving a healthier footprint for Future Generations."

Now imagine and think big:

An average Tesla car is about 45K.

45 000 multiplied by more or less 7 billion(people in the world)

Equals (=) 315 000 000 000 000 (Trillion) dollars ( $ ). The amount needed for a Eco Friendly (Electric and Solar) Tesla car for every man woman and child on the planet.




Entry Submitted by Silvia Moser at 8:20 AM EST on November 22, 2016

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

I ask her for a project which is great and very important for people

Humanitarian and social innovative housing project in Austria and Upper Austria

Village community - "rosegarden" - Together instead of lonely and for freedom, love, light and respectful intercourse.

It is about land purchase and development of a beautiful, modern, innovative large village which itself by
Best innovations in construction, energy sector, water / own wells, state-of-the-art heating systems and ecology -....
An affordable, living and independent living in the together _ Singles, mothers with children, students, family and, of course, seniors.
Village life with guest house, sales stores, house for childs, art and culture, security and much more.

Furthermore, there is to be a house of health, which is, of course, accessible to the general public, to the health and recovery of people according to the latest methods and researches.

Of course there should also be space for animals in need and stables.... this is very good for people and children

Furthermore, different gardens and fruit and vegetables are grown

The first project is to be allowed in Upper Austria as soon as possible. More to follow later.
A foundation will start founded

A study can be made later, and even more larger projects can be made worldwide.
I would like to implement this first project in 2 phases, and in the 2nd phase also other humanitarian as well as social plan.

I would like to ask her to include my human project and to implement her recommended 80/20 rule.

Thank you in advance

There will be great joy for all people

Translated by google

Best regards

Silvia Moser
Gugelzipf 5
4932 Kirchheim
E Mail - s.moser@inext.at


Entry Submitted by WCG at 11:17 AM EST on November 22, 2016

Humanitarian Project
Renascer Brasil - Nuclei of love and prosperity

It consists of cells that encompass and correct many of the problems observed in Brazil. This is an unpromising country with health, education, security. Inefficient, corrupt, demagogic social policies, aiming only at the illicit enrichment of the dominant elites.
This humanitarian project seeks to correct the failures of a government completely blind to the nation's social interests.

A) Key targets:

1) poor class, favelados, street beggars
2) Ribeirinha population
3) unemployed class
4) abandoned children in daycare centers
5) old abandoned in nursing homes

B) Description of the project- reborn Brazil:

The project consists of the acquisition of large areas close to the municipalities where interconnected nuclei will be implanted with the objective of individual and collective growth of the needy population, fundamental targets. They will comprise the following nuclei:
1) educational nucleus: classrooms (literacy, high school, technical education) completely integrated with nature. With teachers receiving worthy and enthusiastic wages, completely lovingly involved with the mission of restoring a new world based on love and charity.
2) sports nucleus: where students can practice various sports and develop a sense of team and discipline based on mutual collaboration and teaming.
3) artistic nucleus: they will have classes and incentives in the areas of: music, painting, theater, dance, poetry, artistic drawing, regional folklore development, etc.
4) Leisure nucleus: swimming pools, outdoor concerts, playground, storytellers for children and the elderly, dance room, projection room, etc.
5) Feeding nucleus: restaurants, where students and staff will have balanced meals. Trained by trained professionals, where they will be served breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.
6) health center: complete hospitals, equipped with high-generation equipment and trained professionals with decent wages.
7) nucleus living nature: incentive to the cultivation of community gardens, lectures involving knowledge and loving respect for mother Gaia.
8) Social nucleus: illuminating lectures will be given on good social relations, social equality, humanitarian awareness, the importance of mutual help, gratitude, fraternity, the importance of loving relationships, among others, etc. Each family of employees will receive a salary equivalent to U $ 3000 per month, as well as complete remodeling of their residences, providing a decent life to the members of the families involved in the project, as well as correction of all water and sewage infrastructure.

6) required professionals: teachers in different areas, psychologists, therapists, doctors, dentists, engineers, architects, physiotherapists, musicians, etc.

This is only a brief summary of this project, which can be used across the nation. God enlighten us and keep us. namaste

Wagner Coutinho Grossi


Entry Submitted by White-Lion at 1:30 PM EST on November 22, 2016

My wonderful Christian Friends from Dinarland :

I been hearing the sad-sad stories in the news about the children dying in a School Bus-Crash In Tennessee State. and many other children suffering in the hospital ,as doctors do there job in trying to bring 
just the right healing to the children. 

I had enough of this evil suffering ,because of the evil -elites treating our children like cattle in cattle-trailer buses.

It's time to end this cattle-car system of sending children to our tax-paid schools !!!

I want to build new buses that have not just seat-belts , but also to have bucket-seats with seat-belts for all 
children in the new school buses. WE NEED TO DO (CRASH TESTS) WITH THE NEW -BUSES AS WELL.

If anyone has any new ideas ,please write to us.

also please feel to rewrite this letter to better form mat if you feel it is needed.

White -Lion
Zim - Holder


Entry Submitted by PK at 1:30 PM EST on November 22, 2016

Health ideas for giving, post rv

Film series: Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You

I’ve been watching this film series online.

As a result, I’ll will be doing some projects I had not anticipated.


Although I’ve know about the impact of poor diet and toxins on health, because I’ve experienced this personally, I didn’t realize how impacted so many people are by this. I thought I was just the “canary in the coalmine” regarding toxins, and that most people were 'getting by' relatively unscathed. But after watching the video, I believe otherwise.

Children in Mexico City are showing early signs of Alzheimer due to this city’s toxic air; they already show plaque in their brains caused by the chemical soup they breathe. One man discovered his exhaustion and illness was the result of remodeling his home 6 months earlier; the extra chemical load in his body was wrecking havoc on his health, since chemicals are endocrine disruptors. Autism rates are higher if a child lives close to a busy road, because of the toxic air. I’ve also read that there is a correlation between Autism and EMF exposure, which is toxic. When EMF exposure is reduced, some kids have gotten better. And the mercury and aluminum in vaccines are another source of toxin overload. See the film VAXXED – talks about the Center for Disease Control whistleblower who told of the CDC’s cover-up of the vaccine-autism connection.

The Betrayal video says that in years past, a person could detox chemicals in a day or two, but the toxin load has increased so much, from a variety of sources, that the body can no longer cope. This sets a person up for autoimmune disease, and other diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and depression.

Another autoimmune trigger is a food that our body cannot handle. One woman confined to a wheelchair with MS changed her diet and a year later was riding her bicycle 20 miles. Another woman who was going blind discovered that corn was triggering an autoimmune response in her eyes. She stopped eating corn and her eye problem stopped. 

FREE ONLINE VIEWING: There are two episodes left to watch online.

If you have missed episodes, the series can be purchased for a very reasonable price.

Episode 6: Autoimmunity and Brain Disorders: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, and Autism

Episode 7: Final Episode: “I reversed my autoimmune disease”

Use this link to register and access Episode 6 (Tuesday) and Episode 7 (Wednesday):


Betrayal Series https://betrayalseries.com

I haven’t seen the brain episode yet, so I don’t know if it addresses the fluoride issue or not. Fluoride is actually a classified neurotoxin, but the issue is clouded by the fact that there are two fluorides. Naturally occurring calcium fluoride is relatively benign at lower levels because the calcium bond makes it less harmful. However, the fluoride added to most water supplies and dental products is the very toxic sodium fluoride. This synthetic, man-made fluoride is a waste byproduct of industry and is far more toxic than calcium fluoride. Corporations would have to pay for toxic waste disposal if they were not selling their sodium fluoride to municipalities for disposal through dilution in public water supplies. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, and causes dental and skeletal fluorosis. I actually have some skeletal fluorosis from drinking city water with sodium fluoride added to it.

Watching this video series has given me more ideas for helping humanity and the planet, as it is addresses the underlying cause of a lot of illness. So I thought I would pass this information on.

Also, I know some folks believe that funding vaccine programs would be a good thing, not realizing how the mercury and aluminum in them (and other toxins) make them harmful. And I read recently of a man who funded wifi in local schools, thinking it is a good thing. However, EMFs are toxic and they are becoming a serious health concern for many. Thus the wired internet connection is healthier for students and teachers. I have been very disable by EMF pollution, so I know without a doubt that EMFs are toxic.



Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:44 PM EST on November 22, 2016

If this blessings come soon i would like to help my family first, then I would help my country Philippines to build a rehabilatation Centers for drug users. Also I would like to update the school libraries and would like to built more schools on the place that the goverment neglected the poor people..

i would like to educate the older people so that they can at least read and write their names, more trade training for young people to give them a livelihood. There's a lot of things that need to be done to this neglected poor people.. God bless us all.


Entry Submitted by Cindy Taylor at 8:43 PM EST on November 22, 2016

I am asking that all Zim holders after they exchange that we speak with the lawyers so we as a group may collectively buy the energy company, dismantle the pipeline in its entirety, assign displaced workers to retain their salaries but instead reforest this country where habitats need restoration. This way the Sioux nation wins, the earth wins, humanity wins! We will continue to own that land where the pipeline was to prevent any other oil company from laying a pipeline. This land could be planted with seeds for vast meadows and it truly belongs to the Sioux.

Cindy Taylor
An incarnated Angelic Cherubim


Entry Submitted by Aldo Verrecchia at 9:41 PM EST on November 22, 2016

Dear Sirs or Madame

I have been working on a Project Entitled Italian Origins/http://thenewsumeriology.com/ Since !996 and have contacted all the Experts and Seasoned very Skillfully minded http://thenewsumeriology.com//Sumeriologiste that's out there!!! without success, In my search I also found out how all the other Tribes Or peoples of Europe and the Origins of The Germans And Poland And China And Russia I would be able to To expand all of these Languages many thousands of times- over This is such a large project My Italian Origins Will amount to Millions of volumes That is what happened when you find the Origins of peoples or Tribes I would feel more comfort if I was Face To Face With the People who are willing to Support a Subject or Project such as this It will reveal where language comes from Instead of all the theories out there And this And it would be much easier to explain to someone who is willing to listen other than the Doctorate with a dozen languages under his belt and a hundred Diplomas who dont understand the basics By the way this a programm that will taught in all the Schools and Colleges From KinderGarten To Universities There Is nobody anywhere who have come to the Conclusion And Results That I have arrived at Not even your Great Etruschiologiste Or the great Mathematicians who studied Babylonian maths or Science came accross what the language of Assyiriology/sumeriology/Babilonian Tribes or Languages are and how they are spoken,If there is ever a reset I would be most delighted in the support Heres hoping you will reply and Thankyou And wish you best of luck

Sincerely Yours

Aldo Verrecchia

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:07 PM EST on November 23, 2016

I am Vanessa Conaway Pace, a Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Author, and Voice Teacher with eight music albums to my credit, and the first three books of my “Kaleidoscope: Life'sMeaningful Reflections” Series currently available on Amazon.com., and am also co-author on “For The Love Of Children: A Guidebook For Early Childhood Education”, which is being used in many third-world nations to train Pre-School Teachers/Parents/Caregivers, and is also available on Amazon.com. I study diligently and lecturer on "The Power SOUND", and the true meaning of sound, music, and singing, and the their relationship to the health, beauty, and prosperity of ourselves and our environments. I build people through their study of voice.

I have produced, hosted, broadcast, and been on-camera-talent in over 5000 television programs, and it is my mission to make the things of MUSIC that I have learned, experienced, and taught public knowledge, so that the innate abilities in the Voice, thoughts, emotions, and will of man can be released through love in ways that build a better world. It is within the capabilities of man to manage molecules in himself and the earth through the power of the Voice, and it is my mission to release that knowledge into the earth throughdemonstration, personal instruction, seminars and workshops, and mass media (video, audio, radio, television, and print), and to continue to train and equip a host of other Voice Coaches around the world who have a similar vision. Together we can quickly raise up a host of musical dynamos that will send out powerful positive energy into our Planet! Their/Our mission will be quite contagious!!!

I have been blessed with a singing voice that not only reaches the hearts and souls of its listeners, but also engenders within the listener the desire to sing, …, And so I need to distribute some of the albums I have created into a much wider audience, and create more music with positive and healing messages and distributed to a larger part of the world. That is one way I can fulfill my mission to get the world singing, and therefore I am in the process of creating a unique voice teaching book which will be Volume 4 of the “Kaleidoscope” Series.

I also have the poetry completed for the next 10 volumes of the “Kaleidoscope” Series, and so the need to employ much more staff, studios, production equipment and facilities, and marketing and distribution channels for these valuable books. I also shall gather the video and audio production staff, equipment, and facilities in order to produce and distribute the materials that I and my students are ready to offer up to the world as our part in the vibrational restoration of the peace and beauty of planet Earth, and the healing of Her people through the powers of music.

The fundings to continue and build the works that I have begun, and the research that I have done, and the further research and development that will release this information into the earth, and disseminate it to all of her peoples is massive, and the work will gather and employ like minds and hearts from around the world in order to get it done.

It is time for the well protected knowledge of the true power of the Hu-man Voice, and music, and poetry that is within the heart of man to be released into the world to do its true healing, restorative, and creative work in each person, in their surroundings, and within the envelope of earth. Historically those in the know have used the power of the Hu-man Voice, words, and sound to win battles, create the worlds of their choosing, and to enslave unsuspecting man by his own thoughts and voice. It is time for the masses to sing, and to understand why. It is my mission to make the truth of the true purposes of sound and singing available to all as a tool for the creation, equipping, and release of savvy, healthy,knowledgeable, sensitive, well-trained, and excited SINGING co-creators in the New Earth!


Entry Submitted by J.D. at 5:31 AM EST on November 23, 2016

Humanitarian projects - J. D. - Germany

1. One of my main concerns is the introduction of a philosophy teaching (with spiritual education) at German high schools / schools and the constant payment of the philosophy teachers, so that the respective operator no longer has an excuse to do so, because usually fail in this respect, less to the good will than to the lack of money. It will be important to find substantial colleagues for this project, such as Richard David Precht. When I personally went through the German school system and had the Abitur in my pocket, I did not know what the soul is. That is why I have felt compelled to study philosophy in order to understand what is happening in the world, but also what it means to be a human being. It is not primarily a question of mediating philosophy in historical or systematic form, but an open discussion of the following questions: Who am I really? What do I want to do with my life? What do I want to achieve in my life? How would I set up my life if I were not subject to financial constraints? How should I live to achieve a life of love, joy and harmony? What does a fulfilled life look like? And the like.

2. Schools should be a place where everyone likes to stay and feel good. To achieve this, all schools of a city, a country, the whole state, should be renovated from the ground up, both internally and externally, according to the means at their disposal. Following the example of the best and most beautiful schools that already exist, a competition among the best architects of the country / world is to be born to design the best and most beautiful schools, mainly by using as much wood as possible to create the atmosphere in the classrooms for the students and teachers as comfortable as possible. It may also be necessary, according to the ideas of David R. Precht, to found an ideal school of the future, completely detached from the restrictions and regulations of the present schools. For the best thing is always to create something perfect and in an ideal way, which then emanates on the not so successful and inspires itself to improve itself and take steps there.

3. I would like to buy up all the manor houses and castles in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (former German Democratic Republic), which are forfeited and threatened by destruction and decay, and restore them in a faithful manner. About one third of the approximately 1,000 mansions / castles are renovated and in good condition. About a third are private property and the owners try their best, but are generally very limited financially to preserve the substance of the buildings and keep them from further deterioration. Finally, the last third of them is in a state of inevitability, no one cares for them, because the money is missing, these cultural goods are for sale. After the buildings have been renovated and repaired in an exemplary manner, they are to be used for a meaningful and sustainable use, ie as hotels or pensions or youth hostels or cultural houses or a lively community center or the like.Thus, two jobs are created: once in the renovation of the manor houses / castles, a second time in the long-term and sustainable operation of these cultural assets as hotels / pensions / youth hostels / cultural houses / community centers. This project could be extended to the other federal states (mainly in eastern Germany) with sufficient capacity.

4. I would like to create a ReGen Village in the district of Bamberg or in the Erlangen / Nuremberg region, together with the builder Frank Dennert from Schl├╝sselfeld (Dennert Group, Dennert Raumfabrik, Dennert Baustoffe). ReGen Village, developed by the American James Ehrlich in collaboration with the Danish architectural office EFFECT, is a regenerative village that solves the problem of water and food supplies of a growing world population in a singularly intelligent way by providing the food, water and energy supply of waste disposal in a complex, self-sufficient system. By means of the latest agricultural technology, a tenfold harvest yield of 90% less water consumption is achieved. The area consumption for a three-headed family is reduced from 8100 to 639 square meters (see attachment).


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:44 AM EST on November 25, 2016

Romanian singer/ songwriter/ folk musician Nicu Alifantis ,

exchanged one of his valuable guitars for one made of origami paper yesterday, as he wrote on his Facebook page.

A 12 year old girl, slightly visually impaired, from a poor family,somewhere in a little village in Northern Romania, had this big dream, of owning and playing a good guitar.

She also used to make origami models of musical instruments, somehow hoping and praying, that her dream would become reality somehow.

A few days ago, Nicu got a phone call from a friend, who told him about this girl and her situation. As the true human being and nice person that he is, he decided to gift the girl one of his guitars, in exchange for her paper model.

I know, this does not sound much like a humanitarian project, but to me it is significant, because this are the kind of people that I want to partner with in my humanitarian efforts. Those who have the heart and soul, to make this world a better place, and those who know that good intention and a smile on someone´s face, make all the difference in the world...
Now, not all of these people are in the fortunate position, like Alifantis, to just give away a Japanese guitar, just like this, but here is where we come into play. We have the money, to make all of this happen...

I would love to have some sort of project, where part of the money from this exchange, is used to make really big dreams become reality, maybe even with the help of lovely souls like Nicu, and others who are somewhat in the public eye, to bring joy to those who most need and deserve it.

I do follow most of the posts here on Dinar Chronicles ( well, at least all the positive and constructive ones, cause the negative, the complaining and whining ones, are just boring and nausea provoking...Sorry, had to say that). And I´m so grateful for this amazing platform and meeting place.

And I do realize, that many focus on funding the much needed infrastructure projects, basic survival issues, etc, which is very necessary. But we often tend to forget about the little things that make life worth living...you know, those things that bring a big smile to your face, like this little girl who
had the good fortune , to meet her favourite musician, and get such a gift from him.
I would love to make that possible on a bigger scale ( as in quality also, not only quantity). Where heart and soul is involved, all things become possible.

I shared this little story with you all, because I find it inspiring and thought provoking ( and yes, in the hope of one or the other reply from like minded souls , with the purpose of sharing ideas).

In closing, I want to express deep gratitude to the owner of this site, and to all the amazing contributors here, especially to the leading ones, like Yosef, Veritas and others who uplift and encourage us every day, sharing their much needed information, with a crowd of intel hungry pirrhanas :) 

( and a special Thank you to Judy Byington, for her daily compilation of the news, this is really helpful !! )

So please everyone, feel free to contribute some awesome ideas, it is deeply appreciated !
Much love from Europe to all co-humanitarians here,


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:40 AM EST on November 25, 2016

The project is to help create a generator that makes electricity for free. The business will be owned by the workers. I want our children to be the entrepreneur's of this business. We as a group, can help our community to save on electric bills for each home. The families that can not afford one, we donate theirs. It's the start of one project. Food*** is the next project on the books. Help or community grow healthy food . Make sure all families get feed.(10 )year's of ideas we want to bring forth, to help our community and grow from there to unlimited area's of our plant.

We where chosen to bring forth the help our world needs now. Make it a WIN WIN situation for all initiies of the plant earth.

Cindy and the Children of our future!#


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:58 PM EST on November 25, 2016

Presentation of Projects for Bank
(All Projects are Large Job Creators)
We have business cards made that read:
“ Representative For A Trust Of Philanthropy”

1. Independently establish a nonprofit organization “Healing Hearts” as a foundation for our work

2. LEPROSY - HANSEN’S DISEASE – Partner with “HOPE FOR HANSENS”. Wipe out the disease and assist those affected by the disease to be self-sufficient and independence by providing the basic necessities of life. Build outposts where prosthesis, food, clothing and animals can be distributed free of charge to anyone that desires them. Provide transportation for those unable to get to the medical outpost. Build homes for those in need of one and get care givers for those that are handicapped by the disease. Contact is: ED Peter Derrick 1 888 537 7679. (Approx 50mil).

3. Partner with “Operation Smile Canada” for surgical reconstruction at birth and support research to eliminate cleft lips and cleft palates. Research the combination of genetics and environmental factors that may be responsible for cleft lips and cleft palates. Contact is: Dorthy 647 525 3530 (approx 50mil).

4. Independently establish a nonprofit organization “Healing Hearts” to establish a safe place for animals, drug addicts and those coming out of prison to be able to catch their breath. Allow the people to reconnect with the world outside by having them produce food, tend and train working dogs and care for animals of all kinds, wild and domestic. Offer psychological help to those in need of help to create self-worth in them. Offer NA and AA everyday to help those that require it. Provide housing and food; allow them to work by building houses, animal shelters, and putting up fences as well as tending to the animals. Have them create gardens in large greenhouses and hothouses to supply themselves with fresh healthy food for them and food banks. Have a veterinarian and veterinarian assistants on site to help and care for the animal’s health. Supply mobile shelter until housing is ready. (30-40 mil).

5. Purchase large cargo plane (747) (maybe a fleet if needed) for delivering medications and supplies all over the world. Amplify Dan’s Commercial Pilots license to meet the needs of operating the 747 plane. Train pilots and individuals to help deliver supplies. (146.6 - 357mil)

6. Create plants to manufacture green energy and healing products. (12Mil to start)

7. Partner with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for all families. Building multiple homes at the same time will create jobs for all involved and many others. Pay good wages.(20mil)

8. Partner with S.P.C.A. and Build large No Kill Animal Sanctuaries, allowing the animals to get the love and care they deserve. Animals give so much in return. (3mil)

9. Purchase a yacht with chopper pad, for delivering medicine, food and health care to those around the water’s edge. One room to be dedicated to surgery/childbirth when needed. Rotating medical staff aboard at all times.(25mil)

10. Purchase a motor home to live in while our home is being fixed and use them to deliver supplies as needed to those in need, eg food, blankets, toys and medicine. (100,000.)

11. Supply Food Banks around the world with ongoing funding to keep them full and have rules changed so anyone needing food can get it without identifying themselves or giving a reason as to why they need food. Supplies woud offer fresh fruit and vegetables. Have a side room to supply grooming items and new clothes to all in need. Allow some dignity to return to people. Increase workers wages. Give people coming for necessities loaded gift cards so they can buy birthday gifts, makeup and other personal items. Maybe even go out for the occasional meal. (100,000 mo.)

12. $1000. Gift certificates given out for food and clothes randomly at food stores to anyone wishing one. Small sign saying free thousand dollar gift cards are available.(1-2 Mil)

13. Purchase Apartment buildings throughout Canada for the homeless (60 mil), these apartments will be furnished. NA, AA will have an apartment so meetings can be held every day. Pay NA and AA so they are free to offer help continuously, (with rotating staff) so help is available when needed even through the night. Offer education to those wishing to go back to school or get a higher education and teach life skills. Offer work to those that can work, health care for those that are unable to get what they need e.g. dental care. Offer trades schools for those wishing to obtain job skills. Create jobs for all, so they have a paycheck every week. Give preloaded cards to purchase clothes, groceries and necessities. Get the girls off the street by offering homes and well paying jobs with their children if they have any. Any have trouble with pimps will be relocated to a different province or country as necessary.

14. Purchase Rotoway Helicopter Business. Create jobs and new types of helicopters. Train helicopter pilots at no cost to them and give them jobs as they graduate. They would deliver food, medicine and medical help and clothing to outpost areas without a runway. (5-10mil)

15. Purchase large amounts of land to GROW HEMP, then build manufacturing plants for producing food ( very high in nutrients), building materials ( paper-textiles-plastics-fuel) and one of the most interesting uses for hemp is that it is used in cleaning up soil contamination and helps heal the soil. It will create numerous jobs, building homes, building manufacturing plants, cleaning up soil contamination, working in the plants, farming and so on as necessary. (25-35mil)

16. Purchase old cargo ships for and tandem trucks for delivering Monolithic Dome Homes or ready built homes. The dome incorporates the concepts of a passive solar house with a Monolithic Dome. Make arrangements with town counsels as to where they could be placed. Have them delivered to those in need. (1-1.5mil)

17. Airlift food, clothing and animals to African Pygmies by flying into areas needing help and through Samaritans Purse . This help will be offered to anyone in need.

18. Purchase boats for fishermen down east for those that need them immediately, set up boat building business, pay fisherman a good wage for catching less fish. Have town meetings to see what is needed immediately. (2,000,000)

19. Create jobs for individuals needing them. Allow them to work at what they love whether they excel at it or not. Allow creative individuals to work at what they love and pay them good wages. Jobs would be available to anyone wishing them. Jobs would conform to their wishes and love of creation. Jobs such as potters, musicians, writers, poets, designers, actors, actress, movie makers and so on. Have shops where those with physical creations to sell the can sell their wares. (eg pottery)

20. Set up shops where trades can be learned. Pay them while they learn and pay the instructors’ well.

21. Add more staff at seniors’ homes and hospitals so proper care can be given. purchase the institutions that refuse the extra staff; I will also increase the wages of those working in those positions. They are overworked and underpaid.

22. Build hospitals and schools in outlying areas and staff them. Rotating staff would be necessary so time off would be no problem and they could come back to the type of life they are accustomed to and rejuvenate when or as necessary. Supply homes for all staff and those in the area that need homes. Give residents the opportunity to acquire on the job training if they so wish. Create jobs for the locals, eg building homes, opening shops, building and staffing entertainment centers and recreation centers. Have designated craft space available with equipment such as sewing machines, knitting machines, fabrics, wool and any other equipment or materials required. Have a designated workout room with exercise equipment available. Have recreation centers fully stocked with sport equipment for children and adults. There would be no cost to anyone wishing to use the centers and staff would be well paid. Free meals and nonalcoholic beverages would be available for anyone any time the recreation center is open. Have locals get educated on how to work and run the centers. Have locals learn to be physical education teachers by working with professionals.

23. Create centers where food for animals of all kinds, wild or domestic can be obtained or delivered. Animal food such as hay, molasses, cat or dog food and oats delivered with just a phone call to lessen the burden of those that love their animals but cannot pay for their animal’s food. Get the pet owners financial help. Create structures for animals that need them. If individuals cannot care for all the animals they own and love, hire help for them instead of taking their beloved animals away to be euthanized if homes can’t be found for them. If bylaws prevent having that number of pets help them to relocate to acreage or farm so they can keep them all. It breaks my heart to see so many animals being left to starve because the owners can no longer care for them. Pay the fees for families to adopt a pet. I feel this will drastically reduce animal abuse.

24. Make sure children all over the world have food, clean water, clothes to wear, toys to play with and the opportunity to obtain an education. Give jobs to families with high enough wages that only one parent need work.

25. Work with established originations such as Samaritan's Purse and Salvation Army so they are able to increase the work that they are already doing.

26. Reunite foster children with their parents if they have any. Offer all foster children a place to live. Where parents are concerned offer parenting and rehabilitation to those in need. Make parenting a paid job for all single parents.

Supply homes and all necessities to the parents. Create a safe home for animals that the children can love and care for. Have medical and dental on site.

27. Create the same type of home for all adoptive children and have care workers or house mothers create homes for them as in number 26. Have care workers or house mothers for each child, or children of the same family living together. Have parents and house mothers carefully vetted so any offering help with the children would be safe for the children. Those parents and house mothers needing help will receive help.

28. Reunite couples that have been together for 40 or 50 + years then separated by ridicules bureaucratic policy sending them to different care facilities. This is pitiful! Loving couples that have raised a family together and shared a lifetime and a loving home for 40 or 50 + years must never be separated because of bureaucratic policy!

29. Set up safe homes for abused men and get those help as needed.

30. Pay for medical care that costs beyond what families can pay and provide housing for the family so they can stay with the ill individual be it adult or child. Supply wages for parents so the family can stay together, especially where children are concerned as this emotional support is very necessary for getting back to health.

31. Prevent foreclosures for families in need and help them get back on their feet.

32. Help our children and grandchildren with education, health and a variety of other needs.

33. Prepay Veterinarians 100,000.00 each so individuals that cannot afford care will no longer have to put their down or be denied care for their pets.

34. Hospital equipment and more staff. Open closed beds and create a place when people or families to get funding for extra expenses.

35. Purchase farms and ranches to kick start projects.

36. Support for the Eye Institute of Alberta.

37. Work with Justin Trudeau in setting up environmental clean up across Canada, free medications for everyone in Canada and free dental work for all for any dental or denturist work necessary

38. Make arrangements with bottle depots- get children and youths involved with cleanup - have dumpsters beside bottle depots for individuals to be paid 25 to 50 cents per piece of trash removed from all over Canada. Post a notice: anyone distributing garbage will pay a 500 dollar fine and the money will go to the individual reporting. DN A from articles or photographs will be used to determine guilt.

39. Create manufacturing of new inventions such as free energy and medical equipment.

40. Buy Kindersley Saskatchewan, have citizens work with us to clean the land and grow food crops. Open businesses and bring doctors back as well as other medical staff and equipment. Employ everyone that wants to work at what they love.

41. Contribute to the cleanup of the Pacific Ocean (fallout of fukushima).

42. Advertise and respond to job ads.

43. Hire social workers to deal with the needs of those needing help.

44. Turn daycares into respites for single parents, or parents suffering postpartum depression. (Some workers will go to homes and help mothers in need.)

45. Create bill boards and web pages so people know where to turn for help.

46. Set up market gardens as a way to get free produce to people and allow people to sell what they make or grow.

47. Have people ready to head projects – housing, farming, sharing in the manufacture of patents for free energy and setting up manufacture of sites, large scale organic farming of vegetables to go to markets.

48. Supply materials to seniors that can knit, crochet and sew to make children’s clothes. Especially knit and/or crochet for preemies.

49. Set up 800 number call centers so people in need can be heard and their needs met. People can man these calls from home and call in or fax information main office so they will be looked after.

50. Hire professional to start businesses, initiate grow centers, start manufacturing, and help those applying for grants get their business started.

51. Partner with government to get humanitarian projects started (found at grant submission sites) these sites already have financial budgets, experts and teams all ready to go.

52. Make sure every Canadian child has a warm and happy Christmas with all the toys and such they desire. Only limitation on toys will be to weapons, fighting figures or fighting games.

By teaming up with already established organizations I can find out where help is needed most and start working in those areas first.

I have attached a copy of the front and back of our business cards. The idea is to offer help to all that need it without anyone knowing who the Philanthropist is. My response as to whose money it is is: “It is God’s Money”. God is offering you an Olive Branch through me.


Entry Submitted by Edgardo at 6:43 AM EST on November 25, 2016

Use Reverse Engineering with everything they did, now use it for the common good of humanity, that is, with the infrastructure they created, with the facilities, with their properties, with their means, to use them and not investing in anything. Slap them with a white glove a spoonful of their own medicine. That in the food industries completely remove the ingredients that have been poisoning us, by natural ingredients that feed us and nourish us

Eliminate everything refined, both in sugar and salt. That the profits and profits that are generated around each industry, motivate a decent and honest work. Let communities and virtuous circles form. Giving priority to the food industry, the field. Teaching first the land workers, the farmers to produce and labor, to sell their products without intermediaries. Granting means and raw materials for the benefit of each family and community. That within the same industries work with clean energies.

With the profits and profits of companies and industries to do environmental work with workers and families, inviting a picnic and in a while reforest and plant trees. Let the dark ones themselves create jobs and jobs worthy and well paid and paid for, that the dark ones themselves reactivate the economy, that with the money they plagiarized, they stole with their hands full of food to the people that they themselves stepped and passed on them, Without caring about human life Let them go, visit and live in extreme poverty, to experience and to know what they destroyed; That is their experience of life and see how much evil they caused. Say as an example the food industry and so can be done in each branch of industry lol as it is called. That discoveries and inventions that have not been recognized or patented are given in the public light for the good of the human being. Let us use the gear created by them from within now for good, that is the divine will. Another important point are governments that are clean and transparent, zero corruption, provide the facilities for decent work and can create jobs in small, medium and large companies And the rich pay taxes, since they have many privileges. That pensions and pensions are fair and dignified for the people who gave their lives working There are so many things to do ... that are reflected in the quality of life of each individual and family, girl, child, woman or man; Growing in love and harmony, that there is no anguish and that all the basic needs to live and live well are covered. Let education change, adjust the curricula depending on the age. Greetings and may the light be with you

My best wishes


Entry Submitted Siempre Hay Esperansa at 11:45 AM EST on November 25, 2016

I live In Phoenix , Arizona U.S.A. There Are many People walking Down The Streets On Drugs ; Homeless ; Worse Than In Los Angeles , California U.S.A. Same As There Are Many In TiJuana , And Rosarito , Baja California Mexico ....

We need a Project To Give All Those Humanitarian Young Students In College Jobs To help these Homeless . Yes There Is Hope If we all Work Together . We Can Build Homes Where We Work With These Drug Addicts. Ten Caring Workers To One Homeless Person . Where These People Are Attended Everyday 24-7 On Everything They Do ; While Being Kept In A Clean Home . And Yes This Will Cost Money . And Why Should We Help Them You ask ? Very Simple ; We Are All Responsible For Our Brothers and If We Don't Do Something ; Tomorrow Our Children Will Walk The Streets with More Crack Heads Etc. And I Ask You . Do You Want That For Your Children ???

Siempre Hay Esperansa


Entry Submitted Karen Maryniuk at 12:43 PM EST on November 25, 2016

I haven't formulated my plans in writing but want to put the activity down here for information to be included:

1. In Canada we have a high level woman who is making policy and rescuing children and adults from sex and slave trafficking all over the world. We would like to provide funds to support what has begun and offer physical and spiritual support as well with a goal to rescuing all people in captivity and then put plans in place for transforming lives and introduction back into a free society.

2. I have a small business of lawn/grounds care, and snow removal. I would set up small businesses for people from each community whereby they can start businesses and provide services for seniors and the disabled in order to allow these people to stay in their homes and take pride in their surroundings and provide employment and an essential service in communities throughout the city and others.

3. Housing, water, education, medical, counselling, and supports for Northern communities in Canada who live in 3rd world conditions and experience high numbers of teenage suicides. Put in programs in many areas and oversee so that people begin to heal and grow together and change the outlook for these families and communities, bringing hope and real solutions.

4. Build a program for girls/women with and without children who have addiction, emotional and mental problems whereby they live and supported in a facility to provide all that is needed to move away from issues and build new lives and develop skills to be successful in life.

Many more ideas to come.

Karen Maryniuk
Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada


Entry Submitted Duke at 8:18 PM EST on November 25, 2016

Happy love family In Christ Jesus! Thank you for everything here. I' m here in Ottawa Canada , but my home still in Florida . Fortunately dreamed will come true very soon , as we speak about humanitarian mine will started in Haiti . Mean on every aspect of life , like road infrastructures , orphanages, Daycare into universities , children hospitals into adults ,water , lights , jobs creative every corner ,even here in Canada as well in Africa and others .Haiti is a dry land and have nothing , and needed everything from North , South ,West into Est.Please add me or join this special great project before the coming of Christ Jesus our Saviour which many don't believed on .

Thank you

One love



Entry Submitted by Watchman4u at 1:40 PM EST on November 28, 2016


First I own Nothing and am on only administrative manager working for our Heavenly Father !

I live in small town & plan to pay off all long term town debt for taxes to almost vanish . Would create great opportunity for families & businesses to save money & return

Overseas have seen families(some amputees ) living on mud floor with children in one room houses built built with Only CARDBOARD. no sanitation or running water

Republic of Panama has offered to give outlying land for building small basic block homes for indigenous families.

Also seen small structures built out in the pasture above ground for safety in trees for the family who look after the cattle

Seen children & adults loaded with parasites wash and drink from same stream, their only source of water. Their garden soil was also contaminated.I had to drink Coca-Cola's for 7 Days !

Safe well water is often a rarity in third world countries

Over years have sent have Christian materials,equipment for enabling earn income, medical supplies to South America. Also shipped by air a palette of medicals supplies to Russia when its’ government crashed

Will use join with other valid companies and ministries to bring Peace, Health,Wealth to those Near and Far !


Entry Submitted by One Is Blessed at 9:50 AM EST on November 30, 2016

Good day all!

First off I want to thank everyone in this forum for the intel and messages of faith. I truly do believe we are on the verge of life altering changes to this wonderful planet we live on. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this and thank my creator for this opportunity and for all of you every day.

I have so much that I want to accomplish humanitarian wise, some of my desires are agriculture (bringing healthy food, water and natural healing to the community), children (making sure they are safe and loved), homeless (not only housing, but classes, blue collar and white collar to help them assimilate) and pets (turning kill shelters into no kill shelters, helping rescues to find homes). I also, for many years, have thought about a bartering website by county for people who are low on FRN's, but can exchange services beneficial to each other.

these are all fairly big undertakings country wide, but i believe we all have the same goals to achieve peace and love and happiness throughout our great country and beyond to touch the entire world.

this morning I had an idea - what if we all took a county and started to make these changes. how much quicker would it go than me trying to reach an area 1800 miles away from me and make connections to implement my changes. There are approximately 3150 counties in the US - a small percentage of zim holders. this would enable us to work with county officials, and local people that we know and trust to start the implementation of restorations quickly.

If anyone would like to reach out and discuss this further, kindly email at oneisblessed@protonmail.com

thank you all for the time taken to read this post!

much love, light, peace and blessings!

One Is Blessed



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