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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 11/16/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie & firefly

SRW says to Doug_W(12:04 PM):

Josie found it on Frank Baker's personal Twitter account and brought in into the room during the call. Rcookie said it was a great find..

rcookie says(12:04 PM):


SRW says to rcookie(12:05 PM):


Doug_W says(12:05 PM):

ohhh so it was last night after I went to bed thanks ...its kinda making sense now

bibi says(12:06 PM):

GA DU. I was just listening to the call. Josie's comment is addressed at the 25 minute mark. Great points!

diagyAAAE says(12:06 PM):

Theyre saying currency auctions are ran by the Mafia?

Josie says to rcookie(12:06 PM):

As I mentioned before, I see my contribution as a very small grain of sand in the vast beach of information you, MrWhite, Loop. BGG, Jim, Holly, Daytrader, Bobby1 and others bring in CONTINUALLY Thank you so much to all of you

rcookie says to Doug_W(12:06 PM):


Josie says to rcookie(12:06 PM):

But I must say, very fun to see my name in lights ha

Doug_W says(12:07 PM):

I shut down at 7 and go to bed at 8

diagyAAAE says(12:07 PM):

Auction currency drain the state treasury of foreign exchange and controlled by the “mafias”

Parliamentary Finance: Auction currency drain the state treasury of foreign exchange and controlled by the “mafias”

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 16:45

Auction currency drain the state treasury of foreign exchange and controlled by the mafiasBAGHDAD / Baghdadi Uz..cdt the Parliamentary Finance Committee, on Wednesday that the mafias by traders still dominate the auction currency at the central bank.

He said committee member Majda al-Tamimi’s / Baghdadi News /, that “the auction currency at the central bank window for corruption and lost billions of dollars in Iraq because of the sale of currency in accordance with the old and innovative mechanisms.”

She added, “The mafias by traders dominate the auction sale of hard currency and thus Iraq has a lot of (dollar) and emptied the state treasury.”

He pointed out that “there are serious talks to overcome the crisis of the currency auction in cooperation with the Central Bank for the development of new mechanisms for the management of the auction” .anthy 21 / m



Doug_W says(12:07 PM):


diagyAAAE says(12:07 PM):

Barzani: we do not withdraw from the Kurdish areas liberated by agreement with Washington

11.16.2016 15:45

Barzani - we do not withdraw from the Kurdish areas liberated by agreement with Washington[Oan- Baghdad] the

President of Kurdistan, said Massoud Barzani ,: We have agreed with the United States not to our withdrawal from Kurdish areas “outside the region.

Barzani said during a visit he made on Wednesday to the battlefront and a meeting with the leaders of the Peshmerga: “In our recent visit to Baghdad, spoke clearly about the independence of the province of Kurdistan and we agree with the United States not to withdraw from the Kurdish areas.”

He added that “these areas liberated with the blood of 11 thousand and 500 martyrs and wounded of the Peshmerga, and it is possible after all these sacrifices have to accept the direct handling of the center with the provinces , ” calling on “all political parties in Kurdistan to the meeting in order to resolve differences and I support them.”

And on dialogue with Baghdad, Barzani said: “If we do not reach a solution with Baghdad, The referendum is the solution.”



bibi says(12:07 PM):

Great call last night! Thank you to all involved! Rcooking, Mr. White, Daytrader, Jim, Hutch, BGG, Okie and Mags!

rcookie says to diagyAAAE(12:07 PM):


Doug_W says(12:08 PM):

OMG LOL Rookie

bibi says to rcookie(12:08 PM):

Thanks for bringing in the news, Rcookie. Great commentary, so helpful!

rcookie says to diagyAAAE(12:08 PM):


rcookie says to bibi(12:08 PM):


bibi says to rcookie(12:09 PM):


bibi says(12:10 PM):

Thanks for copying, 1Bobby! :)

bibi says(12:11 PM):


1bobby says to bibi(12:11 PM):

YVW. Hope you're having a great day :)

bibi says to 1bobby(12:11 PM):

You too! Thanks for you all do! Your contributions are so valuable.

bibi says to 1bobby(12:12 PM):

This is such a great community!

bibi says to 1bobby(12:12 PM):

Thanks to people like YOU!

Doug_W says(12:12 PM):

quit swelling his head Bibi

bibi says to Doug_W(12:12 PM):


Doug_W says(12:12 PM):


1bobby says to Doug_W(12:12 PM):

HEY! Let bibi keep talking lol

bibi says to 1bobby(12:13 PM):


Doug_W says(12:13 PM):

ur already difficult Bobby

diagyAAAE says to rcookie(12:13 PM):


1bobby says to Doug_W(12:13 PM):

True but my Mom loves me

Doug_W says(12:13 PM):

R U sure?

diagyAAAE says to rcookie(12:13 PM):

Too much and you'll drown

bibi says to 1bobby(12:13 PM):


1bobby says(12:13 PM):

A Jordanian company supplying Iraq with financial market online trading systems


Iraq stock exchange market signed an agreement with the company contrary to software (Manav soft) and five Iraqi financial brokerage firms, online trading systems supply agreement for brokerage firms accredited market.

According to a press release from the company, the agreement was signed by the Executive Director of the Iraq market for securities, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, Chief of preposterous company managers software Sameh Aloul with executives of brokerage firms, "Manav should" provide brokerage firms operating in Iraq market for securities online trading platforms and make sure they conform to the required standards.

Salam said that the market had adopted criteria for online trading to ensure the security and safety of brokerage firms and investors Iraqis and foreigners and strengthen confidence in the capital market.Aloul said that "Manav should" will apply the criteria adopted by the market for building systems and supervision work using the latest technology and development compiler, for the company's extensive experience in this area since 1986.

It should be noted that contrary to the software supplied many brokerage firms operating in several markets in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East fifteen banks and specialized systems Iraqi company brokerage and investment management.

Doug_W says(12:14 PM):


rcookie says to bibi(12:14 PM):

11-16-2016 Newshound Guru Adam Montana You need look no further than the current News...to see that the trending hot topic is OIL... which means HCL is on the way, and you know how I feel about HCL! Can you say "GO RV!"?

Doug_W says(12:14 PM):

I read that earlier Rook its truly an exciting time

rcookie says(12:15 PM):


homefront says(12:15 PM):


Doug_W says(12:15 PM):


homefront says(12:15 PM):

Is that you Doug?

1bobby says(12:16 PM):

There is NO banking news. Repeat.....No banking news

Doug_W says(12:16 PM):

nope its my clone

_firefly_ says(12:16 PM):

Kurdish-US agreement on Iraqi disputed areas, Barzani

Arbil/ Iraq TradeLink: Kurdish President Masoud Barzani disclosed that "agreement was reached

with the United States on our non-withdrawal from the Kurdish territories".

During his visit to war fronts and meetings with the Kurdish Peshmarga forces, he pointed out that "during my last visit to Baghdad, we clearly spoke on the independence of the Kurdish region".

"We have agreement with the United States not to withdraw form the Kurdish territories", he confirmed.

Barzani disclosed that these areas were liberated with the blood of 11.500 Kurdish martyrs and casualties.

On the dialogue with Baghdad, Barzani added that "no solution was reached in Baghdad, so the referendum is the solution".

homefront says

Doug_W says(12:16 PM):

I am still here Homey

rcookie says to 1bobby(12:16 PM):


SRW says to rcookie(12:17 PM):

Sure would hate for you to come right on out and say how you feel RC.. :D

1bobby says to rcookie(12:17 PM):

Just being sarcastic in regards to HCL/Oil being the "hot topic"

rcookie says to 1bobby(12:18 PM):


_firefly_ says(12:18 PM):

Central Bank confirms that the measures granting loans to citizens, "simple"

News / Baghdad

, said the Iraqi Central Bank, on Tuesday, for the distribution of 500 billion dinars ,housing loans to citizens, noting that the interest rate is "very low", as pointed out that the granting of loans measures "simple."

The general director of financial operations at the Central Bank of Iraq , Mahmoud Dagher in an interview with Alsumaria's News, that " the Bank since the beginning ofthis year , took the initiative in offering a huge financing package estimated at five trillion dinars, divided between the Land Bank and the Housing Fund, as it gave each bank approximately 800 billion dinars , "adding that" the remaining section of the industrial Bank and the agricultural Bank. "

Central Bank announces its sales decline for the banks compared to last year

Housing Fund announces the continuation of the granting of building loans ...........

_firefly_ says(12:19 PM):

He said Dagher, that " the Land Bank distributed 100 billion dinars, and the Housing Fund distributed 400 billion dinars in loans to citizens , " pointing out that " the loan ceiling of 50 million dinars at a rate of very low interest does not exceed 3 --4 100%, and therefore constitutes a grant element to the borrower. "

He said Dagher, that "borrowing conditions is the existence of a piece of land suitable for the construction and sponsor of the citizen who wants to withdraw the loan amount."

And on some late citizen to receive a loan for several years, Dagher explained that "this delay can not happen unless there is a specific problem faced by the treatment of the citizen which is in arrears in receipt of the loan , " pointing out that " the granting of the loan simple measures."

He announced Housing Fund on Monday (June 20, 2016) that he would give loans to citizens who wish to purchase housing units of investment projects, at a time confirmed the allocation of 850 billion dinars for the Fund for lending to citizens, revealed its demand for the allocation of 500 billion dinars annually to finance thelending process.

1bobby says(12:20 PM):

Urgent The popular crowd frees Tall Afar airport (2016-11-16 21:00) I saw there was a discussion on this earlier

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:21 PM):

Thanks FF

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:21 PM):

VW my friend

rcookie says to magnetlady(12:23 PM):


rcookie says to magnetlady(12:23 PM):


_firefly_ says(12:30 PM):

CBI News and announcements 11/16 /16

To / banks and remittance companies all (uncles about approved by the Central Bank of Iraq and the private table documentary credits and remittances )

_firefly_ says(12:36 PM):

US forces prepare to establish new military base west of Anbar

(IraqiNews.com) Anbar – Director of al-Somoud Brigade in Haditha district, Captain Nazim al-Jaghifi, announced on Wednesday, that the US forces are preparing to establish a new military base in the district, to monitor the movements of the members of the Islamic State in nearby cities.

Jaghifi said in a press statement, “US forces, coming from Ayn al-Assad base in Baghdadi area, explored the areas of Haditha district in Anbar in order to establish another base in the province to monitor the movements of the Islamic State’s members in the western cities.”

“The US forces explored around and inside the area of Haditha Dam to choose the proper area to establish their military base, besides keeping Ayn al-Assad as a main headquarters and airport,” Jaghifi added.

“The US forces are stationed in Ayn al-Assad and al-Habaniyah bases, in eastern Ramadi, for more than one year, and trained Iraqi security forces and al-Hashd al-Shaabi,” Jaghifi explained.

_firefly_ says(12:37 PM):

US forces are preparing to establish a new military base in the district, to monitor the movements of the members of the Islamic State in nearby cities.

_firefly_ says(12:40 PM):

US forces are still in Japan, Germany and many other countrys !!!!!

_firefly_ says(12:41 PM):


_firefly_ says(12:42 PM):


_firefly_ says(12:45 PM):

And why is nobody talking about or has forgotten the US signing with Iraq last weekend on the National Reconciliation agreement?

_firefly_ says(12:45 PM):


_firefly_ says(12:46 PM):


_firefly_ says(12:46 PM):


1bobby says to _firefly_(12:47 PM):

Isn't that still up in the air as far as Political blocs accepting it?

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:48 PM):

I do the the U.N has voiced their pleasure in Hakim presenting it

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:49 PM):

forgot to add *know*

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:50 PM):

It is something to keep a VERY close eye on. To ME. that was the most important news article I have read in a Looooooong time

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:52 PM):

I agree. If it evers come to fruition, it would be a great thing for Iraq and us

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:53 PM):

That will unite Christians. muslims, all the Iraq tribes all the religions into ONE Iraq

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:53 PM):

Abso;utely huge

loop says(12:53 PM):

Proposals on the central bank's decision to grant special loans

Raed al-Hashemi

Wednesday , November 16, 2016

The Iraqi government and the Central Bank of Iraq 's decision to allocate trillion dinars in the budget of 2017 to give a concessional loan for the establishment of small and medium enterprises is a correct and important step in the way of reform actually deteriorating economic in the country, came this decision to achieve several goals most important to promote economic development and provide about 250 thousand jobs in reducing the unemployment rate to 30% from current rates and reduce poverty rates and stimulate the private sector to take a role in the advancement of reality , an economist at the country and try to move the market activity through the recovery of productive activities of the private sector has identified the decision of four important sectors covered by this loan , namely , (housing and construction, industry and agriculture ) Taking sought by whom made the decision we would like the alarm on some important things to be focused on to ensure the success of this resolution desired goals and to achieve properly , namely:

1. put strict control over all administrative implementation workshops in order to prevent cases of rampant corruption in the granting of these loans, beatings mechanisms with an iron fist all the corruption cases are discovered.

2. restrict the granting of loans to the productive activities in the four sectors that have been identified and that takes into account the operation of the largest possible number of manpower in the project to ensure the granting of many jobs and thus achieve reduce the unemployment rate in the country, and not to grant loans for traditional projects such as opening markets or replace to sell vegetables or any project that limits the work to one individual.

3. formation of specialized committees in the banks that these loans are granted to study the requests submitted by the citizens are selected projects that run the largest possible number of the workforce and the work of these committees will be subject to strict patrol of the competent authorities to control.

4. The grant of the loan amount in several stages , including intervals appropriate is where the real follow - up to implement the project on the ground and the extent of the obligation to pay premiums in the event of any delay in it is shut down and other payments for the loan while avoiding Allkaat developments by the borrower.

5. Work extensive media campaign to educate citizens about the importance of these loans, objectives and usefulness to them and the need to comply with its requirements, particularly the payment of premiums Bmeidha and make them understand that this will bring us a sound cycle of capital allocated to these projects in the market of money and gives new opportunities for new loans to help revive the economy in general and the focus of this the campaign on the need to choose projects that focus on the manufacture of raw materials and supplies industry, agro - industrial and manufacturing all Maysahm reduce importing products from outside the country.

6. Reduce bureaucracy and red tape in administrative episodes experienced by the establishment of these projects and giving all the facilities to ensure that reduce obstacles to borrowers and to facilitate the completion of transactions to create their own business as soon as the tax exemption to encourage them and to ensure their success.

The emphasis on these important points , and the emphasis on all parties concerned authorities to comply with and cooperate on the successful implementation of this resolution will contribute effectively in moving the wheel of the local economy and reduce high unemployment rates and secures re loan amounts with profits without waste, and recycled back into the market to give new opportunities for loans new economic development so as to achieve a good and reduces the recession suffered by the Iraqi economy rates.

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:54 PM):

Yep. But as we saw in the Amnesty Law, there are a lot of hang ups in getting the Blocs to agree

1bobby says(12:54 PM):

Thanks loop

loop says to 1bobby(12:55 PM):


_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:55 PM):

Let's keep a close eye on it and its timing :)

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:55 PM):

You betcha. Once it happens, it will be everywhere :)

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:59 PM):

My gut tells me it will be enacted right at the end :)

(1:00 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(1:00 PM):

or the begining depending on how you look at it lol

1bobby says to _firefly_(1:01 PM):

Lots of push going on for it

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(1:01 PM):


_firefly_ says to 1bobby(1:01 PM):

HUGE article

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(1:02 PM):

ok, time to start waking up, biab :)

1bobby says to _firefly_(1:03 PM):

Have a good one

_firefly_ says(1:05 PM):


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