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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 11/22/16 - Part 6

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 6 - Featuring rcookie

DIGIman1 says to Doug_W(4:30 PM):

iblame microsoft, and ii cant blame them, i blame nans cat....

rcookie says(4:31 PM):

What Will India Do With 23 Billion Worthless Banknotes?

Anirban Nag

November 22, 2016 — 4:00 PM EST

Central bank to destroy more than 23 billion currency notes

Some bills are popping up for sale on websites like Ebay

A pile of 1000 rupee notes in a bank vault in Ahmedabad on Nov. 11. Photographer: Sam Panthaky/AFP via Getty Images

When the rest of the world rings in the New Year, India’s central bank will be grappling with a unique situation: how to deal with more than 23 billion worthless bank notes.

Stacked one on top of the other, the pile would be 300 times the height of Mount Everest. Laid down to form a pathway, it’d be long enough to reach the moon and back five times. Prime Minister Narendra Modi invalidated the bills in a single move announced Nov. 8, sucking out 86 percent of the nation’s currency in circulation and giving citizens until Dec. 30 to exchange them for fresh notes.

Described as the world’s most sweeping currency policy change in decades, the step has earned the government both admiration for its boldness and criticism for its execution. The Reserve Bank of India spends more than $400 million on currency production each year, about 1.5 percent of the global bank note industry.

Most of the junked notes will be destroyed and dumped in landfills following the usual process used with soiled notes, said a senior central bank official, asking not to be identified as the collection is ongoing. Many will also be turned into briquettes for industrial use, while some could be converted into paperweights and other such knickknacks.

About 98 percent of all consumer payments in India use cash, and the high frequency of handling forces the monetary authority to withdraw about 75 percent of its notes in circulation in a typical year -- more than the number of bank notes collectively produced by all countries taken together with the exception of China.

EBay Sales

Some sneaky bills may survive the cull this year. Modi’s landmark decision to ban the notes has heightened their perceived value for some people, especially those notes that carry the signature of India’s rock star former central bank Governor Raghuram Rajan. The bills are popping up for sale at twice their face value on websites such as those run by EBay Inc.

With the government’s step targeted at black money -- the local term for cash stashed away to avoid tax -- there are also media reports of folks tearing and burning their bills to avoid prosecution. The government estimates that as much as a third of the 15 trillion rupees withdrawn won’t be deposited in banks.

The cost to replace the old notes could be as high as 200 billion rupees, former Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram wrote in a newspaper column, attacking the government’s decision. His successor Arun Jaitley, in charge of overseeing the move, said such estimates are "highly exaggerated."

Doug_W says to DIGIman1(4:31 PM):

slick move Mr Teflon

1bobby says to DIGIman1(4:32 PM):

Appreciate it. Everyone have a great evening

(4:32 PM)1bobbycopy changed nickname to 1bobby!

Doug_W says(4:33 PM):

bye Bobby

clay says(4:33 PM):

bobby u 2 thanks

Dinar Dave says(4:33 PM):

People will buy anything.... Look at the Zim...lol

(4:33 PM)jimplants was kicked out by jimplants!

clay says to Dinar Dave(4:34 PM):

lol I bought Zim (lol)

Dinar Dave says to clay(4:34 PM):

Lucky You

clay says to Dinar Dave(4:34 PM):


Doug_W says(4:35 PM):

Zimetydo da ZimpeterA

rcookie says(4:35 PM):


Dinar Dave says to clay(4:35 PM):

Hope you didn't spend to much

Doug_W says(4:35 PM):

my oh my what a woinderful day

rcookie says(4:35 PM):


Doug_W says(4:36 PM):

I was TOO fixed!

rcookie says(4:36 PM):

$ 38 billion of damage to Iraq during the past two years

Posted: 22.11.2016 | 22:25 GMT | Arab World News

$ 38 billion of damage to Iraq during the past two years


$ 38 billion


damage to Iraq during


past two years

A + A A- Copy the link

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning on Tuesday November 22, that the size of Iraq's losses during the past two years amounted to about $ 38 billion.

A spokesman for the ministry, Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi, said Iraq suffered losses and the destruction of infrastructure in areas dominated by the organization "Daesh", pointing out that he has been conducting field surveys on all areas which have long been the harm of electricity, health, schools and oil sectors and other sectors.

And the speaker that Iraq has lost the past two years, about 41 trillion Iraqi dinars, or the equivalent of $ 38 billion.

He said Abdul-Zahra, the meeting of donor countries last July, which was held in Washington, contributed to the allocation of more than two billion dollars, noting that Baghdad had received part of the money to be allocated for the implementation of projects and the reconstruction of areas damaged by "Daesh" .

He stated that the Ministry of Planning does not have the information base and surveys for Nineveh damage, stressing that they are working on knowledge of the financial damage and the need for the reconstruction of areas affected.

Source: "Alsumaria News"

Dinar Dave says to rcookie(4:36 PM):

Ebay won't get stuck with anything

magnetlady says to DIGIman1(Whisper message)(4:37 PM):

Digi I'm off to a Church Thanksgiving Soup Supper. I'll be back about 8 or so eastern.

magnetlady says to DIGIman1(Whisper message)(4:37 PM):

I don't think there is any newstimes tonight like I thought there might be. Subby will be home before I am.

DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(Whisper message)(4:37 PM):

ok have fun :)

DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(Whisper message)(4:37 PM):

be safe :)

rcookie says(4:38 PM):

National settlement .. visitation Iraqi or rotate to our problems?

Sadiq al-Taie

Nov 23, 2016

Newspaper «long» Baghdadi published a leak unofficially what was known text «historic compromise» in number 3771 dated October 31, 2016, an initiative launched by the Iraqi National Alliance, Representative of the coalition of Shiite forces in the political process, and read the draft «historic compromise» clear they Initiative to draw the Iraqi situation after the completion of the liberation of the Iraqi cities from the control of the so-called organized a «state». Are we about (Iraqi Taif)? Or is it just a recycling of our problems?

With the launch of liberalization city of Mosul operations from the control of the terrorist organization launched many questions about Iraq's future political process, but it must be pointed out that the crisis situation imposed by the regulation was his other hand a positive face represented by jumping on the internal disagreements and political conflicts among the opponents of the political game in Iraq , or at least the threat of regulation to unify the ranks to confront it. Now, as we approach the eradication of terrorism from their last strongholds in Mosul, it became imperative for the political class to look at how the situation is, and to discuss proposed by the Shiite bloc in the political process paper, we have to ask some questions and shed light on what I tried paper to circumvent it Besiagatha construction is clear to provide a better understanding of what is happening.

The first question is, what are the parties that will meet the historical settlement table? First, the National Alliance, the owner of the initiative, and everyone has become known as the depth of the differences between the coalition reached an end the fragmentation of components of the coalition, however, there are three axes in this block, which is led government Abadi, a representative of the Islamic Dawa Party or part of the axis. The Islamic Supreme Council led by Mr. Hakim. The Reform Movement, led by al-Jaafari. There is a second axis, which block the rule of law and subsumed underneath the parties and Tiaret, led by al-Maliki, and the pivotal What made the mourning of the differences reached a fist fight between MPs of the two blocs in the parliament hall, a few months ago. The third axis is the Liberal bloc represented by the Sadrist movement led by Mr. Sadr, which is trying to play a role conferred recipe balance conflicts within the Shiite bloc, and forgotten the role of factions and movements of armed popular crowd that relates to these mass or those, the military and weigh on the ground and what might separate him from the results will be reflected on data next scene.

rcookie says(4:38 PM):

The other bloc is the Kurdish bloc, which tries to present itself as a single block coherent defends the rights of the Kurds, trying to move away from the crisis Iraq Baltqouka behind the borders of the region which is about the state did not declare independence yet, but those who follow what is going on behind the borders of the region will know that this is a purely Marketing a false situation of the Kurdish, and the conflicts between the National Union bloc and the MDC on the one hand and the democratic bloc Kurdistan almost break-even territory and Tcherkhh into two halves, the government became one of two governments in Erbil and another in Sulaimaniya. The parliament is paralyzed, and the region's president ruled out the constitutional frameworks for nearly six months to the end of his term, despite a rumor recently stepped down. The Peshmerga of the Patriotic Union controls the Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk, with the exception of the Arab part of them, representatives spend Hawija and villages surrounding it, which is what «Daesh» gangs still control it, while controlled Democratic Peshmerga Kurdistan on the Dohuk, Erbil and Nineveh Plain, which was taken away from the control of the organization «State», has announced that the Kurdish leaders repeatedly said it will not withdraw from territories that paid for blood Kurds to liberate it, in reference to the resolution of the dilemma about the (disputed territories) between the central government and the provincial government after it replaced a reality if the result of the occupation of Daesh and then edited by Peshmerga forces.

The third bloc concerned reconciliation of historic understanding of the year. After that dominated organization on all areas of central and northern Iraq, fragmented existence of the Sunni political bloc, was now at its weakest now, and having liberated areas of the efforts of the Iraqi army and the forces of the crowd popular with majority Shi'ites and limited participation of fighters Sunni tribes from the liberated areas, has become a year now before the problem is the nature of political power that will appear in the Sunni arena after the disintegration of the old coalitions, as a result of the support of some powers to regulate the «state» in contrast, the birth of a new coalition of the forces of Sunni fought regulation and received the blessing of the government in Baghdad, and clear language initiative before it is directed specifically for this party, will succeed in that?

rcookie says(4:39 PM):

Put paper initiative rubber formula for the parties Bijaptha to a question, the settlement with whom? And offers the following answer «National Alliance forces seeking to engage with all actors in Iraqi society on diversity, whether they are within the state frameworks or the political process or outside, including political, religious and community Alugodat and opposition armed groups within the ceiling of the Constitution« exception Baath Party and Daesh every terrorist entity The penitential and racist », towards the historic agreement held with representatives of these parties, which owns admissibility and committed to the principles of initiative, and have resolved to represent the advice of representatives of the National Alliance) and clear text Baath Party exception, but how it would be classified parties which owns the admissibility of and committed to the principles of the initiative, noting that the resolution of representation will be advice National Alliance? So specifically with the consent of the political parties, which is vague or unclear, and here it must be pointed to a dispute between the parties of the National Alliance, some refused to representatives yards sit in the Sunni provinces that preceded the fall of the provinces, however, the organization considered the representatives of these squares partners of the terrorist organization, while welcomed some of their presence as representatives of large lumps in their provinces.

The foundations on which will be the reconciliation process and accordingly has been identified by the paper as follows initiative, a comprehensive settlement and not a unilateral concession, and the principle of Allagalb and Allamglob, and yellowing of the crisis between the Iraqi parties, rejecting the use of violence as a political card to achieve political settlements. It is not clear in this paragraph foundations reset crises, does that mean the closure of the previous differences files to be recycled corrupt political class again? Um means opening all the corruption and internal strife and to hold accountable those responsible of all the blocks files? What are the party that has this ability to do so?

The principles that must be recognized by all the political parties by sitting around the historic settlement table has been set by the paper as follows: «faith and commitment in word and deed the unity of Iraq's land and people, and the preservation of its sovereignty and independence of the decision and its identity and its democratic system Parliamentary Fed refused to be divided under any circumstances. And abide by the constitution as a reference and work done without selectivity, and willingness to undertake constitutional amendments in accordance with the mechanisms provided for by the Constitution itself, and agree on a political contract «under the roof of the Constitution» clarify and resolve contentious ICs and regulatory affairs of the state that are agreed on its files issues. This implies a return to square one in the Iraqi political problem, since the Constitution needs to be amended to address lapses and gaps suffered by the political process, but as everyone knows that wrote the Constitution made him one of the closed type, which is difficult to amend it, a result of the need for this amendment to the majority constitutional not enjoyed by any of the blocs, and thus remain problems for a spin and produce crises breed of crises.

rcookie says(4:39 PM):

Paper initiative also pointed to the sensitivity of the point is to take stock of arms of the state, elastic manner, he stressed, the rule of law and bear arms, however the state and not to allow the presence of armed entities or militias outside the framework of the state, and face the outlaws without discrimination, and to hold accountable diligently and negligent including members of the Department according to the law the security forces, and the adoption of the military service law, and to ensure that a peaceful society governed by law and on the basis of justice and equality, equality and respect for religious, sectarian and cultural specificities of all the citizens of the state.

Here we ask the question: What will put the popular crowd forces have swelled to up to more than 100 thousand fighters? What about the dubious statements made by leaders of the National Alliance on regional role to PDF crowd after the liberation of the Iraqi land and the possibility of the involvement of these forces in the Syrian civil war? Implying that these forces, despite the formal subordination to the General Commander of the Armed Forces - the prime minister, but that is their existence or resolved or integrated into military and security institution is still far off and the red line is feared many politicians untouchable.

Finally, I put paper initiative of the UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), as sponsor and guarantor for the implementation of the historic reconciliation and marketed locally and regionally, and here comes the most important question, Does the United Nations have the ability to adjust the reconciliation of such in the land is still full of mines caused by infighting political parties throughout the thirteen years ago?

Iraqi writer

rcookie says(4:40 PM):


jimplants says(4:41 PM):

the UN is supporting this it is a matter of time before this happens even they have said so

rcookie says(4:44 PM):


rcookie says to jimplants(4:44 PM):


savannah says(4:46 PM):


jimplants says(4:47 PM):

i have a 500 note that says so

rcookie says(4:55 PM):

«OPEC» postpones discussion of reducing oil production in central Iraq and Iran frequency

Nov 23, 2016

Vienna / Dubai (Reuters) - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries plans to Petroleum «OPEC» discuss a cut in oil production by four to 4.5 percent of all its members, except for Libya, Nigeria, next week, but the success of the agreement depends on Iraq, Iran and the approval is highly unlikely could give their full support to the agreement.

She said three sources in OPEC that the group of experts at the Vienna meeting on Tuesday decided to make a recommendation for the ministerial meeting which will be held next week to discuss a proposal for an Algerian production cut this rate.

This would cut the organization reduces the production of more than 1.2 million barrels a day, according to Reuters calculations, based on the production of the organization in October / October and toward the maximum to the expectations of the market.

But the sources also said that representatives of Iran, Iraq and Indonesia have expressed reservations about the level of their participation in the agreement, which would be the first agreement of the organization since 2008 to curb production.

In September / September, the organization agreed to reduce production to between 32.5 million and 33 million barrels a day, in an effort to support prices compared with the latest estimates of OPEC production at 33.8 million barrels a day.

Faces «OPEC» agreement possible setbacks due to Iraq's claim exemption from any restrictions of production, and because of Iran, which wants to increase its supply after the damage produced by the sanctions.

He said Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari in Budapest yesterday that OPEC should allow the country to continue to raise production without restrictions.

And called for Iran and Iraq under certain conditions to participate in the agreement and according to sources not authorized to speak publicly because of the expert meeting behind closed doors.

The sources said Saudi Arabia and Gulf allies indicated a willingness to cut their production by up to one million barrels per day.

Sources in «OPEC» said that under the proposed Algerian, all Member States, except Nigeria and Libya, will cut oil production by four to 4.5 percent for «OPEC production» estimates in October, in order to reach total production target of 32.5 million barrels a day.

The sources pointed out that this means that Saudi Arabia alone could cut production by up to 500 thousand barrels per day.

And based on «OPEC» estimates of what is known as «secondary sources», which is usually less than the estimates provided by the Member States of the Organization directly.

Sources required of Iran says under the proposed Algeria to cut production by 4.5 percent from about four million barrels per day. But one of the sources said Tehran indicate that they want to cut their production of the highest levels at 4.1 million to 4.2 million barrels per day.

As Iraq is required it is to reduce its production by about 200 thousand barrels per day. Baghdad still consider whether they should cut its production of «OPEC» estimates of levels or from their estimates higher production.

One source said «85 percent of the proposed Gulf OPEC cuts, but Iran is still not in favor of it.»

A senior delegate Almnizh that Russia is a member of the organization is still not agree to cut production but supports the installation. The «This will make it difficult for OPEC alone to restore balance to the market and push prices higher.»

MrsBGG says to rcookie(4:59 PM):

Good evening :)

MrsBGG says to rcookie(4:59 PM):

Thank you for the News!!

MrsBGG says(5:00 PM):

Call is up from last night! You can check it out in the Blog, http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ :)

rcookie says to MrsBGG(5:00 PM):


DIGIman1 says(5:00 PM):

call link - https://d.pr/AbDv

DIGIman1 says to MrsBGG(5:00 PM):

hi there :)

DIGIman1 says(5:02 PM):

My bank statement is just a visual record of bad decisions

(5:02 PM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

MrsBGG says to DIGIman1(5:06 PM):


Doug_W says(5:09 PM):

GN gang

loop says(5:20 PM):

GE All

loop says(5:27 PM):

Maliki leave Karbala disqualified

Karbala - English 21: Iraqis launched a vicious attack on former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, while he crowds in the city of Karbala resulted in his expulsion. Sources said, "The Maliki has expelled from Karbala cheers Tnath Bafassd robber of the people's money, rejecting the presence of visitors."

A member of the Iraqi parliament "," Iraqis are rejecting both corrupt and each is unjust, this is the fate of Maliki's inevitable that squandered the money of the people and sow sectarian as nails. "He stressed Awad al-Awadi, MP from the Sadrist movement, that" many of those who reach out to them confirmed the incident to expel al-Maliki during his stay between the rigidity of visitors, because it became unacceptable because of its policies and corruption. "

He pointed out that "there was smeared on the Iraqis in the past that al-Maliki is the defender and protector of Iraqis, but today, the Iraqis became aware of those who squandered the oil money was invested for the duration of his reign." Awadi stressed that "al-Maliki returned the figures and addresses of prominent contaminated with terrorism and corrupt to power in Iraq, and this is causing in Iraq is going through the day of the deteriorating economic and security conditions" ,.

The transmission of activists on social networking sites photographs, showing al-Maliki, amid the crowds in Kerbala, and surrounds his bodyguards in civilian clothes beat him for fear, in their own words.


jetset says(5:28 PM):

how are we doing today, ladies and gentlemen?

loop says(5:36 PM):

shhh! Their sleeping.

jetset says to loop(5:36 PM):


jetset says to loop(5:36 PM):


loop says(5:37 PM):


jetset says(5:39 PM):

500 dinar note is intersting

(5:39 PM)Josie was kicked out by Josie!

Canucklady says(5:40 PM):

I'm here now and awake LOL enough news to have another call it looks like. Sure enjoyed the call last night, appreciated the explanation of the auctions

jetset says to Canucklady(5:40 PM):

good evening.

loop says(5:42 PM):

Yes... However there does not appear to be the security features that they have on the larger notes.

Canucklady says to jetset(5:43 PM):

Hello there

Canucklady says to jetset(5:44 PM):

Sounds like Maliki is receiving some backlash from the Iraqi people

Canucklady says to jetset(5:45 PM):

Well deserved

jetset says to loop(5:51 PM):

thinking it is just a temp stop gap... kind of like what they said on the call yesterday - keep some liquidity

jetset says to Canucklady(5:51 PM):

i just saw a blurb about that - haven't read on it yet though.

Canucklady says to jetset(5:54 PM):


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