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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 11/26/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring rcookie

rcookie says(7:22 AM):


rcookie says(7:23 AM):

26-11-2016 09:35 AM Cuba announces the death of its leader, Fidel Castro, at the age of 90 years

Cuban television said on Saturday, the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, who built a communist state on the doorstep of the United States, and challenged over the 50-year-old US attempts to overthrow died aged 90.

rcookie says(7:24 AM):

26-11-2016 09:31 AM Iraq issued a smart card to the staff of the company Rubber Industries

Rafidain Bank issued a smart card to the staff of the General Company for Industries and rubber tires of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. 

The media office of the bank said in a statement that 'the bank issued a smart card company employees more than 1,900 the number of employees to receive their monthly salaries instead of manual cash'. 

He added that the system Alki Card] is the practice a global system in most developed countries of the world and facilitate the smooth flow of the distribution of salaries and contributes to overcoming obstacles and shorten the routine.

rcookie says(7:26 AM):

Urgent .. Iraqi troops roll into the east of the Tigris River

Saturday 26-11-2016 | 9:29:53

Twilight News / Media announced military incursion cell for Iraqi forces troops east of the Tigris River, within the framework of the process of liberalization of Nineveh.

According to a statement of the cell responded to Twilight News, the band pieces ninth proceed with the progress of liberalization within the center of the village Gelyuhan Zab east of the Tigris River.

The battle began restoring Mosul in October 17 / October 2016 with the participation of 45 thousand of the Baghdad government, army and police forces, backed by troops from the popular crowd and guards Nineveh (Sunni), along with the Peshmerga.

And given the military campaign aerial cover of the international coalition led by the United States, also it saw the restoration of dozens of towns and villages from the grip of the terrorist organization.

magnetlady says(7:27 AM):

Good morning everyone

magnetlady says(7:27 AM):

Thank you so much for the great news rcookie and loop that you start our day with each day. We appreciate you both so much.

loop says(7:27 AM):

Battle of Mosul: beginnings and results (5)

November 26, 2016 in the versions of the center


Military operations Nineveh continue in the week-sixth as it moves in all axes, which prepared the ground according to the plan prepared by the leadership of the international coalition, which took several directions and paths as a result of confrontations and clashes that occur when you face the elements and fighters Daesh according fortifications and capabilities and plans carried out by the Iraqi military and security forces are facing Alasthoudarat that prepared and implemented by the field leaders of the military Daesh.

And we can record the most important events that have passed through the first week of the second month at the start of operations in accordance with the following:

1.tmkint pieces ninth band and within the axis Alkwyr control of the city of Nimrud archaeological after clashes with wide Daesh fighters during which they were able to bring life to this city and the surrounding villages them, having seen the grave events represented in the elements Daesh smashed all the relics and treasures that represent the depth and the roots of the Assyrian civilization and the history of the city and radiations to the world. 

2.oma northern axis command of the band of 16 fighters guard Nineveh Almottaghvelin it has contributed to the continuing advance toward the perimeter spend Tilkaif and try to enter after they have been cordoned off from all sides, in addition to its control over the peace village of Tel Abbasid which opens her toward the residential neighborhoods of the city of Mosul road. 

3.la still formations combating terrorism progressing within residential neighborhoods of the city of Mosul and trying to end inspections of mines and explosives , and the removal of the neighborhoods that had been controlled completely , namely , (Aden -altharir-Qadisiyah second) with progress toward neighborhoods (teachers-veterans-scientists-banks) and continued clashes which arrived immediately to follow the alternative military plans is to address the situation on the ground by using light weapons and the war in the streets because of the breadth of the geographical area and the adjoining neighborhoods and proximity to each other , making it difficult to move easily add to the presence of firearms lines and the spread of bombs wheels between the Sub streets and near the role of citizens with the continued shelling by the two parties ( the security forces and fighters Daesh). 


4.mahor take many dimensions and has become a paramount importance in the expected results of these operations because of the involvement of the popular crowd and control field fighters on Tal Afar military airport which is of strategic importance and centrality in this cutter, and therefore we are in front of a large combat M'zajhh within the district of Tal Afar , the center of its importance and its proximity to the Iraqi-Syrian border and South panoramic view towards the city of Mosul , where there is about only 65 km away, as he is only 70 km from the Iraqi-Turkish border, and as we know that the Turkish government and on the lips of many of the political and military leadership announced and warned that the involvement of the popular crowd and his involvement in military operations in Tal Afar and emphasized the need to protect civilians in it and not to make a demographic change of the population and the preservation of Turkmen identity Sunni spend and thus could have repercussions and grave events occur we will see them in the coming days as a result of clashes and confrontations that will occur within the vicinity of Tal Afar , especially after the mass exodus of people of the elimination process which amounted to (4) of thousands of families out of fear of the consequences of the entry of the crowd fighters and cases of revenge, murder and revenge that may occur between the parents after the involvement of the crowd Turkmen under the name of Brigade 92 of the popular crowd fighters. 

5.The set objectives of the southern axis of led by the band of 15 guerrillas and the Federal Police and the regiments of emergency is still the province of Nineveh is seeking to emphasize the importance of progress towards the (Albu Saif) being an important master node within this axis towards Mosul city center and it 's the main focus of which will be open to these formations progress and control areas and places within the city, including the (Turkish consulate headquarters in Aldndan- the leadership of the former military-operations headquarters Mosul military airport-camp Ghazlani).

loop says(7:28 AM):

6.lm troops assigned to the south - east axis of the expansion of the military operations , but the victory neighborhood with progress slow and partial toward peace neighborhood because of the ongoing confrontations and fortifications and obstacles placed Daesh fighters in front of the attacking force and population density residential areas following the victory neighborhood can thus see that this axis will remain an obstacle to complete all of the objectives planned in the liberation of Nineveh operations. 

7.alhdt the most prominent is the flight of the international coalition bombing of the rest of the bridges connecting between the right coasts and left the city of Mosul , and they came out for service in the event did not expect a lot of political analysts and military personnel who had all gone to the possibility of bombing the bridges by the leaders of the military Daesh but justification American commanders declared it was not an excuse for carrying out the bombing of the bridges because the affected ones are the people of the city and its residents will increase their suffering and their movements and methods and the potential for displacement. 

8.tzaad number of displaced families from the city of Mosul and its surroundings towards the IDP camps in the regions of Khazar and good Cham and numbered (75) thousand displaced people and as we expected and we have emphasized in previous articles, the crowds of displaced people still lack the most basic decent living requirements of health care and the provision of water, food and electricity, completeness energy absorption of these tents and the lack of proper preparation for the completion of construction and preparation of subsequent tents and campsites.

The unity of the Iraqi Studies

links for Research and Strategic Studies Center

loop says(7:28 AM):


loop says to magnetlady(7:29 AM):

GM Mags(F).. You are very welcome.

rcookie says(7:30 AM):


rcookie says(7:30 AM):

Parliamentary Legal: The current legislative term ends with the approval of the budget

Political Since 26.11.2016 at 10:39 (Baghdad time)

Special scales News

Legal Committee of the House of Representatives confirmed Saturday that the current legislative term of the Board ends with the approval of the General Budget for the year 2017 Act.

The MP said the committee Salim Chawki, L / balance News /, said that "the current legislative term has been extended one month," noting that "the legislative term will be six months, four months continue the work of the Council and the provinces two months leave."

He added Shawqi, that "according to the rules of procedure of the parliament has the right to extend the season for a period of 30 days."

The member of the Commission, that "the month in which the budget is submitted will not be lifted unless it recognized."

The Shawqi, that "in case you do not ratify the budget in the month of December next constant always remains until the adoption of the budget, meaning that chapter, during which the budget does not end only by adopting the" .anthy 29 / A 43

loop says to rcookie(7:33 AM):

So no recess until the budget is ratified by the Parliament..

wickedwitch1 says(7:34 AM):

That is motivation to get things done. 

rcookie says(7:36 AM):

Parliamentary Finance: the vote on the federal budget bill next Thursday

Anmar Journal 2 hours ago Add comment 20 visit

BAGHDAD - The Journal News

Parliamentary Finance Committee announced Saturday that the vote on the federal budget for 2017, the law will be next Thursday.

He said committee member Ahmed Sarhan Sarhan's (Journal News), that the committee is working on amendments to the draft federal budget law for next year, and then read through paragraphs of the Council of Representatives, adding that he will be voted on next Thursday.

He added that all the political blocs approval so far on the policies included in the project after reading the paragraphs Alsabakh.anthy during parliamentary sessions 3

rcookie says to loop(7:36 AM):


loop says to rcookie(7:37 AM):

I thought that is was interest how Jubouri back burnered the budget vote today and went forward with the Popular Crowd and the Commercial Agency Regulatory Act

magnetlady says(7:43 AM):

Wow, next Thursday is December 1

Doug_W says(7:44 AM):

29 days till Christmas

tiimmyh says(7:48 AM):

Hello to all in the room!!

Doug_W says to tiimmyh(7:48 AM):


tiimmyh says(7:49 AM):

Was their a chat last night and if so doyou know how i can find it?

Doug_W says(7:49 AM):

IDK I always go to bed B4 it happens 

Doug_W says to tiimmyh(7:50 AM):

I have sent a message to the copier to find out 4 U

loop says(7:51 AM):

Maliki: Adoption of the Law of the crowd fairness for those who answered the call

Political Since 11/26/2016 16:38 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

The president of a coalition of state law, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki approval of the popular crowd Act by the House of Representatives today equitable to those who answered the call to defend Iraq from the first moment for the start of the conspiracy that was aimed at destroying the unity of the country.

Maliki said in Tsslmt / balance statement News / copy, "We are keen from the outset on the enactment of the law to be a guarantee of the rights of the Mujahideen after all the sacrifices they have made and still they make."

"The sons of the popular crowd and sacrifices efforts have resulted in enactment of the law that will save these heroes who gave their lives for the liberation of the usurped territory by terrorist gangs Daesh rights."

And offering thanks to the House of Representatives, and members of parliament to approve this project for the benefit of a national high.

The Iraqi National Alliance leader Ammar al-Hakim on Saturday that pass the popular crowd at the House of Representatives not to "arm-twisting", and in "The crowd represents the board of national unity", he said it is wrong to call this victory to the doctrinal one category.

The spokesman of the Popular Authority crowd MP Ahmad al-Asadi, said 208 MPs from different blocs voted on the popular crowd Act.

Asadi said at a news conference. "The" 208 deputies representing the National Alliance and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Movement for Change and the National Union of Forces and coalition voted in the form of the popular crowd the law. "

For his part, House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said "all political blocs to give the rights of the popular crowd and fairness."

He said in a press conference held after the vote on the law that the "popular crowd will be linked directly to General Commander of the Armed Forces," adding that "the adoption of the popular crowd Act does not absolve those who have committed a mistake."

Jubouri and pointed out that "both carrying weapons outside the framework of the constitution described the militias," according to his opinion.

Hakim said at a press conference in the House of Representatives, attended / balances News / "The National Alliance has formed a committee lasted many hours in meetings to convince the largest possible number of law."

He pointed out that "the law legislation that did not cross my arms."

It is said that the leader of the National Alliance had held meetings in the House of Representatives, earlier on Saturday with the Presidency of the Council and the heads of the coalition blocs to agree to pass the law in the popular crowd Aleom.anthy session 29 / tc n

tiimmyh says(7:52 AM):

thanks Doug!!

Doug_W says(7:52 AM):


Doug_W says(7:52 AM):

he hasn't replied so I giess he is busy on his project SRRY

Doug_W says(7:52 AM):


Doug_W says(7:53 AM):

wheare are U from Tum ?

Doug_W says(7:53 AM):

darn hands

Doug_W says(7:53 AM):


DIGIman1 says(7:53 AM):

gm....i wasnt here....i dont know if there was newstime

Doug_W says(7:54 AM):

thanks Digi

tiimmyh says(7:54 AM):

Florida Doug

Doug_W says(7:55 AM):

me too Central 

Doug_W says(7:55 AM):

not far from Lakeland 

tiimmyh says(7:55 AM):

Martin County

Doug_W says(7:55 AM):


Doug_W says(7:55 AM):

Polk County

tiimmyh says(7:56 AM):

Driven thru it many times on way to Tampa

Doug_W says(7:56 AM):

I go to teh VA in Tampa

tiimmyh says(7:57 AM):

I went there for Volly Ball tournaments with my girls

loop says to tiimmyh(7:57 AM):

There was not a Newstime last night.

tiimmyh says(7:57 AM):

Thanks loop!! I guess no link then LOL!!!

(8:01 AM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

loop says(8:03 AM):

Parliament will vote on the popular crowd Authority Act and proceeded to read the Commercial Agency Regulatory Act

History of edits:: 26/11/2016 16:52 

[Oan- Baghdad] 

House of Representatives voted in its usual second session chaired by Salim al - President of the Council and in the presence of 208 deputies on Saturday in the form of the popular crowd began to read the law regarding the project Commercial Agency Regulatory Act.

According to a statement to the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was "in the beginning of the meeting after the committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs issued a statement assassination treacherous cleric Sheikh and Shyar Ismail process in front of the mosque preacher Omar Bandian denounced in Erbil on 24 of this month, calling on security authorities and the relevant authorities in the province , and the province of Arbil quickly detects the perpetrators and retribution from them. " 

President al - Jubouri behalf of the Council also condemned the cowardly terrorist attacks , which affected visitors in the city of Hilla , Babil province. 

Council and read Surat Al - Fatiha in memory of the spirit of the martyr Sheikh and souls of the martyrs of visitors to death of Imam Hussein [p]. 

Then, the House of Representatives voted on a proposal to form the popular crowd and submitted by the Committee on Security and Defense law, which was in honor of both volunteered from various Iraqi people in defense of Iraq to save the Iraqi state from attack Aldoaash all hostile to Iraq and the new regime and who have been credited in response conspiracies in order to save the various arms in the hands of the Iraqi armed forces and under the law and promote the prestige of the state and the preservation of its security and make the weapon to the state only, and in honor of all those who contributed to make his blood in the defense of Iraq from the volunteers and the popular crowd and the crowd clan. 

Before the vote on the proposed law, Parliament Speaker pointed to the existence of observations concerning the proposal of the law include the question of dealing with the elements of the crowd as individuals or given their rights belonging to the security forces or civilian jobs as well as the existence of observations on the tasks, pointing to hold multiple meetings with parliamentary blocs on the proposal law in order to reach a compromise formula for adoption, indicating a desire by some absent from the vote for the presence of the blocks after the completion of the dialogues and discussions on the proposal and vote the law. 

President al - Jubouri and stressed the rejection of the House of Representatives of the accusations against the government regarding the obstruction of legislation and blame it especially as the government has sent today a formal letter about how the Legal Department of the Council of Ministers of the inquiry on a proposal popular crowd Act noting that the legal opinion of the Department was not presented to the Council of Ministers , which It requires the presentation of the recommendations sent to the House of Representatives , Mr. Prime Minister and the government for discussion and sent to the House of Representatives in particular that there is a financial aspect.

The Presidency has decided to postpone the vote on the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2017 submitted by the Finance Committee in order to allow them to mature the budget.

On the other hand followed the Committees of civil society and women, family and childhood institutions statement on violence against women expressing its appreciation to all civic events for Msahh on 16 campaign on the world , which will start on November 25 until December 10, calling for the state institutions to the implementation of resolution UN Special recognition of the role of women in peace and security and to support their role and protect them from conflicts.

The statement called for the involvement of Iraqi women in any process of social and political reconciliation and the enactment of laws that support women and their rights and prevent violence against women as well as the importance of working to form a body or organization concerned with women to implement Iraq 's international obligations and implement the national strategy against violence against women as well as work on the empowerment of women survivors of violence to engage the community and condemn the Middle East newspaper published an abuse. 

loop says(8:03 AM):

The Presidency has decided to postpone reading the report and discuss the draft Iraqi Commission for the adoption of a law submitted by the Committee of Economy and Investment. 

Said Sheikh Humam Hamoudi , first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives about the existence of parliamentary requests to question the ministers of health, education, planning and trade agency has been referred to an ad hoc committee to study form and substance.

Council and began reading the report and discuss the draft of the commercial agency and submitted to the Regulatory Act of economic and investment commission to complete the discussions at the next meeting. 

In the interventions MP Birwan called Khilani to the lack of commercial agency grants those who was accused of financial corruption issues with the importance of the imposition of a fine of 20 million dinars instead of 10 million dinars in the case in March of the commercial agency business before getting a license then decided to adjourn the meeting until Monday 28/11 / 2016.anthy

Continue to Part 3 | Link to Part 1



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