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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Excerpts from The Real Truth Call w/ Yosef, Tank by PinkRoses 11-29-16

Thank you PinkRoses for sending this to us. ~ Dinar Chronicles




TANK: It will be like applying for a grant. You Go in and tell them what you want to do. Say you want to do it in 5 years. You set it out to be national and they will support you. Their role is to be as effective and accomplish what you set out to do with your money. They are not going to steal your money because you are their most valuable client. You are someone who yields a significant amount of power. You could just take your money out of the bank if you want. You hold the power. That is something we are kind of missing. You are the one who is in control of this. You can decide how your money is distributed. You can decide you don’t want to manage a bunch of other humanitarian projects. No one has ever in the human race has managed as much money. The entire human race combined has never managed as much money as some individuals on the phone right now. When it comes down to do it all you do is you go out and do your best to accomplish your goal. They are not going to show up and take your money. You go out make an impact. The whole point is the betterment of mankind. That is why they are giving a higher rate to people with lofty humanitarian goals. Wouldn’t make sense if you go out and have this huge impact and you’re scared they come to you and take your money. Meanwhile if you spend a billion dollars every month you are not going to be able to blow this money. The reality is money is just an illusion of this. There so much more wealth that you are holding you don’t have to worry like that. We use to believing scarcity. That we have to slave just to survive. It is just not that way. That is why there are infusing the system with an immensely amount of money. You are a huge asset to them. 

You are going to go out and spend. That is why they are going to give you so much money. So you can spend and help humanity. They are not going to come and attack you and penalize you and show up. It is just not going to be that way. You do not have to stress like that. You are going to have so much wealth you can hire an entire team of lawyers. We going to have so much wealth we can set up our own bank. You can have your own bank and make sure your money is safe that way. You can do whatever you want to do. The biggest problem we have right now when this goes through the second this happens you are limitless. We are still talking about I don’t want them to screw me over. They are not going to be able to screw you over. In matter of fact the entire team of lawyers you can hire you are in control. You can set up whatever security measures you want. You can have constant monitoring of every single dime that goes in and out of your accounts. You can have all types of legal people who do all that for you so you can still go down and look in the eyes of someone you are trying to get a job. You can still be creative. You can have a whole team of people to manage that money. People you trust. People you pay so well they never steal from you. You take that whole reason for theft, for hoarding away so people don’t have that desire or need to have a reason to steal. Why would anyone steal from someone with quadrillion dollars spending their lives giving money away? I will give it to you. You need something I will buy it for you. Every person I touch. I am not going to have a friend that is hungry, not have a job or not have a house. How can I hang out with him if he broke his stomach rumbling? I have some money let me take care of you. I don’t mean it in a way to cripple someone. You can take care of the people around you. You can do that. You will have so much wealth. Them trying to get you, controlling governing body. We will need some laws and regulations, yes. I still feel they are very much upgraded from the previous cabal. It is just not going to be the same. I am sure there are going to be problems, but not something to be afraid of. It is going to be a learning process for everyone including them because there is so much money in the system.

DR c: One thing people have to realize you got a certain group of people out there that get paid to put out certain articles that going to cause confusion, dissension and fear. Talk about claw backs and I am just going to help me and my family all of that. That is not God. This is about humanity. There is some will get it, and what they do with it is between them and God and whether they do the right thing or not will determine how long they are on this earth or not. People can’t allow fear of the unknown and fear of someone else’s opinion to cause them to think about the claw banks, and the banks going to get us. This is a whole new system. We have been talking about this for years now. The banks have had to come up to Basil 3, 4, and 5 compliance in order to be able to go through this transfer. Also the Galactic watching over which some people don’t believe that. They don’t want to believe that. It is so. However just because you don’t believe it doesn’t make it not so. It is going to be a whole new system that is going to be monitored. They are not there to try to do what they have done to us forever. That is why this last change has taken place. How many people have come into these calls and say I don’t trust Wells Fargo, I don’t want that thing. Blah Blah Blah. Now that you are told at the last second there is a change, now people are going to another hotel instead. Come on people. Dig into the teachings if you are a Real Truth caller that you have had over the last 3 years. Especially the ones you have had in the chat room with Fisher who taught you how to go into your own higher self and tap into God, tap into your source and get your discernment on track, and learn and be able to discern whenever you go into this. There is nothing to fear. It is a currency exchange. The only difference is the amount. You are just exchanging your money. Concerning your money, you are exchanging paper for monetary value. Do not fear. There is nothing to fear. You got to recognize by now unless you are brand new today or brand new last week, everyone else should be okay. You should be able to recognize this is an exchange. You are not going into a bank to be robbed. You are going to exchange your currency. If by any change there are thieves and robbers in the den, God will weed them out. That is why this has taken so long. There have been ones in the den that been weeded out. So relax. No drama. No fear.

Tank: You have my assurance also. You will be able to sleep tonight. Everything is going to be okay.

Dr W C: Yes, everything is going to be okay. You have been taught about trust, main thing is trust in God. That is why Yosef has talked so much about Surrendering. All this fear is coming up. You don’t have to worry about that. Surrender your heart to God. Trust Him and He will walk you through this process, but you got to trust Him,

Tank: Agreed.

Caller: Anything about private and public groups going at the same time?

Tank: At midnight or sometime in the coming hours or so the United Nations rates will flip over and there will be transparency. Anyone can do it. Private groups and everyone will be able to go in and exchanges will begin to take place. There will be no more hiding in secrecy. I will say this, there these groups out there that have been gathering people together, they fill out these very advance know your client forms, and all these documents. Then they invite people in and say Hey we will hook you up early, best rates ever. We going to give you 15 cents on the ZIM, with no zeros lopped off. Who is your best friend? If you don’t know what is going on and you hear.15 cents and early, It is like I’m on this, I take this, it’s wonderful. They are not going until everyone else goes. They are not going early. Everybody will be able to go through the front door. I wouldn’t worry about belonging to a group or anything. If you got currency, if you got ZIM, just call the onsite exchange number and go in and see for yourself. Get yourself mentally ready and do your own exchange. You can ask your heart’s desire with what you feel is actually appropriate for you. Ask Guidance what will you have me do. Ask for that guidance. I guarantee you that you are not alone in this. If you want help, you will hear that strong voice with clarity. You are being allowed to pursue creative endeavors. I mean that in the very true sense of that. You can create your own reality whatever you want that to be. I am sure that you will have that guidance in you and around you if you just look for it.

Tank: We are there. The currency we have in our homes, in our pockets is already revalued. It is just a matter of opening the doors.

Other information from the call: 

Tank: They are not dropping the zeros on the ZIM. The ZIM is a bond. There still will be structured payouts. Going long term will get you the best interest rate up to 8%.

Tank: Wells Fargo is not the lead bank anymore. You can go to any bank website and whatever currency exchange number is there, that is the number you will call. There will be negotiable rates with all the banks. There are some really good rates at different levels at the banks However, HSBC, Bank of China, and AIIB will be the only banks offering the sovereign rates though. If you wish to have the sovereign rates, you will need to call those bank’s 800 number that are on their bank currency exchange page. 

Tank: I was told this today. ZIM holders will get an actual text, an email and even possible a package because if you have bought currency, they have your cell phone number, your email address from the currency dealer. I am sure they have an idea where every ZIM holder is located.

Tank: Here is some clarification I got: If you are holding ZIM whatever Bank number you call they will give you a different number. That will direct you to HSBC at the redemption centers. All the redemption centers no matter where you live in the country will have an HSBC to exchange your ZIM. ZIM will be exchanged with HSBC at the redemption centers.
Tank: There are no issues if you don’t have all your receipts. I just recommend you bring in all the receipts you do have.

Fisher: This was one huge Psyops that had to be revised every 20 minutes. I just want to come on and say hi. I am here listening.

Yosef: Thank you Fisher for all you do. I am Fisher light, and Tank you are Fisher Dark Brew. I just want to clarify the HSBC thing because I think the people are being concerned. The big change was the HSBC. There was Psyops within the banking system giving the illusion Wells Fargo was in charge of all of this in reality it was the Chinese were flushing out the toxic element. They had to allow Wells Fargo develop all the redemption centers which included Abbott Downing participating as the lead management for the United States which took years. Part of the transition plan is for the Chinese is to absorb Bank of America, the branches, and turn them into HSBC. We are seeing a lot of kind of things coming together. There were 4 or 5 different aspects of the banking strategy that was all separated so we were getting a lot of Intel from a variety of different things thinking they were all separate, but in reality they were all unified. Then Saturday morning they were all snapped into place. Then we were finally able to see the final picture. In reality the 800 numbers already exist. They are on all the websites already for currency exchange. The theory is that even the values have changed dramatically on a handful of currencies and even though there is a new gold standard in the market place currency, the concept of even exchanging one note is the same for the ZIM, the Dong, the Rupiah, the new currency has been transitioning to a much higher, better number as say the Canadian dollar, the Mexican Peso. If you have either of those currencies and you want to exchange them, you will go to a bank branch and just exchange them for the rate on the screen into the denomination you wish to exchange into. If you have a lot of currency you will call and make an appointment with a currency specialist that goes to currency hotline that had an 800 number. So since you have these currencies that are considered redeemable worldwide, you can walk into any bank that has currency exchange capacities and do the same thing. The exchange centers are really for the overflow. They are additional currency exchange centers. You will be able to redeem your Dong, Rupiah, Rial, anything along those lines of existing currencies etc. and exchange with the bank of your choice as Chase, Citibank, B of A, Third, etc and get you can get sovereigns at those banks. The issue is if you have ZIM. Wells Fargo was made to look like the only redeemer of ZIM in which reality they weren’t. HSBC will wind up handling your ZIM and your other currencies. You can call a Chase number and get to basically a redemption center that has an HSBC, Abbott Downing representative. It is not as though the redemption process changed. It is who who is in the pecking order. Wells Fargo was basically used as a decoy to help flush out all the toxic aspects that were within Wells Fargo. That was done the same way Iraq was used as a diversion for Zimbabwe to be the first currency that be redeeming. The news came out about Zimbabwe and everyone just blew it off. That was the RV announcement.

Yosef: It is not like the entire process changes. It is just who is controlling the codes for the ZIM changes and thus who is really overseeing the redemption center financial aspect, and who is really running things. They knew they had toxic aspects of Wells Fargo they had to deal with. It was too obvious this was going to happen. They had a lot of low level stuff, mid level stuff, and high level stuff going up to the Chairman of the Board they had to deal with. Abbott Downing while even though it is in the Wells Fargo chain, it is its own separate entity with its own Board of Directors. In essence it is its own energy, its own bank that is being used to manage the ultra high network. They won’t be actually doing the redemption, just managing it once the redemptions have taken place. That is all.

Yosef: Wells Fargo is not actually doing the redemptions. They will be just serving to set them up for HSBC, Bank of China, AIIB, which are owned by the same parent. I hope this has cleared up some of the confusion. Once those rates show up the 800 numbers should become active. in reality we should be able to call 800 numbers and make an appointment to exchange. It is just like any other currency exchange. No different. That is what they wanted to keep things as normal on the front, and make all the major changes on the back end that nobody saw. They will be using the existing call centers, the existing 800 numbers on the bank sites already in place They will direct you if you have ZIM either another number or they just might make the appointment for you at a redemption center not necessarily the bank you are calling into. I don’t really know how they will work in the people with ZIM. Say you call Chase you have Vietnamese Dong to exchange; they say great come in at 9:00am. You go in if you know about sovereign rates great. If not, they will show you the rates on the screen, make a deal with you, and you be in and you be out. That is all it is. No great drama. It is really simple and easy. Everybody looking for the fight. What I heard from everybody is concern. The fight you are looking for is not there. IN fact the Zimbabwe nation has been oppressed a lot longer than 1980, back to 1800’s. They tried to eliminate them as superior race there. Today Zimbabwe not only have their currency back, they got their country back. They got their dignity back. Their continent back. They got their resources back. They became whole. 

Yosef: If you have any currency of any value ask for any rate you want. They want to make sure you leave happy. Those 6 to 10 days was all a Psyop. You will have all the time you need. It was all to draw out the bad element. It put pressure and tension on those who were siphoning off the deposits or the transfers, or setting up the system or coding some of the redemption centers and putting secret software programs that would steal a percentage of everything that would come in. There was a lot of thought and deception even in the redemption centers they had to deal with. They actually planned for people to go the wrong direction. They used Wells Fargo as the least toxic bank they could deal with knowing there would be toxic elements they would have to deal with in the Wells Fargo Community. There wasn’t real dramatic change in the way they were going to work. The real change is who will write you the check. Also we are just waiting for them to say go get them. If you want to bank at Chase, Wells Fargo, HSBC, B of A, Citibank, 5th Third Bank, etc, bank there. No matter what bank you call at their 800 number to set up your appointment, depending on what currency you have you might be routed over to another location. The goal to keep all as normal as possible. Control the media. Control the noise that this has happened. The 800 numbers you will call and set up your appointment and do your thing. What they don’t want you to do is email you got this much money at this bank, tweeting about it, doing some sort of internet campaign that this bank is giving this rate on the Dong go there. They don’t want that. That is not healthy for the population. They more than happy to give you the rate and the number. They just don’t want to be speaking of it so you can start a riot essentially.
Fisher: This is a personal favor I am asking for. Before we end the call tonight I like to have a moment of silence observed for the fallen heroes who got us to this point. For the people in the chat please make sure you play the bagpipes and everyone listen and say really they got you where you are at this point.

Dr WC.: Can we do this now Yosef?

Yosef: Let’s do that now. Let’s all gather our breath, go internal, go inside. Connect to the source of it all. Offer thanks and praise and gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement for those that paid so the rest can go for this blessing. The group of white hats we call them angels, military, diplomats, ambassadors, security forces, technicians, property managers, call them heroes that we will never see, never know their names. They sacrificed and took the blunt of the cabal’s best punch that was sickening and they absorbed all that pain and suffering so we can go and be sent to get that blessing. Acknowledge their lives and commitments for us. (Complete Silence on call)

Yosef: Thank you Fisher, fallen heroes. Thank you Tank, Thank you Dr. WC for being a leader when it wasn’t popular. You are your own kind of hero. Thank you, Fisher for doing things that before we got to this point and after for being a shuttlecock between things.

Yosef: If you find yourself worrying about the redemption, Don’t. If you find yourself worrying about the 800 numbers, Don’t. If you find yourself worrying about being notified in time, Don’t. It will spread like wild fire quickly. If you find yourself about getting a higher rate, Don’t. You will get the exact rate you suppose to get and get placed who you exactly suppose to be with, where you suppose to be, when you suppose to be, the right rate, you will say the right thing, you will receive the right compensation, and everything will go smoothly. It is okay to let go of the zeros. Just lean on God has you never leaned on Him before. I have no idea what this is all about, but I am sure excited to find out to be shown. Be present in the moment and enjoy the process without obsessing how much you could get or should get. I think you are ready. You are listening to the real truth call after Midnight. If you not ready, nobody is ready. Tank, Dr W C Fisher, myself have contributed over time to getting you to this position so that you are prepared and feel comfortable. I would say everyone on this call is trained. You know what the top rates are. You know how this whole system works. You know about the Republic, the Gesare, the Galactic, the Cabal, and the Psyops. It is okay. You can walk in knowing you just know. You know more than the people you are exchanging with. How about those Apples? These 1000 are more prepared. They will be looking to you for answers by the time it is over. Just enjoy the fact that you are prepared to not only redeem your currency, but to be a leader moving forward. We are going to go back to be doing different things. Not obsessed with this portion of this. With the season changing we go from winter to spring. Then one day we go from spring to summer, then summer to fall, then back to winter. It is a transition of your life. It is okay to move on. It is okay to do something else and become great at that. It is a natural progression of your life. It is a natural occurring event because you have had many transitions and seasons in your life. You always come out at the other end more experienced and better for it. This is just another transition. On that note, thank you for the time. Best of luck everybody. Thank you for letting me play in your sandbox for a little bit.

Dr WC.: Thank you, Yosef





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