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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 11/10/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring wmawhite

Doug_W says(10:10 AM):

I use blue.black,rasp,strawberries black grapes almond/cahew milk coconut water and chis seeds and apple cider

Doug_W says(10:10 AM):


Hunter says to Doug_W(10:14 AM):

I make mine with frozen strawberries, banana, 2 heaping tablespoons yogurt, 10 apricot seeds (kills cancer cells) two heaping teasoons "Alive" vitamin/protein powder, apple juice.

clay says to Hunter(10:14 AM):

hey bud

1bobby says(10:14 AM):

I love smoothies. Bought me one of those Vita Mix machines for those. Gotta get back to drinking em

clay says to Hunter(10:14 AM):

no kidding apricot seeds

Hunter says to clay(10:14 AM):

Good morning!

clay says to 1bobby(10:15 AM):

hey bobby

1bobby says to clay(10:15 AM):

What's going on Clay. Going out this weekend?

Doug_W says(10:15 AM):

I have a nutrqa bullett machine 35K revs a minute its amazing

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:15 AM):

Less space too huh

Hunter says to clay(10:16 AM):

Yep. those seeds have vitamin B-17 in them kills cancer cells

Hunter says to Doug_W(10:16 AM):

thats what i use also. Nutri bullet

Doug_W says(10:16 AM):

yes they have a form os encapsulated poison that is only released when it comes into contact with a cancer cell and it releases it and kills teh cell

clay says to 1bobby(10:16 AM):

sure hoping to

Hunter says to Doug_W(10:16 AM):


Doug_W says(10:16 AM):

I R Smart lol

clay says to Hunter(10:16 AM):

great to know thanks

Hunter says to Doug_W(10:16 AM):


clay says to Hunter(10:17 AM):

where do you get them

clay says to Hunter(10:17 AM):

healthfood store?

Hunter says to Doug_W(10:17 AM):

My dog had cancer is when I learned about it through a homeopathic Vet. So decided what the heck, I should take it myself to prevent cancer

Doug_W says(10:18 AM):

smart move Hunter IMO

Hunter says to clay(10:18 AM):

I buy it on Amazon just search apricot seeds on there

clay says to Hunter(10:18 AM):

got ya

1bobby says(10:20 AM):


Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords revealed that the central bank will announce the names of the banks in accordance with international rating by one of the world Rating companies that are working on the evaluation of these banks.

A statement issued by the media office of the bank on Wednesday received Iraqi Transmission Network (IBN) that it came in his answers through questions directed to him at a seminar hosted by Two Rivers Center for dialogue on monetary policy in Iraq that have been identified valuable three axes currency loans and developmental stages of the Central consultations window with the monetary fund on the facilities and external lending.

Keywords and said according to the statement that the banks will get the Commission's assessments will be considerably increased its stake in the window of the currency as committed in the sales mechanism instructions and under the stated price. This took place dialogues made by the House of Representatives and the officials and participants about the problems that arise due to the currency window.

The symposium recommended the need for stakeholders commitment to media statements that are offensive to the country's reputation and its economy after the cut facts about the participants.

For his part, Chairman of the Association of Banks and Wadih Handal said that the accusations directed to money laundering, but detrimental to the reputation of Iraq and should be accurate.

Keywords added that the options can not be implemented without the continuation of the currency window to secure the necessary liquidity.

The participants came up with conviction that there is no other option at the moment after the window briefed on the advantages and disadvantages.


Doug_W says(10:20 AM):

Keywords and said in a statement, said that the aim of the deletion of three zeros is to support the Iraqi dinar, and make it a competitor to foreign currencies, pointing out that this strategic project will serve the country's economy, as the dinar will be included in the global basket of currencies in the vital exchanges. He added that the bank is working on mechanisms for the implementation of the project, it is expected to start at the beginning of 2017. He pointed out that the introduction of the new currency does not mean the destruction of ancient coins, but will continue to trade for about 10 years.

Doug_W says(10:20 AM):


Doug_W says(10:20 AM):

LOVe that article

Doug_W says(10:21 AM):

ancient coins means old curtrency... the stuff we have 10 years

Doug_W says(10:23 AM):

please somebody say something that is EXCITING

1bobby says(10:23 AM):

Good stuff

Doug_W says(10:23 AM):

ty :)

1bobby says(10:23 AM):

If people don't have a plan by now, ya better get one

Doug_W says(10:23 AM):

its close now

1bobby says(10:24 AM):


Doug_W says(10:24 AM):

same plan I have had these last many years

Doug_W says(10:24 AM):

a small cottage on teh shore of Lake Ontario

Doug_W says(10:24 AM):

a nice 21' 80 MPH bass boat...nothing "flashy" LOL

1bobby says(10:25 AM):

I'm along those same lines

clay says to Doug_W(10:25 AM):


Doug_W says(10:25 AM):

this one comes to mind

Doug_W says(10:25 AM):


1bobby says(10:27 AM):

I'd take any one of the FX series :)

Doug_W says(10:27 AM):

me too Bobby

Doug_W says(10:27 AM):

we can start with this one and build on it LOL

Doug_W says(10:27 AM):


Doug_W says(10:28 AM):

gee its nice 2 dream

1bobby says(10:29 AM):

Dreams become reality :)

1bobby says(10:30 AM):

or can become. I've had some horrific dreams

Doug_W says(10:30 AM):

I have 3 pics on my wall Me and my Wife at a party many yearts ago this bass boat and a pic of the cottage I want

Doug_W says(10:30 AM):

which can be seen on Google Earth

Doug_W says(10:30 AM):

as amazing as that may sound

MrsBGG says(10:31 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/MadDScout & 1Bobby – Nov. 10th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM!!

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:32 AM):

I'll have to check that out

Doug_W says(10:32 AM):

use this address Bobby just copy N paste it in

Doug_W says(10:33 AM):

FR22 thre mile Bay NY

Doug_W says(10:33 AM):

let me know when ur there I'll direct U to teh pic

MrsBGG says(10:33 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/MadDScout & 1Bobby – Nov. 10th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM!!

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:36 AM):

I'm on Madison Street now

Doug_W says(10:36 AM):

in thre mile bay?

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:36 AM):

yep off of 12 East?

Doug_W says(10:37 AM):

ok go to Fire road 22

Doug_W says(10:37 AM):

the pgm should automatically take U there

Doug_W says(10:38 AM):

was taht 12 or 12E

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:38 AM):

yeah I type in FR22

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:38 AM):


Doug_W says(10:38 AM):

ok thats right

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:38 AM):

Does Lyme Rod and Gun sound familiar?

Doug_W says(10:39 AM):

U have to have teh whole address

Doug_W says(10:39 AM):

Lyme does yes that is teh town name

(10:39 AM)wickedwitch1 was kicked out by wickedwitch1!

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:39 AM):

OK I'm right there

jetset says to 1bobby(10:39 AM):

the dinar train is rolling...

Doug_W says(10:39 AM):

"drag" the map all the way till the road curves South then go S.a little ways 5 cottages look for the picture icon its very small

Doug_W says(10:39 AM):

go west^^

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:40 AM):

Over a bridge?

1bobby says to jetset(10:40 AM):

Rolling at a fast pace :)

Doug_W says(10:40 AM):

nope no bride on FR22

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:41 AM):

OK made a U turn lol

Doug_W says(10:42 AM):

try this one Bobby

Doug_W says(10:42 AM):

22 Fire Road, Three Mile Bay, Lyme, NY

Doug_W says(10:42 AM):

that brind me out right in teh middle of it

Doug_W says(10:42 AM):

I can see teh trun to teh South

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:43 AM):

OK that address took me right to it

Doug_W says(10:43 AM):

see teh picture icon?

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:44 AM):

Yep I see a white truck in a driveway

Doug_W says(10:44 AM):

its very small about the 6th cottage

Doug_W says(10:44 AM):

its very teeny icon lol

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:45 AM):

6th after the curve?

Doug_W says(10:45 AM):


1bobby says to Doug_W(10:45 AM):

left or right side of road?

Doug_W says(10:45 AM):

that cvurve is to teh South

Doug_W says(10:45 AM):

L next to the lake

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:46 AM):

Lots of shade trees huh

Doug_W says(10:46 AM):


Doug_W says(10:46 AM):

did the pic open 4 U ?

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:46 AM):

I like it!

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:46 AM):

yep looking now

Doug_W says(10:46 AM):


Doug_W says(10:46 AM):

thats IT 4 me lol

jetset says to 1bobby(10:46 AM):

yes! it's been creeping but the last few months it's been accelerating and I believe it is now full speed ahead!

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:46 AM):

I'd take it in a heartbeat!

1bobby says to jetset(10:47 AM):

And no stopping it!

Doug_W says(10:47 AM):

he wants 135K 4 as is to include all equitpment boats etc

jetset says to 1bobby(10:47 AM):

choo! choo!

Doug_W says(10:47 AM):

boat ift dock etc etc

Doug_W says(10:47 AM):

its about 800 Sq'

1bobby says to jetset(10:48 AM):

You can be the Conductor lol

Doug_W says(10:48 AM):

easy to clean and ON teh water

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:48 AM):

I could fish that all day

Doug_W says(10:48 AM):

yes Jet toot that whistle

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:48 AM):

If you get the FX, ya gotta invite us out

Doug_W says(10:48 AM):

its in teh leigh of that long island did U notice that

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:48 AM):

I saw that

Doug_W says(10:48 AM):

Fox Island

Doug_W says(10:49 AM):

no matter the weather U can get out 2 fish

NWBeauty says(10:49 AM):

pardon me .... was there a call last night?

Doug_W says(10:49 AM):


heartland says(10:49 AM):

HI FOLKS....any word if there will be a call tonight?

NWBeauty says(10:49 AM):


jetset says(10:49 AM):

like i have said over the last few weeks, the excitement is more tangible now and it feels more real than ever.

1bobby says to jetset(10:50 AM):

Biggest window I've ever seen

jetset says(10:50 AM):

we've been hearing about all kinds of progress and details for over 10 years now.... finally we are seeing tangible, visible evidence of their progress. it feels different now,

NWBeauty says(10:50 AM):

well i heard HiLIARy say 3-4x in the last debate that her husband BillyBob brought us from deficit to surplus in the 90's and I was kind of hoping she might pull that number for us with Dinar but then we elected the better candidate !!

1bobby says to NWBeauty(10:50 AM):

No call last night. MadScout is having a Newstime tonight

jetset says(10:50 AM):

c'mon RV!

1bobby says to jetset(10:51 AM):


jetset says(10:51 AM):

just a reminder, we are back to dinar and general chat in here.... Per BGG, un-related US political talk ended last night...

jetset says(10:52 AM):

however, if it is related to the dinar, have at it.

jetset says(10:52 AM):


NWBeauty says(10:52 AM):


wmawhite says(10:53 AM):

Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps,...........November 10, 1775...............

jetset says to NWBeauty(10:53 AM):

u r fine... it was dinar related...

Doug_W says(10:53 AM):

I missed that jet thanks :)

jetset says to NWBeauty(10:53 AM):

just a general reminder

NWBeauty says(10:53 AM):

have a great Marine Corps day ... Colonel needs some cost break downs

jetset says to wmawhite(10:53 AM):


NWBeauty says(10:53 AM):

I've gotta crunch a few ##s here

1bobby says(10:53 AM):

Central contracts with international companies to "evaluate"the work of banks and show his commitment to the application of international standards

Long-Presse / Baghdad - Revealed the central bank governor on the Keywords, Thursday, for the contracted bank with international companies to evaluate the work of banks, as he emphasized that dealing with the banks will be in accordance with those assessments, as he pointed to the keenness of the bank on the application of international standards on the subject of control, compliance and risk management.

Keywords and said in an interview with (long-Presse), "The banking sector in Iraq is a modern training sector and modern existence, grew up in unfavorable conditions and in an environment of a lot of challenges, but at the same time contain a lot of opportunities," noting that " ensure growth and stimulate the banking sector depend on the application of best practices globally agreed and made thanks to which countries in the banking sector. "

He added Keywords, that "the central bank's focus, today, on these criteria is very large and is trying to apply the best standards on the subject of control, compliance and risk management," revealing that "the bank has a big program on the subject began to evaluate the work of banks, through a contract with international companies , it gave indicators and figures for banks operating in Iraq. "

Keywords noted, that "the bank is employing these observations and used to correct these banks where it will be dealt in accordance with those standards, which will be issued against them in all banking activities of the Bank."

It consists of the banking system in Iraq (54) banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by ownership between 7 state banks and 23 private banks, including commercial (9) Islamic banks in addition to the 15 branches of foreign banks.

Courtesy RCookie

1bobby says to NWBeauty(10:54 AM):

Semper Fi

1bobby says(10:55 AM):

We should rename the Forums at DU.....The Banking Sector Forum. The news is crazy good

Doug_W says(10:55 AM):

ewww forum...scarrrry place 4 me I get lost

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:56 AM):

We have special guides lol

1bobby says(10:57 AM):

Tariq Ali: structured finance provided by private banks for phrase beneficiaries reduce poverty levels

Views 28 Date 10/11/2016 - 18:16

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Said Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq, he was discussing the creation of the Development Fund is financed by the government and international monetary institutions that fund is aimed at all segments of society and focus on the poor by creating jobs for them makes them able to enter the labor market.

Tariq said in an interview for "Economy News" that "financial inclusion is very important in this important aspect and helps to deliver banking services to a broader segment of society to achieve the goals of development will lead to the achievement of development in all sectors."

He added that the structured finance provided by private banks for phrase beneficiaries in all segments of society, raising the family's economy and reduce poverty levels.

Reminds the Committee of Experts in the Prime Minister and the Association of Iraqi private banks examined the proposal during a round the Cabinet table creation of the Development Fund is financed by the government and monetary institutions Atahriash Minister and the Association of Iraqi private banks and the Ministry of Planning.

1bobby says(10:58 AM):

That goes along with what Loop brought in about the Development Fund being established :)

1bobby says(10:58 AM):

you could also tie those into what Holly1 brought in. Love this puzzle!

bronclee says(10:59 AM):

Between election results and all the banking news this week...how can you not get a little bit excited? :)

cricket22 says(11:00 AM):

Hi guys and gals! :)

(11:00 AM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

1bobby says to bronclee(11:00 AM):


1bobby says to cricket22(11:00 AM):

Hey cricket. How are ya

cricket22 says(11:00 AM):

I'm home for lunch, and thought I'd check in.

cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:00 AM):

Hi Bobby!

Doug_W says(11:00 AM):


Doug_W says(11:00 AM):


1bobby says to cricket22(11:01 AM):

What's for lunch?

Doug_W says(11:01 AM):


jetset says(11:01 AM):

fo sure!

cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:01 AM):

I am sleepy now after I ate my lunch.

cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:01 AM):

I had left overs. Yummy minch! :)

cricket22 says to Doug_W(11:01 AM):

Hi Doug! :)

jetset says to cricket22(11:01 AM):

nice and prompt. lunch at noon!

Doug_W says(11:01 AM):

hey Gal

cricket22 says to jetset(11:02 AM):

My lunch is 11:30 - 12:30 :)

1bobby says to cricket22(11:02 AM):

I just had left over Chinese food

Doug_W says(11:02 AM):

a smoothie here

cricket22 says to Doug_W(11:02 AM):

Nice to see you got rid of Ame, and you're back to yourself. :)

Doug_W says(11:02 AM):

nice 2 be back 22

Doug_W says(11:02 AM):

but I am still A ME lol

cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:03 AM):

Oh nice! ..I have a hard time trusting what they call is chicken. :D

cricket22 says to Doug_W(11:03 AM):

:D Ok, good! :)

1bobby says to cricket22(11:03 AM):

I don't ask lol

cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:03 AM):

Yeah, but a part of me wants to ask though. ..LOL

cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:04 AM):

So, the News has been great, huh? :)

Doug_W says(11:04 AM):

after an Army survival course ID care what is is as long as it tastes GOOD

cricket22 says to Doug_W(11:04 AM):


1bobby says to cricket22(11:04 AM):

I adopted the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy

cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:04 AM):

Ohhhh... You did? :D

Doug_W says(11:04 AM):

NOOO comment Bobby

1bobby says to cricket22(11:04 AM):

The news is off the charts good :)

cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:04 AM):


cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:05 AM):

Just now that I think I am finally starting to like my job?... I'd prefer the RV anyway. :)

1bobby says to cricket22(11:05 AM):

Still some work to do, but progress is progress

Doug_W says(11:05 AM):

gonna go catch some noon news be well 22

cricket22 says to 1bobby(11:05 AM):

Awesome! :)

cricket22 says to Doug_W(11:05 AM):

TY, U 2 :)

1bobby says to Doug_W(11:05 AM):

Take care buddy

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