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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 11/9/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring BGG

clay says to 1bobby(8:52 AM):

4 sure :)

Doug_W says(8:52 AM):

amen Bobby

clay says to 1bobby(8:52 AM):

proud to be an American again

1bobby says to clay(8:53 AM):

Did Hillary win? lol

magnetlady says(8:53 AM):

I do feel somewhat better. Started the Mucinex yesterday and its drying up the drainage and helping break it up.

clay says to 1bobby(8:53 AM):


clay says to magnetlady(8:53 AM):

I got the same thing

Doug_W says(8:53 AM):

take care then MAGGS plz

Doug_W says(8:55 AM):

clay do U put sweetner in ur coffee?

Doug_W says(8:56 AM):

if so switch it to honey I have not had a cold etc in over 10 years now

clay says to Doug_W(8:56 AM):

creamer but not today

clay says to Doug_W(8:56 AM):

will do thanks

Doug_W says(8:56 AM):

also real 1/2 and 1/2

Doug_W says(8:57 AM):

there are definite health benefits from those chages

subgirl says to 1bobby(8:57 AM):

thank you for copying this morning!!!! :)

(8:57 AM)subgirlcopy changed nickname to subgirl!

1bobby says to subgirl(8:57 AM):

You bet. Go have a good day

(8:58 AM)dale was kicked out by dale!

subgirl says to 1bobby(8:58 AM):

ok I will try too lol you too!! :)

Doug_W says(8:58 AM):

be well Subby

subgirl says to Doug_W(8:58 AM):

thank you :)

Doug_W says(8:59 AM):

oh and :P Subby

subgirl says to Doug_W(8:59 AM):


clay says(8:59 AM):


(8:59 AM)dreamway was kicked out by dreamway!

(8:59 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

Doug_W says(9:00 AM):

ohh well touch U .VIP

1bobby says(9:00 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – Nov. 9th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM!! WITH A CALL TONIGHT AFTER WARDS....

(9:00 AM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

magnetlady says(9:06 AM):

Morning 1bobby. I will be relieving you around noon, unless you need me earlier.

larrykn says(9:06 AM):

gm everyone :)

clay says to larrykn(9:07 AM):

GM buddy :)

larrykn says to clay(9:07 AM):

gm buddy how are you this fine day :)

clay says to larrykn(9:07 AM):

great now that Trump won

1bobby says to magnetlady(9:07 AM):

GM ma'am. That'll work. Hope you get to feeling better

larrykn says to clay(9:07 AM):


clay says to larrykn(9:08 AM):


1bobby says to larrykn(9:08 AM):

GM Larry

larrykn says to 1bobby(9:08 AM):

gm how it going

magnetlady says(9:08 AM):

morning larrykn

larrykn says to 1bobby(9:08 AM):

gm mags glad your feeling better :)

magnetlady says(9:09 AM):

thanks larrykn

larrykn says(9:09 AM):

oops lol , need more coffee lol

1bobby says to larrykn(9:09 AM):

It's going for sure. Trying to keep an eye on this and watching contractors finish some hardwood floors I'm getting installed. I suck at multi tasking

larrykn says(9:10 AM):

well at least your not doing the floors lol

1bobby says to larrykn(9:10 AM):

That's the good part lol

clay says to 1bobby(9:10 AM):


Doug_W says(9:15 AM):

Killery set to speak at 10:30

woodywoodpecker says(9:15 AM):


Doug_W says(9:15 AM):

that too Woody

woodywoodpecker says(9:15 AM):

lol GM

Doug_W says(9:15 AM):

gm Sir

Doug_W says(9:16 AM):

Que passa?

woodywoodpecker says(9:16 AM):

C lol

Doug_W says(9:16 AM):


clay says to Doug_W(9:16 AM):

wow to not hear her voice again after that :)

Doug_W says(9:16 AM):

ho habla espanol eh?

clay says to woodywoodpecker(9:16 AM):


Doug_W says(9:16 AM):


woodywoodpecker says(9:16 AM):


woodywoodpecker says(9:17 AM):


Doug_W says(9:17 AM):

ok Vas is Lose then

woodywoodpecker says(9:17 AM):

I am in love with our new first lady

Doug_W says(9:17 AM):

sprechen ze Doitch

Doug_W says(9:17 AM):

wow did I mis spell THAT lol

(9:18 AM)Kountryway was kicked out by Kountryway!

subgirl says to 1bobby(9:18 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – TONIGHT Nov. 9th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM Followed by a CALL at 8:30pm EST with multiple Guests...

subgirl says to 1bobby(9:18 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – TONIGHT Nov. 9th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM Followed by a CALL at 8:30pm EST with multiple Guests...

subgirl says to 1bobby(9:18 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – TONIGHT Nov. 9th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM Followed by a CALL at 8:30pm EST with multiple Guests...

Doug_W says(9:18 AM):

3 X and ur out

clay says to woodywoodpecker(9:18 AM):


woodywoodpecker says(9:18 AM):

My wife speaks excellent spanish....but not me

1bobby says(9:19 AM):

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say there's a newstime tonight

Doug_W says(9:19 AM):

how many in a "multiple" Subby?

subgirl says to 1bobby(9:19 AM):


subgirl says to 1bobby(9:19 AM):

oh yes there is lol

1bobby says(9:19 AM):

Not very often I make a command decision

subgirl says to Doug_W(9:19 AM):


tycho says(9:20 AM):

Good morning from Canada

1bobby says(9:20 AM):

GM eh

clay says to tycho(9:20 AM):

hey tycho

1bobby says to tycho(9:20 AM):

What part of Canada?

tycho says(9:20 AM):


1bobby says to tycho(9:21 AM):

Very cool

Doug_W says(9:21 AM):

that is a big provence

subgirl says to 1bobby(9:21 AM):

a command decision?

tycho says(9:21 AM):

Kempenfelt Bay area

1bobby says to subgirl(9:21 AM):

Yeah in stating that a newstime will take place. lol

subgirl says(9:21 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – TONIGHT Nov. 9th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM Followed by a CALL at 8:30pm EST with multiple Guests... :)

subgirl says(9:22 AM):

have a great day everyone!!! :) cya for the newstime tonight!!!

1bobby says to subgirl(9:22 AM):

That's the military in me talking

subgirl says to 1bobby(9:22 AM):

lol oh I see lol

1bobby says to subgirl(9:22 AM):

Stay safe

clay says to subgirl(9:22 AM):

bye enjoy your day :)

subgirl says to 1bobby(9:22 AM):

thanks you too! :) thanks for copying this morning :)

subgirl says to clay(9:22 AM):

bye :) have a great work day clay

1bobby says to subgirl(9:22 AM):

You bet. Checks in the mail right?

Doug_W says(9:22 AM):

Simcoe lake is beutiful

subgirl says to 1bobby(9:23 AM):

:D(lol) right lol

tycho says(9:23 AM):

lake in summer, all winter sports so close

tycho says(9:24 AM):

where you from Doug?

Doug_W says(9:24 AM):

I know that one too I am from near Kingston on teh US side

Doug_W says(9:24 AM):

now Central Fl

tycho says(9:25 AM):

Your lucky no snow for you

Doug_W says(9:25 AM):

exactly where lake Ontario becomes teh St Lawrence River

Doug_W says(9:25 AM):

not any more

Doug_W says(9:26 AM):

we have a mod in here from Mississuagua

Doug_W says(9:26 AM):

I hope I spelled that right

tycho says(9:27 AM):

wow that is great news, you can tell them about me

Doug_W says(9:27 AM):

his chat name is Digiman1

Doug_W says(9:27 AM):

2nd on list ..........

tycho says(9:27 AM):


Doug_W says(9:27 AM):


Doug_W says(9:27 AM):

Welcome to U too

1bobby says(9:28 AM):

Parliament ends the second reading of the budget and raise its to the 26th of this month

2016/11/9 15:55

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} finished houses on Wednesday the second reading of balancing 2017 lifted its to 26 this month.

A representative of the Agency said {Euphrates news} that "the House of representatives ended the day second reading of the balancing act with its lift to 2017 the 26th of this month".

tycho says(9:28 AM):

I would have enjoyed being in a warm place for the winter, will have to wait till next year

Doug_W says(9:28 AM):

I want a small cottage back home in NY state but ONLY 4 summers

tycho says(9:29 AM):

today I have to get the snowblower ready , for winter season

Doug_W says to tycho(9:30 AM):

I do NOT miss taht at all

1bobby says(9:31 AM):

The Central Bank refuses to bury money and calls on citizens to buy government bonds.

1bobby says(9:31 AM):


The Central Bank denied Wednesday, "buried" beneath the Earth, called citizens to buy government bonds.

The Bank said in a statement it had received a copy of "news" that "observed the increasing incidence of the public review to replace the coin buried very large sums", stating that "this operation is a negative indicator on the lack of interest in national currency.

The Bank said that "bury the national currency leads to deliberately damage the national currency and carry additional assigned", noting that "currency represents a symbol of national sovereignty."

Citizens Bank called attention to the national currency and not buried in the ground and back to keep them in Government and private banks, "to" the acquisition of government bonds as a substitute for compactness as a means of saving.

1bobby says(9:32 AM):


1bobby says(9:32 AM):

ok back to copying

Doug_W says(9:33 AM):

ur a pip Bobby Sir :)

1bobby says to Doug_W(9:34 AM):

Hopefully that's a good thing

Doug_W says to 1bobby(9:34 AM):

yes sir

tycho says(9:34 AM):

I keep hearing Basara 500 mentioned please tell me what that is?

1bobby says to Doug_W(9:34 AM):

I googled it and it gave me "pimp" lol

Doug_W says(9:35 AM):

ask our resident "pip" lol

Doug_W says(9:35 AM):


Doug_W says(9:35 AM):

its just an old slang term from back home

Doug_W says(9:36 AM):

it means ususuaL BUT NICE

clay says to Doug_W(9:36 AM):

where in NY were you Watertown?

Doug_W says(9:36 AM):


Doug_W says(9:36 AM):


Doug_W says(9:36 AM):

Cape Vincent to B exact

1bobby says to Doug_W(9:36 AM):

I'll take that over pimp lol

Doug_W says(9:37 AM):

lol me too pal me 2

tycho says(9:37 AM):

haha your so funny

Doug_W says(9:37 AM):


tycho says(9:37 AM):

both of you

Doug_W says(9:37 AM):

I will be here all week'

Doug_W says(9:37 AM):

PLEASE no applause throw Dinar instead

clay says to Doug_W(9:37 AM):


Doug_W says(9:38 AM):

we also accept $ and € £

tycho says(9:38 AM):

I have buried all my dinar , so it dosen't get stolen .

Doug_W says(9:38 AM):

hopefully not in a snow bank

tycho says(9:39 AM):

no, in composter haha

Doug_W says(9:39 AM):

thats better

tycho says(9:40 AM):

want to see if money grows on trees

Doug_W says(9:40 AM):

imnmediately after RV be sure to turn that on

clay says to tycho(9:40 AM):


Doug_W says(9:40 AM):

look out gang we have ANOTHER one of us

Pablo says(9:41 AM):

Mornig all. Let freedom rule!

Doug_W says(9:41 AM):

tycho is taht Canuck talk 4 Physcho?

1bobby says to Pablo(9:42 AM):

GM Pablo. Hope you're having a good morning

Doug_W says(9:42 AM):

I have to establish teh "smart alleck" pecking order in here

clay says to Pablo(9:43 AM):

hey buddy

Pablo says(9:43 AM):

I am now!

tycho says(9:43 AM):

tycho is my daughers 3 year old black lab. My daugher is in Iraq she is in the speacial forces.

Pablo says(9:43 AM):

Couldn't be better unless the RV takes place.

clay says to tycho(9:43 AM):


Doug_W says(9:43 AM):

GOOD 4 her I am proud 4 U

Doug_W says(9:44 AM):

I was a combat medic in My war

clay says to Pablo(9:44 AM):

I'm with you there

woodywoodpecker says(9:44 AM):

will pray for her

1bobby says to tycho(9:44 AM):

Appreciate her service

Doug_W says(9:44 AM):

ok gang I gotta get ready 4 my "lyft" test bb after 11

clay says to Doug_W(9:45 AM):

later buddy

1bobby says to Doug_W(9:45 AM):

Have a good one my friend

tycho says(9:45 AM):

Blessing to you Doug

(9:51 AM)clay was kicked out by clay!

(9:56 AM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

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(10:03 AM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

(10:04 AM)clay was kicked out by clay!

(10:10 AM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

RickeyT says(10:17 AM):

My son in law told me that it so quiet in the Clinton campaign office that.........you can hear an email being deleted!!!!

woodywoodpecker says(10:19 AM):


1bobby says to RickeyT(10:20 AM):

Now that's funny

woodywoodpecker says(10:23 AM):


Soonergirlie says(10:30 AM):


(10:30 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

(10:31 AM)dale was kicked out by dale!

RickeyT says(10:33 AM):

The price of ammo should come down.

woodywoodpecker says(10:35 AM):

A gun shop here said everytime Obozo would speak that his gun sales would go up

(10:46 AM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

RickeyT says to woodywoodpecker(10:51 AM):

I work the gun shows in Texas, I know.....

woodywoodpecker says(10:54 AM):

do do you ever go to the Tyler gun show

woodywoodpecker says(10:55 AM):

Tyler, TX

BGG says(10:56 AM):

Hey gang - keep things civil and let's start moving things back to "Dinar-centric" conversations...

1bobby says to BGG(10:56 AM):


BGG says to 1bobby(10:57 AM):

unless, of course...

BGG says to 1bobby(10:57 AM):

we're talking about MY gunshop :D

1bobby says to BGG(10:57 AM):


BGG says to 1bobby(10:57 AM):

I'll do a FaceBook LIVE from our gunshop sometime real soon...

BGG says to 1bobby(10:57 AM):

and let everyone in on it...

1bobby says to BGG(10:58 AM):

Lines will be formed early

RickeyT says to woodywoodpecker(10:58 AM):

No, doing Grerge r Brown on the 26th

woodywoodpecker says(10:58 AM):

didn'd know you owned one BGG

1bobby says(10:59 AM):

Lufthansa Consulting Helps Iraq upgrade Airports

November 9, 2016

The Iraqi Government and Lufthansa Consulting are continuing their longstanding relationship in order to further enhance the aviation system in Iraq.

The country’s Ministry of Transport signed a comprehensive agreement for a long-term strategic advisory and implementation project that will focus on restructuring the national carrier Iraqi Airways and the Iraq Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA) and on optimizing Iraq’s airports.

The latest contract aims to implement the vision of the Ministry of Transport

to strengthen the ICAA in accordance with international standards and best practices

to enable Iraqi Airways to become a leading carrier in the Middle East

to provide a global network for the Iraqi people and the international market

to transform Baghdad International Airport into a hub serving three continents.

Iraq’s Minister of Transport, H.E. Kadoum Finjan Al-Hamami, says:

“This contract reflects the continuity of a long-lasting relationship between Iraq and Germany.”

Dr. Andreas Jahnke, Managing Director of Lufthansa Consulting, added:

“Lufthansa Consulting is proud to be chosen as an implementer and strategic advisor to the Iraqi Minister of Transport with a view to modernizing the aviation industry.

“With our international expertise acquired over 40 years as an aviation consultancy and our commitment to integrity and compliance with international standards, we are well equipped to support the Iraqi authorities and institutions in enhancing the situation in the interests of the people of Iraq.”

The German management consulting company has been active in Iraq since 2008 and has conducted several airport and airline projects in the country.

(Source: Lufthansa Consulting)

(11:00 AM)Folks – November 8th. It’s ELECTION DAY!! This may be the most important election in our nation’s HISTORY. Every single vote matters… WE THE PEOPLE – LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!

RickeyT says to BGG(11:02 AM):

Was it ever confirmed that Trump bought millions of dinar? LOL

magnetlady says(11:03 AM):

Hillary getting ready to speak

(11:09 AM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

BGG says to RickeyT(11:09 AM):

No - never confirmed.

clay says to magnetlady(11:11 AM):

oh no lol

clay says to magnetlady(11:11 AM):

for the last time I hope

clay says to BGG(11:12 AM):

GM :)

clay says to BGG(11:12 AM):

would love to see that gun shop

(11:20 AM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

sagecanyon says(11:40 AM):

BGG: I'm so excited to see your gun shop...hoping now we can buy 22 shells for our guns....Mom and I have put together a pretty good "arsenal"...mostly rifles...but have been very careful about using my 22mag shells for my Henry golden boy...mom has a henry 17 HMR...she is 83 and can still shoot very well!

sagecanyon says(11:42 AM):

You should have seen the look on the mens faces when she asked to see that rifle...put it up to her shoulder...hefted it...and said...."I want this one" so funny!

sagecanyon says(11:42 AM):

But...she was only 80 then...LOL...she is tiny/slim...LOL

(11:42 AM)magnetlady changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

(11:45 AM)scarlet was kicked out by scarlet!

(11:48 AM)JD1 was kicked out by JD1!

(11:50 AM)JD1 was kicked out by JD1!

clay says to sagecanyon(11:54 AM):

lol cool

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