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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 11/29/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - Featuring BGG & rcookie

BGG says(2:47 PM):

We've got any potential issues cleared up (as of now)... but we're still "blacklisted" for the moment. You should be able to post and use the forums etc...

Okie Dinar says to BGG(2:47 PM):

Thank you!

BGG says(2:47 PM):

however, any content from 11/20 - 11/29 wasn't saved... (the cr@ppy part about having to fix things like that...

BGG says(2:48 PM):

So - today, we start all over.

JR67407 says to BGG(2:52 PM):


jimplants says(2:52 PM):

being blacklisted we are in good company so was Iraq now they are white listed and its a matter of time before you get this minor issue fixed

Okie Dinar says to jimplants(2:53 PM):


JR67407 says to BGG(2:53 PM):


JR67407 says to jimplants(2:53 PM):


Doug_W says(2:53 PM):

hiya 67

JR67407 says to Doug_W(2:54 PM):

Hey Doug ......how you doing today?

JR67407 says to Doug_W(2:55 PM):

We need a little humor today so bring it on!

JR67407 says to Doug_W(2:55 PM):

News has been fantastic!

Doug_W says(2:55 PM):

now may NOT be the time 4 MY type of humor

Doug_W says(2:56 PM):

with trouble in paradise and all :P

JR67407 says to Doug_W(2:56 PM):

(lol) ok copy that 10-4

Doug_W says(2:56 PM):

WHO said I was a "hive kicker" ?

JR67407 says to Doug_W(2:57 PM):

twer'ent me such my observation

Doug_W says(2:57 PM):

well SOMEone did lol

JR67407 says to Doug_W(2:57 PM):


SRW says to Doug_W(2:57 PM):

Digi said it... :D

Doug_W says(2:58 PM):

thats who it was

Doug_W says(2:58 PM):

blame the Canuck!@

JR67407 says to Doug_W(2:58 PM):

I will return to base at a later hour today..................sho nuff will

Doug_W says(2:58 PM):

just don't say BACON after 4:45 today

JR67407 says to Doug_W(2:58 PM):

see you then

Doug_W says(2:58 PM):

be well 67

SRW says to Doug_W(2:59 PM):

I only say that because he's not here though.. So, we can just keep that between us. :D

Doug_W says(2:59 PM):

ty ty ty

JR67407 says to Doug_W(2:59 PM):

'ok no bacon after 4:45 got it!

JR67407 says(3:00 PM):


(3:00 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

kalis says(3:01 PM):

great song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t51MHUENlAQ

(3:01 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

(3:05 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

JR67407 says(3:06 PM):

Coincidence Doug........just walked by my PC and saw on screen your Youtube...........I have had JC on all day BRO.......awesome minds............well at least your awesome mind works well(v)

Doug_W says(3:07 PM):

thank kalis:

kalis says(3:07 PM):


JR67407 says(3:07 PM):

thanks Kalis

kalis says(3:08 PM):


JR67407 says(3:08 PM):

over and out

JR67407 says(3:08 PM):


clay says to JR67407(3:08 PM):


(3:08 PM)morris was kicked out by morris!

Doug_W says(3:08 PM):

which over OR out?

JR67407 says(3:08 PM):

the first out

kalis says(3:08 PM):

how we doing rv wise .lol

clay says to JR67407(3:08 PM):


Doug_W says(3:08 PM):

ouyt ok

clay says to kalis(3:09 PM):

still here

Doug_W says(3:09 PM):

me 2 .VIP

david334 says to MrsBGG(3:09 PM):

Hi Mrs BGG, when I try to log into Dinar Updates I get blocked with the virus warning. I went clicked go to site anyway and I couldn't find the annoucement on tonights call. Is it just me?

Okie Dinar says to david334(3:09 PM):

FROM BGG: Hey folks - it is out of an abundance of caution - we are postponing the call for tonite. Until we fully identify and remedy any possible security breach to the website we are going to "push pause" on anything that would even hint at putting anyone at risk. While I am fairly confident this is not a big deal - we aren't taking any unnecessary risks. We'll let you know when it's all clear.

clay says to david334(3:10 PM):

hey bud no call

david334 says to clay(3:10 PM):

Yeah saw that Clay thanks

rcookie says(3:11 PM):

Parliament's Finance Committee discussed the Iraqi Kurdistan Region's share of the general budget By Roudao 9 hours ago

Roudao - Baghdad

Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives discussed, Tuesday, November 29, 2016, the share of the Kurdistan Region 's share of the general budget for the 2017 law, amounting to 17% of the budget.

A member of the committee, the governor of Sarhan Slevana, network Roudao media: "We have proposed adding financial dues to oil companies operating in Kurdistan to the Iraqi sovereign expenses."

He said Kurdish MP for the Kurdistan Democratic Party: "We want to allocate part of the budget for the Peshmerga forces along the lines of the popular crowd, or specify the number of Peshmerga in the budget."

He said he "will be exempt from state-owned companies to import goods tax, will also raise fees for investment."

It is scheduled to vote on the federal budget for the 2017 law, the Iraqi Council of Representatives in its regular day next Thursday, 12.1.2016.

david334 says to Okie Dinar(3:11 PM):

Thanks appreciate it

clay says to rcookie(3:11 PM):


Okie Dinar says to rcookie(3:11 PM):


Okie Dinar says(3:12 PM):

You're welcome David!

kalis says(3:12 PM):


Doug_W says(3:17 PM):

PHOOEY all this chatter is not visible is it

clay says to Doug_W(3:18 PM):

lol wehat

Okie Dinar says to Doug_W(3:18 PM):


clay says to Doug_W(3:18 PM):


Doug_W says(3:18 PM):

to think I wasted a perfectly good insult to Gigi :(

Doug_W says(3:18 PM):


clay says to Doug_W(3:18 PM):

oh lol

Okie Dinar says to Doug_W(3:18 PM):


Doug_W says(3:18 PM):

thats ok I have him on a private chat now I will insult him there instead :)

Okie Dinar says to Doug_W(3:19 PM):

Poor Digi

Doug_W says(3:19 PM):

IF only U knew

SRW says to Doug_W(3:19 PM):

I think he's shining his boots now.. :D

Doug_W says(3:19 PM):

I aint askeered

clay says to SRW(3:19 PM):


josh says(3:21 PM):

did jim plants have a post a bit ago? i heard was good news??

SRW says(3:24 PM):

Rcookie and Loop have been bringing news all day.. Looking better and better.. (y)

josh says(3:24 PM):


SRW says(3:26 PM):

Opps, Holly too.. Thanks All.

clay says to SRW(3:27 PM):


rcookie says(3:27 PM):

Saleh: the deduction of 4.8% of employees' salaries will be for one year

wealth vamal Rating: 0

Posted By editor

Add a comment 12345678910 أضف تقييـم

Economy News / Continue ...

Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Advisor to detect the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Tuesday, that the deduction of 4.8% of employees' salaries will be for one year only, as these deductions attributed to the exceptional circumstances experienced by the country.

Saleh said in an interview, "The withholding of the salaries of employees and retirees under the current year's budget and of 4.8% will be for one year and is not permanent," noting that "exceptional circumstances faced by the country like the war against terrorism and issues of displaced persons and the issue of management of the crowd requirements behind these deductions."

Saleh added that "the proposed deduction for salaries of staff came mainly from the House of Representatives during the current year 2016 amounting to 3%," noting that "the Council of Ministers felt increase this percentage to 4.8% in next year's budget deficit in 2017 to fill the gap."

He revealed the draft federal budget for fiscal 2017 Act set out by the Council of Ministers and read by the House of Representatives, such as reading the first increase the percentage of deduction from employees' salaries for the expenses of the popular crowd and displaced people to 4.8% from 3% during the current year 2016 budget.

Doug_W says(3:28 PM):

we accept $$ KWD, IQD € & £

rcookie says(3:28 PM):

Parliamentary economy likely adoption of the budget after tomorrow, and calls the "walk anyway."

wealth vamal Rating: 0

Posted By editor

Add a comment 12345678910 أضف تقييـم

Economy News / Baghdad ....

Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary suggested, on Tuesday, to pass next year's budget law in a hearing on Thursday, describing the budget as "balancing walk anyway."

Said committee member Najiba Najib, said that "the reason for the postponement of the adoption of the budget law is not some budget items is completed until now," asserting that "austerity budget and had no contentious issues between most of the political blocs because they are developed for a walk if the state".

Najib pointed out that "the competent parliamentary committee finished drafting the budget law will be discussed at Wednesday's session, while the next day will go for approval."

The House of Representatives decided during its meeting on Monday to postpone the vote on the state budget for 2017 into law on Thursday.

Okie Dinar says to rcookie(3:30 PM):

Thank you!!(F)

rcookie says(3:32 PM):

HI OKIE!!,.......YVW

rcookie says(3:33 PM):


rcookie says(3:33 PM):

Board of integrity reveal fines of about 245 billion dinars on private banks

History Tahrir:: 2016/11/29 12:45 • 116 times mqrw’h

Board of integrity reveal fines of about 245 billion dinars on private banks

{Baghdad} Euphrates News revealed the board integrity, Tuesday, about the existence of fines by about 245 billion dinars imposed by the central bank to the private banks.

The statement said the board, agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, " The achievement of Baghdad Directorate of the board of Integrity completed several criminal cases resulted in fines range, reaching the fines imposed on the private banks; as a result of violations of the law concerning permits customs for the years {2013, 2014} 198 billion and 835 million and 367 thousand and 198 dinars. "

He added that" fines collection is estimated to 46 billion and 772 million and 887 thousand and 558 dinars on the eligibility of banks by the central bank concerning irregularities those banks with the instructions of the foreign operation 's auction in 2012. "

confirmed" opened proceedings criminal changes in the foreign currency auction hosted by the Central Bank of Iraq with irregularities , "noting that" diagnosed inter irregularities committed by some private banks participating in the auction. "

She explained the body was that" the fines imposed on banks as a result of its investigation of {2012.2013, 2014} which Chkstha body was led the imposition of fines by the central bank on the violation of private banks reached the amount of such fines to more than 245 billion dinars for the years in question. " It is

noteworthy that the board integrity was announced in November of last year that the former deputy of the late Ahmad Chalabi him the body was some files corruption related to the work of banks and the auction of the currency that was in his possession, and they made before his death, and referred some of them to justice, and is continuing its procedures Althakiqih.anthy

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Doug_W says to clay(3:42 PM):

Did U get some raqin finally?

Doug_W says to clay(3:42 PM):


clay says to Doug_W(3:42 PM):

about an inch more tonight and tomorrow

clay says to Doug_W(3:42 PM):


Doug_W says to clay(3:42 PM):


clay says to Doug_W(3:43 PM):

I still got this cough from all the smoke

Doug_W says to clay(3:43 PM):

not a drop here since Oct 11

Doug_W says to clay(3:43 PM):

I can imagine

clay says to Doug_W(3:43 PM):

amazing isn't it

Doug_W says to clay(3:43 PM):


clay says to Doug_W(3:43 PM):

hoping for another 2 inches tomorrow

Doug_W says to clay(3:43 PM):

I saw taht line of storms

clay says to Doug_W(3:44 PM):


clay says to Doug_W(3:44 PM):

is it gonna hit you at all

Doug_W says to clay(3:44 PM):

maybe 1" Thursday teh day I take my freshly detailed truck to Tampa

clay says to Doug_W(3:44 PM):


clay says to Doug_W(3:44 PM):

figures right

Doug_W says to clay(3:45 PM):

4 sure

clay says to Doug_W(3:45 PM):

my truck had so much sutt on it

clay says to Doug_W(3:45 PM):

wasn't worth washing

Doug_W says to clay(3:45 PM):

the guy whos house burnt down taht I wired in his motor home does that 4 a living

Doug_W says to clay(3:45 PM):

he did his best top of the line as a thanks

Doug_W says to clay(3:46 PM):

shyes pretty

clay says to Doug_W(3:46 PM):

got mine detailed 3 months ago it was great

clay says to Doug_W(3:46 PM):

sounds great

Doug_W says to clay(3:46 PM):

he did all teh door jams rubber seals leather seats etc etc

clay says to Doug_W(3:46 PM):


clay says to Doug_W(3:46 PM):

like new

Doug_W says to clay(3:46 PM):

better new stinks

clay says to Doug_W(3:46 PM):


Doug_W says to clay(3:46 PM):

this is "fresh"

Continue to Part 2 (Dinar Updates was apparently hacked today. Tomorrow's chat will be posted.)



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