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Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Final RV Rate" - Thurs.PM KTFA Thoughts, News


 » November 10th, 2016

IMO in relation to Bacdoc's post and Franks cc Backdocs Post

I see the timeframe Backdoc refrenced as a final RV rate of 3+ and final disbursement of LDs IMO.

IMO we will see a rate of 1 to1 or less, before then (this year to February). Whats going on inside Iraq and or its deals with Iran have nothing to do with the timing of this IMO other than it helps to see what the puppets are doing to get a beat on the puppet masters/oz.

The Globe needs this IMO, of course we could wait until then or later as all real dinarians know all to well is a possibility but nations are failing and really need this IMO (look at derrivitives and how its going to effect us etc ) and historical replication is on our side of the 8th final year of an administration cleaning up the books/clearing the slate before the next takes office,(ie the .com bubble with Clinton/ real estate bubble under Bush)

If not it will be the first thing the new (President?) pushes through to get a fair start!

 » November 10th, 2016

So much positive news from Iraq, plus the good words at the UNSC yesterday.
Isn't it interesting that we see reports of the CBI Governor going around the banks, then a few days later the CBI is giving loans to the banks and reports about distribution of them. (post #139)

I wonder, could they actually be distributing new currency notes and coins ?

 » November 10th, 2016

I like this observation

 » November 10th, 2016

IMO... the biggest golden nugget from last nights CC...

"The CBI knows how much 000 notes are out there, and needs to reach a determined amount before the math will work" (my summarized words)

To quote Robert Plant... "If it keeps on raining... Levee's goin to break"

Here's to the raining of MR... filling Iraq till it breaks!!

 » November 10th, 2016

Am also in love with the article that is saying CBI will distribute Trillions to banks because the CITIZENS will COME IN !!!

 » November 10th, 2016

Patterns Family.....think in patterns....if you can't remember that from last night's CC I suggest you go back and relisten.....patterns that are being introduced.....they do things before your very eyes.....before the eyes of the internet that all but one has.....1...2...3...4...5...6....and the beat goes on.....they keep telling you.....but not refuting....its there in front of us....the BEST is yet to come...and it will come....IMO.....Keep The Faith....Always............in God. Aloha Randy

 » November 10th, 2016


 » November 10th, 2016

Is it time for a national settlement in Iraq?

NAJAF, Iraq — On Oct. 31, the Iraqi National Alliance announced the “Historical Settlement” document it recently drafted. The alliance has been working for more than a year to finish this document in order for it to be a national anchor to reach a final historical settlement for the post-Islamic State (IS) phase.

Today, as IS is about to be completely eliminated from Iraq, one must wonder whether it is finally the time for Iraqis to achieve a historical settlement in order to put an end to their conflicts that have accumulated over the years.

The document states that it represents the National Alliance’s consensual vision aiming to achieve “a national settlement that would result in a historical Iraqi reconciliation.” The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has pledged to make political efforts, such as “rallying support for the process of national reconciliation and pushing this initiative forward locally, regionally and internationally.”

All of the National Alliance’s components have agreed to allow UNAMI to “define and settle the official representation of all Iraqi components and parties, in a way that suits everyone, as well as address the parties disrupting the settlement, as per the measures adopted by the UN.”

Thus, UNAMI will draft the final version of the national settlement as long as “it is approved by both the parliament and the Cabinet and all Iraqi parties abide by it.” UNAMI will raise “support and insurance from international and local institutions, namely the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.” It will work also on “rallying the necessary support from the regional countries in order for the agreed-upon national settlement to succeed.”

In addition, the UN via UNAMI will take it upon itself to “support the government and the Iraqi parties taking part in the national settlement in order to achieve it, in addition to exercising all its powers to promote and protect the settlement from any party that wishes to disrupt it or threaten to prevent implementing its provisions, be it Iraqi parties or regional countries.”

The document stated that all Iraqi parties are included in the settlement, pointing out that the National Alliance wishes to reach an understanding with “all active forces in Iraqi society, whether they are within the frameworks of the government or the political process or outside of it,” including the opposition forces, even the “armed groups,” with the exception of IS. The settlement shall be achieved in virtue of the constitution in order to reach a “historical agreement with all parties committed to the principles of the initiative.”

The document has developed practical and realistic topics for the settlement to tackle, such as, “working on the distribution of powers and the decentralization that would govern the relationship between the federal government, the [Kurdistan] Regional Government [KRG] and provinces according to the federal system, as well as actually committing to the need for equitable distribution of wealth according to the population in each province,” and considering "the oil, gas and water wealth such as rivers, lakes and dams in addition to monuments and archaeological sites a national treasure for all Iraqis,” and finally working on addressing “all forms of demographic change, the return of displaced people to their homes and the reconstruction of damaged areas.”

Head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim began to show openness toward the political blocs outside of the coalition and held meetings with them. However, Nazem al-Saadi, a member of the National Alliance, told the media that the alliance “will not deal with neither those involved with foreign intelligence services nor those who do not believe in the political process and are rooting for division.” He added that the alliance will launch the “Historical Settlement” initiative once Ninevah province is completely liberated.

In an Oct. 24 press statement, Hakim expressed his optimism about the settlement, saying, “The relationship between the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq is almost mature and on the right track. All parties have started letting go of their illusions and fears. This relationship is at a very advanced stage and we will move forward from here on out.”

The background of the “Historical Settlement” document went back to the time that the government of Haider al-Abadi was formed, following an agreement between the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish political forces, through which Abadi committed to proceed with a project of national reconciliation within the consensus government, as per the principles of federalism and the distribution of powers and wealth equitably among all of the country’s components.

Abadi has already shown that unlike his predecessor, Nouri al-Maliki, he is committed to his obligations toward his partners in power. He has achieved important parts of the reconciliation project, including the Amnesty Law that parliament voted on in August. The government also completed the project of “Public Authority to monitor the allocation of federal revenue law” for the equal distribution of wealth among the various Iraqi provinces and the KRG, which the parliament voted on on Nov. 5.

Abadi has relatively succeeded in curbing the Shiite militias operating under the umbrella of the Popular Mobilization Units, which has legally become a part of the Iraqi state under the authority of the prime minister. Abadi was able to recently resolve most disputes with the KRG after a historical visit by KRG President Massoud Barzani to Baghdad Sept. 29. This is in addition to his success in reuniting all Iraqi military forces, including the army, the peshmerga forces, militias and Sunni tribes as well as others in the fight against IS, especially in the ongoing battle to liberate Mosul.

However, this does not mean that the road is paved for the achievement of national reconciliation, especially if we take into consideration the post-2003 phase that included several unsuccessful experiences in achieving national reconciliation, leading up to the recent disasters such as the emergence of IS among other similar groups.

This is confirmed by one of the most prominent professors in Middle East Studies at Brandeis University, Kanaan Makiya, a major contributor to rallying the military alliance that toppled the Baathist regime in 2003, headed by the United States.

Makiya told Al-Monitor that although the "Historic Settlement" initiative giving the UN a role in Iraq is a positive matter, the situation on the ground is more important; the national reconciliation efforts made since 2003 are yet to result in concrete and practical measures.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2016/11/national-reconciliation-iraq-shiite-kurd-sunni.html#ixzz4PbzdNjJS

Jubouri: the settlement document to the National Alliance gives optimistic but that does not stay for endoscopy [Extended]

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al - Jubouri, support for the document prepared by thepolitical settlement of the Iraqi National Alliance and put the post - stage defeat Daesh terrorist gangs in Iraq.

Jubouri said during a press conference at the parliament building on Thursday ,: personally informally briefed on the document from the United Nations and the positive landmarks and give optimistic inclusive political reconciliation, but it is important not to stop at endoscopy but implement concrete real action , "adding that" theparties other political Tatkv to write the outline of the initiative. "

" there is a request made of the number of deputies to the allocation of a special session of parliament to discuss the status of the post - Liberation of Nineveh , "stressing that" the editing page and defeat Daesh is important, but must also take into account the existence of social and political Problems should contribute the sectors important tribal and international to solve them. "
He Jubouri for" worry that generated disputes as possible to pre - empt until the liberation of those areas Fmhafezh Nineveh overlapping and there are outstanding issues between the center of the province and thecomponents of the province and the need to project a clear roadmap post - liberation is the stage of no less importance for Liberation himself. "

He called on " the government of Nineveh to make every effort to serve the displaced people in addition to theneed for all local and international efforts to rescue the displaced families in the liberated areas , or where there fighting , "noting that" the battle of Nineveh is still long and we need an international effort , which can not do without it . " .

" we also need a political consensus in Nineveh and local and we believe that it would be decisive in the battle that must be different from previous battles to the presence of approximately 1.2 million people within the city and can not be any human effort to absorb it if he got the displacement and therefore does not need to rely on thequality of plans residents are forced to stay in their homes and prevent their use as human shields. "

the Browse House Speaker achievements of the parliament in the last period and approval of laws and hosted theofficials , " pointing to an end to the second reading of the draft federal budget law for 2017. "

Jubouri said" there was a vote on the final accounts of the budgets of the year 2011 , "noting that" what is being said by some of the violations , so it was decided to give the Board of Supreme Audit to submit reports during the120 days for those who proved to be problematic to correct these mistakes . otherwise, the file is transmitted to the judiciary to hold negligent being in Accounting & Finance transgressor on the rights of the Iraqi people. "

" the House of Representatives ended its session yesterday the second reading of the draft 2017 budget law and we are embarking on the enactment of this important law and perhaps the most prominent features of the law is the existence of a fiscal deficit of 21% and total budget expenditures for the year 2017 rose by 5% from the budget of 2016, and amounted to oil revenues 86% of the budget the size of exports of 3.75 million barrels based on thesale price of a barrel to $ 42. "

He Jubouri that" the salaries and expenses accounted for 75%, and amounted to the security and defense allocations of 32% of the total expenditure in the budget of 2017, as it will focus on low - income people, and theconduct of military operations and armed forces, and support and relief to the displaced and the need forattention to them , "referring to the " keenness of the House of Representatives to reduce the three presidencies expenses in senior positions in the states. "

the" non - receipt of the House of Representatives any nomination for any of the Ministry of ministries vacant forvarious reasons did not receive CVs or names of candidates also our responsibility as an authority legislative Bchgr ministries begin receipt of the names of candidates and hope that does not last vacant "revealing at thesame time" received the parliament so far four requests to question ministers and heads of agencies, and we continue to perform our oversight role and what it takes to host or questioning any official. "

and elections provincial parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, said that " the general political atmosphere in Iraq goes off deferred" denying "the existence of an " agreement between the parliament and the government to postpone the elections, but there is a political approach to it. "

he noted that" the coming days will be to postpone the elections for which the decision either through a decision taken by the Council of Representatives or by the provincial councils is currently in the parliamentary legal Committee and will be discussed and a paragraph about the timings. "

and on the draft People 's crowd , which was decided in the parliament session on Wednesday , the law - did not attend Jubouri to visit Dially- province put forward the agenda session businessman on the 26th of this month to a vote by the President of the House of Representatives, he said that "Article 9 of the constitution talks about building the Iraqi armed forces and does not interfere with the political aspects and be under the command of the commander in chief, and have everything from carrying weapons outside the framework of Auslhh forces called recipe militia , " he said , adding " the political powers are considering the popular crowd Act in accordance with the principles of the general command of the University under the leadership of the armed forces and talk about the demise of labels, tags and titles and be compatible under his command in a clear and explicit."

He stressed that "the House of Representatives appreciates all the efforts of all volunteers from different provinces in the editing operations that have achieved great achievements, but in my conviction that with the limits of arms of the state , and that we move the process of collecting a single command is to state the terms of reference and should stabilize our presence and our faith in the Constitution to move towards liberalization and peace mission.


MilitiaMan » November 10th, 2016

Lets read the above with a keener eye. I see that through my eyes and the help of coke bottle lenses that these two articles are the meat and potatoes if you will of our present and near future and the Iraq's citizens too. This is about Final Reconciliation! Our end game. It can't get any clearer than this.

” He added that the alliance will launch the “Historical Settlement” initiative once Ninevah province is completely liberated.

In the mean time they are buying and selling at the Ports (FAW) under derivative contracts that will at some point be a matter of public knowledge, imo. How they are being executed at this point is thought to be with future rates in regard to the host currency, the IQD for imports. Not to say they are using IQD physical currency in doing so, but, they sure could be. We know they have the LDs printed.

The GOI imo is able to hide this per the Dodd Frank Act within contracts, at least where Dodd and Frank is applicable, and in the case of contracts with USA partners or entities the CFTC resides over.

Foreign entities may not always meet CFTCs criteria, however, if they are allies and using currency swaps through entities that deal with USA regs they may well be in the same boat, until the Iraq's CBI takes the helm in clearing trades, etc..

We see the CBI engaging many many banks and are gearing for evaluations of them. Thus, bringing this all into a grand finale. Powerful stuff these days! Peace!



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