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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 11/23/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie & BGG

1bobby says to magnetlady (privately)(9:59 AM):

Ok great

clay says to JR67(10:00 AM):

later buddy enjoy tomorrow

(10:00 AM)*.MOD.magnetlady.copy changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

magnetlady says(10:00 AM):

Awesome 1bobby. The changing of the guard, so to speak. hahaha

1bobby says(10:01 AM):

lol Have a great day. Who's coming in next

magnetlady says(10:01 AM):

I'll be at the kitchen table working on paperwork.

magnetlady says(10:01 AM):

I believe Okie should be in at 1 but you have my number if she doesn't show, right?

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1bobby says(10:02 AM):

I do. If Okie says 1, she'll be here :)

1bobby says(10:02 AM):

Enjoy your day

clay says to magnetlady(10:03 AM):

if I dont see ya Happy Thanksgiving

clay says to 1bobby(10:03 AM):

hey bobby

1bobby says to clay(10:04 AM):

Hey Clay. 1/2 day in the office?

rcookie says(10:05 AM):

Najafi speaks of "settlement" and asserts: the dictatorship of the majority must stop in Iraq

Wednesday 23-11-2016 | 5:45:03

Twilight News / said Osama al-Nujaifi Iraqi Vice President Wednesday, that the general atmosphere in Iraq still need a lot will of the majority or the dictatorship of the majority should be stopped in favor of respect for democracy and human components no matter how small Hjovernma and condemned any approach exclusionary does not respect the citizens and their control rights.

Nujaifi said, during his meeting with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubiš today, said that "the situation in Iraq and the complexities we are with the principle of mutual understanding and dialogue with all national forces."

"We do not deny that there are differences within the Sunni forces as is the case in the Shiite and Kurdish powers, but on the issue of reconciliation they have one vote Stzmonh clearly."

He explained, "the settlement requires the existence of the interest of all parties, whether it into the political process, or outside, and should precede the settlement confidence-building measures founded on the process of solving the problems existing provision which enhances trust as partners in one nation."

Nujaifi said, "will be delivered paper national settlement presented by the National Alliance in this place in the presence of Sunni forces leaders of all we will give a unified response yet to ask for confidence-building measures, a fair and well-known after the procedures will be ready to enter into talks and discussions prompted by our deep concern to the dismantling of the problems and the advancement of Iraq and to provide insights and ideas with all the pains of the Iraqi and ensures its security and its future. "

1bobby says(10:06 AM):

That National Reconciliation sure is, and has been, gaining speed

clay says to 1bobby(10:06 AM):

nah full then 4 days off :)

1bobby says to clay(10:07 AM):

$ off days sure makes it tough going back lol

1bobby says to clay(10:07 AM):


clay says to 1bobby(10:07 AM):

been waiting years for the national to happen

1bobby says to clay(10:07 AM):

Would be a huge step forward

clay says to 1bobby(10:08 AM):

it sure will

1bobby says to rcookie(10:08 AM):

Appreciate ya my friend! Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving

clay says to 1bobby(10:08 AM):

Shabs always said security and sharing from all sects then RV we are there IMO

1bobby says to clay(10:09 AM):

EXACTLY! I think this settlement had been forgotten about

rcookie says to 1bobby(10:09 AM):


1bobby says to rcookie(10:09 AM):


rcookie says to 1bobby(10:11 AM):

United Nations seeks to bring closer the views of the Iraqi political parties

Baghdad Aktham Saifuddin

November 23, 2016

Making United Nations, through its office in Baghdad, and mediation between the political parties of the convergence of views between them and the rejection of the dispute to the acceptance of the "settlement" launched by the National Alliance, while officials favored the United Nations efforts failed, Mqll of the importance of the settlement.

وقال نائب في "تحالف القوى"، لـ"العربي الجديد"، إنّ "رئيس بعثة الأمم المتحدة في العراق يان كوبيتش، تبنى موضوع التقريب بين وجهات النظر بين الفرقاء السياسيين العراقيين، بشأن القبول بالتسوية التي أطلقها التحالف الوطني". The deputy in the "coalition forces", for "new Arab", "The head of the United Nations Mission in Iraq, Jan Kubiš, adopted the theme of convergence of views among Iraqi political parties, about the acceptance of the settlement, which launched the National Alliance.

He explained that "Kubiš continues to meet with the National Alliance, and held meetings with coalition forces, to overcome the obstacles in front of the settlement," noting that "Kubiš select dates to meet with leaders of the coalition forces, and will continue its efforts in this regard."

وقال "موقف تحالف القوى من التسوية واضح، وإنّنا نرفض المساومات للقبول بالتسوية"، مستبعداً "نجاح جهود الأمم المتحدة بمهمتها بسبب الخلاف بين كتل التحالف الوطني بشأن التسوية". " The position of the coalition forces and the settlement is clear. We reject compromises to accept the settlement," ruling out " the success of the efforts of the United Nations mission because of a dispute between the National Alliance on settlement blocs."

من جهته، انتقد النائب عن ائتلاف الوطنية، حامد المطلك، التسويات السياسية، وعدّها "مجرّد شعارات". For his part, criticized the MP for the National Alliance, Hamid al-Mutlaq, political compromises, and the promise of "just slogans."

وقال المطلك، خلال حديثه مع "العربي الجديد"، "طوال سنوات سمعنا عن كثير من المبادرات والتسويات السياسية، وهي لم تكن سوى مجرّد مسميات من دون فحوى، ولم تحقق أيّ نتائج، بل إنّ الواقع العراقي، تردى بكل جوانبه". Mutlaq said during an interview with "new Arab", "For years we have heard from many of the policy initiatives and adjustments, which are not only not mere names without the substance, and did not achieve any results, but the reality in Iraq, the deterioration in all its aspects."

ودعا إلى "ترك الأقوال والشعارات والانتقال إلى الفعل الحقيقي والعمل لصالح الشعب العراقي، وتضميد جراح الشعب العراقي من خلال تفعيل دور القانون وتوحيد العراقيين ومعالجة ملفات الفساد، وهذه هي التسوية الحقيقية". He called for "Leaving words and logos and the transition to the real act and work for the benefit of the Iraqi people, and heal the wounds of the Iraqi people through the activation of the role of law and uniting Iraqis and tackle corruption files, and this is the real settlement."

بدورها، رفضت النائبة الأيزيدية فيان دخيل، مشروع التسوية السياسية والتي "تكون على حساب الأقليات". In turn, the MP refused Yezidi Vian Dakhil, a political settlement project and "be at the expense of minorities." وقالت دخيل، في بيان صحافي، إنّه "على كل الأطراف التي تسعى للتسوية أن تدرك ضرورة أن تشمل التسوية الأقليات في العراق، وبالأخص المكون الأيزيدي، وكفى للإقصاء والتسوية بالنسبة لنا، ويجب أخذ الاستحقاقات التي تخص مكوننا وإنهاء حقبة الإقصاء التي انتهجها ضدنا الجميع". She said an intruder, in a press statement, said that "all parties seeking a settlement that recognizes the need to include the settlement of minorities in Iraq, especially the component Yezidi, and enough of exclusion and settlement for us, and it must take the benefits pertaining Mkonnena and end the era of exclusion pursued by us all."

وطرح رئيس "التحالف الوطني"، عمار الحكيم، الشهر الماضي مشروع التسوية على الكتل السياسية، وأجرى لقاءات مع قيادات سياسية كردية وسنّية، أبرزها رئيس إقليم كردستان، مسعود البرزاني، الذي قاطع الحكومة الاتحادية في بغداد منذ سنوات عدة. The head of the "National Alliance", Ammar al-Hakim, last month settlement blocs on the political project, and held meetings with Kurdish and Sunni political leaders, most notably the president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, who boycotted the federal government in Baghdad several years ago.

BGG says(10:14 AM):

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

magnetlady says(10:14 AM):

Happy Thanksgiving back atcha

magnetlady says(10:14 AM):

We truly have so much to be thankful for

clay says to BGG(10:16 AM):

u 2 Happy Thanksgiving

1bobby says to BGG(10:16 AM):

Happy Thanksgiving. So the copiers getting a turkey was just a rumor?

1bobby says to BGG(10:17 AM):

FedEx just passed so I assumed it was a rumor

Doug_W says to 1bobby(10:17 AM):

UR a trip

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:17 AM):

LOL I'm just tryin to get by here :)

Doug_W says to 1bobby(10:17 AM):

I hear that

BGG says to 1bobby(10:18 AM):


BGG says to 1bobby(10:18 AM):

I didn't even get a turkey this year :D

clay says to 1bobby(10:20 AM):

had to get 2

clay says to 1bobby(10:21 AM):

too many kids (lol)

BGG says(10:21 AM):

I didn't bother shooting one either - have plenty of chances... they are so big - and it's just us two.

clay says to BGG(10:22 AM):


Doug_W says(10:23 AM):

we got a free one Clay ...Go figure

clay says to Doug_W(10:24 AM):

good for you

Doug_W says(10:24 AM):

already had a 12# utterball then got this other one

clay says to Doug_W(10:24 AM):

we used to but the stores stopped it

Doug_W says(10:24 AM):

we are going to give it away after Tgiving to a family whos house burnt but can still cook and bath in it

Doug_W says(10:24 AM):

till it gets fixed

Doug_W says(10:25 AM):

also going to loan them a refrig

1bobby says(10:25 AM):

Well with no Turkey coming my way, it's Burger King

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:25 AM):

Very honorable of ya my friend. Kudos

Doug_W says(10:25 AM):

the fire marshall has to "ok" my temporary wiring first tho

1bobby says to clay(10:26 AM):

How many people you have coming?

Doug_W says(10:26 AM):

brb my watering timer is going off

clay says to 1bobby(10:27 AM):

8 adults 5 kids

clay says to 1bobby(10:28 AM):

you want to come

1bobby says to clay(10:28 AM):

That makes for a great day and memories. I wish my grandkids could've made it

1bobby says to clay(10:28 AM):

I wish! I'll be working on my house

clay says to 1bobby(10:29 AM):

well enjoy it the best ya can

1bobby says to clay(10:29 AM):

I always do

1bobby says(10:39 AM):

Cabinet discusses reduction of oil production and a project to reduce the number of members of the provincial councils

2016-11-23 19:30

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Cabinet discussed at its Wednesday, reducing oil production and a project to reduce the number of members of the provincial councils and districts.

A cabinet statement said the Agency received {Euphrates news} "routine meeting Cabinet headed by Haidar Abadi during the session to discuss the draft basic principles of provincial and district elections law which includes reducing the number of members, as OPEC's decision was discussed with respect to reduce oil production, Iraq's official position that stands with resolution reduction".

"In the higher education sector and sobriety in our universities are launching a scientific laboratory quality standards and will release standards for the accreditation of higher education institutions and national standards for rating Iraqi universities."

It has also been reviewing the challenges facing the country and triumphs achieved by freeing some villages Talafar airport add to discuss future of Nineveh and certainly he doesn't fear to Nineveh and its future and its emphasis on stability will be no directed to appoint a military Governor.

He noted that he "had also been guidance the electricity and oil ministries, industry and commercial bank lending facility erected crude processing units to meet the needs of the electricity Ministry forces and other stations that receive crude oil or transmission investments.

The Cabinet also said "bugs or the Commerce Department to secure ration materials for families in liberated areas".

1bobby says(10:39 AM):

Cabinet meeting held today

Doug_W says(10:39 AM):


1bobby says to Doug_W(10:40 AM):


1bobby says(10:51 AM):

Iraq hosts the 16th trade fair Organization of Islamic cooperation


Commerce Department signed a memorandum of understanding to establish the 16th trade fair Organization of Islamic cooperation Baghdad international fair ground.

Said General Manager General company for fairs and commercial services in the Ministry Hashim Mohammed Hatem, said in a statement "the economy news received a copy of it to" Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with the Islamic Centre for development of trade for commercial exhibition XVI Islamic member countries scheduled for early April next year over five days. "

The Director General said that "the note during the second coordination meeting for the exhibition at the Congress Palace in Istanbul on the sidelines of the thirty-second session of the Standing Committee for economic and commercial cooperation of OIC Member States COMCEC, saying" such as the Iraqi side and the Ministry of Commerce at the signing of the memorandum, signed by the Islamic Centre for development of trade Hassan ahazain, General Manager of the Centre ".

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(11:05 AM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

clay says to 1bobby(11:09 AM):

man smoke is coming into my office it stinks

clay says to 1bobby(11:09 AM):

people walking with masks

clay says to 1bobby(11:10 AM):

real bad today

1bobby says to clay(11:14 AM):

What % do they have under control so far?

clay says to 1bobby(11:14 AM):


clay says to 1bobby(11:15 AM):

a new one popped up today

clay says to 1bobby(11:15 AM):

and I'm a good 30 miles from one

clay says to 1bobby(11:15 AM):

its terrible

1bobby says to clay(11:15 AM):

I dealt with a few of those in Washington State. Not fun at all

1bobby says to clay(11:15 AM):

Quiet scary to say the least

clay says to 1bobby(11:16 AM):

nope my eyes are burning and I'm inside

clay says to 1bobby(11:16 AM):

just put the a/c on to clear the air

clay says to 1bobby(11:17 AM):

heading home for lunch in 15 minutes not going anywhere else

1bobby says to clay(11:17 AM):

Will that have an effect on your TG?

clay says to 1bobby(11:17 AM):

its so thick hard to see driving

clay says to 1bobby(11:17 AM):


(11:17 AM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

clay says to 1bobby(11:17 AM):

I was gonna rotisserie one but not now

clay says to 1bobby(11:17 AM):

deep fry one oven the other

1bobby says to clay(11:17 AM):

Drive carefully

clay says to 1bobby(11:18 AM):


clay says to 1bobby(11:18 AM):


Doug_W says(11:18 AM):

stay safe .VIP

mimi3 says(11:18 AM):

Happy Thanksgiving to all who dwell here!:)

Doug_W says(11:18 AM):

thanks Miami 3

clay says to Doug_W(11:18 AM):


Doug_W says(11:18 AM):

yw Pal

clay says to mimi3(11:19 AM):

hey there :) u 2

mimi3 says(11:19 AM):


clay says to mimi3(11:19 AM):

good to see ya

Doug_W says(11:19 AM):


clay says to mimi3(11:19 AM):

heading home cyl

1bobby says to mimi3(11:19 AM):

TY. Same to you

mimi3 says(11:19 AM):

Thank you all!

(11:19 AM)kalis was kicked out by kalis!

kalis says(11:19 AM):

happy thanksgiving to all . God bless all

1bobby says(11:20 AM):

Wounding a number of civilians in the sixth blast in Baghdad today.

2016-11-23 19:58

[In Baghdad]

A number of wounded civilians in a car bomb in Eastern Baghdad.

And each agency's security officials said Iraq [where], that "a car bomb exploded was parked in the garage area penalty Arboretum East of the capital have resulted in wounding a number of citizens."

Three civilians were killed and nine others wounded Wednesday, four explosive devices in the fourth police regions, police, bayaa, targeted a popular market and gatherings of citizens as a number of civilians were wounded by a roadside bomb at the entrance of Za'faraniyah, South of Baghdad.

diagyAAAE says(11:27 AM):

The central bank is required to mediate letter of guarantee 100% of their capital firms

Thursday, November 17, 2016 13:56

The central bank is required to mediate letter of guarantee 100 percent of their capital firmsBAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / … revealed a document issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, for a resolution that includes an increase for letters of guarantee banking companies to allow them to enter sell the currency window, and noted that the decision included raising the letter of guarantee for banks to 100%, while the It confirmed that the bank’s board is considering a proposal to reduce those percentages after the claims of the companies need to be reduced.

According to a document obtained by / Baghdadi News /, that “there is a decision by the Board of the Central Bank includes an increase for letters of guarantee banking companies to the Central Bank of Iraq in order to enter sell the currency window,” noting that “companies demanded the need to modify that decision.”

The document, to be “the central bank studied the requests he has received on the amendment of the decision to lift the letter of guarantee for banks to 100%, it has decided to be 25% that the increase be before the (first of January 2017), that increases annually by 25% for a period of four years to be up to 100%. ”

It said the document, said that “those measures aimed at creating motivation for the exchange companies to work according to the requirements of the Central Bank and commit to decide in selling the currency” .anthy 21 / T



diagyAAAE says(11:28 AM):

Discuss building a solid banking system challenges

23/11/2016 0:00

Central Bank of IraqBAGHDAD / morning

regulated in Beirut today Forum Iraqi banking sector , local presence and regional broad and deals with the banking business experiences in Iraq and the work of the central bank in both Iraq and Lebanon in the presence of Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq general secretary of the Union of Arab Banks and the head of the Iraqi private banks association and the collection of money experts and economists in Iraq and the balance of sharing different countries of the world.

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq said that the forum is an opportunity to connect with the regional and international environment, with the participation of experts on a high level of banking experience and their work experiences in various countries around the world, and this is beneficial to the Iraqi banking sector, especially as the public and private banks Central Bank of the participants in this placed.

This forum is organized on a regular basis in order to consolidate the bridges of cooperation with regional and international banks and stand at the latest developments in the global development banks.

The international financial expert d. Sadiq al – Shammari pointed out that the forum deals with the banking reality and the experience of the central bank in both Iraq and Lebanon and the reasons for the weakness of Iraqi confidence in banks and the experience of Lebanese banks in Iraq, as well as the evolution of the banking industry in Iraq and the Arab region and the alternatives. In turn , an economist Samir Nasiri said he focused during the forum to reconsider amending banking legislation in Iraq, which regulates the banking work for the advancement of reality banking and in particular the Central Bank Law No. (56) of 2004 and the Banking Law No. (94) for the year 2004 and the law of registration of companies No. 21 of 1997 and the law of Iraq Stock Exchange No. 74 of 2004 , and the activation of money laundering and the law of the new investment law.

As we stand when addressing the technical gap and secure the legal and technical requirements for twinning widespread among government banks and private banks on the one hand and between the international banks on the other hand the aim of developing the payments system and banking modernization and regulation of the financial and monetary trading processes according to the latest applied modern electronic banking systems in the world.



1bobby says to diagyAAAE(11:37 AM):

Thank you

diagyAAAE says(11:48 AM):


diagyAAAE says(11:48 AM):

Keywords: central succeeded in reducing inflation and addressing farmers and contractors dues

11/23/2016 18:01 pm (Baghdad time)

Keywords - central succeeded in reducing inflation and addressing farmers and contractors duesBAGHDAD balances News

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords that the bank has succeeded in ensuring price stability and the reduction of inflation and achieve the highest degree of financial stability as well as its role in the face of the financial crisis in Iraq and the treatment of farmers and contractors dues, and called on private banks, which exceeded the number to 30 private banks as well as 15 branches of banks Arab and foreign countries to promote their products and services.

This came during a business forum of the Iraqi banking sector titled (restore confidence and prevent money from banks withheld)

Which began in Beirut this morning in the presence of Central Bank Governor Dr. Ali Keywords and general secretary of the Union of Arab Banks and Sam Fattouh and head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal and vice president of the Bank of Lebanon and a number of Iraqi leaders Banking

He gave Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, the word at the beginning of the forum reviewed the bank’s activities in promoting the work of the Iraqi private banks, which has seen a significant expansion as more units than the 30 private banks as well as 15 branches of Arab and foreign banks, while State-owned banks remained unchanged without expansion.

He stated that this expansion requires a lot of care and attention by the central bank, especially Maitalq Pthchinha in the face of problems

Keywords and pointed to the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in the face of the financial crisis in Iraq and the treatment of farmers and contractors dues.

Keywords praised the efforts of the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks, pointing out that “the existence of Lebanese banks in Iraq was largely the focus of our respect and appreciation, because the Lebanese banking sector has a long history and has faced big problems was able to overcome them.”

“I appreciate this banking Elhoudoralbannana that preceded the other countries were not present in only part of the business, but in the convergence of social Thafik myself between the two countries.”

Turning the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank to the Bank’s role in “the achievement of price stability and the reduction of inflation and achieve the highest degree of financial stability as well as its role in the face of the financial crisis and the requirements of the war with al Daesh terrorist.”

He also praised the role of the central bank “lend small and medium enterprises to achieve socio-economic growth,” declaring that he “is now expanding this initiative which he described the job.”

The governor pointed to “open the door of the government to deal with private banks through the decision to allow private banks to distribute the salaries of government employees.”

Turning to the “Lebanese banks have a problem with the Kurdistan region,” pointing to “the central bank reached an initiative with the province to pay cash dues that are paid instruments later.”

The Governor emphasized that “Iraq is fighting a last stage of the confrontation with terrorism,” expected to “witness the next phase of stable growth and recovery and economically significant in the whole of Iraq.”

He called on the governor of the Central Bank of private banks “to promote their products and services offered to customers in order to attract customers and give them more confidence,” .anthy 29 / tc n



diagyAAAE says(11:48 AM):

Nuri al-Maliki to leave Karbala covered with blood


Nuri al-Maliki to leave Karbala covered with bloodRoudao – Erbil

been Vice President Nouri al – Maliki, to Baknana water by the crowds of visitors in the city of Karbala attack resulted in suffering minor injuries.

According to MP for the Liberal bloc, Awad al – Awadi, in a press statement that “Maliki has expelled from Karbala cheers Tnath Bafassd robber of the people ‘s money, rejecting the presence of visitors.”

The al – Awadi, that “many of those who reach out to them confirmed the incident to expel al – Maliki during his stay between the rigidity of visitors, because it became unacceptable because of its policies and corruption.”

The trading activists on social networking sites picture of Vice President trapped Bhrsh Profile seemed traces of blood on his face.

He has said in a press statement of his visit to the city of Karbala to perform pilgrimage ceremony.



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rcookie says(12:17 PM):


rcookie says(12:18 PM):


rcookie says(12:18 PM):


rcookie says(12:20 PM):

Basra charging Baghdad to demand by 16 trillion dinars for dues of petrodollars

Author: SKM

Editor: BK

11/23/2016 20:34

Number of Views: 45

Long-Presse / Basra

Basra council revealed on Wednesday for raising the local government has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance to demand arising from debt of imports of the petro-dollar amounting to 16 trillion dinars for the past three years, attributing this to the large number of the province's debt, (590 km south of Baghdad), and the need for projects and services.

The head of the Council, morning Albzona, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The local government has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance to demand arising from the debt of the imports of the petro-dollar for the period from 2013 to 2016, which is up to 16 trillion dinars."

Albzona added that "maintaining the city for many companies that have implemented projects which as well as its need to complete their projects stalled introducing new ones to Tkadin services to citizens," stressing that "the federal government can pay its debt to maintain payments through borrowing or through the oil."

The House of Representatives voted, in the (26th January 2010), the petro-dollar project approved under which the majority converting dollar amount and one for each barrel of crude oil producer in the province, and for each barrel of crude oil refined in refineries, the province, and for each 150 cubic meters of the product of natural gas, to the budget of the province which was amended later to become the amount of two dollars to maintain oil producer and one dollar to the provinces is the oil-producing, before the Board approves, in (the 23 of June 2013), the second amendment's powers of governorates not organized province law , which includes broad powers to the provinces in economic and service fields, including increasing amounts of petro dollars to five.

1bobby says(12:22 PM):

So correct me if I'm wrong here but.....Iraq has gone from an average inflation rate of 12.9% down to 0.20% over the last 11 years. That's crazy

rcookie says(12:25 PM):


1bobby says(12:26 PM):

Those are the one's that are hot on the Zim and the Rial coming in like Iraq. Never bought into that

rcookie says(12:28 PM):


rcookie says(12:28 PM):

US company wins contract for maintenance of Iraqi tanks and armored vehicles at more than $ 65 million

Author: HAA

Editor: BK

11/23/2016 20:54

Number of Views: 105

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), on Wednesday, beat Generale Dynamics Inc., a contract for the maintenance of tanks and armored vehicles and training Iraqi Mlakatha worth more than $ 65 million, indicating that the contract runs until the end of next year 2017.

The ministry said in a statement, I followed (range Press), "The Generale Dynamics US General Dynamics is the military contracting, which is based in the state of Michigan-based, it won the contract to foreign sales of more than 65,000,292 thousand dollars to provide logistics support for the tanks Abrams M1A1 equipped for Iraq , with armored transport wheels M88A2, as well as the training of ethnic cadres, to be completed in the task (31st December 2017). "

She said the Ministry of Defence, that "85 percent of the work will be carried out in the proportion of Iraq, while the remaining percentage will be carried out at the company's headquarters, Michigan."

It is noteworthy that Iraq has nearly 140 M1A1 Abrams tank and that many of them are in need of maintenance.

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Armored Division troops ninth

Ninth Armored Division cleansed "Nimrod" of explosives (Daesh) and the disintegration of the device 240

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11/23/2016 21:17

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Long-Presse / Nineveh

A security source in Nineveh, on Wednesday, that the Brigade 37 of the Armored Division IX, the purge hand Nimrod, southeast of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad), of improvised explosive devices and lenses, where he managed to dismantle 240 of them so far.

The source said in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The Brigade 37 of the Armored Division IX of the Iraqi army, began this morning, remove IEDs and sticky bombs planted by terrorist Daesh gangs in hand Nimrod, (30 km south-east of Mosul)."

The source, who requested anonymity, that "the brigade was able to remove about 240 packets of hand Nimrod center and archaeological area affiliate."

The Operations Command (coming Aaninoy), announced in the (13th November 2016), the liberation of the ancient hand Nimrod, from the control of the organization (Daesh) and raising the Iraqi flag over the buildings.

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Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, General Dynamics is led by Phebe Novakovic. The company employs thousands of people, with locations in 43 countries. At the heart of our company are our employees. We rely on their intimate knowledge of customer requirements and a unique blend of skill and innovation to develop and produce the best possible products and services.

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Electronic music "rebound" in Egypt


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11/23/2016 20:59

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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Music stands Egyptian Ahmed Saleh, on stage in one of the halls of the center of Cairo, to broadcast through another computer choruses of electronic Sufi music in front of an audience of fans.

The Ahmed Saleh, with the singer Abdullah Hirasawa, bilaterally become a symbol of the new music scene that emerged in Cairo during the recent years with electronic melodies and "hip-hop" and hints of jazz and rock mixed with Arabic music or sometimes Sufi songs.

The availability of this music phenomenon of the independent outlet for many young people in the country often made the news after the revolution of 2011, due to political instability.

He says Mahmoud Refat, the founder of the independent record company, "Hundred Kubis Music," it was "the first time in Egypt, at least since the twenties of the last century, the music represented to the people directly, without intermediaries."

Available online

Explains Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, a musician Palestinian born in Cairo and one of the founders of the electronic magazine "Maaszew" specialized music exchange, that this "movement began to attract an audience because the music became available online and not in the commercial market, which is dominated by producers of cylinders."

And it began to sway companies producing cylinders Lyrics decline gradually with increasing use of online sites such as "SoundCloud" and "Pandora" and "YouTube" and "Facebook".

As of the second half of the last decade, it has become accessible to music via the Internet, more convenient for the public in Egypt, the largest Arab country in terms of population, more than 90 million inhabitants, who has a long cultural history

The "Music festivals" also known as "electro-folk", a clear indication of the change in the music scene in Egypt.

And generated "Music festivals" in the popular neighborhoods in Cairo during the second half of the past decade, and took grow up to become more audible music in Egypt.

Musicians young Mstaanon has claimed the free or cheap informational programs, incorporate traditional Egyptian music and electronic tones Voojdoa so a new kind of multi-stripes music.

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