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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Guest Posts Regarding Calling HSBC 11-29-16

Below is all of entries submitted today about calling HSBC Bank. This post will be updated as more entries come in. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Entry Submited by Angel Gee at 8:57 AM EST on November 29, 2016

Hello All,

Per Sharen from call with Gary Larrabee, I contacted HSBC to schedule an appointment. I have been told that they are not redeeming any currency at all.

Not sure what to make of this, was told that they are being inundated with these calls and are telling all that they are not involved in exchanging currency.

Can someone, anyone get us the correct information for exchanging our currency. Thank you in advance.

Humble Servant,
I Am Angel Gee


Entry Submitted by Lone Fearless Cactus at 8:58 AM EST on November 29, 2016

Early AM Gary Larrabee post to call HSBC after 6 AM today for exchange site location nearest you is bogus. I called to check, was told had to have an account for 6 months to exchange ANY foreign currency. They had no clue about any outside exchange center locations. The post Gary put up was from Sharon. Bogus! I called their main 800 Customer Service # listed. 

Just an F.Y.I. folks. B.S.

Lone Fearless Cactus


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:15 AM EST on November 29, 2016

I just got of the Telephone with HSBC, and they didn't get any (Yosef, Tank) MEMO to make currency exchange appointments.

The man was behooved, and didn't know anything about Yosef's intel shared on Dr. W.C.'s call last night.

My contact at WF, said be patient the rollout will start today at 9:00. I trust him more than the above.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:21 AM EST on November 29, 2016

Called HSBC this morning waited on hold for 27 minutes no surprise. They asked if I was a customer I said no, then was asked what currency I told them. They very politely told me that was a currency they did not deal with at this time.


Entry Submitted by Geoffrey at 9:44 AM EST on November 29, 2016

Good day brothers and sisters of Light,

I'd think you all are having a similar experience, but I'm not able to get to an associate at HSBC that has knowledge of or ability to exchange ZIM. On the first attempt, the associate actually said XIM before I did, and asked that I call back after 9EDT. Second agent disconnected while transferring to the currency department. Third call, I called directly to business banking to discuss international matters. The young lady made it very clear that they were "not going to exchange your ZIM. The information you've gotten on the internet is incorrect, along with thousands of other people." I can only affirm that a specific 800# will be released for this purpose. Here's to the future!!!



Entry Submitted by SuperDave at 9:48 AM EST on November 29, 2016

I called HSBC this morning at 6am pacific. I said, "I have Zim notes to exchange. Do you know anything about it?"

Agent,"Do you have an account with HSBC?"


Agent, "You need an account for six months. Then you can exchange."

I don't think this is what we are waiting for. Carry on



Entry Submitted by Tango Mike at 10:00 AM EST on November 29, 2016

After watching the recent post in regards to Gary Larrabee, I called HSBC about exchanging Zim currency. The HSBC employee stated they were not exchange the Zim currency. This call was made this morning. Tango Mike


Entry Submitted by Tee at 10:33 AM EST on November 29, 2016

I called HSBC 3 times this morning after listening to Larrabee's post. Those folks at the bank are clueless. Was told the first time to call back after 9am EST. Second time was told I have to be a current account holder. Third time (after mentioning Abbott Downing) was told they do not exchange ZIM.

Checked currency exchange rate this morning for ZIM it's showing .00276.

Has anyone been successful with getting an appt w/HSBC?


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:33 AM EST on November 29, 2016

I called HSBC this morning at 6:30 a.m. mountain. The gentleman said he would have the information regarding exchanging the Zim in 2 to 4 hours. I then called back within an hour and spoke to another lady she said that they got a response from upper management and they would not be exchanging Zims and they do not plan on it. I then waited on hold for 20 minutes to speak to a manager when she came on the line I asked about the Zim she gave me the same information I was told before I then asked about Zimbabwe reinstating the bond notes and how they are cleared with the IMF she said all she can respond is that they are not exchanging them at the time and they don't plan on it .she said she's been receiving calls since Monday November 28th please give me some input tank yosef

Entry Submitted by Golden at 11:18 AM EST on November 29, 2016

Just want to give a heads up on calling HSBC. I have called several HSBC contact numbers this morning regarding setting an appointment at an 'currency redemption center', to exchange Zim currency and was told in each instance that "they do not exchange Zim currency" and they had no idea of what a 'currency redemption center' is. I was also told that I have to have an account in order to do any type of exchange with HSBC. Please don't shoot the messenger. I'm just reporting my personal experience this morning.


Entry Submitted by Dr. H at 11:14 AM EST on November 29, 2016

HBSC Knows Nothing about this

What's the deal here?

I was on hold with HBSC for over an hour only to be told that they do not exchange the Zimbabwe, Vietnam or Iraq currencies.

Dr. H

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:15 AM EST on November 29, 2016

I just (8:08 PST) spoke with a customer service representative at HSBC Bank and asked if it was possible to make an appt. for a ZIM currency exchange. She said they are not exchanging and have no plans to do foreign currency exchanges. She also said they have been inundated with calls and their executives are looking into the matter. I have no idea what that all means, but that's what she told me.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:13 PM EST on November 29, 2016

HI ..

I have been following Intel for a while..
First time writing in .. no need to post but I did make a phone call today to HSBC and the lines were extra busy.

When I finally connected with a representative I was notified that they were aware of an alert had been received by the institution that they were an “exchange” center. The Rep said that HSBC is not an international exchange center.

I called after viewing the Gary Larabee video.. Can anyone clarify?

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:31 PM EST on November 29, 2016

I called HSBC and asked if they would be handling exchanging Zim and they said no. They said that information was put out wrong. It is completely crazy that we can't get a straight answer on when or where we can do the exchange.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:37 PM EST on November 29, 2016

I just hung up with HSBC corporate number (10:25 am, Tuesday 11/29/16).

I was told, very politely and respectfully, that "we have been getting calls about this? I am sorry we are not exchanging Zimbabwe or Dinar at this time".


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:46 PM EST on November 29, 2016

Just called Hsbc on the west coast for exchange info and appt.
was told they have no plans to exchange dinar, dong or Zim

just saying not same result as caller on fisher call. sad on the west coast.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:50 PM EST on November 29, 2016

I just called HSBC Bank and asked for their currency exchange desk. I was told they do not have one. I asked if they are exchanging ZIM notes and the lady chuckled and said they are NOT doing exchanges and something was put out erroneously on a Web site saying they were.

Entry Submitted by Treetop at 2:08 PM EST on November 29, 2016

"I'm confused?"

HSBC said they were informed that they DO NOT exchange these currencies. Have we been misinformed?


Entry Submitted by ZJ at 2:35 PM EST on November 29, 2016

HSBC Call Experience regarding Sharon/Kent

I called HSBC at 12pm today November 29th "Tuesday" asked to make an appointment for exchanging foreign currency particularly Zim....
Guess what she said!!!!????

"We don't deal with that currency..."
I felt like an idiot for even wasting my time.

These people just like to spread rumors and are so naive OMG!
Believe anything they hear!



Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:12 PM EST on November 29, 2016

In reference to Kent Dunn's conversation with HSBC Bank in North Carolina, there are 2 locations. One in Charlotte and one in Raleigh. Both are commercial banks that "DO NOT" handle small/personal accounts. They only handle large business accounts. Not sure who he spoke with but his info about them not confirming or denying the exchange is "DEAD WRONG!!!!!" I just got off the phone with the Charlotte location and they denied that they will be exchanging any foreign currency. Especially at that location.




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