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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 11/26/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - No Featured Members

Doug_W says(6:18 AM):

GM Gang

Doug_W says(6:32 AM):


Doug_W says(6:32 AM):

Fidel Castro croaked

Doug_W says(6:33 AM):

makes me wonder how that will affect Cuba ?

loop says(6:47 AM):

House of Representatives vote on the popular crowd Authority Act and proceeded to read the Commercial Agency Regulatory Act

November 26, 2016

House of Representatives voted in its usual second session chaired by Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council and in the presence of 208 deputies Today Saturday, 26.11.2016 in the form of the popular crowd began to read the law regarding the project Commercial Agency Regulatory Act.

At the outset of the meeting followed by the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs issued a statement assassination treacherous cleric Sheikh and Shyar Ismail process in front of the mosque preacher Omar Bandian denounced in Erbil on 24 of this month, urging the security authorities and the relevant authorities in the province , and the province of Arbil , detects quickly for the culprits and retribution from them.

President al-Jubouri behalf of the Council also condemned the cowardly terrorist attacks, which affected visitors in the city of Hilla, Babil province.

Council and read Surat Al-Fatiha in memory of the spirit of the martyr Sheikh and souls of the martyrs of visitors to death of Imam Hussein (AS).

The Council voted on the proposal to form the popular crowd and provided by law for the security and defense committee in honor of each of the volunteer of the sons of the Iraqi people 's honor and for keeping arms in the hands of the Iraqi armed forces and under the law and promote the prestige of the state and the preservation of its security and honor all those who contributed to the defense of Iraq.

Before the vote on the proposed law, Mr. Speaker pointed to the existence of observations concerning the proposal of the law include the question of dealing with the elements of the crowd as individuals or given their rights belonging to the security forces or civilian jobs as well as the existence of observations on the tasks, pointing to hold multiple meetings with parliamentary blocs on the proposed law in order to reach a compromise formula for adoption, indicating a desire by some absent from the vote for the presence of the blocks after the completion of the dialogues and discussions on the proposal and vote the law.

President al-Jubouri and stressed the rejection of the House of Representatives of the accusations against the government regarding the obstruction of legislation and blame it especially as the government has sent today a formal letter about how the Legal Department of the Council of Ministers of the inquiry on a proposal popular crowd Act noting that the legal opinion of the Department was not presented to the Council of Ministers, which It requires the presentation of the recommendations sent to the House of Representatives, Mr. Prime Minister and the government for discussion and sent to the House of Representatives in particular that there is a financial aspect.

Then, the House of Representatives voted on a proposal to form the popular crowd and provided by law for the security and defense committee and who came to honor each of the volunteers from various Iraqi people in defense of Iraq to save the Iraqi state from attack Aldoaash all hostile to Iraq and the new regime and who have been credited in response conspiracies in order to save the various arms in the hands of the Iraqi armed forces and under the law and promote the prestige of the state and the preservation of its security and make the weapon to the state only, and in honor of all those who contributed to make his blood in the defense of Iraq from the volunteers and the popular crowd and the crowd clan.

The Presidency has decided to postpone the vote on the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2017 submitted by the Finance Committee in order to allow them to mature the budget.

On the other hand followed the committees of civil society and women, family and childhood institutions statement on violence against women expressing its appreciation to all civic events for Msahh on 16 campaign on the world, which will start on November 25 until December 10, calling for the state institutions to the implementation of resolution UN Special recognition of the role of women in peace and security and to support their role and protect them from conflicts.

loop says(6:48 AM):

The statement called for the involvement of Iraqi women in any process of social and political reconciliation and the enactment of laws that support women and their rights and prevent violence against women as well as the importance of working to form a body or organization concerned with women to implement Iraq's international obligations and implement the national strategy against violence against women as well as work on the empowerment of women survivors of violence to engage the community and condemn the Middle East newspaper published an abuse.

The Presidency has decided to postpone reading the report and discuss the draft Iraqi Commission for the adoption of a law submitted by the Committee of Economy and Investment.

Said Sheikh Humam Hamoudi, first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives about the existence of parliamentary requests to question the ministers of health, education, planning and trade agency has been referred to an ad hoc committee to study form and substance.

Council and began reading the report and discuss the draft of the commercial agency and submitted to the Regulatory Act of economic and investment commission to complete the discussions at the next meeting.

In the interventions MP Birwan Khilani called for a non-commercial agency grants those who was accused of financial corruption issues with the importance of the imposition of a fine of 20 million dinars instead of 10 million dinars in the case of commercial agency business in March before getting a license.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting until Monday 28/11/2016

The information department

Iraqi Council of Representatives


loop says(6:52 AM):

Council and began reading the report and discuss the draft of the commercial agency and submitted to the Regulatory Act of economic and investment commission to complete the discussions at the next meeting.(y)

loop says(7:00 AM):

Abadi bless approval of the popular crowd Act

Political Since 11/26/2016 14:50 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Park Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, the Iraqi people and the heroes of the popular crowd approving crowd Act.

Ebadi said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "we reaffirm once again, the importance of this law, which we confirmed in more than one occasion the importance of approval, those fighters heroes of the young people and the elderly must be met for the sacrifices they have made a less than what we are giving them." .

He noted that "the crowd became the light of the law under the direct command of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, one of the places its systems and represents all shades of the Iraqi people and defend all Iraqis wherever they are and that this was not to replace groups of chaos who blocked a pass all this time but won the national will." It ended 29 / d 24

loop says(7:00 AM):

Osama Najafi announce his rejection of a draft political settlement

Political Since 11/26/2016 14:29 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

He announced a coalition united leader Osama Najafi, Saturday, refusing to project a political settlement and the "historic" legislation against the backdrop of the popular crowd Act.

Nujaifi said at a news conference inside the parliament and attended / balances News /, that "the manipulation of laws by the parliamentary bloc has a majority unacceptable not entitled to do so and any unilateral decision is unacceptable," adding that "the new political blocs rejected and must be re-examined."

He said Najafi, "we reject any negotiations after the day of the so-called" political settlement "will not discuss it at all, and no one has the right fate of the country report the enactment of laws without reference to the principle of partnership."

He continued, "The trends imposing wills unacceptable in light of the individual directions and there must be a re-review of the law and the popular crowd, which we reject categorically and we will resort to challenge it."

It is said that the parliament voted in its meeting today on the popular crowd Act by 208 Sota.anthy 29 / D 24

(7:01 AM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

loop says(7:01 AM):

Parliamentary Finance: We are working to support the private sector and investment in the budget of 2017

Reconstruction and rebuilding

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Saturday it was working to support the private sector and investment in the budget of next year 2017.

The committee member said Masood Haider in a press statement, said that "discussions on the draft federal budget law for next year 2017 continuous running well."

"The committee is working to support the private sector and encourage investment in the budget next year."

He said, "The deduction will be 4.8 of the total salary for employees, retirees and repealed or amended must be by the Council of Ministers and not Parliament for being contain financial bush."

DIGIman1 says(7:02 AM):

Todays To-Do List: Wake Up - Find Coffee - Pretend to be Human

loop says(7:02 AM):

Consultant Abadi: International Fund loan covers ration, health and education needs

Business & Finance

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister emphasized the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Saturday, that the International Monetary Fund loan covers ration, health and education needs.

Saleh said in a press statement, "The IMF is keen on continuing the ration card," noting that "one of the objectives of the Fund is to cover social expenditures."

He added that "at the head of those social expenditures ration card and to be the only beneficiaries, as well as expenses include social welfare and affairs of displaced persons, education and health," denying saying, "There is no truth rumors about the cancellation of the ration budget allocations."

He said economic adviser, that "the International Fund confirmed that the loan should cover any shortfall in those payments."

Pablo says to DIGIman1(Whisper message)(7:07 AM):


Pablo says to DIGIman1(Whisper message)(7:08 AM):

How's things?

loop says(7:10 AM):

{Euphrates News} publishes law board of the popular crowd

History of edits:: 26/11/2016 14:50

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} obtained by {Euphrates News} a copy of the Code of the board of the popular crowd based on what passed the House today and was approved by the President of the Republic and based on the provisions item {first} article {61} item {III} article {73 } of the Constitution ...

No. {} of {2015}

Act {legal protection for popular crowd}

Article {1}: factions and formations popular crowd considered under this law legal entities enjoy the rights and comply with the duties as a generic strength and Dolly Iraqi security forces have the right to maintain its identity and privacy as long as no this is a threat to national security of Iraq.

Article {2}: Specifies the titles and names for formations that fall under the name of factions and formations popular crowd referred to in Article {1} above and decided by the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament and in coordination with the General Commander of the Iraqi Armed Forces , the Office of the light provides the procedures required by it.

Article {3}: exercise groups and formations of the popular crowd functions and military and security activities at the request and instruct the General Commander of the Iraqi Armed Forces and in coordination with the starting and continuation when there are security threats require field intervention to deter these threats and uproot.

Article {4}: entitles factions and formations of the popular crowd under this law , the right to use necessary force and do whatever it takes to deter security threats and terror inflicted on Iraq as well as to liberate cities from terrorist groups and their security and eliminate terrorist groups and all those who cooperate with them under any name It was .

Article {5}: the Iraqi government and the House of Representatives Pthaoh requirements and the needs of groups and formations of the popular crowd of military and other demanding than its security and military activities in the event of a security threat to Iraq or what it takes to remain in a state of full readiness to deter these threats committed.

Article {6}: enjoy Associates of individuals and groups and formations of the popular crowd and the victims of the military actions of them - dead and wounded and missing - the same salary and pension rights and privileges enjoyed by their fellow employees of the defense and interior ministries.

Article {7}: calculated for purposes of promotion and career service and retirement time jihadist period spent by individuals and factions of the popular crowd formations in the face of terrorist threats if appointed to another post within the official owners of the state.

Article {8}: Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Health Bureau is committed to each according to its maintenance of a centralized records in Baghdad prove the facts relating to the service and jihadi martyrs and wounded and Missing persons security operations in the provinces and regions relating to family members and factions of the formations the popular crowd.

Article {9}: Central records referred to in Article {7} above are considered legal reference management to the restrictions required in the completion of the transactions relating to install and approve employees of the martyrs and the wounded and Missing persons factions and formations of the popular crowd 's rights and all that is related to validate the release of documents related to it. 

Article {10}: The Council of Ministers issued the necessary instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law.

loop says(7:10 AM):

Article {11}: This law shall be published in the Official Gazette and is effective from the date {10 / June / 2014}.

The reasons

for the purpose of providing legal protection for the species and varieties popular crowd that provide cover and passport legitimate military intervention and Advaoua of legitimacy to what comes out of their members during the clash with the enemy in combat areas and to organize their work and bring them under the Iraqi government 's view and to prevent allowing sooner or later targeting them under various pretexts and to secure their financial position and their rights ... began this Aleghanon.anthy

loop says(7:15 AM):

Jubouri: Adoption of the popular crowd Act did justice fighters {expanded}

History of edits:: 26/11/2016 15:36

{Baghdad Euphrates News} confirmed Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, that "the adoption of the law of the popular crowd inside the dome of the parliament did justice fighters.

Jubouri said during a press conference held in the Parliament building was attended by Agency correspondent {Euphrates News} Saturday, that " the parliament with all mass does not differ significantly on half the fighters in the popular crowd law , but he was looking for the structure of the law and those who made up what is the role clearly "adding , " We must maintain a centralized Iraqi state by giving the commander of the armed forces a role in formations that are related to the law of the popular crowd. "

"After the vote on the popular crowd Act, all people carrying arms and be out of formations should be held accountable , " calling the commander of the armed forces "to take action without preventing the loose disarmament process outside the framework of the armed forces in accordance with the formations referred to by the Constitution and the law." He pointed out , "it was the adoption of the law based on the advisory opinion of the Supreme reference as well as tribal volunteers who are considered an important and essential part and their rights, privileges and configuration management as the others , and we will work hard for the purpose of these get their rights according to the constitution."

And " The call for the process of the formation of the Authority and the approval given process of social structure without a single exception , " noting that " the task of the fighters after the approval of the crowd Act will be keeping the ground after the editing process and the process of being transferred or replace them or change them is vested in the general commander of the armed forces exclusively . Only the commanding general of the interfere with the process of change. "

He noted that " the military structure represented by the General Command of the Armed Forces should impose its presence on each of the carrying arms and military laws are applicable."

He added al - Jubouri , "I'd hope that the bill is acceptable and the support of everyone and we could not reach a wording acceptable and we still have room to take the actions that we have agreed politically in the sense that there are decisions waiting to be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the board of the crowd which must be convincing, take into account the participation of all in the process of maintaining security and we are embarking on a political settlement process. "

He was quoted as saying , "it is to identify the numbers return to the commander of the armed forces and must take into account provincial proportions and that everyone should be present in the proportions of the population density , " adding that " the law did not refer to those who will preside over the popular crowd , but he talked about the general principles" .anthy

Continue to Part 2



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