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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 11/16/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring rcookie

1bobby says to larrykn (privately)(9:55 AM):

Ready when you are buddy

larrykn says to 1bobby(9:56 AM):

all yours buddy :)

larrykn says to 1bobby(9:56 AM):

have a great day

(9:57 AM)larrycopier changed nickname to larrykn!

1bobby says to larrykn(9:58 AM):

You too. Thanks for copying

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rcookie says(10:03 AM):

America calls on Iraq to "create real investment opportunities" and change the wording of contracts

Author: SKM

Editor: BK

11/16/2016 18:35

Number of Views: 58

Long-Presse / Basra

Urged the US Department of Commerce on Wednesday, Iraq to create a "real opportunities" can be funded by investors, and change the existing formulas for decades and provide greater facilities for business, and while I went back to tourism investment is "best suited" to Basra, the southern provinces called for the establishment of projects suited to their needs and "non-clone" of those carried out with other governorates.

The adviser and the US Secretary of Commerce, Mays Alabbosi, at a press conference at the US Consulate building in Basra, attended (range Press), "The US Department of Commerce held workshops with the Iraqi government and relevant ministries, such as planning, oil, electricity, construction and housing for the definition of project financing in Iraq and developed within the framework of global investment in the current financial crisis experienced by the country. "

She called Alabbosi, to "find real investment opportunities planned according to global standards to reassure foreign investors and provide an opportunity for funding," stressing the need "to do projects with a cost of less than $ 40 million in order to ensure easy financing and implementation."

She adviser and US Secretary of Commerce, that "Basra could see the implementation of tourist investment projects being the most appropriate at present, in light of falling oil prices and the need to rely on an economy based on the successful projects", usually the "southern provinces should see the establishment of projects suited to their needs and it is reproduced from those that implement other governorates. "

She urged Alabbosi, the concerned authorities to "change the conditions and legal and financial contracts for projects formats and provide facilities to attract investors."

The legal adviser of the US Department of Commerce, Mays Abbas Alabbosi, announced in (the twentieth of October 2015 the past), all seeking to activate twinning signed the Convention in 2012, between the cities of Houston and American Basra, to take advantage of the first experience in the oil industry development, especially that Basra can be a center of the oil indust

rcookie says(10:05 AM):

NOVEMBER 16, 2016

Barzani: the agreement with the United States not to withdraw from the Kurdish areas

Masoud Barzani

Masoud Barzani

Arbil (Iraq) - (dpa) - President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, said on Wednesday that he had discussed the issue of the independence of the region clearly, during his recent visit to Baghdad.

"We agreed with the United States not to withdraw from the Kurdish areas."

He said Barzani during a visit to the battlefront and a meeting with the Peshmerga leaders: "I can not find words to express my thanks and honorary peshmerga and there is no any other force in the world able to achieve victories."

He stated that "the mixing of the blood of the Peshmerga heroes and their sense of responsibility towards the security of Kurdistan is the greatest victory."

He stressed, "We entered into a new stage we are now banish a few kilometers from Mosul, God willing, liberate the city soon and Daesh heading to a major defeat."

He continued, "We do not know what is next after Daesh scourge, and we remain ready to face successive threats, province of Kurdistan will remain under threat as long as Daesh remained in Mosul."

"I urge the faithful to the meeting and dialogue to solve the current problems and settle disputes and political parties must unite to protect and support the Kurdish Peshmerga."

He explained, "In our recent visit to Baghdad, spoke clearly about the independence of the province of Kurdistan and we agree with the United States not to withdraw from the Kurdish areas."

He pointed out that "these areas liberated with the blood of 11,500 martyrs and wounded of the Peshmerga, and it is possible after all these sacrifices have to accept the direct handling of the center with the provinces."

And on dialogue with Baghdad, Barzani said: "We emphasized the necessity of understanding and good neighborliness and to avoid conflicts and if we do not reach a solution with Baghdad, The referendum is the solution."

rcookie says(10:08 AM):

Iraqi army regain 80% of the Liberation neighborhood in Mosul

By Roudao one hour ago

Roudao - Erbil

The Iraqi army was able to recover 80% of the Liberation neighborhood in the city of Mosul area, and violent clashes continue between Iraqi forces and militants of the "Islamic state", Daesh in that neighborhood.

The commander in the anti-terrorism forces, Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, the network Roudao media, said that "our forces managed to recover a large part of the editorial neighborhood, pointing out that the militants Daesh are still around and are fighting at several points within the neighborhood."

He said al-Saadi, that "the confrontation between anti-terrorism forces and Daesh continuing," adding that "Daesh trying to halt the progress of troops through the use of snipers."

The battle began restoring Mosul in October 17 / October 2016, with the participation of the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army forces, with the support of the international coalition.

rcookie says(10:09 AM):


rcookie says(10:15 AM):

US military base again in Haditha District (details)

16-11-2016 03:20 PM Hits: 1046

Orbit News -

Said Director of Intelligence Brigade withstand the Haditha District in Anbar province, today, Wednesday, from a poll of US troops for the Haditha Dam western Anbar province to set up a second base for them and set up balloons to monitor the movements of remnants of al Daesh in Western cities.

Lt. Col. Nazim Aljughaifi in a press statement, that 'US troops to come from Ain al - Assad base in hand - Baghdadi polled Haditha Dam spend western Anbar regions to set up a second base in the province and set up balloons to monitor the movements of remnants of al Daesh terrorist in the western cities'.

He Aljughaifi, that 'US troops wandered the perimeter and inside the Haditha Dam to determine a private area for them to set up the balloons and set up their forces for a military base in western Anbar and keep the eye - Assad as the main base for them and the airport runway for their planes. "

He pointed to Aljughaifi, that 'US troops are present in the Ain al - Assad base with a strength again for them in the east of Ramadi , Habbaniyah base for more than about a year and oversaw the training of Iraqi forces and arming the popular crowd tribal fighters'.

rcookie says(10:16 AM):


rcookie says(10:18 AM):

Ameri: Tomorrow will be cleansed of Tal Afar and surrounding villages Airport

Wednesday November 16, 2016 19:06

rcookie says(10:20 AM):

Iraq .. B'alhacd factions' plans to break into the airport 'Afar' within hours

16/11/2016 Now - Agencies 7:07:59 PM

Factions announced within the militias 'popular crowd' (Shiite) loyal to the Iraqi government, its forces are on the walls of Tal Afar Airport, west of Mosul (northern Iraq), they will storm the airport within hours.

The faction of 'Badr', in force, led by former Transport Minister Hadi al-Amiri, said his forces have made further progress at the expense of 'Daesh' in Tal Afar, reaching to the outer fence of the airport.

He said, through a statement obtained 'Anatolia' a copy of it, that the fighters tightened their encirclement of the airport in preparation for storming it.

As reported Hezbollah Brigades, said in a statement that its fighters entered in clashes with the militants 'Daesh' on the walls of Tal Afar Airport, to the north and northeast.

She noted that the fighters were preparing to storm the airport within hours.

The militants grabbed the crowd several villages in the path of their arrival in the Afar Airport, which will be a starting point towards the town, located about 55 km west of Mosul.

Said Murtaza Hussain, leader of the 'popular crowd', of Anatolia, over the phone, if the crowd fighters wrested today villages' Blush ',' Tel Alrmj ', and'tl Alsoban' militants' Daesh '.

He added that the restoration of those villages and put the crowd fighters on the walls of Tal Afar Airport,'ihtaj fighters for hours to grip it. '

He 'Hussein' that the militants 'Daesh' withdrew to Supan area, south of Tal Afar, in an effort to form a second line of defense after the collapse of the first line to the advancement of the crowd.

It seeks fighters 'popular crowd', backed by Iran, to wrest from the grip of Tal Afar 'Daesh', bridging the escape route and supplies between Mosul and areas of control 'Daesh' in Syria.

And launched the battle of the restoration of Mosul in October 17 / October 2016, with the participation of 45 thousand of the Baghdad government forces, whether from the army or police, backed by the popular crowd, and guards Nineveh (Sunni), along with 'peshmerga' (the Kurdish region forces in northern Iraq ).

And given the military campaign aerial cover of the international coalition led by the United States.

And regained the Iraqi forces allied with them, during the past few days, dozens of villages and towns in the vicinity of the city from the grip of 'Daesh', was also able to enter the eastern side of Mosul.

rcookie says(10:21 AM):


rcookie says(10:22 AM):


(10:23 AM)jake1 was kicked out by jake1!

clay says to rcookie(10:24 AM):

(y) no kidding

SRW says to rcookie(10:24 AM):

It is for Islamic Terrorism in the Mosul area.. Kurds and National Alliances are kickin butt and pushin on.. Great new Rcookie.. (y)

clay says to SRW(10:24 AM):

4 sure :)

rcookie says to SRW(10:25 AM):


SRW says to rcookie(10:37 AM):

I know this is war, but I have sympathy for the civilians of the areas that have been caught in the middle of all the fighting.. The rebuilding of lost structures throughout Iraq will take years. There are structures that will never be rebuilt due to their historic value. Hope this gets done soon and the people of Iraq can live a life without fear of the evil ISIS or Terrorism. Great aricles Rcookie.. Thanks..

clay says to SRW(10:40 AM):

totally with you on that

SRW says to rcookie(10:41 AM):

articles.. can't spell this morning..

(10:42 AM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

rcookie says to SRW(10:45 AM):


rcookie says to SRW(10:46 AM):

IMF: military operations in Iraq against terrorism consumed 17% of GDPLike 0Number of Views: 714  15:18 2016/11/16  Share !# ِّ غ Participation 1 Likes 0:BAGHDAD / tomorrow PressA

report by the Global Terrorism Index for 2016, on Wednesday, for the cause of terrorist operations taking place in Iraq to consume 17% of GDP, while noting that the increase in .

the number of deaths due to terrorist operations amounted to 650%According to the report issued by the International Monetary Fund, and briefed him "tomorrow Press", "The number of countries that recorded the biggest of deaths number rose in 2016 to 23 countries, an increase of six countries from what it was in the previous year and included countries that suffer from the deterioration in the terror index France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Tunisia, with the growing influence of groups Boko haram to neighboring countries, namely Niger, Cameroon and Chad, where the number of" .deaths due to terrorism index rose by 157 percent from what it was in the previous yearHe added that "the economic impact of terrorism in the world amounted to $ 89.6 billion in the United States with" Iraq is suffering from the highest economic impact on the country for up to 17% "of GDP, followed by Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, where these five" .countries accounted for 72 percent of the total global deaths due to terrorist operationsThe report pointed out that "military interventions against Daesh and Boko Haram caused the reduction of mortality in Iraq and Nigeria by 32 percent, which contributed to the reduction of global proportion," noting that "In spite of the weakening Daesh and Boko

Haram in Iraq and Nigeria, but these terrorist organizations have spread in other countries " .which contributed to increase the impact of terrorism in the world increased by 650%

rcookie says to SRW(10:47 AM):


SRW says to rcookie(10:47 AM):

Should have included that we need to pray for the Alliance troops fighting the good fight. Many famililies throughout the globe have loved ones over there trying to help fight for Iraq. God Bless our troops.

SRW says to rcookie(10:47 AM):


rcookie says to SRW(10:51 AM):


rcookie says to SRW(10:51 AM):


SRW says to rcookie(10:52 AM):

That's huge.. Need to stop these nuts fast! Thanks Rcookie..

rcookie says(10:56 AM):

Vice President: we want to tie Iraq oil partnerships with Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon

Wednesday 16-11-2016 | 7:01:39

Twilight News / detectors, Iyad Allawi, Iraqi Vice President, plans were activated with Jordan wants to build a refinery to export oil and gas in Iraq, stressing request from Jordanian officials to build a refinery in Aqaba in order to export Iraqi oil products to the world.

Allawi said in an interview on the sidelines of the Amman forum of security, that the Iraqi talks of Jordan about the oil and gas tubular running from Basra through the blue city and then to Aqaba have reached a very advanced stage, after the recent visit by the Jordanian Minister of Energy Ibrahim Saif to Baghdad.

He noted the desire to link Iraq partnerships with Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon and that "the benefit of these countries as we benefit by linking electricity, oil and gas linkage economies."

rcookie says(10:57 AM):

Sources: Egypt is aiming to import more than two million barrels of Iraqi crude oil

Wednesday 16-11-2016 | 8:15:52

Twilight News / reported responsible Egyptian Petroleum and Mineral Resources, industry sources said on Wednesday that an Iraqi delegation of senior Iraqi Oil Ministry will visit Cairo in the middle of next month.

The sources said, according to Egyptian media that the contract to provide Egypt with crude oil will be on the priorities of the meetings to be held with officials of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

The sources said that Egypt is aiming to provide more than one million barrels of crude oil from Iraq next refining Other amounts to Baghdad in Egyptian refineries along with other cooperation activities, which is the exchange of experience in various petroleum industry, from research and exploration and development, production, development and maintenance of infrastructure and the creation of lines and networks of transport crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas and petroleum implementation of projects, in addition to the training and qualification of human resources in the petroleum industry in both countries, and to study the establishment of joint ventures between Egypt and Iraq in drilling activities.

Saudi Arabia was supplying Egypt petroleum shipments according to a contract signed between the two sides for five years, but the first proceeded to shut off due to strained relations between Riyadh and Cairo on the back of Egypt's vote in favor of the project in the Russian Security Council on Syria.

Doug_W says(10:59 AM):

same samer Bobby

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:59 AM):

Can't teach an old dog new tricks

Doug_W says(10:59 AM):

yes U can but its hard

Doug_W says(10:59 AM):

lunch time now bbl

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rcookie says(11:00 AM):

Canadian company implements water project in Basra

Brocknyk Canadian wins the implementation of a water plant in Basra Japanese funding of $ 80 million

Author: HAA

Editor: BK

11.16.2016 16:54

Number of Views: 408

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Canadian company announced on Wednesday, won the contract to implement the second phase of the station Sacrifice Basra water at a cost of $ 80 million, indicating that the project is a Japanese-funded and provides pumping 300 thousand cubic meters of water per day to the city.

She Brocknyk Protechnique Canadian Contracting Company, according to the Web site reported Trajd Arbia Trade Arabia economic news, and I followed (range Press), she "won a contract to implement the second phase of the Basra water pumping $ 80 million station, that the project is complete in December than a year in 2018 with funding from the agency for global cooperation Japanese GT JICA ", noting that" the contract is part of a major project to enhance the processing of drinking water for the city of Basra. "

The company is specialized and added water treatment and healthcare projects and equipment of oil and gas, that "winning the contract came after a fierce competition with other competitors, including the Toyota companies and Ghanem Construction and Contractors Arabs and Terna Indian Sunset", indicating that it "will focus Pumping equipment key with recycling pump water from the desalination plant project water to residential neighborhoods in the city of Basra. "

Said Managing Director of Brocknyk for the Middle East, Laos, Abdullah, said that "the overall activities of the company within a decade confined to engineering work with the processing equipment and the completion of construction work at the station, which will inject 300 thousand cubic meters of water per day," pointing out that "the station consists of a tank converter and a pump station manufacturing and sterilization department chlorinated and rooms mixing station and electrical substations as well as the electrical generating and building a network pipes and LED compartment and measure the flow of water. "

According to Abdullah, he said: "The contract also includes the construction of observation towers on the corners of the station with the guards and other accessories compartments," noting that "the contract contributes to the delivery of drinking water to the population of the city of Basra."

For his part, he said the Asian region for the company director, Daniel Park, said that "work in such projects is a historic success for the company," vowing that "the company is working to accomplish this important development project."

The Basra (590 km south of Baghdad), suffer from a chronic problem in drinking water, despite what left untouched rivers of the most important of the Shatt al-Arab.

SRW says to clay(11:11 AM):

How's your wife doing?

Doug_W says(11:12 AM):

great Q srw

clay says to Doug_W(11:12 AM):


Josie says to rcookie(11:25 AM):

Another great article regarding Basra. Providing water and electricity, what could be more fundamental. (love the idea too that that there seems to be a good mix of countries being awarded contracts. So many have skin in the game and are being rewarded for their efforts through contracts. ) Ongoing financial incentive for these countries to stay engaged and work for peace and prosperity

Josie says to rcookie(11:27 AM):

(electricity reference was to previous articles of Iraq working towards providing 24 coverage)

SRW says to Josie(11:32 AM):

From north to south in Iraq information is really great.. The info you brought in last night was a great piece of information.. Thanks.. (y)(handshake)

Josie says to SRW(11:35 AM):

Cool, thanks for the kinds words. My very small grain of sand compared to the vast beach of information Rcookie, MrWhite, Loop, BGG, daytrader, Bobby1, Jim, Holly and so many others provide continually

(11:35 AM)JD1 was kicked out by JD1!

(11:36 AM)deberry was kicked out by deberry!

1bobby says to Josie(11:40 AM):

That's the cool thing about this journey, everyone contributes to helping us understand where we stand. That info you brought in brought a lot of calm into this journey by reaffirming where we stand. Much appreciated

Doug_W says(11:41 AM):

I listened once but I musta missed that waht did U brin in Josie? plz

Josie says to 1bobby(11:44 AM):


1bobby says to Josie(11:45 AM):

Would you mind if I brought back in what was said?

Doug_W says(11:45 AM):

that sure looks like a 5th grader wrote it

1bobby says to Doug_W(11:45 AM):

I was thinking 6th grader lol

1bobby says to Doug_W(11:45 AM):

I'm kiddin ya

Doug_W says(11:45 AM):

ty 4 teh upGRADE lol

1bobby says to Doug_W(11:46 AM):


Josie says to Doug_W(11:46 AM):

Frank Baker Great Britain's Ambassador to Iraq via Twitter yesterday " Interesting meeting with Govenor of Central Bank of Iraq to speak about enabling market access to UK banks and need to respect IMF conditionality"

Doug_W says(11:47 AM):

I heard taht but I do not "get the relevance" ?

Josie says to Doug_W(11:48 AM):

Discussing the ability for UK banks to bring money in and money out of Iraq. International banking

Doug_W says(11:49 AM):

ahhh NOW I "get it"

Doug_W says(11:49 AM):

ty Josie

SRW says to Doug_W(11:49 AM):

Listen to Mr. White's comment. Thought Hutch was going to need a respirator for him.. He loved it.. (y)

Doug_W says(11:49 AM):

I probably heard that too

Doug_W says(11:53 AM):

but I don't remember anyone reacting that way?

1bobby says to Doug_W(11:56 AM):

I spilled my drink when I saw it, but I'm weird in that way

Doug_W says(11:56 AM):

we have a club wanna B president of it?

(11:57 AM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

1bobby says to Doug_W(11:58 AM):

Free drinks during the meetings? Sure....I accept the Presidency

Doug_W says(11:58 AM):

ut HIRED Pal

Doug_W says(11:58 AM):


rcookie says to Josie(12:00 PM):


(12:00 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

1bobby says to Doug_W(12:00 PM):

But in all seriousness, take Josie's tweet and couple that with last nights discussion which was mostly bank generated type news and that was a really cool addition

Doug_W says(12:01 PM):

tweet ?

1bobby says to Doug_W(12:02 PM):

Tweet = Twitter

1bobby says to Doug_W(12:02 PM):

That's how cool people say it lol

Doug_W says(12:02 PM):

how do U get that Bobby?

rcookie says to Josie(12:03 PM):


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