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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 11/12/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring BGG & firefly

Soonergirlie says(6:44 PM):

amazing love the title

BGG says(6:44 PM):

The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank, said the bank began to develop the first steps of the project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency.

Between the Keywords in a statement that the aim of the deletion of three zeros is to support the Iraqi dinar, and make it a competitor to foreign currencies, pointing out that this project is strategic It will serve as the country 's economy, as the dinar will be included in the global basket of currencies in the vital exchanges. He added that the bank is working on mechanisms for the implementation of the project, it is expected to start at the beginning of 2017.

BGG says(6:44 PM):

He pointed out that the Keywords introduction of the new currency does not mean the destruction of ancient coins, but will continue to trade for about 10 years.

Courtesy of RCookie

BGG says(6:45 PM):


BGG says(6:45 PM):

"begins it's first steps..." BOOM

Soonergirlie says(6:45 PM):

mic drop....

BGG says(6:45 PM):

which implies they are on this "1st Q 2017" or before...

BGG says(6:46 PM):

"...and make it a competitior to foreign currencies,..."

BGG says(6:46 PM):


Soonergirlie says(6:46 PM):


(6:46 PM)patti was kicked out by patti!

Soonergirlie says(6:47 PM):

I hope they beat up foreign currencies :D

BGG says(6:47 PM):

"...it is expected to start at the beginning of 2017..."

BGG says(6:47 PM):

They are pretty much telling us everything...

BGG says(6:47 PM):

(or are they??)

BGG says(6:48 PM):

why would they say - beginning of 2017??

_firefly_ says to BGG(6:48 PM):


BGG says(6:48 PM):


BGG says(6:48 PM):

even if they do - ask me if I care??

BGG says(6:49 PM):

"...the beginning of 2017..." as per their phrasing - is like, 49 days away??

magnetlady says(6:49 PM):

AMEN BGG. Great news.

BGG says(6:49 PM):

I think I can hang in there for that much.

BGG says(6:50 PM):

Wow LSU is looking for a blow-out...

Soonergirlie says(6:50 PM):

I think something has to happen before beginning of 2017 to make the lower denoms useful

BGG says(6:50 PM):

No need to get wonky tonite - they've already told us...

Soonergirlie says(6:52 PM):

49 days will go pretty by fast

magnetlady says(6:57 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/BGG & Company – Sunday Nov. 13th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM!!

(7:04 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

BGG says(7:05 PM):

AND - think about this... ( I have no idea where I was going with that...)

BGG says(7:06 PM):

in mid-sentence I had to head out to the North end of the property here and check out some headlights...

BGG says(7:06 PM):

turns out a little girl about to have a baby was in distress... like RIGHT THEN...

BGG says(7:06 PM):


BGG says(7:07 PM):

but I'm back now...

BGG says(7:07 PM):

whew - how about that for a News Time

BGG says(7:07 PM):


magnetlady says(7:08 PM):


BGG says(7:08 PM):

I know - right??

sagecanyon says(7:09 PM):

Pretty good newstime...let us know if it is a boy or girl..

(7:10 PM)JoeM was kicked out by JoeM!

(7:11 PM)moneymom was kicked out by moneymom!

magnetlady says(7:11 PM):

evening larrykn

BGG says(7:11 PM):

I won't know - her husband took here to the hospital - just now... I guess they don't live far from here. She stopped right were she was. I got her car off the road (in a safe place)... started a conversation with her... told her it would be OK - and waited until her husband got there to take her on.

BGG says(7:11 PM):

No biggie.

larrykn says to magnetlady(7:11 PM):

hi mags :)

sagecanyon says(7:12 PM):

She won't forget you BGG

BGG says to sagecanyon(7:12 PM):

Maybe not - gonna' be a busy nite for her. :D

sagecanyon says(7:13 PM):

Believe me...she will remember you

(7:19 PM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

sagecanyon says(7:31 PM):

Good nite everyone...going to shut this off and call it a day...Have a good sleep!

BUCK says(7:32 PM):

wow, poor kid, going through life named bgg.....lol lol

BGG says(7:32 PM):

Good Nite Sage...

BGG says to BUCK(7:33 PM):

Yeah - how sucky would that be??

BUCK says(7:33 PM):

well better if they knew ya ol

BUCK says(7:33 PM):


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magnetlady says(8:20 PM):

Hey everyone, remember to look at the moon tomorrow night.

The Biggest Supermoon In 70 Years Is Set To Fill The Night Sky This Month

magnetlady says(8:22 PM):

Its supposed to be visible both Sunday and Monday nights, but for us tomorrow will be the better day, clouds coming in for Monday nights viewing.

One of the saddest things about growing up is the fact that we tend to spend less time looking up at the sky. There's so much going on up there that we never take the time to appreciate. If you haven't taken the time to cast an eye to the heavens in some time, you may want to mark November 14th on your calendar.

NASA has announced that on this day, people looking at the night sky will be able to see the largest supermoon in 70 years. This particular supermoon will be so large, in fact, that NASA has even dubbed it the "extra-supermoon." Here's why it's such a big deal.

Link: http://www.wimp.com/the-biggest-supe...edium=partner/

eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:30 PM):


magnetlady says(8:33 PM):

yes eman?

eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:34 PM):

so this thing they started to delete the three zeroes , is big news right ??? why is there no big stir or excitement in this room, let alone some of are key guru's M.I.A. just a little bit confused

Elane says(8:35 PM):

I noticed that too eman!

magnetlady says(8:35 PM):

Perhaps we can blame it on football. I don't know, perhaps peeps are out doing other things tonight. Tomorrow night we have BGG in the room with a NewsTime. We we can ask him. I personally think it is big news, but I think they have been hinting to something like this for a couple of days in the room

magnetlady says(8:36 PM):

Hey elane

Elane says(8:36 PM):

Hi Mags...

Elane says(8:36 PM):

Eman when they first brought that aritcle in everyon roared and jumped up and down

BUCK says(8:36 PM):

rcookie brought the article a day or two ago... so some of us have seen it...but i think bgg just did the first offical commentary of which i appreciate greatly....

eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:37 PM):

dang football :D

magnetlady says(8:37 PM):

Me too Buck

magnetlady says(8:37 PM):

I'm sure they will be talking more about it tomorrow night in Newstime.

BUCK says(8:37 PM):

speaking of which.....who is our resident clemson fan???

eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:38 PM):

it's all about the U here

magnetlady says(8:38 PM):

Sorory buck I just watch what's on the channel that its turned to. football I don't keep up on, baseball is another story. (smile)

magnetlady says(8:38 PM):

Sorry eman? the "U" here.

BUCK says(8:38 PM):

well bax is osu, e is miami, jet i think is michigan...cant remember who is always pulling for clemson...

BUCK says(8:39 PM):

they are a big presence here in the room

magnetlady says(8:39 PM):

Didn't quite understand the meaning of that

magnetlady says(8:39 PM):

I'm a bit slow tonight.

magnetlady says(8:40 PM):


eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:43 PM):

well now that u.m. has won time to catch up on the big bang theory :D

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jetset says(9:25 PM):

hello to all!

magnetlady says(9:25 PM):

hey jetset

jetset says to magnetlady(9:28 PM):

hi there!

subgirl says to jetset(9:29 PM):

are you watching the game jet?

jetset says(9:29 PM):

i am

subgirl says to jetset(9:29 PM):

11 to 10 :)

jetset says(9:29 PM):

just got home a bit ago... was out to dinner with a group from our church

subgirl says to jetset(9:32 PM):

Mich. is ahead just by 1 lol 11 to 10 lol

subgirl says to jetset(9:32 PM):


subgirl says to jetset(9:32 PM):

Iowa is ahead by 1 lol

subgirl says to jetset(9:32 PM):


magnetlady says(9:33 PM):

there she is

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:35 PM):

been watching the football games lol

magnetlady says(9:35 PM):

me too

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:36 PM):

you too? :) cool!

magnetlady says(9:36 PM):

nothing else on

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:36 PM):

lol oh I see :)

magnetlady says(9:36 PM):

i'm not a real follower

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:37 PM):

I love to watch Iowa play and Iowa state played Kansas and won sorry mags :) lol

magnetlady says(9:37 PM):

Kstate or KU

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:38 PM):

I think it was Kansas State???

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:38 PM):

but not sure as I did not watch it...

magnetlady says(9:39 PM):

thats ok not my almamater

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:56 PM):

let me know when you need a break ok Mags :) thanks for copying this evening! it was very fun to watch tv all evening lol :)

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magnetlady says(10:10 PM):

YOu ready, I'll copy once more.

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:10 PM):

yep that will be fine thanks for copying! :)

ol lar says(10:13 PM):

Reasons to delete three zeros from the Iraqi dinar and what it means to delete the zeros from currency

November 12, 2016 Walter

Deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency

The reasons for deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar and what it means to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency, the fact deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, the official source at the Central Bank of Iraq, said that the beginning of the beginning of 2017, will the central Bey Iraqi deleting three zeros from the currency of Iraq, Finance Committee also announced in parliament that the central bank will start at the beginning of 2017 by deleting three zeros from the local currency, in other words, that the unity of the coin in 1000 dinars from the old currency will be replaced by only one denarius of the new currency, and so on.

Start procedures to delete three zeros from the currency in 2017

Going on in the minds of many Iraqis that the important question of whether to raise (the zeros from the Iraqi dinar) harm or benefit? Thus why do not we raise the zeros, the official source in the Iraqi Central Bank stressed that the purpose of deleting three zeros from the currency of Iraq is to lift the economy and prosperity to raise support for the dinar, which will be a key reason for the return of Iraq’s economy again in January 2017, the step by Iraq intended to reform the local currency system based on the use of the currency too high denominations, which leads to difficulties in handling and in private transactions accounts, as well as higher prices resulting from the use of monetary units higher categories, which leads to a decline in the currency and declining purchasing power exchange rate the dinar in a big way.

CBI decision to remove three zeros from the Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Central Bank chairman said that the deletion of three zeros from the Iraqi dinar will help in flourishing once again the Iraqi economy and the return of the Iraqi currency traded in international stock markets, the deletion of zeros restore Iraqi currency mind in periods of monetary turmoil and declining public revenues of the state at a time when the expenses increase, resort states often to print more of the local currency, leading to price hikes and the occurrence of high inflation, the need to cross categories with high currencies such as the one thousand and one million one hundred thousand … etc., and with every raise in the denomination as the economy enters the furnace of inflation.

Why delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi dinar

The aim of deleting three zeros from the currency of Iraq is one of the means to control the high inflation is monetary reform, coupled with a change in monetary policy by the old currency high Pfiadtha replacement of a new currency with lower categories so prices tend to decline, but does he have on inflation? The answer is no, because the elimination of inflation is required to follow state moderate monetary policy, an official at the Central Bank of Iraq and stressed that the Iraqi dinar will be the vital currency in global stock markets and the central bank is currently discussing the principles of starting the project and its laws on the beginning of the project of the year 2017 and stressed that the new currency will not have a significant impact on the major currencies, but will raise the Iraqi economy.

اسباب حذف 3 أصفار من الدينار العراقي وماذا يعني حذف أصفار من العملة

subgirl says to ol lar(10:13 PM):

hey thank you for the news!!! :)

ol lar says(10:13 PM):

sure you all looked bored

subgirl says to ol lar(10:14 PM):


ol lar says(10:14 PM):

more confirmation/education

subgirl says to ol lar(10:15 PM):

gotta love that! :)

ol lar says(10:15 PM):


RickeyT says(10:20 PM):

I hope that they mean it this time....

BGG says to ol lar(10:27 PM):

Great piece. Thanks.

(10:29 PM)*MOD.magnetlady.copy changed nickname to *MOD.magnetlady!

BGG says(10:32 PM):

Iowa BEATS Michigan!! WOW!!

subgirl says to BGG(10:32 PM):


subgirl says to BGG(10:33 PM):

I am laughing so hard lol cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

subgirl says to BGG(10:33 PM):


subgirl says to BGG(10:33 PM):

thot for sure Mich would have won! wow!

BGG says(10:34 PM):

That is why they tee it up - just to see what happens...

BGG says(10:34 PM):

if we all live by polls - it would be "Madam President"...

subgirl says to BGG(10:34 PM):

oh my goodness!!!! lol

BGG says(10:35 PM):

but - it's NOT... BOOM

subgirl says to BGG(10:35 PM):


subgirl says to BGG(10:35 PM):

what is not BOOM??

_firefly_ says to subgirl(10:35 PM):


RickeyT says(10:37 PM):

But the poles are just media opinion, not the popluace

BGG says to subgirl(10:37 PM):

it is BOOM... not polls...

subgirl says to BGG(10:38 PM):

oh I see. but still cant believe that lol would not have believed it if I had not watched it lol

BGG says to subgirl(10:38 PM):


BGG says to subgirl(10:38 PM):

the whole FBS picture just got dumped in a BLENDER

subgirl says to BGG(10:38 PM):

lol oh man lol

jetset says to RickeyT(10:38 PM):

the polls were actually quite accurate... they had her up by 2% in the RCP average and she is leading the popular vote by 1.5%. They just didn't forcast the low turnout on her side... 5 million fewer than 2012 and 9 million fewer than 2008.... GOP numbers have been stead in all 3 elections.

RickeyT says(10:39 PM):

they just picked the wrong winner

jetset says to RickeyT(10:39 PM):

many of the states she was supposed to win were lost within the margin of error.... she lost wisconisn by 25,000 votes. 40,000 few voters showed up in Milwaukee

jetset says to RickeyT(10:39 PM):

lost by 15,000 votes in michigan.

jetset says to BGG(10:40 PM):

even though this loss is terrible. michigan still controls their own destiny. win out and they are still in the playoff.

RickeyT says(10:40 PM):

they just picked the wrong winner

jetset says to RickeyT(10:41 PM):

that is what i said. they got the forecast wrong in some of the close states. they didn't read the trends correctly.

subgirl says to jetset(10:41 PM):

have to admit Iowa played really well tonight! they lost to Penn state last weekend... UGH

jetset says to subgirl(10:41 PM):

yes and michigan played turble. not good.

BGG says to jetset(10:45 PM):

Ha Ha - so sorry...

BGG says to jetset(10:45 PM):


BGG says to jetset(10:45 PM):


jetset says(10:45 PM):

channeling my inner charles barkely!

jetset says(10:59 PM):

FWIW - that article on explaining the deleting of the 3 zeros is awesome! the whole lop crowd has now been served notice once and for all!

BGG says to jetset(11:02 PM):


RickeyT says(11:04 PM):


(11:05 PM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

jetset says to BGG(11:09 PM):


jetset says(11:12 PM):

did the site just go down?

subgirl says to jetset(11:12 PM):

no just no one talking lol

jetset says(11:12 PM):

i'm talking about the forums

subgirl says to jetset(11:13 PM):

NO I can go to the forums...

jetset says(11:14 PM):

hmmm ok

BGG says to jetset(11:25 PM):

Some of that going on lately - we'll have that conversation on Monday...

BGG says to jetset(11:26 PM):

I pay 10x for premium VPAN - we should NEVER go down.

jetset says(11:26 PM):

no prob. i had just posted an aricle and went to double check that i wasn't duplicating someone elses and it said, no bueno

BGG says to jetset(11:26 PM):


BGG says to jetset(11:26 PM):

try again...

BGG says to jetset(11:26 PM):

something is up.

BGG says to jetset(11:26 PM):

reposting - that is.

BGG says to jetset(11:27 PM):

(and thanks) - sorry about your Wolverines.

BGG says to jetset(11:27 PM):


itoethatsme says(11:51 PM):

BGG is the dinar gaining value?

subgirl says(11:55 PM):

5min. :)

subgirl says to itoethatsme(11:56 PM):

it is going to gain value! very soon!

subgirl says to itoethatsme(11:56 PM):


End of Saturday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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