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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 11/23/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring rcookie

loop says(7:40 AM):

Sadr: I will not sign up reconciliation after the liberation of Mosul

Politician Number of readings: 1 23/11/2016 15:37

National Center Brief / NNC - confirmed the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Wednesday, on the lack of participation in the agreements and documents of reconciliation for the post-liberation of Mosul, indicating that these reconciliations are shown on the blood of the Iraqis, he said.

Sadr said in a statement in response to a question from a group of his followers on the agreements and documents of reconciliation for the post-liberation of Mosul, said he "would not Azj myself not loving and all patriots and lovers of reform in such reconciliations based on the blood of Iraqis."

He stressed the chest, the "removal of such agreements for Aldoaash and the Baathists and observe people and their suffering in such political agreements," stressing "not forgetting the components of the people and the marginalization of the parties on a sectarian basis."

He said al-Sadr, said that "the one who wants to engage in this political agreements should be through the ballot box," pointing out that "the so-called Arab project sonorous name, and I hope to be born from the womb of the people and for the people and not to be away from the suffering of the Iraqis."

loop says(7:41 AM):

Sound like Sadr needs some convincing that this is a good thing.

(7:41 AM)subgirlcopy changed nickname to subgirl!

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:42 AM):

yep thank you Mags!!! :) hope you get a lot done!!

subgirl says to loop(7:42 AM):


rcookie says to loop(7:43 AM):


rcookie says(7:44 AM):

Mosul isolating process completely finishes from the rest of the Iraqi provinces

Nov 23, 2016


BAGHDAD - AFP - Iraqi government forces ended a Western supply lines from the city of Mosul in the north of the country, ending the last bastions of the organization of the Islamic state isolated from the rest of the Iraqi governorates, according to the officials he said.

Officials explained that the factions of the popular crowd and reached the road between Sinjar and Tal Afar incidents under the control of the organization of the Islamic state, west of Mosul, where he met with Kurdish forces, and the two regions separated from each other.

magnetlady says(7:44 AM):

thanks for the encouraging words

magnetlady says(7:44 AM):

me too

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:44 AM):

yvw :)

magnetlady says(7:44 AM):

Hope you have not so many teeth to clean so you can come home early

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:44 AM):

lol me too lol

subgirl says to rcookie(7:45 AM):

that is funny about the miserable look lol

Doug_W says(7:46 AM):


clay says to Doug_W(7:46 AM):


rcookie says(7:46 AM):

Iraqi forces controlled the south of Mosul Heights


(Independent) ... Iraqi forces seized control of the six southern highlands city of Mosul, described by authorities the task, having fought fierce battles against the terrorist organization Daesh.

He said the federal police chief said the highlands that have been restored, is the text of Tel and Tel Nasser Tel and Tel margarine conscious Tel and Tel wildfire gold.

Forces also managed to counter-terrorism apparatus of the incursion in the flower district in the left side of the city of Mosul, and control of the mosque and a clinic in the neighborhood.

The international coalition has said he destroyed the bridge over the Tigris River Daesh used to transport supplies to him.

Military sources said that the army is moving to regain control of another district, in the eastern sector of the city of Mosul, north of the country, noting that the militants Daesh seem fierce resistance by shelling residential areas with rockets and mortar.

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook confirmed that the Iraqi forces are facing a strong defense of the Sunni Islamist al Daesh around Mosul, but it is making progress in operations. (End)

Doug_W says(7:46 AM):


loop says to subgirl(7:46 AM):

I think his issue is that he has been fighting against something for so long that true peace scares him.

loop says(7:47 AM):

Laws and regulations stifling local industries

23/11/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / Rula confident

rcookie says(7:49 AM):

Iraqi army frees fourth village southeast of Mosul "Daesh" 23/11/2016 - 15:32 Iraqi army frees fourth village southeast of Mosul "Daesh"2016-11-23T15: 32: 00 + 00: 00 Arabs and the world No Comments

عرب وعالم

Baghdad A- ASHA

Iraqi army forces managed on Wednesday to edit new village south-east axis of the connector Nineveh province in northern Iraq Center, bringing the number of villages liberated from the grip of the "Daesh" terrorist, today to 4.

He said the commander of operations "are coming, Nineveh," the team Abdul Amir Rasheed Aarallah The Armored Division troops ninth Regiment commando band 15 Army liberated the village "Ergnta" and raising the Iraqi flag after the militants had inflicted regulation losses in lives and equipment.

loop says(7:53 AM):

High central bank sales to more than $ 155 million

Department: Business & Finance Published on: Today, 15:39Number of views: 219

BAGHDAD / Sky Press:

Central Bank of Iraq, announced the rise in sales of dollars at an auction sale of foreign currency on Wednesday, compared to yesterday and it sold more than $ 155 million.

The bank said in a press statement, said the size of the amount sold today reached 155 million, 568 thousand, and $ 850, priced at 1182 dinars to the dollar exchange rate, with the participation of 36 banks and 15 financial transfer company.

The bank pointed to, the amount of remittances amounted to 67 million and 224 thousand and $ 500, while the credits amounted to 55 million and 884 thousand and $ 350, while the quantity sold was 32 million in cash, and 430 thousand dollars.

He also noted that the sale amounts transferred to accounts in banks abroad was priced at 1190 dinars per dollar, and the cash sales price was priced at 1182 dinars per dollar.

Dollar exchange rate and saw in front of the Iraqi dinar in local markets marked increase in recent weeks even price of $ 100 reached about 131,000 dinars, and the current price is more than 130 thousand dinars.

subgirl says to loop(7:54 AM):

WOW that is really deep and profound about what you said... he has been fighting against something for so long that true peace scares him.

subgirl says to loop(7:54 AM):

but I think you are right!!

(7:55 AM)dreamway was kicked out by dreamway!

subgirl says(7:56 AM):

Hope you all have a great day! gotta get scootin along!!! :) cya all this afternoon :)

clay says to subgirl(7:58 AM):

you too

clay says to subgirl(7:58 AM):

if I dont see ya Happy Thanksgiving :)

subgirl says to clay(7:59 AM):

and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!! :)

clay says to subgirl(7:59 AM):

thanks looking forwards to 4 days off

loop says to subgirl(8:00 AM):

Have a great day subby

subgirl says to clay(8:00 AM):

awwee nice :)

subgirl says to loop(8:00 AM):

thanks Loop you too! :) make it a great one!!!

loop says to subgirl(8:01 AM):

Will do.

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loop says(8:18 AM):

The positions of the Kurdish forces of Barzani is ready to step down


Wednesday November 23.2016

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Tgarir..amraraim..vi move seen by observers to the conditions of the Kurdistan region locally, regionally and internationally , "unexpected", the President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani , last Sunday declared his willingness to step down and his demand to appoint someone to the presidency of the province until the date of the next election.

The demand itself is a step forward from the president of the region to resolve a severe political crisis hit and is still in Kurdistan and resulted in a crescendo to suspend the work of the regional parliament and prevent the president and ministers mass / change / from entering the provincial capital of Irbil for the conduct of their business.

The claim came Barzani said , "Call me a number of politicians and academics in the past few days, and they said that their opinion and the opinion of a number of citizens say that the solution to the crisis experienced by the Kurdistan region is I, and said that Barzani can solve these problems."

The citizens of the region, increased or Gulwa, believe that the solution lies .. However , Barzani and his hand the solution to all problems and crises, and most of the region, from the political, economic and financial experienced by citizens primarily private owners of salaries and other people from the lower classes basis.

He said Barzani "If the solution to the internal political problems in the Kurdistan region I, it has you more than once to invite political parties to meet, but they did not show up under the excuses variety, and also demanded that meets the parties together to resolve this crisis, but they did not come together as well . " .

He pointed out that "the solution to this crisis lies in the dialogue between the parties, and that the election of a new presidency to the parliament in order to return to practice his hand, and all parties agree to form a new government, and the appointment of a person to the presidency of the Kurdistan region until the start date of the next election."

It was considered that the solution to the crisis lies through dialogue and the election of a new presidency to the parliament and that is to appoint a person to head the region until the start of the election date Almqublh..o set conditions before the election of the president , including the dialogue between everyone ..wantkhab body new presidency of the Parliament of the province, which has prepared the MDC directed against .

How received some Kurdish blocs influential in the region , this move?

It is the mass change Serwa MP Abdul Wahid said , "Massoud Barzani , confirmed step for the selection of a new president for the region final, need to activate the work of the parliament."

She said , "The step Barzani good, and if we want to be realistic, must precede step activation of the parliament."

She added: "Barzani said, if he wants to activate Amatrha, he should submit his resignation and assigned his deputy responsible for until the election."

For his part, leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Rasool Ali his support to the initiative of the President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani , calling for the appointment of a person to the post of presidency of the region until the next elections, calling on political parties to respond to it.

He called on members of the National Union to support the initiative of Massoud Barzani in solving political and economic problems, stressing that the initiative Barzani in these difficult circumstances, open a port and an input appropriate to resolve the political problems in the region, and if they applied consciously and private sector, it would be a good step to improve the economic situation and the people 's livelihood .

He also called on all parties and political parties, to cooperate in a spirit of tolerance and historical sense of responsibility, even exceeded step towards the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan region this serious crisis , this initiative will become, which included all walks of life of the citizens.

loop says(8:18 AM):

And about a candidate for the presidency of the province MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Abdul Bari Zebari: "The candidate for the presidency, and state of the block, is still under discussion."

He added: "Everyone stands with this initiative in order to reach comprehensive solutions to the problems of the region 's political, economic and financial , " explaining that he "can not do any future step in this direction without the healing of the regional parliament, as the owner - making , especially the mechanism of choosing the head of the province."

So step Barzani met by the response of the other blocs different with him, especially his claim .. but the election of a new presidency of the Parliament of the province had been rejected from the block change which may insist on the survival of the User / Yousef Mohammed / president of the parliament until new elections.

And that did not highlight any new differences step is, according to members of Barzani 's party, including MP for the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc Majid Chenkali, came from a place of strength, not a reaction to external pressure.

He Chenkali: "The president of the region 's initiative included several themes represented a road map to resolve all the problems experienced by the region over the previous years, most notably with regard to the issue of salaries and activation of the regional parliament and choose a government and the presidency of temporary posts for the region, until the holding of elections."

"The initiative came a clear vision of the president of the region of Kurdistan Democratic Party, did not come from external pressure or a feeling of weakness , as some are trying to portray it, but on the contrary it was the place of power and a desire to silence all voices that spoke about Tchbana governance and indifference to reality and the interests of the Kurdish people ".

Chenkali stressed that " the initiative is a step towards the re - cohesion between all the forces of Kurdistan , " calling all the Kurdish parties to respond and interact and deal positively with it.

The initiative was from a position of strength or from another site, The region runs at least during this period towards the calm and anticipation waiting for steps Kurdish parties and that her own solution to a crisis or survival ranged in place waiting to be solved, if Anja or internal or external influences.

(8:25 AM)george was kicked out by george!

(8:28 AM)george was kicked out by george!

clay says(8:34 AM):

man Gold and silver have really been dropping

magnetlady says(8:36 AM):

morning Clay then that's the time to buy it

magnetlady says(8:37 AM):

The way I have always heard it.

clay says to magnetlady(8:37 AM):

4 sure down to 1100 for gold $16 for silver

clay says to magnetlady(8:39 AM):

wish we had already RV'd

magnetlady says(8:39 AM):

me too Clay.

clay says to magnetlady(8:40 AM):


clay says to magnetlady(8:41 AM):

did you hear about that guy that was left his aunts house and found tons of Goldhidden all over the house worth 3.5 million yesterday

clay says to magnetlady(8:41 AM):

bars and coins

magnetlady says(8:42 AM):

NO, wow. That was quite an inheritance.

clay says to magnetlady(8:42 AM):

he never knew about it

magnetlady says(8:43 AM):

I"m not sure I would have advertissed that. The other relatives might want their share. hahaha

clay says to magnetlady(8:43 AM):

untill he started selling her furniture

clay says to magnetlady(8:43 AM):

gold was found under all the furniture

magnetlady says(8:44 AM):

Good thing it was under and not in or the furniture may have been a great buy.

Holly1 says(8:44 AM):

GM.... (F)

magnetlady says(8:45 AM):

morning Hollly1

Holly1 says(8:45 AM):

GM... MAGS :)

magnetlady says(8:45 AM):

oops I see my finger studdered.

Holly1 says(8:46 AM):


Holly1 says(8:46 AM):

Author: Yasser incumbent

23/11/2016 0:00

Economics and politics experts and parliamentarians acknowledged the existence of confusion in the concepts and terminology , calling on monetary policy in Iraq led to a chaotic opinion about these concepts.

They demanded of journalists clarify public opinion through the dismantling of interlocking information in this regard.

Holly1 says(8:47 AM):

This is the findings of the dialogue seminar conducted by the Iraq Center for Dialogue on the Central Bank of Iraq , one of the centers to study the economic, political and social phenomena and develop the policies needed to resolve the complexities and challenges through a transparent and constructive dialogue. "

Holly1 says(8:47 AM):

the identified topics seminar or Episode talk shows (call it whatever you want) in three axes very important at the present time" is the foreign currency window - Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar - development loans launched by the Central Bank of Iraq, its objectives and the reasons for the difficulty of implementation or slow down - the third axis centered on the finishing touches of the Central Bank in recent dialogues with the international Monetary Fund and the aspects of external lending.

Holly1 says(8:48 AM):

spokesman for the governor of the central bank on the Keywords answered questions He directed at him and focused on placed the sale of foreign currency "any dinar window versus the dollar.

Holly1 says(8:49 AM):

where he managed Keywords that puts participants in the symposium real image about the advantages of currency window and disadvantages to the extent that realizing everyone that there is no option to benefit the tight monetary policy without currency window in the face of the difficult challenges faced by the economy of the country because of the severe financial crisis that hit the world at large.

Holly1 says(8:49 AM):

interlocutors have exhausted all Bdjapthm of questions based on statements released through the media of people who are not specialists confused public opinion.

in every jolt permit in the market and the result are untrue to these statements , just run the machine on measures will not be needed in such circumstances.

concluded talking to the fire arc that goes in two directions, toward the goal Faihma country from collapse in the economy remains balanced market exchange rate and inflation in the circle of control or that faulting goal there remains little thing and the result may have dire consequences.

Holly1 says(8:50 AM):

recommendation fear Allah , O ye declarants knowledge of him , but knowing and leave monetary policy for her family of specialists, experts and kept the value of the dinar from


Holly1 says(8:50 AM):


magnetlady says(8:51 AM):

Thank you Holly.

Holly1 says(8:53 AM):


Holly1 says(8:54 AM):


magnetlady says(8:54 AM):

Awesome, thank you for sharing all your info with us here in DU

magnetlady says(8:54 AM):


Holly1 says(8:55 AM):

23/11/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning

regulated in Beirut today Forum Iraqi banking sector , local presence and regional broad and deals with the banking business experiences in Iraq and the work of the central bank in both Iraq and Lebanon in the presence of Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq general secretary of the Union of Arab Banks and the head of the Iraqi private banks association and the collection of money experts and economists in Iraq and the balance of sharing different countries of the world.

Holly1 says(8:55 AM):

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq said that the forum is an opportunity to connect with the regional and international environment, with the participation of experts on a high level of banking experience and their work experiences in various countries around the world, and this is beneficial to the Iraqi banking sector, especially as the public and private banks and the Central Bank of respondents placed this.

Holly1 says(8:56 AM):

this forum is organized on a regular basis in order to consolidate the bridges of cooperation with regional and international banks and stand at the latest developments in the global development banks.

The international financial expert d. Sadiq al - Shammari pointed out that the forum deals with the banking reality and the experience of the central bank in both Iraq and Lebanon and the reasons for the weakness of Iraqi confidence in banks and the

Holly1 says(8:56 AM):

experience of Lebanese banks in Iraq, as well as the evolution of the banking industry in Iraq and the Arab region and the alternatives. In turn , an economist Samir Nasiri said he focused during the forum to reconsider amending banking legislation in Iraq, which regulates the banking work for the advancement of reality banking and in particular the Central Bank Law No. (56) of 2004 and the Banking Law No. (94) for the year 2004 and the law of registration of companies No. 21 of 1997 and the law of Iraq Stock Exchange No. 74 of 2004 , and the activation of money laundering and investment law the new law.

Holly1 says(8:57 AM):

as we stand when addressing the technology gap and provide legal and technical requirements for twinning widespread among government banks and private banks on the one hand and between the international banks on the other hand , in order to develop a system payments and banking modernization and regulation of the financial and monetary trading processes according to the latest applied modern electronic banking systems in the world.

Holly1 says(8:57 AM):


Holly1 says(8:59 AM):

23/11/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / Follow - up joy pumice OPEC experts made progress in the two - day meeting in order to finalize the details of a plan to reduce oil production. The author of this success at the level of the meetings of the relevant committees rise in oil prices , which is the highest since three weeks, after expressing some delegates in OPEC expressed optimism about the possibility of reaching a final agreement, amid diplomatic efforts to Saudi Arabia (largest producer of the Organization of the Petroleum exporting countries) to carry the undecided members to join the production plan proposed by that.

Holly1 says(9:00 AM):

However, others have expressed concern over Iran's unwillingness to cut its oil production, believing that the deal could face potential setbacks after Iraq 's invitation to be exempt from the freeze, along with other countries , including Iran, Libya, and Nigeria for their exposure to international sanctions. Reducing the surplus in when expressed observers and experts Iraqi economists are optimistic the results of the talks competent committees to reach an agreement on cutting production, and argued that the reduction of oil production of OPEC cooperation with non - member states would reduce the

Holly1 says(9:00 AM):

surplus gradually, which contribute to high crude prices, and thus supports the federal budget for Iraq. while trying to OPEC the oil - producing countries that are not members to reach agreement on reducing production, analysts find that this agreement will provide an opportunity for oil producers in the United States for the development of their oil output. lost share and gave OPEC members last week, suggesting along with Russia (non - member) for Iran to curb production, rather than Alqta.ccant Iran is one of the main obstacles facing reduced production by OPEC, which insisted Tehran exemption

Holly1 says(9:01 AM):

from OPEC 's decision, in an attempt to regain lost market share under years of Western sanctions. the failure of the first meeting of the high level Committee, which held last October to reach an agreement, which was the focus of talks , one issue is not to freeze Iran's output, but in recent days, ministers and officials said OPEC approached about dealing with the points of disagreement, and ready (most members) to show the necessary flexibility to Iran on the size production. the sources confirmed in OPEC that the combined committee has not decided the final policy, instead will make

Holly1 says(9:01 AM):

recommendations to the ministerial meeting of OPEC on this November 30. help Iraq and had expressed economic expert , Dr. Ahmed Abrihi optimism that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting reach and cooperation with Russia to freeze production, pointing out that in the event of their agreement on it will begin the surplus to decline gradually, and at the end of 2017 will reach surplus to around 1.2 million barrels. he said the price of oil has already the $ 49 and exceeded rose, this scale is the best level since mid - 2015, stressing that he if sustained, this would arrive at the price of a barrel of oil to $ 70 in the first quarter of 2017, helping Iraq much. oil prices surged on Tuesday to its

Holly1 says(9:01 AM):

highest level since late October, taking the markets in their accounts cut expected production led OPEC, but analysts warned that a failure to reach an agreement on production cuts may exacerbate oversupply by early 2017. jumped futures for Brent crude to $ 49.63 a barrel , up 1.5 percent from the last settlement price to the highest level since October 31, where they were trading Brent crude at 49.58 dollars per barrel , up 68 cents , or 1.4 percent, also increased the price of futures contracts for crude Texas intermediate 69 cents , or about 1.4 percent to $ 48.93 a barrel, while basket "OPEC" daily containing recorded on 14 kinds Khama 42.33 dollars per barrel, since

(9:02 AM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

Holly1 says(9:02 AM):

Saudi Arabia began its to carry the members reluctant to join the production plan. seeks Organization of Petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) to reach an agreement at a meeting in Vienna on November 30 with 14 countries inside and outside the organization ensures reduction coordinator of production to support the market over the balance between supply and demand. investor optimism and said ANZ Bank , "with the growing investor optimism about reaching OPEC cut in production is expected that oil prices will continue to rise during the day." said Goldman Sachs in a note to clients that the chances of OPEC cut production increased with the need for producers reaction to the

Holly1 says(9:03 AM):

erosion of the fundamental factors supply and demand, which the bank said was "weakened sharply since OPEC currently reached a preliminary agreement on production cuts." Goldman Sachs said that in the event of OPEC and other producers failed, especially Russia to reach an agreement, it is expected to see a market glut in the supply of up to 0.7 million barrels per day in the first quarter of 2017.oaaml OPEC members and producers are not members of the agreement to freeze increases oil production, where the Organization of Petroleum exporting countries said last

Holly1 says(9:03 AM):

September: it "looks to cut production to between 32.5 million and 33 million barrels per day, and is the first pieces of its production since 2008 and raised the hedge funds holding the net futures contracts for crude oil US options for the first time in the three weeks since mid - November, after having provided one of the largest cuts ever seen in the previous week, highlighting the move tensions among investors largely on oil in both directions. as likely , analysts Barclays held this deal, warning at the same time that the

Holly1 says(9:03 AM):

deal could have a little. the impact of the US oil and analysts predicted that OPEC will stick to the agreement to save face, but it will provide an opportunity for oil producers in the United States for the development of output up to 50. 55 dollars (a barrel), and will take advantage of any opportunity granted to them by the OPEC cuts, according to Barclays.

Holly1 says(9:04 AM):


clay says to Holly1(9:06 AM):

thanks Holly (F)

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Holly1 says(9:09 AM):

Saleh: legal and financial management of the integrity of the international loan terms modified

Holly1 says(9:10 AM):


Holly1 says(9:10 AM):

Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Wednesday, that the amendment of a law of financial management and the Integrity Commission basis in international loan condition, stressing include it in the budget 2017.oukal favor in a press statement today: "The conditions of the IMF international that was included in 2017 financial management reform budget in Iraq. "he added that" among those reforms, there must be an international auditing firm, audited all of Iraq's internal and external

Holly1 says(9:11 AM):

resources and determine if there is a capacity for religion. ".ofatt economic adviser, to "it is the basic conditions also amend the financial administration Act in accordance with the modern international foundations, including guarantees of transparency and insufficient resources management, in addition to checking oil imports properly they were not properly audited in previous years." and, that "conditions include modifying the integrity Commission Act according to the United Nations Convention against corruption, to give the body an international arm of the prosecution of corrupt and smuggled money ".ohdd favor, that" those are not what more are part of the bag of reform to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi conditions, and are beneficial to Iraq. "

Holly1 says(9:11 AM):


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Holly1 says(9:22 AM):


Holly1 says(9:22 AM):


clay says(9:24 AM):


Holly1 says to clay(9:24 AM):


Movack says(9:25 AM):

GM all

clay says to Movack(9:25 AM):

GM :)

(9:29 AM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

rcookie says(9:30 AM):

Statement: Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr confirms that he entered in the reconciliations and agreements are set out on the blood of Iraqis

Wrote: November 23, 2016

Visit-Muqtada al-Sadr-to-Iran

He said the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr refrain from pushing himself in political reconciliation and agreements are set out on the blood of Iraqis.

Sadr called replying to a question by one of his followers about the post-Daesh to push national reconciliation Aldoaash and the Baathists in addition to taking into account people and their suffering be a priority in the political agreements, demanding not to be overlooked components of the people and not marginalize parties along sectarian lines, indicating that those who want to engage in these political conventions him to come through the ballot box, describing the national project name resonant and wished to be born from the womb of the people and not to be away from the suffering of Iraqis.

rcookie says(9:32 AM):

Iraqi forces cut off supply lines last jihadists in Mosul

© image taken from France screen 24 | Iraqi soldiers on the outskirts of the city of Mosul

Last Updated: 11/23/2016

Iraqi forces backed by factions of the popular crowd and the peshmerga fighters of cutting the road between Tal Afar, under the control of the "Islamic state" and Sinjar, west of Mosul, and thus the two regions separated from each other to cut another jihadist organization supply lines in the last major strongholds in Iraq.

Iraqi government forces ended a cut supply lines for jihadists west of the city of Mosul in the north of the country, ending the process of isolating the last bastions of the "Islamic state" from the rest of Iraq 's provinces, according to officials.

Officials explained that the factions of the popular crowd and reached the road between Tal Afar controlled by jihadists and Sinjar , west of Mosul, where he met with Kurdish forces, and the two regions separated from each other.

The leader of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi engineer in a video posted on the page factions to "Twitter" "Tal Afar has been cut through Sinjar," in reference to the two towns both located on the road between Mosul and Syria.

On the other hand, a Kurdish security official told AFP that the popular crowd forces met with other forces, including fighters from the PKK in the three towns in the region.

Iraqi forces launched a military operation in October / October 17 aimed to regain control of the city of Mosul in the north of the country.

Iraqi forces pushed into the city from the eastern side, while the Kurdish Peshmerga forces advanced with other forces toward the northern and southern borders of the city.

France 24 / AFP

Movack says(9:34 AM):

Not quite sure what this saying rcookie. Is Sadr saying he wants to be voted into poltics buy the people and not pushed into poltics by background forces????????

rcookie says to Movack(9:39 AM):


Movack says(9:41 AM):


Movack says(9:42 AM):

almost read like he was going enter the political bid for a position

(9:43 AM)JR67120 changed nickname to JR67!

JR67120 says(9:46 AM):

Rcookie I am amazed by your ability to present these topics and then help us understand their real meaning.

JR67120 says(9:46 AM):

Thank You!

clay says to JR67120(9:46 AM):


clay says to JR67120(9:46 AM):

GM :)

JR67120 says(9:47 AM):

Happy Thanksgiving Clay

clay says to JR67120(9:47 AM):

u 2 buddy

Movack says(9:47 AM):


JR67120 says(9:47 AM):

Thanks Clay

clay says to JR67120(9:48 AM):

Are ya staying home or traveling

JR67120 says(9:48 AM):

Clay do you have a black banner across your message area RE: youtube

JR67120 says(9:49 AM):

Staying within 20 kiles....going to my sister's home

clay says to JR67120(9:49 AM):


clay says to JR67120(9:49 AM):

I did yesterday

JR67120 says(9:49 AM):

how di you remove it

clay says to JR67120(9:49 AM):

got worried about a bug

clay says to JR67120(9:49 AM):

not there today

clay says to JR67120(9:49 AM):

I think I restarted

JR67120 says(9:49 AM):

I will log out then try to get back in

clay says to JR67120(9:49 AM):

log out then log back in

JR67 says(9:51 AM):

Thank You Clay that removed the banner(y)(handshake)

clay says to JR67(9:51 AM):


clay says to JR67(9:51 AM):


clay says to JR67(9:52 AM):

it was something about utube right

JR67 says to clay(9:52 AM):

You are an asset to this community

JR67 says to clay(9:52 AM):

yes youtube

clay says to JR67(9:52 AM):


Doug_W says to JR67(9:54 AM):

your off by 2 letters

Doug_W says to JR67(9:54 AM):

right Clay ?

JR67 says to clay(9:54 AM):

I must go for now My Friend Clay. If I do not get back today I wish you and yours and the entire DU Room a most Happy Thanksgiving:)

Doug_W says to JR67(9:54 AM):

be well

JR67 says to Doug_W(9:55 AM):

Hey Douger

1bobby says to magnetlady(9:55 AM):

GM Mags. I'm here if you're ready

rcookie says(9:55 AM):

"Airbus" get a license to complete its deal with Iran by 9 hours ago

أكدت شركة إير باص أن الحكومة الأمريكية منحتها الرخصة الثانية لبيع قرابة 100 طائرة لإيران

Air bus company confirmed that the US government granted a second license for the sale of nearly 100 aircraft to Iran

Roudao - Erbil

Company "Airbus" confirmed that the US government "granted a second license for the sale of nearly 100 aircraft to Iran, despite congressional opposition."

A spokesman for the giant aircraft industry, Jack Darcy, in a statement on Wednesday: "We can confirm that we have received a second license from OFAC (continued US Department of the Treasury) relating to the agreement signed in Paris in January 2016".

He said the new license "will allow us to continue to negotiate the purchase with Iran Air of agreement (Iran Air)."

Earlier this year, Airbus agreed with the Iranian lines, to sell 118 aircraft, to be one of the largest deals signed by Iran following the lifting of the sanctions.

And was able to Airbus in September / September of this year to get the first break from the US Treasury Department, allow it to sell 17 aircraft to Iran, to come second holiday on Tuesday, giving the green light for Airbus to sell the remainder of the deal for Iran.

A US government source has refused to confirm or deny the granting Airbus a new license, the last in the US Treasury Department confirmed that Washington was "committed to issuing licenses for the export of the transfer of commercial passenger to Iran aircraft," according to the comprehensive Joint Action Plan (nuclear agreement).

The source stressed that the United States when required Aasaddarha for these licenses to be sold the planes to Iran "will be used exclusively for the carriage of passengers, and should not be re-sold or re-transferred to a specific entity," a reference to the company, "Mahan Air."

The US Congress, issued last week, legislation that would stop the sale of aircraft to Iran, but the White House said it would not take any decision that could undermine the nuclear deal with Iran, and within the framework of the sale of these aircraft.

And reached Iran and a group of Great Powers to the nuclear agreement limiting its ability to manufacture nuclear weapons provided that the lifting of economic sanctions imposed by these countries due to its nuclear program, which is followed by the lifting of Washington's economic sanctions for Tehran, which allowed it to buy a fleet of transfer of civilian passenger planes from Boeing and Airbus

1bobby says to magnetlady (privately)(9:58 AM):

I'm here if needed

1bobby says to magnetlady(9:58 AM):

1bobby has closed the private chat window!

magnetlady says to 1bobby (privately)(9:58 AM):

Awesome Bobby. Let me copy one more time.

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