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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 11/24/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - No Featured Members

Elane says(7:34 AM):

State law reveal the deportation of "reshuffle" to the next legislative term of the parliament

Political Since 11/24/2016 13:19 pm (Baghdad time)

The leader of the coalition of state law Jassim al-Bayati, said Thursday that the cabinet reshuffle and naming the new ministers will be carried over to the next legislative term.

He said al-Bayati, L / balance News /, said that "the remaining five days of the month of November which end of the current legislative term there will be no display cabinet reshuffle, naming new ministers to five ministries vacant."

The member of the parliament, that "the House of Representatives before the two important issues are the adoption of the budget and vote on the law of the popular crowd, and that the laws are considered a priority for the Council at this time" .anthy 29 / A 43

baby ruth says(7:34 AM):

Ready for the RV!!

larrykn says(7:34 AM):

gm everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone , dont over do the eating lol

Elane says(7:35 AM):

My 1 and only news contribution today... Happy Thanksgiving... broken molars here .. a whole lot of pain.. Be well and blessed!!!!

subgirl says to larrykn(7:35 AM):

lol GM !! :) try not too lol Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wife :)

subgirl says to baby ruth(7:35 AM):


larrykn says(7:36 AM):

Thank you subby , you to with your family :)

subgirl says to larrykn(7:36 AM):

thanks :)

loop says(7:42 AM):

Shabandar thinker: Maliki cause deterioration of the situation in Iraq


Thursday November, 2016, 24

Confirmed thinker and political researcher, Ghalib Shahbandar, the head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, can be a compass to solve the problems of Iraq, he said that the Vice President Nouri al - Maliki, has its military capacity, and become his speeches construction and propaganda stressing that the reason for the deteriorating situation in Iraq.

Shabandar said, if Nuri al - Maliki said , I put the first seed of the popular crowd and contributed explicitly. In fact , they can not rely on what it says al - Maliki, I do not think the leaders of the popular crowd , which has a great combat the practice, and has directed an Iraqi clear even obeys the orders of al - Maliki , who is currently the abstract about the strengths of existing. "

He added Shahbandar in an interview with Roudao Media Network Kurdish" I think The letters of Nuri al - Maliki , almost as construction and to be virtually propaganda that such talk is unfounded, there is no any documents Tersh or confirm such a claim. "he explained , " Maliki was aspiring job leading, but I do not think he aspires to return to the prime minister, as the movements are not a military rather than a political, I do not see that it will come out of this movement any positive results because there are so many problems that it faces, which represents larger than Maliki himself both in terms of his thinking or potentials available, where there are senior leaders of the Dawa Party and also the year different with al - Maliki is not in favor of his return, and also has differences with the Kurds, and so on as well as with Haider al - Abadi, as well as international and regional handicaps, so I seriously doubt the ability of Nuri al - Maliki. " he also drew too . " I find that Nouri al - Maliki has military strength , which had been dominated by former with a multitude of surrounding strengths, after he became the National alliance and the National crowd of their own forces so al - Maliki is no longer unique in the arena in terms of power and prestige. "

He Shahbandar, that " the initiative launched by al - Maliki has died in its infancy, there is a difference in _khasosa within some members of the Supreme Council did not find that the strong echo and did not have it is not the world of gravity or the regional and national levels, and this is evidence that al - Maliki is just initiatives and just cries Just".

He added, the initiative was the brainchild of Mr. Ammar al - Hakim, who wrote the initiative is someone from outside parties, I do not think that Americans have a role in such initiatives, it is difficult to take this initiative its way to the executive side , because the mechanism of the initiative is fragile, even if the accurate and deep.

He noted that Iran understands that al - Maliki was the cause of the deterioration in Iraq, and know that his return could cause a split within the Shiite ranks, Iran now have another thought, maybe if that Abadi continued to be her best - Maliki, of what was found at the response of my people to some extent, Freeing Mosul and Ramadi has happened on his watch.

He said that "Barzani and Maliki are both two leaders, and each one of them's bloc, as well as own ambitions quite frankly, I think it is normal when there is Tmouhan two leaders, to exchange charges, and we for our part , we wish to calm the situation."

He added: "I say to the brother Abu delighted (in reference to the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani), he could turn into a compass to solve the problems in Iraq, it is a national leader and Kurdish, and can be turned into the leader of a global Kurdish through the adoption of the State of Kurdistan, but quietly and through the process of historical rather than through a quick ideas. "

He added that "Mr. Massoud Barzani exert effort and contributed to the consecration of self - rule in Iraq in a scientific and objective, and prevents Kurdistan collaboration of other brothers to Dora prosperous and radioactive, and then works to support other Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iran, in order to get the same benefits they received in Iraq, so that the internal self - governments are formed in these countries, they qualify Greater Kurdistan. "

loop says(7:42 AM):

He stressed that " I wrote in this context three articles in Elaph, and I said that Kurdistan 's dream of the right of the Kurds, because the right to decide fate has become a global and human rights a reality, but the problem lies in the path to this dream, this is the way it should not be through the aspirations or lifting ceiling of demands, but by a real dedication to the Kurdish presence in Iraq in the form of the language and the culture and the traditions, culture and folklore, and in collaboration with the Government of the center, and when transformed into a beacon Christtve by other Kurds. "

Shabandar added that "if there is a Kurdish region in Turkey, Syria and Iran, and with the same force and radiation, it would be Mr. Massoud Barzani , has paved the true ground of Greater Kurdistan in the long term."

He continued by saying: "I think the ball in the court of Mr. Barzani , more than in the Abadi stadium, because Abadi achieved in his time , a lot of victories, so it is now acceptable in the Iraqi street, it seems to be backed by the United States, and I think he would be more supportive in Trump time, and therefore the brother Abu pleased can (Mr. Massoud Barzani) that turns into a brilliant star in the sky of the Middle East through his brilliance in Iraq. "

He said: "I personally believe in a full belief in the right of the Kurds to self - determination, Valchord old and a great nation, but unfortunately Michtaath historically and nationally and folkloric and linguistically and oppressed, and this injustice must be raised with him through self - determination, and in my opinion the Tkirar determination starts from Iraq, and it is not Turkey or Syria , for example, because the Kurds in Iraq or on the web a lot of rights, and by a beautiful and gentle with each other and between the Shiites, so I think that they can access the solutions, but I repeat , I would say that the ball in the court of Mr. Barzani. "

In another context , he expressed his belief that " the liberation of Mosul , the process will drag on , which is complicated, because it is not a battle on the connector, it is a battle on the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea , which connects the Atlantic Ocean and then global trade, and steamers giant to transport oil, the largest of the Mosul issue and even from Syria, as well as the issue of a Russian bases on the Mediterranean Sea, it is also the issue of Turkish fears the presence of some of the pro-Iranian border, and it will drag this fight is complicated and did not do what sensible people to their deeds. "

He explained that " the components of the people of Iraq, the Kurds and Arabs, Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Turkmen and others, is a mechanism, not a strategy owners, and they firewood, not a fire."

loop says(7:57 AM):

Historic compromise

Diaa Mohsen

Thursday November, 2016, 24

Known settlement in the dictionaries of the Arabic language as: ((seeking to resolve differences between the partners by mutual consent)), but politically it is a term suggesting that diplomatic policy aimed at avoiding war by offering some concessions, to be associated with international recognition in this settlement, were used settlement in 1930 to avoid war between Germany and Italy.

The circulation of so - called ((historic settlement project)) by the National Alliance, which represents the largest coalition in parliament and government in Iraq, and with this we hear objections even within the Shiite House, not to mention the objections by some political events, which does not object to the origin of the idea ( the settlement), but it may be intercepted door (bucking know) this is not the place now.

It is known that the Baath Party was bossy to rule for 35 years is the duration of the rule of presidents ( al- Bakr and Saddam) and that I was living on the margin throughout the year reign, it was the latter is the boss command in Iraq, but with this you can not only say that he was sentenced for more than ten years after Saddam came and began his reign Bslsh executions affected the people closest to him, because he knows their love for the rule, then wage war on Iran and lasted eight years, during which the employment of security and intelligence organs in favor of the installation of his reign, and the removal of trying Mzahmth judgment; or even object to its decisions.

Not only did this, but it made the job too is no way to achieve them only through joining the Baath Party, so we find that the number of effectives in this party of Iraqis approaching 7 million Iraqis, then you can not be taught in the College without being a Baathist, and can not be accepted in function only after offering obeisance and loyalty to the party, together with the endorsement of the earliest nonpartisan organization close to Sknak.bad the fall of the Baath regime and the advent of the rule of quotas (national) and the passage of years we took hear cylinder settlement and national reconciliation, but why settle? And reconciliation with whom? This is something that no one knows except the Almighty Creator and called these initiatives, so that if we follow the job titles and names that occupy senior government positions in the Iraqi state path, we find that they are for the most part of them were Baathist leaders, they have returned for the job one way or another.

From left outside (historic compromise) are people who do not have favorites of the parties in power and have the power of decision in the Iraqi state, and they do not want to be firewood skirmishes that take place behind the scenes between the parties, and with this and that, forget or Atanas of known (historic compromise ) that the people in the valley and the parties in power in another valley.

Some political statements are for domestic consumption, which is tired of them sons of the Iraqi people, it is fired while he lost everything because of the confusion of his policies, or he did not know where to set foot in the country in the ongoing political process.

People have finally waken from Gfelth, so all these propositions will not fool him, and the naysayers movements of this (settlement) would not believe her people, as evidenced by the most obvious is the reception the people in Mosul and accepted by Salahuddin, Anbar and Fallujah , the men of the armed forces and the crowd the popular welcome and cheer, after extrication from the clutches of terrorism organization Daesh.

(8:00 AM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

loop says(8:03 AM):

Read the brief in the settlement initiative of the National Alliance of Shiite

Lance Mahmoud Sheikh appearance Thursday November, 201,624

Knocking heard the term (historic compromise) promoted by the National Alliance recently, Lekhal him he was in front of a real project to save the country includes radical solutions to political problems, word (historical) give connotations that it includes exceptional solutions to take us a new phase away from whenever the last gripped the particular problems and they say it is withering problems ... but it is familiar with the terms of this initiative will develop very disappointed establishes him convinced that the politicians in Iraq are either stupid or they are ... stupid, because the surface that most of the items which are damaged, and even political malice located in some of its clauses slag is superficial.

As is always the case with politicians , the National Alliance, the empty language of construction sophistry controls most of its provisions if we are in front trying to literary and not a political attempt to take out the country from its problems, it has Aaferdt a wide area in which to provide the name of her .. Between that called (national settlement), or settlement historical, or ( the national initiative for peace and State building). As for the substance of the initiative it can be divided into three sections , distributed in several items and paragraphs various: -

1. The first section of which is to re - boring is justified for items texts already exist in the Iraqi constitution , which been asked by the people in the two thousand and five and came into force in the year Aabaktha. Although it ruled Iraq since that time , and so far they are from the people and parties within the National Alliance. But those items Nothing has applied them to the ground and remained static in terms of the Constitution is not enabled. If the coalition did not respect the Constitution , which is one of the sanctities of any nation items Can be implemented with items in a political initiative? The initiative in some of its provisions include the following points .. (abide by the constitution as a reference and work far away from selectivity), (obligation to tolerance) values, (condemnation and rejection takfirist approach), (rule of law), (working on the distribution of powers and decentralization), (political reform and social, economic and good governance), (resort to peaceful and legal means of expression), (rejecting the use of violence as a political card), (commitment to the unity of Iraq), (abiding by the Constitution , without selectivity), (preserving Iraq 's sovereignty and independence of the decision and its identity and its democratic system Parliamentary Federal ), ( the commitment that the oil and gas belongs to the people and taking into account the producing provinces), (Altdid Baath regime of Saddam).

All of these items that are repeated initiative exists in the Constitution, even if the alliance had applied previously in the appropriate timing for what he got things to what we have reached now in Iraq.

2. Section II of the initiative include detailed provisions may not be visible in the Iraqi constitution , but also their application are the responsibility of the National Alliance , as it represents the political majority acquired the successive governments. Among these items are included in the initiative :-( expand the state of national institutions and fixed by an effective and well - established constitutional institutions), (real separation of powers to adopt and ensure the vitality), ( the adoption of free market economy), ( the development of the education system), (free media), ( adoption of the principle of efficiency in the appointments), (principle of integrity), ( the empowerment of civil society and its role), (Refuse experience Aldkktatora and exclusionary and Altmiza approach for the management of the state in no time and respect and preserve human rights and the overall liberties and political rights and the city) government, (rejection of all forms of change demographic earlier and later work on the return of displaced persons and displaced persons to their homes and seek the return of national cohesion and Amer areas devastated by terrorism Aldaasha and war upon), (commitment to the necessity of an equitable distribution of wealth based on the ratio of the population), (condemnation and rejection Ketver approach and treason against any of the components of society), ( criminalize forms of sectarian incitement and racial and ethnic discrimination), (and the criminalization of terrorism and violence and fighting as well as the fight against corruption targeting Iraqis and state institutions) . All the points contained in this section are the duties of governments that received the National Alliance since two thousand and six. , Does it make sense to be calling for the implementation of specific points and then come and offer these points as if charity and Menna you to correct the crisis situation. National Alliance has tried to compromise here between the application of these points (which is the task of implementing it) and , among other items related to enforceable on the other parties ( the Kurdish and Sunni), and present them as a whole (Yusak) one and enforceable. As we will see later in the third section of the terms of this initiative is that the application of items relating to the other parties (Sunni and Kurdish) will lead to a more restricted by subjection to the authority of the National Alliance. Had the National Alliance sincere in reaching a political settlement (historical) for it was the application of a section of these items as a goodwill gesture before reaching any compromise to reassure the other parties

loop says(8:03 AM):

3. Section III .. is the section most dangerous and which prompted the National Alliance basis for such an initiative, Vtmrer this initiative in this way ensures a politically stable for decades on the rest of the Sunni and Kurdish parties account. The irony is that the first section and the second which responsibility is applied to the responsibility of the National Alliance represent points rubber can Tsuifama and procrastination in them without a time limit, either points that responsibility applied to the responsibility of the other parties ( the Kurdish and Sunni) and We'll list in this section, they are specific things you can not procrastination In which . Therefore we say that this initiative is an attempt to consolidate control of the National Alliance on the reins. The following items that are related to this section: - (commitment to the unity of Iraq and not to divide it under any circumstances) .. this point addressed to the Kurdish party , who awaited the right conditions regionally and internationally to secede from Iraq and his signature on this initiative , which includes this point it means giving up entirely any future intention to secede.

- (Readiness for constitutional amendments in accordance with the mechanisms stipulated in the Constitution) ... of course , that any current or future attempt to change the constitution will not come out from under the tutelage of the Shiite alliance and in accordance with the interests and orientations as the mass majority.

- (Agree on a political contract (under the roof of the Constitution) to resolve the contentious issues) ... of course , this point in favor of the National Alliance , which is still insisting on the manipulation ceilings Constitution, Vmaho time limit will force the National Alliance (representative government) that , for example , applied to file disputed areas with a Kurdish party in Kurdistan as long as they did not fulfill this constitutional article under any roof over the three - fifteen years?

- (Formal objection and binding on all political parties and outputs (and of course no one understands what the meaning of outputs) and requires so from the consequences and responsibilities in the political, legal, economic, cultural, media and religious levels and rejected political blackmail of any kind and the recognition of the binding results of free and fair elections and to refrain from the practice of duplication in attitudes towards the legitimacy of the political system (foot rule and gave the opposition) and stop the incitement against the legitimacy of the existing system both internally and externally) ..... this point, if approved, would be a sword hanging over any opposition parties that participate the National Alliance in the coming governments, preventing them from objecting to state governmental practice is wrong, which is interpreted as a departure from the spirit of this agreement, which will give adequate space to the National alliance for the uniqueness of power without objection.

- ( The use of violence as a political card to achieve political settlements rejected) ... it may explain this point it refers to terrorist organizations, but the coalition jumps at this point to the likelihood of the formation of a Sunni provinces may have armed formations, thus neutralizing the opposition to giving any wrong practices It has committed against those regions, and thus ensures that the National alliance full political and military control.

- (Limiting arms possession state and not allow Quality of armed entities or militias outside the framework of the state and face the outlaws without discrimination) ... This point represents always a weapon , however , the alliance, pay nothing any armed entity in it within the framework of the country or abroad will be through coalition governments National, which gives it the freedom to deal with any armed formation according to their agendas. Popular Vlhacd example is the militia outlaws when the Sunni parties and Kurdish, while insisting the Shiite alliance to impose within the legal situation in Iraq and its annexation of the military establishment to Hrantha, while refusing to formation of any armed group , a Sunni independent , but through the crowd itself.

- (Save state institutions from quotas and nepotism) ... as long as the political majority in any government is the share of the Shiite component, the talk about cleaning the state institutions of the quota system in the interest of the Shiite party gives one dye on all state institutions.

Previous items contained in the National Alliance , the initiative could lead to anything except to reset your problems and settled. Either reassure the other parties to speak at the United Nations will oversee the application of the provisions of this initiative , he laughed at the chins, it can not be to hand such as the United Nations should oblige any Party to fulfill any of these points, as long as the items contained therein can give large tracts of rubber can not be from which lay hands on her violation, unless the transfer of Secretary General of the United Nations headquarters from New York to Baghdad to oversee the small violations at this point and that, then we can say that the UN is the real guarantor of implementation and of course this is happening shops.

loop says(8:04 AM):

My last two posts are opinion pieces.

dagger says(8:09 AM):

I want to wish everyone here at DU. A HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

magnetlady says(8:10 AM):

thanks dagger

magnetlady says(8:10 AM):


magnetlady says(8:10 AM):


loop says to magnetlady(8:12 AM):

You are very welcome.

loop says to magnetlady(8:12 AM):

Keywords: We will expand lending to projects initiative and opened the door of the distribution of salaries banks own


Economy News / Baghdad ...

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords, on Thursday, it will be expanded lending initiative projects, and among it was opened for the distribution of salaries by the private banks, he noted that the Lebanese banking sector has a long history and has faced big problems was able to overcome.

Keywords and said during his attendance at the forum of the Iraqi banking sector in Beirut said in a statement "the economy News" received a copy of "The Bank is currently seeking to expand lending to small and medium enterprises initiative to achieve economic and social growth," describing it as "important".

Keywords and added that "the bank boosted private banks in Iraq, which has seen a significant expansion in terms exceeded the 30 banks work, in addition to the 15 branches of Arab and foreign banks," noting that "State-owned banks remained unchanged without expansion."

He Keywords that "opened the door of the government to deal with private banks through the decision to allow private banks to distribute to government employees' salaries," praising "the presence of Lebanese banks in Iraq is widely considered to be the Lebanese banking sector has a long history and has faced big problems was able to overcome them."

The Iraqi banks have not kept pace with developments in the work of international banks developments, and has been linked through the use of telephones and fax machines, and did not interfering Internet only after 2004, and is seeking the Ministry of Finance to the banks associated with them to develop through the introduction of modern technologies and linking banks globally automatically , to facilitate the transfer of funds to and from Iraq.

loop says(8:17 AM):

Financial expects to vote on the budget early next month

Business & Finance

Economy News / special

Parliamentary Finance Committee predicted, the vote on the 2017 budget year beginning next month, after making some minor adjustments to it, asserting that all the provisions in the budget negotiable and change, including career deduction.

Said committee member Majda al-Tamimi said in an interview (News of the economy), that the budget in the final stages after the trading members of the Finance Committee in a few notes for submission to the House of Representatives to be added in the event of vote

She added that "the Commission talks focused during the past two days to receive suggestions and observations for discussion to speed up the pass," noting that "the career deduction percentage are still in circulation and can be changed

And fragmented that " the Committee agreed until now to keep the price of a barrel of oil at $ 42 per barrel and card export three million 750 thousand barrels per day , " likely " to vote on the budget bill put forward at the beginning of next month .

(8:28 AM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

Doug_W says(8:29 AM):

we accept $$ KWD, IQD € & £

subgirl says to Doug_W(8:30 AM):


Doug_W says(8:31 AM):

killing time B4 we can start "assembling" dinner

Doug_W says(8:31 AM):

has 2 go in at 11:30 ish

ol lar says(8:33 AM):

Publication of the draft law on the federal budget each year on the official website of the Ministry of Finance

23/11/2016 14:23

The Cabinet approved the publication of the draft law on the federal budget each year on the official website of the Ministry of Finance after approval by the Council of Ministers, with the report of the Office of Federal Financial Supervisory final publication of the last year available.

This comes to ensure transparency in the presentation of the budget details before approval.

loop says(8:40 AM):

Gobble gobble

loop says(8:40 AM):

Abadi adviser: the privatization of electricity availability of 7 trillion dinars to the state treasury

economy Since 24.11.2016 at 10:24 (Baghdad time)

Special scales News

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister revealed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Thursday, that the privatization of the electricity sector provides 7 trillion dinars to the state treasury.

Saleh said, L / balance News /, "The power to impose tariffs were within the terms of the World Bank loan fund, and it has been included in the budget next year."

He added that "electricity tariffs are as follows, that the state spent annually 13 trillion dinars and returning less than a trillion and a half of any 1.3 trillion," noting that it "contains many Ziaat, the size of these Alziaat estimated at 40% of electricity, some of them due to the deterioration of the networks and the other section the attack on the networks. "

She stressed that "counting the presence of justice in electricity consumption. For this basis, there are two types of electric tariff," However, he noted that "category includes the old consumption, which covers the basic needs of a house the old tariff, and the second is that the tariff increase with the increase in consumption."

The economic adviser, that "the imposition of tariffs to achieve meaningful results by providing revenue for the state of consumers, in addition to addressing the excesses of the basis of the principle of privatization of distribution."

He pointed out the benefit, they "contribute to increased electricity revenues of 1.5 trillion to 7 trillion per year, and these are called non-oil revenues and the achievement of resources without the need to borrow" .anthy 29 / A 43

magnetlady says(8:46 AM):

So what time is dinner subby. Do I have enough time to drive there.

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:46 AM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(8:47 AM):

lunch is at noon come on over!! lol

magnetlady says(8:47 AM):

I might be a tad late. hahaha

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:47 AM):

lol I keep it warm lol

Elane says to subgirl(8:48 AM):

Parliament will vote Saturday on a proposal form the popular crowd and the forces of his law

24-11-2016 04:50 PM

Vote in the House of Representatives, in its meeting on Saturday, the proposed body the popular crowd and the forces of the law to him.

Said Hamoudi: the session on Saturday will vote on the popular crowd Act and the general budget for 2017

includes the parliament session agenda 'vote on the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2017 Act, and vote on the draft Arms Act.'

Also includes' Rating in principle the draft law of the first amendment to the General Amnesty Law No. 27 of 2016, and to view a report and discussion of the draft Iraqi Commission for the adoption of a law, and report and discuss the draft law regulating the commercial agency '.


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