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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 11/22/16 - Part 7

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 7 - No Featured Members

DIGIman1 says(5:03 PM):

My bank statement is just a visual record of bad decisions

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MrsBGG says to DIGIman1(5:06 PM):


Doug_W says(5:09 PM):

GN gang

subgirl says to DIGIman1(6:50 PM):

hey would you like a break? :)

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(6:52 PM):


DIGIman1 says to subgirl(6:52 PM):

um.....yes please....lol

subgirl says to DIGIman1(6:52 PM):


subgirl says to DIGIman1(6:52 PM):


subgirl says to DIGIman1(6:52 PM):

i got it from the last one ok?

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(6:53 PM):

oh ok great :)

(6:53 PM)DIGIman1.copy changed nickname to DIGIman1!

Beeson says to rcookie(6:55 PM):

Anyone know if Iraq has ones fives tens... etc in lower denoms ?

subgirl says to Beeson(6:56 PM):

just go to the cbi website and you can see...

loop says(6:57 PM):


jetset says(6:58 PM):

simple answer is that they don't have them in cirulation.

loop says(7:00 PM):

250 is the smallest as of now.

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Beeson says to rcookie(7:08 PM):

how can they have a one to one... with large notes ?

Beeson says to rcookie(7:09 PM):

I know they had coins for a while...but people where melting them down and selling the metal...worth more that way 8-)

Beeson says to rcookie(7:10 PM):

so if they had coins... surly they have low denoms

Beeson says(7:11 PM):

or maybe the coins are going to be worth one dinar

(7:12 PM)magnetlady changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

magnetlady says(7:12 PM):


DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(7:12 PM):

hi mags

magnetlady says(7:13 PM):

HEy Digi

magnetlady says(7:13 PM):

Just got back home and fed cats. So al set

magnetlady says(7:13 PM):

Evening Subby

DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(7:13 PM):

great :)

magnetlady says(7:14 PM):

I just cant get used to this colder temp. Was not ready for it yet.

magnetlady says(7:14 PM):

Guess I'd better get ready right DIGI

DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(7:15 PM):

i hear ya there for sure...it just seemed to bite right into me today.....uuuuggghhh.....

magnetlady says(7:15 PM):

What a wonderful service we had this evening. Great food and fellowship

daytrader says to magnetlady(7:17 PM):

Hi Mags. Already missing summer. Guess that means it's gonna be a long, long winter. Ugh

jimplants says(7:21 PM):

hey Day January in Maui is a beautiful thing

jeffusa says to jimplants(7:22 PM):

sup... haven't seen ya since the Tigers lost... glad your alright

daytrader says to jimplants(7:22 PM):

Been there twice...and it sure is. Incredible place to visit, but do like some "occasional" weather changes.

jimplants says(7:22 PM):

baaad reffs jefff

jeffusa says to jimplants(7:22 PM):


jimplants says(7:23 PM):

see you in the playoffs

jeffusa says to jimplants(7:23 PM):

I hope we make it

jimplants says(7:24 PM):

oh you will m is all thats in your way

jeffusa says to jimplants(7:24 PM):

big road block

jeffusa says to jimplants(7:25 PM):

but they come to Columbus

jetset says to jeffusa(7:25 PM):


jimplants says(7:25 PM):

small road block they are banged up

jeffusa says to jetset(7:25 PM):


jimplants says(7:26 PM):

weasels and chickens not much difference

jetset says to jeffusa(7:26 PM):

just twidling my thumbs!

jeffusa says(7:28 PM):

heading to the movies....

jetset says(7:29 PM):

what are you watching?

jeffusa says(7:29 PM):

anyone know how many cavites Subby gave out today?

jeffusa says(7:29 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(7:29 PM):


loop says(7:39 PM):


magnetlady says(7:39 PM):

nite loop

subgirl says(7:39 PM):

Good night loop :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:40 PM):

hey there Mags! :)

magnetlady says(7:40 PM):

hey subby

magnetlady says(7:45 PM):

Did you have a good day subby?

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:45 PM):

had a bit of a rough day but so glad I am here lol

(7:58 PM)plowboy was kicked out by plowboy!

aminmaine25229787 says(8:01 PM):

you feeling ok subby?

aminmaine25229787 says(8:01 PM):

good news in here today!

subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(8:01 PM):

yep I am tired.. but i am here lol

subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(8:02 PM):

what has been happening? have not read any?

aminmaine25229787 says(8:02 PM):

maliki was forced out of kabala

aminmaine25229787 says(8:03 PM):


subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(8:03 PM):

oh wow! ok...

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DIGIman1 says(8:03 PM):

neener neener :D

aminmaine25229787 says(8:03 PM):

barzani ready to step down

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:03 PM):

lol :D(lol)

subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(8:04 PM):

yep I had seen that... but not today...

aminmaine25229787 says(8:04 PM):


DIGIman1 says(8:04 PM):

i am so ready to step down too....go figure....

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:04 PM):

:Dme too lol

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:04 PM):

big time lol

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(8:04 PM):


aminmaine25229787 says(8:05 PM):

me too

aminmaine25229787 says(8:05 PM):

but i am retired!

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:05 PM):


subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(8:05 PM):

yes we are too lol :)

aminmaine25229787 says(8:05 PM):

i need someone to pack up my house

aminmaine25229787 says(8:05 PM):

i am tired tired tired!

subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(8:06 PM):

I am too very tired.. lol

subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(8:06 PM):

good thing about the rv, Maliki has nothing to do with the rv!!

(8:17 PM)honeybee12 was kicked out by honeybee12!

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(9:08 PM)sparkey2 was kicked out by sparkey2!

magnetlady says(9:12 PM):


w/BGG and Company –

Nov. 27th 7:30pm EST – In DU CHAT!!

jetset says(9:29 PM):

it's almost turkey time!

subgirl says to jetset(9:31 PM):

yes it is :) wont be long

(9:51 PM)jack3 was kicked out by jack3!

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subgirl says(10:15 PM):

Naming head of the Investment Authority Dhi Qar next week

History of edits:: 2016/11/22 16:20 • 276 visits readable

{Dhi Qar: Euphrates News} announced the governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri, Tuesday, near the selection of a new chairman of the General Authority for Investment, "stressing" the importance of activating the role of the body in the domestic and foreign investment attraction for the advancement of the services provided to citizens and to overcome the effects of the economic crisis.

He said the Nazarene in a statement issued by the province of Dhi Qar received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of which he "will be next week actively and seriously discuss the Investment Authority file, and will submit a request to the provincial council to vote on naming the prime investment among the leading candidates to fill the position, and we hope that Managing change is supportive to activate domestic investment and external movement of Thi Qar. "

He added that "the President of the Commission the power to propose Council next administration of the Investment Authority, and certainly we need to create an attractive investment climate for investors and should be activated this area for the advancement of the services provided to Mwatunain. To fill part of the imbalance caused by the economic crisis faced by the country."

The Council of Dhi Qar, the former voice in its on {16/08/2010} and a majority of its members on the choice of Loay goodness of God as Chairman of the Investment Commission of Dhi Qar and Abdolreza Afrawi his deputy, for the purpose of resuming the work of the body that stopped in 2009 due to an exemption president 

subgirl says(10:15 PM):

Iraq asks enable it to increase its production of oil due to higher expenses military


11/22/2016 22:59(Updated 23:07 22/11/2016)

Student Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Tuesday, granting the right to raise its oil production, despite the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries efforts (OPEC) to reduce production, due to the increased military expenditures.

The minister said during a visit to Hungary, "The international community must realize that confronted with this situation, we need to increase our production."

"The decline in prices has led to a significant gap in the Iraqi budget, at a time we must raise our expenses because of the anti-military organization Daesh."

"Iraq is a rich country but has huge problems, reduce our production now is not good."

And increased production of Iraq, the second producer in OPEC, regularly since the summer of 2016, to reach in October / October 0.4560000 barrels per day on average.

The Iraqi minister's remarks come at a time when OPEC, aspiring to reach an agreement to limit production to support prices, during a ministerial meeting scheduled for November 30, in Vienna. As in Iraq, he expressed Iran, Libya, Nigeria reluctant in recent months to reduce their production, unlike Saudi Arabia, OPEC's largest countries.

In the same context, oil prices have been rising, Monday and Tuesday morning, after the markets regained confidence in the ability of OPEC to reach an agreement following a proposal of the Organization on Iran to freeze its production rather than reduce it.

But prices resumed decline, on Tuesday evening, after two delegates did not reveal Hoatahma, told "Bloomberg" The preliminary technical meeting two days before the Vienna meeting did not succeed in settling the question of whether the Iraq and Iran to decrease the produced said.

And he made it clear that it will consider the matter at the OPEC conference next week, according to "AFP."

The 14 OPEC members agreed in September / September in Algiers to reduce its production to between 32.5 and 33 million barrels a day.

Russia has also expressed largest oil producer in the world and the country is an OPEC member, expressed interest in contributing to "restore balance to the market."

subgirl says(10:18 PM):

Rafidain Bank called names covered by an advance of 10 million of the ministries of industry, oil and education

11/22/2016 9:16 •

[Where - Baghdad]

Rafidain Bank launched a new meal of the names covered by an advance of 10 million dinars for the staff of the ministries of industry, oil and education.

Press office of the bank said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it , "it was the publication of names of employees covered by Basalafh those ministries on its website."

The names of these are in accordance with the guidelines and instructions included that they could have a smart card and enabled to receive the salary and not have the advances or loans previously and that the remainder of the Advanced Service for an advance sufficient to be repaid in the same duration

(10:20 PM)bibi was kicked out by bibi!

subgirl says(10:27 PM):

lots of news today!! WOW!

subgirl says(10:27 PM):


subgirl says(10:28 PM):

Urgent Biden assures Ebadi call America 's support for the sovereignty of Iraq and to promote a positive relationship

11.21.2016 20:38

[Oan- Baghdad]

US Vice President Joe Biden said in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said Monday the United States ' support for the sovereignty and unity of Iraq .

A statement by the prime minister 's office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Biden "praised the significant progress of the Iraqi armed forces in the Battle of Mosul and achieved victories reiterated US support for the Iraqi government in its war against terrorism."

He praised Biden , according to the statement , "the leadership of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in consolidating understanding among all components of the country and the ongoing cooperation between the security forces in various formations, especially with the Peshmerga forces."

Biden stressed US support for the sovereignty and integrity of the Iraqi territories and the continuation of cooperation between the two countries to promote a positive relationship

He said Abbadi, said that "Iraqi forces are advancing from all axes Our goal editing rights and land from these terrorist gangs , noting that Iraq is keen on relations with the United States and the continued support of the international community in the war against terrorism and restore stability to cities liberated.

subgirl says(10:28 PM):

hat Biden "praised the significant progress of the Iraqi armed forces in the Battle of Mosul and achieved victories reiterated US support for the Iraqi government in its war against terrorism."

subgirl says(10:28 PM):


subgirl says(10:29 PM):

Investment project energy savings will be applied to most of Baghdad during the next two months

The number of visits: 10590 Published on: 22/11/2016, 19:10 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

The Ministry of Electricity, Tuesday, that the barges Turkish equipped with power, who left Iraq did not affect the national electricity system, pointing out that Dhaiat energy amounted to 50%, as pointed out that investment in the electricity distribution and provided 24-hour project will be implemented in most areas of Baghdad in the next two months after success in Zayouna and Yarmouk.

He said the ministry spokesman Musab teacher that "our production of energy is enough to equip citizens with, whether in Baghdad or other provinces," stressing that "the three barges Turkish, which was equipped with the system powered by 410 MW and ended contract and left Iraq did not affect the national electricity system ".

And it left three Turkish ships were equipped with energy-Iraq Iraqi ports, most recently on November second after the end of the current contract Astkdamha.

He said the teacher, "The Aldhaiat energy, which amounted to 50% of the amount of production is the major cause of the lack of supply," he said, adding that "the application of investment in the power distribution sector, the project will eliminate these Aldhaiat by urging citizens to conserve energy across the investing companies follow-up, maintenance and end the abuses. "

He said the teacher, "The ministry is in the process of project implementation in the rest of the other areas of Baghdad from both sides of the Rusafa and Karkh and provinces of Iraq on invested sector power distribution companies after a successful referral Zayouna and Yarmouk area of ​​investment experience and processing powered by 24-hour," expected "to refer most areas during the month or two months the next two. "

(10:39 PM)MeginHim was kicked out by MeginHim!

subgirl says(10:44 PM):

Abadi: We want to build something in common with the Kurdistan Region for "the creation of a unified federal state."

By Roudao

11 minutes ago

Roudao - Erbil

Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi unveiled a plan with the Kurdistan Region for " the creation of a federal state age of one unified Iraqi state."

Ebadi said during a press conference from the city of Karbala, which he visited on Monday that "the provincial semi-independent since 1991, and after 2003 the same trend remained and now want to build something in common and build this situation within a unified Iraqi state and the one that needs to be maximum cooperation, which is not easy but we have a common interest ".

He stressed, "We do not want the creation of a centralized state dictatorship represses citizens, but we want to create a federal state they serve and cooperate with the provinces," adding that "the government is committed to its program to grant further corrections to the provinces and determined in this direction and have the federal government powers for the provinces and provincial powers."

He added Abadi "If Iraq was a strong Everyone be strong, but unfortunately some people think that the weakness of Iraq is powerless and this applies to some political parties to be stronger than the state until blackmailing citizens and the state, and this is not true because our strength strongly the country, which for all its citizens."

"The secret of our strength is the liberation of the land and our unity and our harmony and deal with the citizen as a citizen and not a matter of religious and nationalist Iraqis, his background and the success of their unity and their giving."

He pointed out that "sectarian, ethnic and national fell to the lowest level and there is a great cooperation between all the components to eliminate Daesh This Iraqi success," accusing "some countries as they want Iraq to fall apart and keeps busy with his injuries, but the Iraqi victories was an earthquake at the other, and today when we want to edit Mosul resound voices in defense of the people of the year and say this is about the defense that killed Daesh of all sects and ethnic groups, and the purpose of these countries to raise problems and the suspension of military operations, we will not stop. "

The Prime Minister called for "communal reconciliation Fdaash tried to sign between the Iraqi people and we need them, and can not continue in this struggle and committed a crime and implicated in blood should be punished according to the law."

And what was said by some media of Nie Post factions in the popular crowd at the Syrian regime support, Abadi said that "the statement is not popular crowd probably wrong move and what concerns us edit our territory and to impose security within our borders, we do not want to be part of any battle outside Iraq and we want to eliminate on Daesh and secure the border with Syria, are involved in this project and we cooperate with all countries in the region to kill Daesh not just taking them out, "he said." Daesh shrinking and retreating and do not have volunteers

subgirl says(10:44 PM):

read more :) http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...uot-the-creati

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Subgirl says (12:00AM):

Good Night to you all... :)

End of Tuesday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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