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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 11/15/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring firefly & rcookie

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(2:01 PM):

Hey there! You ready for a break?

loop says(2:01 PM):

United Nations: the liberated forces of the connector is committed to the principles of human rights

New measures to curb manipulation in hard currency and the elimination of the monopoly speculators .. adviser Abadi's "Zora": the central bank intends to reduce the price of the dollar and inflation is the lowest in half a century

November 14 2016 20:56 | Number of views: 181 Author: alzawraapaper

New measures to curb manipulation in hard currency and the elimination of the monopoly speculators .. adviser Abadi's "Zora": the central bank intends to reduce the price of the dollar and inflation is the lowest in half a century

New measures to curb manipulation in hard currency and the elimination of the monopoly speculators .. adviser Abadi's "Zora": the central bank intends to reduce the price of the dollar and inflation is the lowest in half a century

Zora / Laith Jawad:

Prime Minister for Financial Affairs Advisor to detect the appearance of Mohammed Saleh , the central bank 's determination to reduce the dollar exchange rate against the dinar by eliminating the monopoly of the dollar operations by some speculators, as explained that inflation in Iraq , not to exceed the 2 percent, the least since 50 years in the history of Iraq, stressed the economic expert Majid picture directed the bank to take new measures to rein in prices of speculative operations. Saleh said in an interview for «Zora»: The Bank operates in two directions, the first reduction of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, the second direction to stabilize the exchange rate in the country, noting that the rise in the dollar exchange rate caused by speculation by the traders if the exchange rate difference between The bank market of 10 points. Saleh added: that the bank was able to eliminate the monopoly power in those Alasouk or has been able to penetrate the market by meeting the needs of hard currency, stressing that the central bank sales and large meet the market 's needs.

Saleh pointed out that the Iraqi market is dependent on the dollar and regions of East Asia countries that suffer from depression and low prices, explaining that the amount of inflation in Iraq is at least 50 years ago , if a 2% which is very low compared with the countries of the world. Meanwhile , a economist Majid picture in an interview with «Zora»: The general orientation of the central bank is working to restore the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar to its former glory in collaboration with government banks, indicating that the bank seeks to make way for government banks to carry out sale the dollar put pressure on speculators in the markets. He explained the picture: that the dollar price depends on demand and supply process, which is always exploited by speculators to achieve personal benefits, noting that the bank start new measures to reduce the price of the dollar against the dinar, but this process may take time to reach the desired end. Image stressed that the success of this approach needs to be concerted all government institutions, particularly the border crossing points and in the efforts of all kinds throughout the country and carry out its required role and limit the operations of corruption in addition to the tax. He said economic experts, yesterday, the low price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar after the central bank to take several measures in collaboration with some private banks, indicating that the decline occurred in the US dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar by almost eight points. He explained: that this decline comes after the Central Bank of Iraq has taken several measures in collaboration with some private Iraqi banks Almltzmh.ahar to the US dollar in the Iraqi market is equal to 1290 Iraqi dinars.

Doug_W says(2:02 PM):

oakie, he is already broken

Okie Dinar says to Doug_W(2:02 PM):


Doug_W says(2:03 PM):

U know the old saying "it takes one to know one"

Doug_W says(2:03 PM):

WAIT.......................... that incriminates ME

Okie Dinar says to Doug_W(2:03 PM):


_firefly_ says to loop(2:04 PM):

GREAT article brother !

loop says(2:04 PM):

Tamimi reveal breaches in the final accounts of the budgets of 2005 - 2011

November 14 2016 17:28 | Number of views: 164 Author: alzawraapaper


revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al - Tamimi of the existence of irregularities in the final accounts for the spending units of the financial budgets since 2005 until 2011.

She said Tamimi on its front page on the social networking site (Facebook) that "Parliament gave the units spending 120 days before the submission of View to eliminate , "adding , " it was approving the final accounts of 2005 up to the end of 2011 ".

She stressed that " the BSA enclose some observations , which states the existence of breaches in some units of government spending , including advances to allocate some of them and the other without the allocation of units etcetera did not provide the final Hsaptha."

She explained Tamimi , " The House of Representatives gave a period of 120 days to spending units responsible for violations contrary to address the situation and that has not been treated shall be in court file to be considered , " noting that " the Committee endorsed the observations that do not contain reservations in the final accounts."

(2:05 PM)1bobbycopy changed nickname to 1bobby!

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(2:06 PM):

Thank you so much! You're the best!! (lol)

_firefly_ says to loop(2:06 PM):

The Bank operates in two directions, the first reduction of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, the second direction to stabilize the exchange rate in the country, noting that the rise in the dollar exchange rate caused by speculation by the traders if the exchange rate difference between The bank market of 10 points. Saleh added: that the bank was able to eliminate the monopoly power in those Alasouk or has been able to penetrate the market by meeting the needs of hard currency, stressing that the central bank sales and large meet the market 's needs.

1bobby says(2:06 PM):

Thanks for coming in. Same bat time, same bat channel tomorrow?

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(2:07 PM):

Actually - I'm not sure :) Let me get back to you in a bit?!

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(2:07 PM):

ok cool. You have it from my last copy?

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(2:08 PM):


1bobby says(2:08 PM):

Thanks! And thanks to everyone here today. Was fun!

Doug_W says(2:09 PM):

bye Bobby

Doug_W says(2:09 PM):

keep smiling

Okie Dinar says(2:09 PM):


clay says(2:09 PM):

thanks Bobby

clay says(2:09 PM):


(2:10 PM)jfd was kicked out by jfd!

loop says(2:11 PM):

Dispute over the vice president allocations and objection to the government of deduction from employees' salaries .. parliamentary economics for "Zora": Parliament will vote on the 2017 budget before the end of the current year, despite the notes thereon

November 14 2016 20:55 | Number of views: 160 Author: alzawraapaper

Zora / Yousef Salman:

With resumes House of Representatives held its regular 26 this month after the end of the ceremony forty visit, the parliamentary committees in the drafting of proposals on the budget bill continues in preparation for a vote soon. The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary torque parliament to pass the draft federal budget for 2017 Law, before the end of the current year , despite having a lot of notes on them. Said committee member Najiba Najib's «Zora» that «the economic and investment commission in Parliament has a lot of comments on the draft federal budget bill for 2017 , which arrived from the Government and has been read the first reading of the subject under discussion currently has parliamentary committees». She added that «of the notes that we have with regard to the issue of the deduction of 3% allocated to support the displaced folk crowd, indicating that« is not permitted to deduct 4.8% of the employee 's salary with a limited income, while spending on the cabinet offices and the Presidency and the House of Representatives big money ». She said «we have notes about some of the material relating to the private sector, investment and taxes, thus we believe that there are many amendments will be included in the budget bill», as pointed to «the budget in 2017 close to reality with the exception of 21 billion dinars deficit». According to Najib that « the committee will submit its observations to other committees on finance such as the Committee and the Legal Committee Alniabaten, so that we can complete the budget as required», indicating that «there is a desire and determination by Parliament to complete the budget and voted on before the end of this year». She added that « the Finance Committee discussed the preparation of the employees in the Iraqi embassies in the countries«, as pointed out that «Iraq Aithml huge number of embassy officials in other countries, and saw that« the budget will be completed shortly after he promised the government to respond to the proposals of the parliamentary finance committee and other committees ». But the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider confirmed that the deputy president of the republic allocations are part of the budget of the presidency of the Republic and not in isolation. He is stressing that «disbursements Office of the President of the Republic is about double the disbursements Prime Minister 's Office». Haider said in a press statement that « the Federal Court 's decision is binding on the parliament and the Finance Committee in Parliament, and on everyone to respect the constitution and not to the threat not to vote on the budget bill in the event included allocations for the Vice - Presidents» ruling out the possibility of affected sectors of government allocations in the federal budget for 2017 in case included vice presidents allocations ». He added that « the Vice President of the Republic allocations are part of the budget of the Presidency and not separate them or outside the framework, and will not be attached even including exclusively in the budget bill», indicating that « the Vice President of the Republic allocations within the budget bill is not great at the level of It could affect or disrupt or cause a breach of the status of the budget ».

Okie Dinar says to loop(2:11 PM):

Thank you so much Loop!

loop says to Okie Dinar(2:11 PM):


Doug_W says(2:12 PM):

is that like a circut loop?

_firefly_ says(2:12 PM):

despite the notes thereon - interesting ..... VERY interesting

loop says to Doug_W(2:13 PM):


Doug_W says(2:13 PM):

ur nick name is that like in a circut loop?

loop says to Doug_W(2:14 PM):

LOL - It's short for the loopback address in networking which is home.

loop says to Doug_W(2:15 PM): is the loopback address.

Doug_W says(2:15 PM):

got ya thenks

loop says to Doug_W(2:16 PM):

so if you ping your computer will answer the ping request.

Doug_W says(2:16 PM):

yes :)

Doug_W says(2:17 PM):

been a LONG time since I had a dos window open

loop says to Doug_W(2:17 PM):

or it could be that i am a little loopy

Doug_W says(2:17 PM):

maybe 10 years

Doug_W says(2:17 PM):

NOO comment on that one

Doug_W says(2:17 PM):

takes one to know onw kinda thing

Doug_W says(2:17 PM):


jfd says(2:19 PM):

Does anyone know if the Bremmer bills are used in Iraq as legal tender?

_firefly_ says to jfd(2:19 PM):

You are refering to the LDs?

loop says(2:20 PM):

Iraqi forces stormed the northern and eastern parts of Mosul

Writings Tuesday November 15.2016

Iraqi forces began the day stormed the north and east of Mosul areas including (fraternity and pristine and the hunchback).

A military source said the Iraqi News / Nina / The National Agency "golden band forces just started to storm the north and east of Mosul areas, including the (fraternity and pristine and the hunchback) north and east of Mosul."

"The troops began storming these areas after the preliminary bombardment have to alert the families residing in these areas."

The source noted that " the Iraqi forces were able to detonate bombs two wheels were Markontin three suicide bombers were killed in the area humpback wearing explosive belts, and clashes are still going on within the neighborhoods mentioned."

For his part , stressed the source of six elements Daesh arrest all of them have Turkish citizenship through their presence in the pristine area east of Mosul, Iraqi forces took them for interrogation.

jfd says(2:21 PM):

Not LDs but none zero Bremmer bills,if there is such a thing.

jfd says(2:23 PM):

Maybe more guruism nonesense.

_firefly_ says to jfd(2:24 PM):

Lots of hocus pocus in dinarland

jfd says(2:25 PM):


loop says(2:26 PM):

Bayraktar: 201 resolving a case before the Court of money laundering and the rest are on their way to rebate

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - November 15: the judiciary, announced Tuesday, to resolve dozens of cases related to money laundering and bank transfers.

The official spokesman for the judiciary, Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, said that "the competent court into bank transfers lawsuits and money laundering settled 201 litigation regarding remained 49 Other 0.29 of which relate to offenses for managers Commissioners for domestic banks and the application of the legal obligations imposed by the Money Laundering Act," which ", pointing out, "The caseload in front of money laundering and economic crime Court during the current year in addition to the retained claims from previous years amounted to 250 suit."

He went Bayraktar, "The reason for delaying the completion of 49 other cases is due to the receipt of the results of the administrative investigation," adding, "The investigation is ongoing and there is a delay, depending on the resolution of linking administrative investigations." Ended O.h


loop says(2:30 PM):

Pictures: This is what remains of the historic city of Nimrud

Ninoy- Iraq Press - November 15: transmission of activists on social networking sites more grief and sorrow photographs taken to the city of Nimrud archaeological after its liberation, last Sunday, in full, in addition to editing the village (NUMANIYA) south of hand Nimrod archeological and raising the Iraqi flag over buildings, and images showed the size of the massive damage inflicted on its effects.


It is said that the so-called organized Daesh destroyed the historic city by bulldozers in March last year after they destroyed the Mosul Museum Archaeological broadcast a videotape destruction of its elements appear decidedly archaeological inside the historic Mosul Museum, downtown, as registration showed the destruction of a winged bull else is in. " Nergal gate "in the city of Mosul. Ended O.h

clay says(2:31 PM):

so sad so much history lost forever

rcookie says to loop(2:31 PM):


clay says(2:32 PM):

does it ?

loop says to clay(2:33 PM):

I agree. Hatred and intolerance is wrong no matter what the cause.

Doug_W says(2:34 PM):

yabadabab Dooo

rcookie says(2:35 PM):

Iraq resumed supplying Jordan with oil

15 November 2016 | 21:00

BAGHDAD (Agencies)

Jordan and Iraq agreed yesterday to resume cooperation in the field of supplying Kingdom quantities of crude oil, and set a timetable for ending the project pipeline Iraqi oil and gas transmission lines, through the Jordanian port of Aqaba.

A statement from the Iraqi oil minister, Jabbar Luaibi, yesterday as saying: «There is a need to implement a project pipeline transportation of oil and gas in Iraq through the port of Aqaba, Jordan's strategic and economic importance».

He Allaibi, that «the efforts of the joint committees is keen to expedite the resolution of this file, with a coalition of companies invested for this project has reached an advanced stage of negotiations».

Okie Dinar says(2:35 PM):

Don't Miss the Du After Call

Tues – Nov 15th 7:30pm CST

w/RCookie, Mr. White& Hutch

1-641-715-3640 pin#528733

Beeson says(2:37 PM):

where can i find the cc ? i usually get it here --------------> http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/?author=1

Okie Dinar says to Beeson(2:39 PM):

That is where they are kept :) BGG will post the one from tonight there as well.

clay says to Okie Dinar(2:44 PM):

hey Okie :)

Okie Dinar says to clay(2:44 PM):

Hey Clay! How are you?

_firefly_ says(2:44 PM):


clay says to Okie Dinar(2:44 PM):

doing well thanks hope you are as well :)

clay says to _firefly_(2:45 PM):

hey bud :)

Okie Dinar says to clay(2:45 PM):

I am! Thank you! :)

loop says to rcookie(2:46 PM):

Lots of cooperation going on between Iraq and Jordan.

_firefly_ says to clay(2:46 PM):

Hey there my friend :)

clay says to _firefly_(2:47 PM):

interesting article thanks

_firefly_ says to clay(2:47 PM):

Sorry, been reading am interesting article :)

clay says to loop(2:47 PM):

hey brother

_firefly_ says(2:49 PM):

can't get this one to copy ... but ...........

_firefly_ says(2:50 PM):

Unexpectedly .. Iraqis from Mosul supporting Trump

_firefly_ says(2:50 PM):


Doug_W says(2:51 PM):

that one fly?

Doug_W says(2:52 PM):

Many arriving families found relatives either in the camp or waiting in the parking lot, after more than two years of separation on Nov. 3, 2016, at the Khazir camp in Kurdish Iraq. (H. Murdock / VOA)

Debate arose between the two communities and the contrast between supporters and opponents, or a neutral view on the whole thing is the issue is linked to what is happening in Iraq, but in a limited way actually, in the end, the debate over the validity of the Other, vary between the way the Iraqis looked at things, Fteramb, who sees that he strong against terrorism and actor, is also a racist and bigot, either Hillary, they are not intolerant or racist, but in return, she bears a large part of the responsibility for what happened in the Middle East, and the events that led to the current humanitarian crisis suffered by those Iraqis.

Foreign source Sal gathered about how they watched the news the US election, severe all these details and their knowledge, although some of them did not come out of Daesh areas only days ago only, where deprives the organization of Daesh phone use, Dishes space pickup, and virtually any form of Contact with the outside world.

One assembled certainly answered "by radio", underscoring Iraq's passion for all things political, especially if he has to do more or less what is happening in their country, and Moaillh to follow up on these events, even under the most difficult circumstances, and almost complete lack of means of.

One young Iraqis talked to the source about his experience during the US election, stressing, as in the ninth day of the month of November this morning, I wake up in the light of his mobile phone, While it was Buddy Americans slept tired of sticking their eyes flat-screen television, tuned the election results, it was a new day in Iraq on the verge of Bida.

One Yemeni refugees in Saudi territory, sent to the Iraqi young man through the application Alwatsab, a message carrying icons and the name Trump in Arabic and English, stressing that this letter was the first means that carried him the news of Trump's win, saying, that the order for Yemen to his friend was very simple, Fi voted for Hillary Clinton, it is the voice of Daesh.

As for the Kurds, things are different, where began leaflets friends with people in the camp of the Kurds living in northern Iraq, talking with some of the lack of preference for both sides, since both are bad, but some kind of inclination towards Hillary Clinton, which later translated effectively.

Where a Kurdish soldiers from the peshmerga stop the vehicle carrying foreign staff, and asked whether Kanu Americans, to follow him another question, who is elected, the interpreter advised staff saying they were not elected, but the soldier was preceded by the lifting of a finger is "ok", which calls for Hillary, Hillary, in the end Hillary Clinton has a kind of support within the Kurdish northern region, while the preferred Aragiwa north,

Doug_W says(2:52 PM):

there ya go Sir

_firefly_ says(2:53 PM):

no :)

subgirl says(2:53 PM):

Thank you all for your prayers and we are now leaving lol :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(2:53 PM):


Doug_W says(2:53 PM):

oh well srry I tried

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(2:53 PM):

Have a safe drive! You know you are in our prayers!

_firefly_ says(2:54 PM):

politics, shows through the permanent interest of political events around the world, and brought a personal analysis result data known through the media, which in turn, usually confined in the feedback box.

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(2:54 PM):

thank you :) and thanks for copying!!! :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(2:55 PM):

You're welcome!

_firefly_ says(2:55 PM):

won't copy properly

_firefly_ says(2:55 PM):

Anyway, it is no longer itself now in Iraq, for the US election, which is supposed to be an internal American doesn't mean Iraq, because the country was governed by an agreement with Iraq determines the relationship frameworks shape that makes it difficult to change elected President without similar Iraqi desire, where American election turned into a controversy and a debate among Iraqis, arrived to declare support for the candidacy of party at the expense of another.

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(2:56 PM):

poof lol

Doug_W says(2:56 PM):


Okie Dinar says(2:56 PM):


_firefly_ says(2:56 PM):

Through a foreign media tours, on the subject, showing that the vast majority who were their questionnaire, authorizing the city of Mosul, residents of her limbs now in humanitarian asylum camps, support the U.S.-led victory Trump, and papers are in the interest of Iraq in one form or another.

_firefly_ says(2:57 PM):

Abbas, 25, who did not return to his alma mater for two years after the fall of his province, but organize ISIS, opened a discussion among peers and some residents of the complex, is clearly visible, that the support for Trump than that given to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

_firefly_ says(2:57 PM):

Ahmed, a discussant, assured that the public supported the Iraqis to win Trump comes simply because "Trump is coming to American forces and sweeping terrorism", refuses Abbas laughing, and that hatred of Muslims generally Trump won't let him do something to stop terrorism in Iraq.

Doug_W says(2:58 PM):

fly that is what I copied 4 U sir

_firefly_ says(2:58 PM):

Ah must have missed it

Doug_W says(2:58 PM):

its all there up above :)

_firefly_ says(2:58 PM):

TY :)

Doug_W says(2:58 PM):


_firefly_ says(2:59 PM):

Must be this opera browser

_firefly_ says(2:59 PM):

time to switch lol

Doug_W says(2:59 PM):

I am using Chrome

_firefly_ says(3:00 PM):

I like chrome but very heavy on Data and memory usage

(3:00 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

Doug_W says(3:00 PM):

I have a ton of ram in this home made puter of mine :)

_firefly_ says(3:00 PM):

And leaves too many footpronts

Doug_W says(3:00 PM):


Doug_W says(3:00 PM):

that is does

_firefly_ says(3:01 PM):

yeah i have 16 as well with an i7

Doug_W says(3:01 PM):

but I don't care about that at all

Doug_W says(3:01 PM):

desktop here

_firefly_ says(3:08 PM):

My studio workstation has 2 desktops chain linked but I like to use my laptop to record ideas on the go.

_firefly_ says(3:08 PM):

so Data amd ,e,pru usage is vital for me

_firefly_ says(3:08 PM):


_firefly_ says(3:09 PM):


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